Best Home Warranty Companies 2021

Great Reputation |
  • Comprehensive coverage plans
  • Available in 49 states

American Home Shield is one of the largest home warranty providers with more than 1.7 million customers in 49 states.

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Great Affordable Options |
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • 24/7 Claims Center

Choice Home Warranty offers affordable coverage for most of your home’s major systems or appliances. Choice home warranty offers a low service call fee and a 24/7 claims center.

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Flexible Coverage |
  • Replacement Options
  • Flexible Payment

With flexible coverage and payment options, First American has a plan for most buyers.

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Broad appliance coverage |
  • Unlimited service calls
  • Coverage for older appliance

Complete Care Home Warranty covers appliances of all ages. Complete Care Home Warranty offers coverage on up to 20 systems and appliances in your home without a home inspection.

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Great Coverage |
  • Many Optional Coverage Choices
  • $200 OFF + 2 MONTHS FREE

The Total Home Protection options are best for buyers who need the most generous warranty protection.

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Great Payment Options |
  • Pay monthly, yearly or every 3 years
  • Service coordination handled in-house

America’s 1st Choice Home Club offers four home warranty plans ranging in price from $400 to $625 a year. Plans can be paid in single or monthly payments, either annually or every three years. Paying for three years saves you about $150.

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Affordable Coverage |
  • 3 Plans to Fit All Prices
  • Minimal Service Exclusions

Select Home Warranty’s major benefit is its configurable coverage.

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Great Extras |
  • Appliance Coverage
  • Septic, gutters & more

In addition to the coverage you would expect for the home and its major systems, Liberty has a deep list of nice-to-have extras that make coverage among best in class.

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Great Customizable Options |
  • $200 off and 1 month free
  • 24/7 claims department

Global Home Protection offers three plans to help consumers avoid large household repair bills. All plans include 24/7 customer service and customizable options.

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Great Work Guarantee |
  • 3 Plans available
  • 180 Day workmanship guarantee

Cinch Home Services offers three unique home warranties plans and offers on-demand repair services with a 180-day guarantee.

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Good Coverage Options |
  • Vetted Technicians
  • HVAC Perks

First Premier Home Warranty simplified choosing repair service coverage with two plans and several optional add-ons.

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Great Options |
  • No transfer fee
  • 24/7 claims service

Ideal Home Warranty offers coverage with three different plans, with customizable add-ons, so you’re not locked into a “one-size-fits-all” service contract.

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Great Add-ons |
  • Plans as low as $1 per day
  • Pre-screened technicians

Harmony Home Warranty offers affordable coverage for many of your home’s major systems and appliances. Avoid unexpected repair bills with a warranty from Harmony Home Warranty.

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Home Warranty Plans

We evaluated 10 well-known home warranty companies, and after careful research identified the seven best home warranty companies for 2021. To come up with our top selections, we analyzed consumer review sites, investigated Federal Trade Commission information, consulted home repair professionals and checked the Better Business Bureau. While many companies provide home warranties, we found some who stand out for key buyer needs: Select Home Warranty (Right Coverage Right Price), Total Home Protection (Great Coverage), First American (Most Flexible), American Residential Warranty (Most Customized Plans), America’s 1st Choice Home Club (Great Payment Options) and 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (Honorable Mention).

We also discuss American Home Shield, one of the most recognized choices for home warranties and offers competitive prices.

In this guide, we’ll not only share our home warranty reviews, but we’ll also discuss the basics of a home warranty, including what they cover – and what they don’t. By the time you’re finished reading, you should be prepared to make a wise home warranty purchase, which means getting the best coverage for your budget and warranty needs.

Top Home Warranty Tips:
  • Know typical home warranty limitations
  • Understand how services are billed
  • Insist on reading your warranty contract

Tips for a Wise Home Warranty Buyer

Your home is one of your most valuable investments. Wanting to protect it makes a lot of sense, so consumers often turn to home warranty services to help them. Finding the right home warranty means getting the two “Cs” right: Coverage and Company.

