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Jabra Enhance provides a direct-to-consumer website where customers can purchase hearing aids online at lower prices. You don’t need a prescription, and customers receive aftercare virtually. Anyone with a compatible smartphone or tablet can use the hearing aids.

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Jabra Enhance provides direct-to-consumer access to BTE hearing aids at competitive prices. Device support from a licensed professional is available for a small fee, or opt to take a DIY approach to adjustments using the mobile app.

Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids Review

Jabra Enhance (formerly Lively) launched in January 2019 to offer advanced-engineered hearing aids that are accessible and affordable. Jabra Enhance sells three models at significantly lower costs than most hearing aid companies—you can also pair them with your TV or telephone for better hearing in tough situations. 

In 2023, Jabra updated its Enhance Select hearing aids to qualify as “over-the-counter” devices (the hearing aid hardware and underlying technology did not change). While a team of audiologists will help you set up and manage your aids with a premium plan—Jabra’s original service offering—Jabra now offers a less expensive “basic” care plan option for users more comfortable managing the devices themselves.


  • Affordable prices on OTC devices
  • Free virtual consultation and ongoing, on-demand support
  • Offers free online hearing test
  • Aids can be adjusted with a free app for iOS or Android
  • Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Offers a more affordable DIY setup and care option


  • No in-person exams or fittings
  • Not suitable for severe or profound hearing loss

Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids Features

Jabra GN
Source: Jabra GN

Jabra Enhance hearing aids are either battery-powered or rechargeable. The Enhance Select 50 uses a battery to help clarify speech and reduce noise. Batter-powered devices generally offer fewer features than rechargeable devices but are the most affordable. The rechargeable hearing aids, Jabra’s Enhance Select 100 or Enhance Select 300 offer more advanced features to combat loud noises at parties or restaurants. Audiology advisors can adjust all hearing aids remotely, and you can adjust settings on the mobile app.

All Jabra Enhance hearing aids are designed for those with mild to severe bilateral hearing loss. Those with profound hearing loss should opt for hearing aids with more features.

The hearing aids are considered behind-the-ear devices with a small, nearly invisible receiver that fits in the ear canal. They are available in seven colors: gray, beige, light blonde, medium blonde, dark brown, black and white. Jabra Enhance recommends choosing the color based on your hair color if you want your hearing aids to be discreet.

Smartphone CompatibilityStream music or phone calls from iOS devices and newer Android devices (rechargeable models only)
Warp channelsSplits frequencies to provide a more natural sound quality
Programmable settingsCustomize settings for environments with different sound levels and acoustics, like parties and restaurants
Noise blockerBlocks background noise to allow better speech comprehension
Directional microphonesLocalizes sounds and focuses on speech in noisy backgrounds
Tinnitus controlPlays quiet, constant white noise to distract from ringing in the ears
Jabra Enhance Hearing Aid Features

Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids and Costs

Jabra Enhance hearing aids cost between $1,195 per pair and $1,795 per pair. This includes a one-year warranty and loss and damage protection. Premium care, which includes three years of professional hearing care, warranty, and loss and damage protection, is an additional $200. Whether you opt for Basic or Premium care, Jabra’s hearing aid pricing is about one-third the cost of most prescription hearing aids. 

Jabra also offers financing through Bread Pay™, which will help break your costs into lower monthly payments.

Along with two hearing aids, you’ll get access to a mobile app, carrying case, and a one- to three-year manufacturer’s warranty and loss and damage protection.

