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Frontpoint Home Security Systems

4.25 Stars
Updated: January 19, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
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Frontpoint set out in 2007 to become the first home security company to offer 100 percent cellular monitoring with DIY installation. Since then, Frontpoint has added smart home automation services to blend seamlessly with security and mobile technology. The company continues to be a leader in the home security industry as the first nationwide home security system provider to include smart home automation technology in every system and offer a self-guided setup app to ease DIY installation.

Editorial Breakdown

Price 4 Stars
Customer Support 4 Stars
Installation Process 4.5 Stars
User-friendly App 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4.3 Stars

Bottom Line

Frontpoint offers customized home security packages and monthly monitoring services. Monthly monitoring starts at $34.99 per month with $149.95 upfront cost.

Frontpoint Home Security System Review

With a mission to keep families “safer and more connected in their everyday lives,” Frontpoint Home Security founders found a way to remove costly and time-consuming installations from home security packages. A homeowner or renter can install Frontpoint wireless home security systems in as little as 30 minutes. Frontpoint is now a leader in DIY home security systems. The company continuously receives recognition as one of the best choices for protecting your home and attention to customer service. We chose Frontpoint Home Security for great system customization in our Best Home Security Systems Guide due to its myriad of al-la-carte add-on options and smart home integration.


  • Completely wireless, easy-to-install systems can move with you to new locations
  • Monitoring plans start at $34.99 a month
  • Equipment warranty remains in place as long as you keep a monitoring contract


  • Monitoring plans have a three-year contractual commitment

Frontpoint Home Security Packages

Frontpoint provides professional security monitoring at reasonable prices. A dedicated cellular connection provides continuous monitoring even during power and internet outages. Loss of landline phone service won’t interrupt your protection, and your internet service bill won’t take a hit because Frontpoint systems don’t access your home Wi-Fi. The company offers six highly customizable standard home security system packages, or you can build a system from the ground up, ordering all components individually.

All Frontpoint packages come with a Frontpoint Hub + Keypad, door and window sensors, a yard sign, a door sticker and window decals. You will have to sign a three-year monitoring contract to get the pricing on our chart. The Hub + Keypad is central to controlling Frontpoint security systems with a cellular connection (no charge), Wi-Fi back up and hacker-deterring encryption with a 24-hour battery used during electrical service disruptions. The Frontpoint Hub + Keypad is compatible with Z-Wave technology.

Frontpoint Home Security System Packages
Package Equipment Price
Safe Home Starter – 2 Door/Window Sensors
– 1 Motion Sensor
Safe Home Everyday – 3 Door/Window Sensors
– 2 Motion Sensors
Safe Home Plus – 3 Door/Window Sensors
– 2 Glass Break Sensors
Safe Home Select – 4 Door/Window Sensors
– 2 Motion Sensors
– 1 Glass Break Sensor
– 1 Smoke and Heat Sensor
Safe Home Preferred -5 Door/Window Sensors
– 2 Motion Sensors
– 1 Glass Break Sensor
– 1 Smoke and Heat Sensor
– 1 Indoor Camera
(requires Ultimate monitoring plan)
Safe Home Elite – 6 Door/Window Sensors
– 2 Motion Sensors
– 2 Glass Break Sensors
– 1 Smoke and Heat Sensor
– 1 Indoor Camera
– 1 Outdoor Camera
– 1 Doorbell Camera
(requires Ultimate monitoring plan)

Frontpoint Home Security Add-ons

Frontpoint offers a variety of equipment to customize any package. You can’t remove package components or substitute with the add-ons. Cameras and home automation components require Frontpoint’s Ultimate monitoring plan.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends several smoke detectors throughout the house. If you don’t have adequate smoke detectors, these environmental add-ons are essential components to include with a Frontpoint home security package.

Any add-on item can be paired with the Frontpoint Hub + Keypad ($299.98) to build a completely custom system. You can also buy accessories like a panic pendant for $39.99, keychain remote for $31.99 or pay $3.99 each for a yard sign, door sticker or set of five window decals. Add-ons for Frontpoint security systems include:

frontpoint camera

Source: Defendery

Intrusion Prevention

  • Frontpoint Keypad: $49.99
  • Door/Window Sensor: $32.99
  • Glass Break Sensor: $74.99
  • Garage Door Tilt Sensor: $44.99
  • Motion Sensor: $64.99

Home Automation

  • Smart light bulb: $9.99
  • Wireless light control: $49.99
  • Garage door controller: $69.99
  • Garage Door Tilt Sensor: $44.99
  • Door lock: $159.99

Environmental Sensors

  • Carbon Monoxide: $89.99
  • Flood: $44.99
  • Smoke and Heat: $64.99


  • Outdoor camera: $199.99
  • Doorbell camera: $189.99
  • Indoor camera: $99.99

Frontpoint Monitoring Packages

Frontpoint offers three monitoring plans. Each three-year contract comes with round-the-clock professional monitoring, 365 days a year and includes automated system checks. If you move, you take your plan with you.