Finding the right coverage will make sure you have the exact protection you need – without paying more than you must. Finding the right company will make sure your needs are quickly addressed, and your warranty claims are honored appropriately.

Home Warranty Coverage

Your first task before researching companies is to understand what a home warranty is – and what it isn’t. Home warranties generally cover the repair and replacement of mechanical and electrical systems, such as air conditioning, plumbing, garage doors, and other predefined home features. These services are different from health insurance in that you can’t make claims on anything that might go wrong. Rather, home warranty coverage is limited to the repair or replacement of covered items that have broken from normal use.

Warranties do not replace insurance.

Home warranties are not meant to replace home insurance for disasters like fire, flood or robbery. Instead, a home warranty works in combination with home insurance to protect you from large unexpected expenses. The Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation gives home warranty guidance, further stating a home warranty contract is not an insurance policy.

Home Warranty Limitations

Home warranty coverage will not repair everything that can break in your home. For instance, a warranty may pay to replace leaky shingles on the roof over your living room, but not shingles over the back patio.

Home warranties do not cover pre-existing conditions. For instance, if you have a broken motor in your garbage disposal, but it wasn’t caught in your pre-move inspection, it likely will not be covered. Additionally, warranties are less likely to pay for things like knobs, buttons, or cosmetic trim; they designed to replace the more expensive parts of your appliances, such as motors, heaters, or fans.

Finally, “new home warranties” are specific types of warranties offered by the builder and that cover the construction and integrity of a home. According to the FTC, the Federal Housing Authority and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs require new home builders to purchase warranties to protect buyers of new homes with FHA or VA loans. These warranties are typically not what most consumers are looking for when searching for a home warranty service contract like those covered by this guide.

home warranty repairs

A contract is binding and the only thing you can truly count to determine what is (and is not) covered.

Home Warranty Coverage

Home Warranty Costs

If a problem with your home causes you to call a home warranty company, you will likely be charged a fee beyond your warranty premium. Most warranty services will charge a fee for coming to your home (called a “trade service call fee”). This fee can’t be avoided, as the service call is required to determine if the repair will be covered by your warranty. This service call fee is generally due at the time of service to the service provider.

Most warranties are charged up-front as a one-year contract, but some may bill monthly. Your company will give you the option to purchase additional coverage for things like pools and spas, or other items that are not considered “standard”. You should always do the math to see if the extra cost for expanded coverage will be worth it over a year – especially for the kind of appliances that would need repair.

Home Warranty Coverage

While most of the websites and customer reps for each company will have laid out the main points of the service coverage, you should always read the contract – in full – before buying. As terms can change frequently, new coverages or exclusions may have been added since the time the website was created or the sales rep was trained. A contract is binding and the only thing you can truly count to determine what is (and what is not) covered.

Read the fine print.

A well-written contract will clearly spell out the covered items and exclusions for your warranty. An A/C unit, for example, should have language stating if the filters, ductwork, motors, and wiring are covered. Try to get as much information as possible on both the covered and excluded items. See what would happen if a repair falls outside of these conditions. Will they be covered? Print out a copy of your contract from the day you sign it to prove the coverage at the time you purchased your service plan.

1. We searched for a comprehensive list of home warranty companies

2. We evaluated these home warranty companies based on our expert guided buying criteria.

3. We brought you the best home warranty companies for consideration

There are many home warranty companies competing for your business, so we found the best options for you. We began with 10 of the most popular home warranty companies and narrowed those down to 3 final recommendations.

The approach we took to narrow down the top home warranties was as follows:

  1. We started with a comprehensive list of home warranty companies

    To start, we identified 10 initial companies that were most talked about in advertising and homeowners groups, because they are most likely to be considered by consumers.

  2. We checked for a wide service area and coverage type

    While there are plenty of smaller, regional companies, this guide focuses on general recommendations for the majority of U.S. homeowners. Therefore, companies that had a small service region or didn’t cover the most common repairs were excluded from our final selection.