Device NameEnhance Select 50Enhance Select 100Enhance Select 300
DescriptionGreat sound for everyday listeningGreat for active lifestyles and tricky listening situations, like loud restaurantsAdvanced technology for natural, effortless listening. Great for active lifestyles and the most dynamic situations
Price: Basic Package$1,195 (as low as $39/mo)$1,495 (as low as $49/mo)$1,795 (as low as $58/mo)
Price: Premium Package$1,395 (as low as $46/mo)$1,695 (as low as $55/mo)$1,995 (as low as $65/mo)
Cost of Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids

Enhance Select 300

Jabra’s latest and most advanced hearing aid is the Enhance Select 300, which allows for the most natural and effortless listening in all situations. The device enhances sound using two algorithms. It also reduces sudden sound for better comfort, like jangling keys or plates that drop on the floor. The Select 300 is a mini receiver-in-ear hearing aid and is nearly invisible when worn. For this reason, it’s also Jabra’s most popular device. 

Enhance Select 100

The Enhance Select 100 is a high-quality rechargeable hearing aid for active customers looking for rich, natural sound in environments that make conversation tricky. The charging case powers up to 30 hours per charge. In music mode, the device will improve the quality of live music. It comes with a 100-day guarantee and a three-year warranty.

Enhance Select 50

The Enhance Select 50 is a compact battery-powered device for everyday listening at home. It can stream Bluetooth and has a 100-day guarantee, a three-year warranty, and one year of batteries.

Getting Help With Jabra Enhance After the Sale

Jabra GN
Source: Jabra GN

Jabra Enhance hearing aids are easy to use—if you can use FaceTime or Skype, you can use these products.

In 2023, Jabra Enhance debuted two care and protection package options for each hearing aid type: Basic and Premium. 

The Premium package is Jabra’s recommended product for value, benefit, and performance, as it includes three years of professional hearing care with the Audiology Team, a three-year warranty and loss and damage protection, and all aids qualify as over-the-counter. 

The Basic package is a new, more budget-friendly option for OTC hearing aids (pre-programmed with three standard hearing profiles) to fit, set up, and manage yourself out of the box. This offering is $200 less and comes with a one-year warranty and loss & damage protection. No hearing aid test is required under the Basic package.

Both packages include the free mobile app you can use to control and customize your hearing aid settings. The app even includes a handy “find my hearing aids” feature, should you misplace them.

Jabra’s Customer Support Team is available via video chat, phone, or email seven days a week for technical support and troubleshooting. If you need help adjusting your aids while dining at a restaurant, for example, simply open the app to reach a specialist.

How to Buy Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids

You can only purchase Jabra Enhance hearing aids from the company’s website. Select the color and add them to your online shopping cart. At this time, you’ll also select your support package (either Basic or Premium). If you choose the Premium package, you’ll need to take the five minute online hearing test to help Jabra’s team of hearing professionals program your devices.

Jabra Enhance lists the prices and features of the hearing aid under each package in a comparison table. You can pay for the hearing aids using a credit card, debit card, PayPal, or financing through BreadPay. You can also use FSA and HSA payment methods. The hearing aids ship directly to your home.

Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids Complaints

Jabra Enhance posts consumer reviews on the website; most are overwhelmingly positive when considering value and quality. The company receives an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. Negative reviews are hard to find, but a few customers experienced difficulty returning their hearing aids and contacting customer service. However, those complaints were resolved quickly.

Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids FAQ

Do Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids come with a money-back guarantee?

The company offers a 100-day money-back guarantee. If you return the hearing aids, you receive 100% of the purchase price.

What does the Jabra Enhance hearing aids warranty include?

Jabra’s warranty is either one or three years from the date of purchase, and it covers most repairs. The device warranty covers three years from the date of purchase if you opt for the Premium package. The company’s hearing aid insurance replaces a stolen or unrepairable device with a $195 deductible. You can use this replacement warranty only once per hearing aid during the warranty period.

Are Jabra Enhance hearing aids FDA-approved?

The hearing aids are approved to treat the most common types of hearing loss. Those with profound loss should consider other hearing aids.

How does support for Jabra Enhance hearing aids work?

One of the benefits of Jabra Enhance devices is you don’t need to leave your home to see an audiologist. Use the mobile app to request a video chat or call for instant adjustments or other help.

