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Elite Home Warranty Review

Elite Home Warranty founders used their decades of experience with home warranty repairs to craft packages that allow you to buy just the coverage you need. Budgeting for unexpected home repairs can be nearly impossible. Elite Home Warranty eliminates that problem by offering annual repair contracts on appliances, home systems or both.

We added Elite Home Warranty to our Best Home Warranty Companies guide because of the lengthy list of items you can add to a warranty to customize your service. We also like that you can cancel coverage at any time and get replacements for covered items that are beyond repair.

  • Convenient online account management
  • Cancel at any time
  • Covers emergency repairs quickly
  • Excellent selection of add-ons to enhance base warranties
  • Available in most states
  • Limited reviews

Elite Home Warranty Plans

Elite Home Warranty offers three levels of coverage, and you can customize your warranty with a variety of add-ons. The Elite Appliances plan covers kitchen appliances and a washer and dryer. Elite Systems covers heating, electrical and five other home systems. Elite Complete provides the most comprehensive coverage. This package includes everything in the two other plans, plus service calls for doorbells, smoke detectors, ceiling fans and limited roof leak repairs.

Elite Home Warranty Plans
√ Refrigerator
√ Clothes washer
√ Clothes dryer
√ Range/oven/cooktop
√ Dishwasher
√ Built-in microwave oven
√ Trash compactor
√ Garbage disposal
√ Heating
√ Air conditioning
√ Electrical systems
√ Plumbing
√ Plumbing stoppage
√ Water heater
√ Garage door opener
√ Everything covered in Elite Appliances and Elite Systems
√ Doorbell
√ Smoke detector
√ Ceiling fans
√ Limited roof leak repair

Elite Home Warranty Add-ons

The number of home equipment and systems add-ons available to customize a plan with Elite Home Warranty is impressive. You can add optional coverage for individual items listed in the categories below to any of the three primary contracts.

Exterior: Pool and spa, spa only, water line, sewer line, lawn sprinkler system, generator, limited roof leak repair

Plumbing and pumps: Septic system, plumbing fixtures, and well, sump, ejector and grinder pumps

Interior: Central vacuum, wine cooler, water filtration system, water softener, stand-alone freezer, free-standing ice maker, swamp cooler

Home electronics: TVs, computers and laptops

Guesthouse: Extends coverage to a guesthouse on your property

Elite Home Warranty Availability

Elite Home Warranty is a licensed and approved home warranty service provider offering repair contracts in most states. Service terms vary depending on state laws.

You’ll find a form on the website to enter your ZIP code to get a sample contract for your state. Get a sample contract from a representative and read it entirely before signing up.

Elite Home Warranty Availability

Elite Home Warranty Costs

Home warranty prices differ based on your location, and Elite Home Warranty publishes no fees on its website. See Are Home Warranties Worth the Cost? for average costs and how these service contracts can save you money in the long run.

All home warranties come with a per-claim service fee to have the item diagnosed by a licensed professional. The cost is generally around $75, but the contract specifies the amount you’ll pay. Elite Home Warranty has a unique option that allows customers to choose the service fee. Ask your representative how a higher service fee impacts the cost of the warranty contract.

Just as important as the cost of a home warranty is knowing what it excludes. Elite Home Warranty says exclusions are minimal. However, the site offered no way to view a sample contract when we visited, so you’ll have to call for a sample contract for your state to determine what Elite’s warranties exclude from coverage and other details.

How to Get a Quote from Elite Home Warranty

You can get a free quote by clicking on “Get a Plan” on the website, then entering your name, phone number and address to get a call back. Unfortunately, clicking on “Get a Free Quote” on various pages did not present the quote form.

Elite Home Warranty Transparency

Elite Home Warranty’s website includes a great deal of information explaining the plans and custom options.

We recommend obtaining a copy of the service agreement before signing up with Elite Home Warranty. Read it thoroughly and ask questions about any terms you don’t understand. Consumer reviews indicate the agents are happy to provide all the information you need to decide if a home warranty is right for you.

Elite Home Warranty Complaints

Elite Home Warranty is a newer company with few online reviews. However, ratings and consumer comments are positive overall. The Better Business Bureau gives the company an A rating. HomeWarrantyReviews.com and BestCompany.com published favorable reviews, with a few consumers adding a 5 out of 5 stars rating.

Trustpilot gives Elite Home Warranty 4.3 out of 5 stars, and the average rating on Google reviews is 5 out of 5 stars. Consumers noted courteous service with no high-pressure sales and the ease of filing a claim online.

Elite Home Warranty Q&A

  • Does Elite Home Warranty limit the number of claims that I can file?
    There is no limit on claims during your 12-month warranty period. Elite Home Warranty places caps on how much your warranty covers per item, category and year. Caps are customary in the home warranty industry.

  • What is Elite Home Warranty’s cancellation policy?
    Elite Home Warranty customers are free to cancel their warranty at any time. You get a full refund if you cancel within 30 days from when the agreement becomes active. After this period, the company issues a prorated refund, less an 8% cancellation fee.

  • Does Elite Home Warranty depreciate covered systems and appliances if I renew over multiple years?
    Elite Home Warranty does not depreciate systems, appliances or other covered items. For example, you get the same coverage on a new refrigerator as you do a 10-year old refrigerator, regardless of how often you renew your contract.

  • Will an Elite Home Warranty contract transfer to a new homeowner if I sell my house?
    Yes, the transferability of an Elite Home Warranty can make your property appealing to buyers. You also have no worries if you need to move on short notice for employment or any other reason.

  • Do I have to prove I’ve maintained a covered item for Elite Home Warranty to repair it?
    Elite Home Warranty says it does not require maintenance records to fulfill agreement terms. However, you should maintain covered items according to manufacturer instructions to extend the life span of systems and appliances.


Elite Home Warranty is worth considering, particularly if you want to cover home systems, appliances or electronics not typically covered by a maintenance contract. Reviews may be few and far between, but consumer sentiment indicates you’ll have a good experience with the company. Customers report agents with Elite Home Warranty are polite and happy to provide information.

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