  3. We examined the purchase process

    If the act of getting service was too confusing or difficult, the company was removed. We wanted to see our final picks with the easiest methods of requesting info (both online and via phone), as well as a quick sign-up process once chosen. We also looked to see that there were multiple ways to get customer service and call for repairs when needed.

  4. We followed our wise buyer recommendations

    We looked for companies that clearly stated their coverage limitations. To make sure our recommendations had a reputation for delivering on warranty claims, we visited the Better Business Bureau and removed any companies that received a D rating or below. Finally, if there were pending FTC actions against a company that were showing as unresolved, we cut it from our list.

Home Warranty Reviews

After our evaluation, a few companies were selected for their excellence in all categories: Select Home Warranty, Total Home Protection, First American and American Home Shield.

Select Home Warranty

Right Coverage Right Price |

What we like about Select Home Warranty is their combination of affordable pricing and extensive coverage. Reading through the fine print of their terms of service, you’ll find relatively few exclusions to covered systems. For instance, all the components of the oven and range are covered except for the vent hood. In 2017, the company’s services were recognized by the Home Warranty Awards with the “Best in Service” award.

Select Home Warranty Screenshot

Screenshot: Select Home Warranty’s award

In the event Select customers need to make a claim, there is a phone number and online form for customers. Claims can be submitted 24/7 to the claims center. There is a $60 dollar service call fee for a trained technician to visit your home in the event of a repair.

Home warranty shoppers at Select Home Warranty can choose one of three packages: Bronze, Gold and Platinum. The Bronze plan covers appliance, the Gold plan covers major systems including heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical. Platinum plans cover both appliances and systems. Premiums start at $299/month.

To get an instant quote, visit Select Home Warranty’s website or call 888-759-4052.

For more information, read our full Select Home Warranty review.

Total Home Protection

Great Coverage |

Total Home Protection has lots of optional coverage features, such as pools, wells and beyond, so it’s no surprise they earned our award for great coverage. If you find that they put in a faulty part, or their work didn’t hold up under regular wear, they will come out and redo the repair for no additional charge.

Total Home Protection Screenshot

Screenshot: Total Home Protection

The Total Home Protection options are best for buyers who need the most generous warranty protection. Like other warranty providers, Total Home Protection has coverage caps, but they, should be enough to fix most home systems or replace major appliances. The Platinum plan offers the most coverage, and it can be extended to cover additional items as needed. That way,
you won’t end up paying extra for coverage you do not need.

To get an instant quote, visit Total Home Protection’s website or call 877-655-4260.

Read our full Total Home Protection review.

First American Home Warranty

Most Flexible |

First American Home Warranty has a flexible selection of plans with service to repair or replace most of the home’s major systems and appliances. Overall, First American’s home service plans can minimize the risk of home repairs and reduce unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.

First American Home Warranty Screenshot

Screenshot: First American Home Warranty

What we like is the straightforward monthly pricing for plans, combined with flexible coverage options, which is unusual for home service plans and could be a major benefit to the customer.

First American Home Warranty’s customers generally fall into three categories: customers looking to buy a new home, customers trying to sell their existing home, or others simply trying stay put. In short, this company is positioned to help customers who need monthly payment options and coverage to fit their needs.

To get an quick quote, visit their webpage or call (877)755-6974.

Or, for a more detailed look, read our comprehensive First American Home Warranty review.

American Home Shield

Most Popular |

American Home Shield’s major benefit is its configurable coverage. With four main plans and several add-on options, customers can mix and match their coverage a la carte style to protect just what they want and nothing they don’t. In fact, American Home Shield makes it easy to select the appliances and systems you want from their website before you even submit a quote. In addition to providing three base plans (Systems Plan, Appliances Plan, and the Combo Plan), you can Build-Your-Own by choosing 10 or more covered items for one price.

American Home Shield Screenshot

Screenshot: American Home Shield

They are also one of the only companies on the market to offer three pricing plans for their trade service call fee charges, ranging from $75 – $125 per house call. Pool and spa, septic pumping, and well pump plans are also available for an additional charge. With value in mind, American Home Shield goes a bit further than other companies with their discount buying program. Whether your item is covered, or not, you can replace it from their catalog of brand-new, but discounted appliances, which they offer as a perk to those with an active service contract.