Can I talk with someone before I buy Jabra Enhance hearing aids?

Schedule a free 15-minute conference with a Jabra Enhance hearing specialist to discuss whether their hearing aids are right for you. You can schedule an appointment on the website.


Jabra Enhance hearing aids are a great way to buy low-cost hearing aids in the comfort of your home. Still, it’s best to make an appointment with your doctor or an audiologist to determine the cause of your hearing loss. If you’ve determined a hearing aid is the right solution, Jabra Enhance offers exceptional support and care for all customers.

To learn more, visit the Jabra Enhance website.

21 Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids Reviews

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5 Stars

June 26 2023 2:50PM

I MUST say a few words about Jabra hearing aids. Jabra Enhance, I think they call themselves. I have had their hearing aids - originally the company was Lively Hearing Aids - and I am not only very pleased with the product, the company support is extraordinary. I really can’t applaud them enough.

I have had very few problems, but enough to realize their support has not been a fluke. Bravo, Jabra. It is much too common these days to experience mediocre support at best from many firms. Jabra exceeds my expectations on every level.

Robert C.
Gold Canyon, AZ
5 Stars

October 31 2022 4:29PM

I realized I needed help when my kids started fussing about me always saying “huh?”. So I bought a cheaper brand just to see if they would help and if I could wear them daily. They helped but the sounds were not natural and I think they’re more amplifiers than hearing aids.

So I took the plunge and went to the Lively website. Shipping was quick. The minute I put on my Lively Pro hearing aids I knew I had made the right choice. I was amazed that I could hear again like I was supposed to.

Now I can hear my TV and conversations without any problems. Yes they were quite a bit more expensive than the cheaper models; and they are worth every penny. I am a very satisfied and happy customer. I would recommend these without any reservation. They are the real deal!

Ronald R.
Texas City, TX
5 Stars

September 20 2022 1:19PM

First got hearing aids at 65 - an expensive pair (close to $5000). Lost one in a hospital visit. Got another pair (different brand, less expensive, but not by much).

These were rechargeable and Bluetooth enabled, so I could use them instead of headphones when listening to music, book, phone conversations. I learned that rechargeable and Bluetooth were important features to me.

When my expensive hearing aids were found to have a electronic problem, they took the faulty aid to repair it (or I could replace them again at another $4600). Instead I bought the Lively hearing aids. I am very happy with these hearing aids.

The audiologist who met with me in a Zoom conference to check in and to provide me with some training (Dr. **) is a friendly, very knowledgeable professional.

When I said that I had to turn the volume down when I first put the hearing aids on, she said she could fix this by sending me a patch over the internet. In the process she discovered that the hearing aids from Lively had a flaw. So Lively sent me a replacement pair. Extremely supportive.

The hearing aids together with the ListenLively app that I use on my iPhone have several controls that work remarkably well. My normal is person-to-person with clarity of speech the focus. One can adjust through the app the sensitivity to treble, mid, and bass sounds.

I listen to podcasts while at the gym and find the setting for music with a noise reduction focus to be helpful. Given my experiences with the support and with the hearing aids themselves, I highly recommend Lively hearing aids.

Al J.
Arlington, MA
5 Stars

September 13 2022 1:48PM

When I was having difficulty hearing streaming audio from my iPhone outdoors I contacted Lively and was scheduled for a Zoom consultation with an audiologist the next morning. The doctor was able to quickly diagnose my problem, update my settings, send me new domes, all at no charge.

Most importantly, Dr. ** was able to correct and remedy the problem effectively. I appreciated her patience and professionalism and can strongly endorse the level of customer service delivered by this company.

Peter W.
West Palm Beach, FL
5 Stars

June 18 2022 12:19PM

I am a retired Paramedic, I believe I lost my hearing riding on top of a siren for 12 years. I went to 2 ENT doctors and was told I could not hear unless I get hearing aids. Both were $6000.00 - 7500.00. I went online and tried 4 cheaper ones. That lasted about 2-3 months and found out from all there is nor warranty.

