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Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

4.6 Stars (16 Reviews)
Updated: January 23, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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The Jacuzzi name is synonymous with hot tubs. The company manufactures hot tubs known all over the world for quality, luxury, and the health benefits of hydrotherapy. The Jacuzzi ClearRay water management system simplifies cleaning and maintenance, and the company developed the SmartTub mobile app used to monitor and control many of its hot tubs. Jacuzzi developed the first hot tub pump 60 years ago and continues to provide innovative hydrotherapy products and features.

Editorial Breakdown

Hot Tub Variety 4.5 Stars
Warranty 4.5 Stars
Hot Tub Features 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 4 Stars

Overall Rating 4.3 Stars

Bottom Line

Jacuzzi manufactures hot tubs known all over the world for quality, luxury, and the health benefits of hydrotherapy.

Comprehensive Jacuzzi Review

Because Jacuzzi offers multiple hot tub lines from budget to luxury, we selected the company as Great for Every Budget in our Top Hot Tub Companies guide. After decades in the business, Jacuzzi continues to develop leading-edge hot tub technology, such as Aqualibrium power jets to deliver an optimal mixture of water and air for effective muscle relaxation. The SmartTub app for iPhone, Android, and Amazon Alexa allows Jacuzzi hot tub owners to adjust settings, receive power outage alerts, get a call from the hot tub when it needs service, and more.


  • A substantial number of styles and options
  • Models available at dealers for wet testing
  • Stylish hot tub surrounds and accessories


  • Most models are highly priced

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Models and Features

Jacuzzi currently offers five hot tub lines with multiple models and options to fit a wide variety of needs and budgets. The J-200 models are lower-cost entry-level hot tubs, and you’ll find more features with higher prices as you shop the upper-level Jacuzzi hot tubs. The Jacuzzi J-LX is a premium-level energy efficient hot tub with a minimalist design. Jacuzzi hot tubs can accommodate from two to nine people with ergonomic seating and strategically placed jets.

Jacuzzi hot tubs come in up to 10 color options for the interior tub, three for the outer enclosure, and three to five cover colors. See our chart lower on the page for prices.

Jacuzzi Budget Hot Tubs

Jacuzzi J-200 entry-level hot tubs come in seven models, some featuring lounge seating with a higher back and toe-to-shoulder jets. You get standard jets, Clear Ray two-stage water treatment, and colored lighting with these hot tubs, and the low to moderate price doesn’t mean you sacrifice selection. You can order a Jacuzzi J-200 with a choice of several seating layouts, and you get cup holders.

Jacuzzi Midrange Hot Tubs

  • The entry level to upper midrange priced Jacuzzi J-300 hot tub line offers upgraded features and wider seats compared to J-200 models. J-300 hot tubs come with Jacuzzi’s PowerPro jets, adjustable headrests, ergonomically designed seating options, and ClearRay On-Demand for easier maintenance.
  • Jacuzzi’s J-315 is of particular interest to seniors as it is designed for easy entry and exit and has optional accessories like handrails and steps to further ease getting in and out of the hot tub. The J-315 has easy-to-see controls, and the jets are capable of pressure-point hydromassage.

Jacuzzi Premium and Luxury Hot Tubs

  • Jacuzzi’s premium J-400 line of hot tubs is available in seven models with upgraded and luxury features. This line falls into the premium to luxury price range for the top level models, but if you only need one or two seats, you can keep the price under $10,000. Jacuzzi’s J-400 hot tubs come with more PowerPro jets, adjustable headrests, premium lighting options, and a lighted waterfall.
  • Jacuzzi calls its J-500 hot tubs Luxury Open-Seated Masterpieces. With two options, J-500 hot tubs are particularly attractive with a curved design and lighted exterior. You get a full body massage with lounge seats, PowerPro FX directional jets, dual waterfalls, and beautiful interior lighting. Jacuzzi J-500 hot tubs work with the SmartTub smartphone app to simplify maintenance and making adjustments.
  • Jacuzzi designed J-LX hot tub models to be exceedingly energy efficient without sacrificing jet power. The outer cabinet of the J-LX is attractively finished with a flat top rail designed to blend with most decks, filtered LED perimeter lighting, underwater LED lighting, and a lighted waterfall. Taller individuals fit comfortably in the seats, and the control panel has advanced settings. Jacuzzi’s J-LX can utilize the SmartTub mobile app for maintenance and adjustments.

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Prices and Financing

While Jacuzzi doesn’t list prices for each hot tub model online, the company provides more cost information than most other hot tub manufacturers by publishing the price range in our chart below.

Jacuzzi offers dealer financing on all hot tubs costing over $4,000, with monthly payments starting from $50 to $200 depending on the cost of the final configuration of your hot tub.

