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Global Home Protection

4.4 Stars (9 Reviews)
Updated: January 27, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Global Home Protection is a newer home warranty company that focuses on providing exceptional customer service and repair contracts. The company offers three plans to help consumers avoid large household repair bills. All Global Home Protection warranties include 24/7 customer service and options for customizing just the right coverage.

Global Home Protection Logo New

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 4.5 Stars
Affordability 4 Stars
Coverage Area 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 4.4 Stars

Overall Rating 4.4 Stars

Bottom Line

Global Home Protection offers three plans to help consumers avoid large household repair bills.

Global Home Protection Review

Global Home Protection provides service around the clock to repair major household systems and appliances. Home warranties are especially useful for managing expensive, unexpected repair bills. These repair plans can be an incentive to buyers when you’re selling a home or make aging in place possible.

Unless expressly noted in the service agreement, home warranties pay for repairs, not regular cleaning and maintenance. Your claim could be denied if a breakdown occurs due to neglect.


  • Covered items will be replaced if it is deemed irreparable
  • All contractors are prescreened, licensed and insured
  • Flexible plans cover household systems, appliances or both
  • Transfer your policy with no fees


  • Quotes aren’t available online due to promotions and discount offers

Global Home Protection Home Warranty Plans

Global Home Protection’s service agreements cover a broad range of parts and components. These home warranties ease concerns about having to recover financially from the expense of a system or appliance breaking down.

Global Home Protection configures each home warranty to the customer’s needs. The company offers one repair plan for major home systems, like plumbing or electrical. Another plan repairs or replaces appliances. Global’s Diamond-level home warranty combines the two for full coverage.

Global Home Protection Major Systems Home Warranty

The Major Systems Plan covers some of the most expensive repairs in your home. This home warranty includes a central air unit, furnace and other systems. Global Home Protection pays for parts, components and labor (less service fee) for repairs or replacements.

  • Air conditioners: Up to 5-ton capacity. If you need a replacement, it will match your current unit.
  • Furnace: Covered with some exclusions, like solar and zone systems.
  • Electrical: Wiring, panels, switches, breakers, outlets and ground fault interrupters.
  • Plumbing and stoppages: Toilets, mainline stoppage if you have an accessible ground level clean-out, tub and whirlpool motor.
  • Water heater: Electric or gas water heater, excluding solar water heaters. If your water heater needs to be replaced, Global Home Protection reserves the right to install a tankless heater.

Global Home Protection Major Appliances Plan

The Major Appliance Plan provides coverage options for kitchen appliances and washers and dryers. This plan pays for a long list of components and parts for:

  • Refrigerator (kitchen only)
  • Oven
  • Range
  • Stove
  • Cooktop
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Dishwasher
  • Built-in Microwave
  • Clothes Washer
  • Clothes Dryer

Diamond and Add-ons from Global Home Protection

Global Home Protection’s Diamond Plan includes everything in the Major Systems and Major Appliances packages. The company also offers a variety of add-on benefits, including coverage for a refrigerator ice maker and central vacuum repairs.

Other add-on options cover your pool/spa, septic system, freezer (stand-alone) and well pump. The limited roof leak coverage pays to fix leaks up to 5 square feet over occupied living space in single-family homes.

Global Home Protection Home Warranty Plans
Major Systems Major Apps Diamond Add-ons
– Central Air
– Heating System
– Electrical System
– Plumbing Systems
– Plumbing Stoppage
– Water Heater
– Kitchen Fridge
– Oven / Range / Stove
– Cooktop
– Dish washer
– Built-In Microwave
​- Clothes Washer
​- Clothes Dryer​​​​ ​
– Garbage Disposal
Combines Major Systems and Major Appliance coverage – Pool/Spa
– Septic System
– Stand-Alone Freezer
– Well Pump
– Water Softener
– Refrigerator Ice Maker
– Sump Pump
– Central Vacuum
– Limited Roof Leak

How to Get Warranty Service from Global Home Protection

Call Global Home Protection 24/7 to make arrangements to file a claim. You must call within 24 hours of finding the malfunction or failure. The sample service agreement on the website guarantees service within two days, but customer reviews indicate same-day service is the norm.

A customer service agent gets in touch with a licensed service professional in your area after you place your service request. Then, you get an appointment to have the problem diagnosed and repaired. Global Home Protection pays for a replacement if the item can’t be fixed.

Global Home Protection is no longer taking new customers within the state of Texas.

You can purchase a Global Home Protection home warranty by calling the company for a quote. If you are unsure whether purchasing a home warranty is right for you, you get 30 days to decide. Cancel during that time, and you receive a full refund.

You can cancel after 30 days, but you’ll receive a prorated refund less a $75 administration fee and other fees. If you received service costing more than you paid for the service agreement, you would forfeit your refund. Customers must submit cancellation requests in writing via email or USPS.

Global Home Protection Costs and Guarantee

Global Home Protection does not list pricing information on its website. You can call the company for a free quote or use the online quote request to discuss coverage and costs.

You’ll pay a trip fee to the contractor with each claim, which is standard practice and varies across the country. Typical contractor service fees are from $40 to $125, depending on location.