I came across Lively and check into it. I was impressed with the online exam they give for free. They sold both hearing aids for 1450.00. and set me up with a payment plan. And they are the great. I have had them for 6 months and one had a problem.

I called and was expecting a problem. Therrrrrrre was no problem....hot dang. They emailed me a video on how to test what part was bad. I did that and now within 24 hours I have a new hearing aid. At 75 years young believe me you will not go wrong with the great business. Thanks again "LIVELY". CAROL **.

Carol K.
Longview, TX
5 Stars

August 21 2021 6:25PM

I'm a retired medical professional who recently had an in office hearing test that showed I had mild hearing loss and would benefit from hearing aids.

I began shopping and was pleased to find the same hearing aid I was about to select from my audiologist was being sold by Lively for a much lower price. I ordered the rechargeable model from Lively and they arrived in two days.

I am extremely pleased with the quality of the hearing aids and immediate professional one-on-one service I have received during the adjustment period.

Unlike most companies who offer a 30 day return policy, Lively has a 100 day full refund return policy, allowing more time to make sure the hearing aids are a good fit. So far, I am very, very pleased with my purchase and would recommend Lively to family and friends.

Louise H.
Atlantic City, NJ
5 Stars

July 12 2021 5:24PM

65 years old sound engineer with moderate loss. I could not spend $4000> for aids and after doing research. Lively hearing aids are made by Danish company GN AS.

Their aids are marketed by the brands ReSound, Beltone, Interton, Jabra, BlueParrott and FalCom in 100 countries. So these are real hearing aids.

I took the online test that matched the profile I had done by an audiologist so I went ahead and ordered them using the 1 year payment plan and they arrived in one day. I was immediately impressed with the results and after getting used to them I now never take them off.

I can listen to TV, take calls and of course hear conversations around me. The app to control the aids is a fantastic add on, I can't imagine having hearing aids without the app.

The customer service is great. I lost an aid after 6 months and they replaced it overnight for $195. Overall I really happy I went with Lively rechargeable aids and recommend them to friends often. There is no need to suffer hearing loss.

Mark B.
Mohegan Lake, NY
2 Stars

February 26 2021 2:14AM

I recently had a hearing test done professionally and was given an excellent score. Out of curiosity I did an online test at the Lively site. It showed I was hearing impaired (with both ears).

I hate to say it but the online test may be slanted for people to fail so as to purchase their hearing aids. I consistently could hear the tones in the 3 range so the threshold may be questionable.

Steve S.
Grayslake, IL
2 Stars

February 16 2021 7:58PM

I ordered the rechargeable version. Despite them telling you they will be delivered the next day, they did show up 5 days later. Then came the fit test.

They rode high on my ear and I got a lot of background from my hair rubbing against them. They came with some kind of measuring tool but no directions.

The bluetooth seemed to work OK but as the next day progressed, I figured out that the bluetooth feature is a streaming only. No built in microphone. I was told I would have to hold the phone to my mouth or put it in my pocket.

Back to the measuring device. I called them. Nice girl named Jessica promptly sent an email on how to use it. When I hung up and looked at the email it referred to a picture being attached. But no picture.

I called them back and got a rude dude named Geoff. Within 30 seconds the conversation was over when he told me I just needed to follow the instructions written in the email. He sent me a return label for me to send them back.

Chuck P.
1 Star

February 13 2021 10:12PM

In 2 years I’ve had to send my LIVELY (resound) hearing aid or aids back for repair 11 times. It’s been a nightmare each time trying to reprogram and connect to Bluetooth or pairing properly. (It takes 3 weeks to get them back).

When connected to Bluetooth if you have to turn off an aid it knocks out your pairing and connection. Also, my family complains about hearing squealing coming out of my left hearing aid.

Ken F.
Austin, TX
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