  • Frontpoint’s Protection Plan provides multiple user codes, so you know who is using the control panel at all times. You can set time restrictions on codes for those who need temporary access. The Protection Plan costs $34.99 per month.

  • The Interactive Plan is $44.99 a month and adds to the Protection Plan with Crash and Smash Protection, text and email alerts, sensor history and the ability to remotely access and control your security system. The Interactive Plan also includes Geolocation Services which work with your smartphone’s GPS. Set up a radius of 1 to 100 miles, then set the Frontpoint home security system to automatically react to that radius by turning on lights, adjusting the home temperature, getting reminders to arm or disarm the system and more.

  • For $49.99 a month, Frontpoint’s Ultimate Plan gives you everything in the Interactive Plan plus live video streaming with night vision, video and image history, motion-triggered alerts, and smart light and lock controls.

Frontpoint’s Crash & Smash Protection

Frontpoint’s patented Crash and Smash Protection prevents an intruder from destroying your control panel before monitoring agents receive an emergency notification. When a sensor sends an alert to your control panel, there’s a 30- to 60-second delay before the siren sounds to give you time to disarm the system and avoid false alarms. Most home security systems wait an additional 30 seconds before notifying the monitoring center, leaving intruders time to destroy the panel and cut off communication to the monitoring service. With Frontpoint’s Crash and Smash Protection, the control panel sends the alert out instantly. Unless you turn the alarm off in that first 30 to 60 seconds, the monitoring team sends help.

Where to Buy Frontpoint Home Security Systems

You can purchase Frontpoint security systems on the company’s website, where you can buy one of four packages and add equipment if needed. If you’re unsure of which components to buy to get the level of security you’re looking for, Frontpoint offers guided shopping. Click on “Get Recommendations” on the website, then answer seven questions to narrow down the appropriate selection for your property.

frontpoint home security

Source: Frontpoint

Frontpoint Complaints

Frontpoint is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and holds an “A+” BBB rating with 137 customer reviews and 151 complaints over the past three years. Each claim is resolved or answered.

SafeHome gives Frontpoint 9.5 out of 10 stars with recognition for Best Overall Value, Best Customer Service and best Monitoring & Response. ConsumerAffairs rates Frontpoint Home Security with 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 7,407 reviews. Customer comments note the especially easy installation and the extremely professional and helpful sales and monitoring teams. Some of the negative reviews mention consumers taking longer than 30 minutes to install their system. Other complaints mention false alarms being sent from their system without their knowledge. Most negative reviewers state Frontpoint’s customer service team was very courteous and helpful while addressing their issues.

Frontpoint Q&A

  • Will the Frontpoint mobile app work with my phone?
    Depending on your security system, you will use the Defender HD or SmartSignal app. Frontpoint’s mobile apps work on both Android phones and tablets or iOS devices. The free app download is easy to find in the Google Play Store or App Store for iPhone and iPad.

  • Does Frontpoint’s smart home app work with Amazon Alexa or Google Home?
    Yes, Frontpoint’s smart home components and mobile app work with both Alexa and Google Home.

  • How long after ordering will it take to receive a Frontpoint security system?
    Frontpoint packages arrive within two to five days with free shipping. Frontpoint offers next-day delivery but doesn’t specify a cost for expediting your order other than to say you’ll be charged a small fee.

  • How much area does a Frontpoint motion sensor cover?
    Each motion sensor covers a 44-foot area and comes with a 90-degree field of view. All Frontpoint motion sensors are pet-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your pet’s movement setting off an alarm.

  • What if I need assistance while installing a Frontpoint security system?
    If you have questions while installing your security system, give Frontpoint a call to have a member of the support team walk you through the installation or answer questions at no charge.

  • Is there a charge to switch my monitoring to a new address if I move?
    Frontpoint does not charge a transfer fee or a reactivation fee if you move your service.

  • Does Frontpoint operate everywhere in the U. S.?
    Frontpoint is licensed to work in all areas of the United States and Canada, except Las Vegas, Nevada; Henderson, Nevada and the Canadian province of Quebec.


Frontpoint Home Security offers competitive pricing, and you can save hundreds of dollars on installation fees with Frontpoint DIY home security systems. The professional monitoring adds a layer of security not found with unmonitored systems at a reasonable price. The high marks Frontpoint gets from consumers are reassuring, and you won’t overspend or be underequipped with the ability to create the right security system for your home.

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