Finally, American Home Shield has service contracts that cover many items in full – without exclusions. Examples include ceiling fans, smoke detectors, clothes washers and dryers, ranges and garage door openers. While they still don’t cover pre-existing conditions or neglect, this generous coverage offers good value to customers.

Read our full American Home Shield review.

Additional Home Warranty Companies

– Sears is a household name for many when it comes to appliances but they offer three home warranty plans as well. Read our full Sears home warranty review.

– Cross Country Home Services offers a variety of homecare services including three home warranties from TotalProtect. Read our comprehensive Cross Country Home Services review for details on home warranty plans.

– 2-10 Home Buyer Warranty is a home warranty company focused on helping new home buyers. Read our comprehensive 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty review for details on home warranty plans.

– Choice home warranty is a home service contract company operating in the U.S., check out our Choice Home Warranty review.

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Home Warranty Companies By State

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Warranties

Do home warranties only cover new homes?

While there are “new home warranties” that cover new builds and the materials of a brand-new structure, that is just one type of warranty available. In fact, most warranties purchased by consumers are for existing homes and the appliances inside them, also known as “service contracts.”

Can I get a home warranty for an older home and appliances?

Remember, home warranties don’t cover any pre-existing damage or conditions. This means that wear and tear on your home or appliances won’t be covered. That doesn’t mean that a warranty won’t cover older items. Instead, home warranties won’t cover items that were damaged before the warranty went into effect, and the burden to prove when the damage happened is on you. There are plenty of companies that will be happy to cover your older, well-maintained home (and its contents) for the right price.

What is the difference between homeowner’s insurance and a home warranty?

While both are recommended for homeowners who want the most coverage for their home, they offer very different protections. Home insurance is most useful in the event of damage or loss from a disaster, robbery, or fire; it can also provide liability coverage if someone gets injured on your property. A home warranty can be used for normal wear and tear and for smaller claims that happen throughout the course of home ownership. While mortgage lenders may require a home insurance policy, they rarely require a home warranty.

What if my home insurance covers something that is also covered by a warranty?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, your home insurance generally covers four areas: the structure of your home; personal belongings, additional living expense, and liability. In the case of a coverage overlap, your home warranty likely won’t pay. Most have contract language protecting them from paying out on claims that can be paid by someone else.

Can I see a home warranty contract before I purchase?

Yes. Not only is this possible, it is recommended. You should always see exactly what will be covered in any home warranty service before you spend money on one. If you meet resistance in getting a copy, consider going with a different company.

Concluding Thoughts on Home Warranty Plans

Bottom Line:
Your home warranty service is only as good as the contract that governs it. Read it carefully so that you’ll have no surprises.

Home warranty services have limits, and consumers are often surprised to find that reasonable expenses are not covered. All of these warranties have very specific contracts as to what can be repaired or replaced, and these guidelines do not cover everything. The final responsibility is with the consumer to read the contract and know what’s in it before they buy and to choose a company that offers just what they are looking for (and nothing extra).

The Best Home Warranty Companies

Home Warranty Company Best For Phone
1 American Home Shield Great Reputation 888-312-6764
2 First American Home Warranty Most Flexible 877-755-6974
3 America’s 1st Choice Home Club Great Payment Options 888-317-6195
4 Complete Care Home Warranty Great Add-ons (855) 915-3224
5 Total Home Protection Great Coverage (877) 655-4260
6 America’s 1st Choice Home Club/a> Great Payment Options (888) 317-6195
7 Select Home Warranty Right Coverage Right Price 888-759-4052
8 Liberty Home Guard Great Extras Lists 888-205-9398
9 Global Home Protection Great Customizable Options (855) 934-4203
10 Cinch Home Services Great Customizable Options
11 First Premier Home Warranty Good Coverage Options (844) 916-3028
12 Ideal Home Warranty Great Options (855) 431-0251
13 Harmony Home Warranty Great Add-ons
14 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Honorable Mention