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Prices
Model Seats Price Best for
J-200 2 to 7 $4,000 to $8,000 First hot tub, entry level
J-300 2 to 7 $4,000 to $12,000 Entry to midlevel with more comfort
J-400 2 to 9 $6,000 to $16,000+ Premium hot tubbing with advanced features
J-500 5 to 7 $12,000 to $16,000+ Luxury features, special exterior design
J-LX 5 to 7 $12,000 to $15,000 Energy efficient, modern minimalist design

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Warranties

Jacuzzi warranty terms vary slightly between lines and models, so take the time to read the warranty for Jacuzzi hot tubs that interest you. You can get warranty information from a salesperson or on the company website.

  • J-300 through J-LX models have a five-year warranty on the cabinet, plumbing and electrical pumps, heaters, and control systems, seven years on the shell surface, and a 10-year shell structure warranty.
  • J-200 hot tubs come with a one-year cabinet warranty, two years on the plumbing, electrical systems, and shell surface, and five years coverage on the shell structure.

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Complaints

You will find plenty of glowing reviews on Jacuzzi’s website. ConsumerAffairs readers rated Jacuzzi hot tubs an average of 4 out of 5 stars with some problems centering around local dealer service or delivery problems and not the company. The Better Business Bureau gives Jacuzzi an “A-” with just seven complaints over the past three years, all closed. A vast majority of Jacuzzi hot tub dealers rate very highly with customers in online reviews.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Q&A

  • Can I trade in my current Jacuzzi hot tub on a new model?
    Yes, you can use Jacuzzi’s hot tub trade-in program to get a discount on the price of a new model.

  • Do I need a particular foundation under a Jacuzzi hot tub?
    Hot tubs are very heavy when filled, so unless your deck or base area is designed to support a hot tub, it will need to be inspected for safety before installing a Jacuzzi. See Planning for a Hot Tub for more tips.

  • Can a Jacuzzi hot tub help my aching joints?
    Heated water hydrotherapy is useful for increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation, and reducing arthritis pain and tight, sore muscles. There are also stress reduction benefits to using a Jacuzzi hot tub.

  • Do I need to install plumbing for a Jacuzzi hot tub?
    No additional plumbing is required for a Jacuzzi hot tub since you can fill it from your garden hose or another water source.

  • Can I try out a Jacuzzi hot tub before buying?
    Yes, you can do a wet test to try a Jacuzzi hot tub before you buy one. Call your local Jacuzzi dealer to schedule time for a wet test in an operating hot tub. You can typically try hot tubs after hours when shoppers are out of the store.


Hot tubs are an excellent alternative for pain relief, relaxation, enhanced circulation, and socializing. While seniors need to take precautions, heated hydrotherapy is an excellent choice for many. Jacuzzi has been designing and manufacturing hot tubs for decades and offers proven therapeutic features with a vast model and option selection to create a hot tub for just about any budget.

16 Jacuzzi Reviews

Write Review
5 Stars

August 15 2023 1:59PM

We purchased a new Jacuzzi JL-X back in 2013 from a local Jacuzzi dealer that installed it as part of our new outdoor deck. As I see it, there are two separate sources of praise or criticism in a review like this, the manufacturer & the local dealer/service provider.

This site asks for feedback only about Jacuzzi, so I will focus mostly on that here. Our JL-X has performed almost flawlessly for a decade, outside, through Michigan winters, and multiple power outages. We use it 3-4x every week, 12 months a year.

The only part to fail has been the topside controller, which was replaced post-warranty, but has since worked consistently. The tub was a $10K investment in 2013, and it has paid for itself several times over.

CAVEAT: If you are dubious about your local dealer/service provider (e.g. communication, professionalism, competence), do NOT buy a Jacuzzi product.

This is where things have the potential to fall apart, because it is not Jacuzzi that services the tubs they sell; it is the local dealer's service department, and that is an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT but VERY IMPORTANT aspect to consider. My experience with Jacuzzi and their JL-X has been quite positive: 5 Stars.

Glenn S.
Ann Arbor, MI
4 Stars

January 09 2023 4:34PM

"Jacuzzis last for years" they advertise. Bunchacrap! Good toilets? My **. After only 2 years of use, my two Jacuzzi toilets flushed dirty water, badly stained the bowls and stained the tank's interior walls.

The two metal washers in the bottom shed metal flakes and created a brown/black mess. Vinegar didn't remedy. Had to drain all water, scrub, and sandpaper, many times. Hello there, Jacuzzi. Iron rusts!

Richard G.
Ruckersville, VA
2 Stars

January 08 2023 7:15PM

Topside control no longer made for my hot tub…have to purchase entire control unit…It went once under warranty and they didn’t resolve issues…Money pit!… How is it possible not to make a part for a tub that was only few years old…

Clint V.
Bowmanville, SELECT A STATE
1 Star

December 16 2022 3:12PM

My family bought a J-385 model eight years ago. We quickly found out that the local service was horrible. Trying to get this Jacuzzi repaired was very difficult. At this time, I am considering replacing the Jacuzzi product with a competitor's product who can offer service and repairs,

David O.
Amston, CT
5 Stars

July 24 2022 12:45AM

We were very happy with our person Dennis ** who did an excellent job on customer service. Very well dressed and clean looking. Very friendly and let us ask questions of any sort pertaining to our shower re-model. He also just lives almost around the corner from us.