Global Home Protection Complaints

Global Home Protection is a relatively new company, and the Better Business Bureau has given them an A- rating. On the BBB profile, customers have given the company 4.5 out of 5 stars on the BBB site. Reviews note fast service and friendly, competent contractors.

Global Home Protection scores 4.8 out of 5 stars from consumer reviews on the Best Company review site. Google Reviews yields 4.7 out of 5 stars, with many customers saying Global saved them money.

Global Home Protection Q&A

  • Will Global Home Protection work with my preferred contractor?

    Global Home Protection chooses a vetted contractor to make the service call for each claim. The company is responsible for ensuring only licensed and vetted professionals visit your home.

  • Are Global Home Protection plans transferable if I sell my house?

    You can transfer the home warranty to the new owner if you sell your property. The company charges nothing for the transfer.

  • Do Global Home Protection home warranties overlap with homeowner’s insurance benefits?

    A home warranty covers repairs caused by wear and tear. Homeowner’s insurance generally pays for damages due to accidents and acts of nature.

    For example, if your pipes freeze and burst, your homeowner’s insurance policy covers the cost. A Global Home Protection home warranty pays for pipes that form leaks due to use over time. Insurance doesn’t pay for a failed exhaust fan, but a home warranty from Global does.

  • How can a Global Home Protection plan help me save money?

    Global Home Protection home warranties protect you from the high cost of unexpected repairs. Most household system and appliance repairs or replacements cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. It’s easier to budget to pay for a home warranty each year.

  • How soon is my home covered after I buy a Global Home Protection home warranty?

    Your home warranty starts 30 days after Global Home Protection receives your payment and lasts 365 days. The 30-day wait is the standard policy in the home warranty industry. You may be eligible for a reduced waiting period if you switch from another home warranty company to Global.


Global Home Protection has a mission to improve conditions for homeowners with exceptional services and industry-leading home warranties. Consumer reviews indicate the company delivers on that promise. The customizable plans allow consumers to only pay for repairs they may need in the future. Global Home Protection is transparent and publishes home warranty coverage terms and conditions on its website.

9 Global Home Protection Reviews

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5 Stars

June 17 2021 11:25PM

Great customer service. Would definitely recommend using Global Home Protection to a friend. My dishwasher quit and was going to cost more than $800 to repair.

Global Home Protection replaced our old unit with a brand new dishwasher. I could not be happier with Joshua who helped me through this whole process.

Wonhyo P.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Stars

June 15 2021 7:10PM

The claims department was very nice. I had a older washer machine. It was unable to be repaired. I spoke to the girl in the claims department and she was able to help me replace my washer. I love the quick response time.

Gabriella S.
Las Vegas, NV
5 Stars

September 29 2020 6:40PM

I had to call for a plumbing issue. I called the claims department and spoke with David. He was friendly and explained the process very clearly. A plumber was sent same day. I am very impressed with my service and recommend to Global Home Protection to everyone.

Audriana V.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
1 Star

August 28 2020 3:45PM

GHP deliberately delayed mailing me their contract, purposefully lied about coverage, refused to cancel my policy when requested within 30d, and denied refunding me the premiums.

In addition, they tried to silence me by threatening to disapprove my cancellation if I write a true review about my experience with them!

To all customers, STAY AWAY from Global Home Protection! It is a new company who steals your money and is not interested in providing coverage or amicable resolutions. Be forewarned, A caring customer.

Mirna M.
Bala Cynwyd, PA
4 Stars

July 28 2020 10:51PM

I am a first time homeowner. I was referred by my sister in law. Global Home Protection responds punctually and has addressed a few issues with my home.

Any time I have an issue the claims line answers all my questions and sends a technician quickly. I recommend Global Home Protection to any homeowner.

Elizabeth K.
Santa Clara, CA
4 Stars

June 25 2020 9:11PM

I had a different company before. They weren’t as attentive as Global Home Protection. Global Home Protection help fix a major issue with my toilet. This was on the day of my daughter’s engagement party. The claims department responded quickly and had contractors to the toilet overflowing issue before the party started. Thank you so much.

Saraswati M.
Dallas, TX
4 Stars

June 24 2020 9:58PM

I bought a house that was 40 years old and my Realtor suggested getting a home warranty coverage. I asked my friends for any recommendations and all of them referred me to Global Home Protection. They offered me a three-year plan, as opposed to one year, and with a lower rate and roof leak coverage thrown in. I'm happy with Global Home Protection. They helped me replace my dishwasher and garage door opener. I tell anyone who asks that they need to call Global Home Protection.

Ericka G.
Salt Lake City, UT
5 Stars

June 19 2020 2:01PM

We are lucky to have Global Home Protection. The shutdown happened and both my husband and I were working from home. Our bathroom sink and bath tub was excessively leaking. We called the same day and a plumber came out with n95 mask to fix our issues. I love how quick and easy it is to get service. Thank you!

Nasrin R.
Chicago, IL
5 Stars

June 18 2020 1:41PM

This company really goes above and beyond to help you out. I became a policy owner a few months ago. My water heater was not working in the dead of winter. I called early in the morning and same day I had a tech come to my house. It was a big issue but the tech was able to fix it that week. I tell all my friends about Global Home Protection. I appreciate the service.

Mehta B.
Philadelphia, PA