This man really knows his job and gives you so many payment options and what is easy ways to go. We learned a lot from him. We would recommend him to anyone. He showed us what is safe in showers. We really recommend him to everybody. Mike and colleen**.

Colleen P.
Scappoose, OR
1 Star

April 30 2022 3:55PM

Total piece of garbage! Bought the J495 you know the $18,000 fully loaded hottub? What a mistake! Within six months the circulation pump went out and was replaced, shortly thereafter all the lights went out and were replaced under warranty.

A year later the lights went out, out of warranty and Jacuzzi wouldn't touch it. (Most of the techs are beyond dumb as well.

You pay $150 for a service call not knowing who you're going to get, the "Backroom Amateur" or the "Pro" out of five techs that came to my house four out of five were definitely pretty pathetic in their skillset and I ended up paying to replace parts that did not resolve the problem.

Fast forward to year three and the Subwoofer totally died (Out of warranty of course, and $1200+ Install to replace).

Fast forward to year five and the main board is totally dead and needs a replacement, the tub will run for about ten minutes then the breaker pops and it shuts off another $1500+ Repair, also all of the four speakers are dry rotted though at a cost of about $250 each to replace.

Lastly while the cover is completely structurally intact it now fills up with water when it rains. Another $500-800 expense and gets so heavy it take three strong men to open. I would guess the cover weighs about 400 pounds when filled with water and probably 120 dry.

I seriously HATE HATE HATE this thing. To be honest I believe my fault lies in buying a Hottub made in America versus the one made in China.

Unfortunately in this day and age when you Buy a $18000 that is made in China you get about $12000 worth of quality parts $2000 Labor costs to assemble, and a $4000 profit margin for the manufacturer.

You buy this piece of garbage made in America you get a $18000 hottub with about $5000 worth of parts, $9000 worth of labor and a $4000 profit margin for the manufacture.

Bottom line is you end up with this Piece of ** that has most of its cheap garbage parts made in Mexico and assembled by factory workers at $50+ an hour.

Long story short I'll Never ever recommend Jacuzzi or anything they touch to anyone ever until I die. At this point I will likely pay someone to get this piece of garbage off my deck so I can have more deck space.


Steven K.
Warrenville, IL
1 Star

November 08 2021 2:04AM

Spent about $18k on a fully loaded J495 in 2015. Wow what a mistake. I seriously hate this thing! In the first year half the lights went out, one of the pumps, and the seal on the center jet.

Fortunately the warranty took care of all of it. Year two the subwoofer died, two of the speakers died, half the led lights went out again all out of warranty. Was quoted about $3000 to repair. Total and complete garbage. Stay the hell away from the Jacuzzi brand.

Steve K.
Naperville, IL
1 Star

May 29 2021 11:03AM

I’ve had a J480 for ~10 years. The motherboard blew over 2.5 months ago. I’ve had 2 dealers contact Jacuzzi for a replacement kit and they never got back to them. I called to escalate but not allowed to speak with Jacuzzi contacts that work with dealers.

Finally they contacted the dealer and said they changed their pricing. What would have cost $1200 now is $2700 cause you have to buy all the components separately.

What would have taken 1 hour to repair will take 4 hours. Since I am moving and can’t wait any longer. I’m going to trash it and NEVER BUY JACUZZI again!

Rick G.
Lincolnton, NC
5 Stars

May 12 2021 7:01PM

Have had a J345 for 5 years and it’s great, easy to maintain and not too expensive on the electric bill. We upgraded to J485 and love the upgrade: deeper seats, more intuitive controls, seems to stay crystal clear longer without much effort.

It’s like having 5 star spa retreat in my back yard. The warm bubbly water takes away those gardening and bicycling aches too.

Eve S.
Chicago, IL
1 Star

April 18 2021 9:59PM

I am not one who enjoys writing bad reviews as I feel everyone makes mistakes at times and it’s easy to just write a bad review when you are emotional.

I previously bought a 12 yr old Brown's Jacuzzi and we had it another 16 years and the only thing I had to replace was the mother board for $250. I bought a jacuzzi last year and I already had 4 service. I’ve had twice flow switch errors and it just stops Heating.

The led lights are not working and I already replaced all filters to try and make sure I don’t keep getting errors.

Customer service is always nice but I have to wait 5-7 days to get someone out and lose ability to use it. I don't know if only my unit is a lemon but looking at other reviews I see I’m not the only one with a poor quality unit.

Ivo H.
Roswell, GA