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Moving APT

4.5 Stars (5 Reviews)
Updated: January 24, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Moving APT has been assisting customers with long-distance residential and business moves since 1999. As a moving broker, Moving APT has the expertise to find bonded, licensed and insured moving companies at the lowest cost for any move across the U.S. Customers save time by using Moving APT to handle all aspects of relocating efficiently.

Moving APT logo

Editorial Breakdown

Easy Quotes 4.5 Stars
Ease of Purchase 4.5 Stars
Price 4.4 Stars
Coverage Area 4.6 Stars

Overall Rating 4.5 Stars

Bottom Line

Moving APT has provided residential and commercial long-distance moving services since 1999.

Moving APT Review

Moving APT is a moving broker with 20 years in the business. The company will help you find the best moving company for corporate and household moves, at the lowest cost. Moving APT only works with movers that have proven to be reliable and Moving APT provides a convenient quote calculator on the website. The company is on our list of the Best Long-Distance Moving Companies.


  • Customized moving plans
  • Free storage up to 30 days
  • Free quotes


  • Quote tool returned same cost for vastly different moves

Moving APT Residential Moving Services

Moving APT will find reliable transportation for your personal belongings by choosing a qualified, certified mover nearest to the home you’re moving from. The company maintains relationships with AMSA and DOT-approved carriers with years of experience moving households. Moving APT representatives can oversee everything to do with arranging for pick up and delivery, specialized wrapping for delicate items and ongoing communication.

Moving APT provides customers a moving checklist for all residential moves. This checklist includes everything you need to do before moving to help you get organized. Some list items are: submit a change of address, information on what to do the day of the move and how to prepare for the delivery of your belongings. You take care of the checklist items, Moving APT secures the movers and coordinates all aspects of the transport process.

The company supplies moving materials at a low cost, like cushioned packing materials, boxes, paper wrap, tape and more.

Corporate Moves with Moving APT

Relocating a business or several offices to another state or across the country is complicated and expensive. Moving APT provides competitive pricing and multiple services to safely move office items while you continue to run your business.

Cross-country corporate moves include a customized plan to relocate the business. Each staff member at Moving APT, from the representatives to the moving company is licensed and bonded, so you business cargo is always protected. The company notes that it offers many choices for moving a company to make that customized moving plan possible.

Moving APT Packing Services

Moving APT provides a packing service with professional packers who are trained in the best techniques to keep your belongings organized and safe. Packers arrive at your home or office with all necessary packing materials and create a checklist of your items. This list is used to help you get ready for the move without losing, forgetting or breaking anything.

If you are more of a do-it-yourself packer, Moving APT can provide the correct packing materials at a discount compared to retail stores.

Moving APT Costs

Moving APT provides flat rate quotes that cover tolls, taxes, fuel and other costs, so you know upfront what you’ll pay the mover. Many variables affect the cost of moving, like the miles between origin and destination and the time of year.

You’ll find a moving quote tool on the Moving APT website. Enter the location you are moving to and from, your name, phone number, email and move date to get an estimate. That said, our experience with the quote tool was confusing as it generated the same cost for very different trips, then told us someone would be in touch with a quote. You can get an idea for the cost of your move in our price chart above, but getting a more precise quote requires calling to speak to a Moving APT representative.

Average Moving APT Costs
Home Local Moves Long-Distance Moves
Studio or 1-bedroom apartment $200 to $500 $1,440 to $2,500
2-bedroom apartment $400 to $700 $4,000 to $4,800
3-bedroom house $560 to $1,000 $7,200
4-bedroom house $800 to $2,000+ Up to $16,000

How to Hire Moving APT

Call a Moving APT representative to explain all the details needed for your move, and the rep will go to work to find the best mover for your project. The final quote is itemized for transparency, and you’ll sign off on it if you want to seal the deal.

Moving APT Complaints

The vast majority of Moving APT reviews post on MyMovingReviews were from delighted customers. The few complaints had to do with the trucking companies and not Moving APT, and Moving APT responded to explain how they were providing assistance to the customer after the move. Some of the negative reviews appear to be fabricated. Moving APT received only a C rating from the Better Business Bureau. The BBB says this rating is due to Moving APT not resolving the underlying problem causing complaints, yet over 200 consumer reviews on the BBB site average out to 5 out of 5 stars. The company rates 8.4 out of 10 from ConsumersAdvocate with 4 out of 5 stars from customers who note appreciation for the courteous representatives and competitive rates.

Moving APT Q&A

  • Can Moving APT track my shipment?

    Your customer service representative can track your shipment and let you know where your belongings are at any time, just call.

  • How do I know Moving APT’s online quote is accurate?

    Moving companies provide a cost estimate via online quote tools as a baseline. You still need to speak to the company for a more accurate quote based on the items you need to move. No two offices or households are the same, and you’ll see your final cost after a Moving APT representative comes to your home or business to see what needs to go on the moving truck.

  • What information do I need to have on hand before calling Moving APT for a quote?

    Being prepared in advance of placing a call for a quote saves time. Moving APT needs to know the following to give you an estimate for the cost of your move:

    • The addresses you’re moving to and from
    • A room-by-room general list of what you need to be moved (remember the basement, garage and outbuildings)
    • If you want packing service
    • If you need packing supplies
    • Expected move date
  • I can’t take delivery at my new location of everything I’m moving. Can Moving APT provide storage?

    Yes, Moving APT can arrange to store your items for up to 30 days, usually at no additional charge.

  • I have an extra car and no one to drive it to my new location. Can Moving APT help?

    Moving APT has contacts with car shipping companies and will work out the most cost-effective and safe way to transport your vehicle.


Moving APT offers many unique options to take the stress of moving off the customer’s shoulders. With years of experience and access to a vast network of movers, Moving APT representatives have the resources to design relocation plans that are both cost-effective and hassle-free.

5 Moving APT Reviews

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1 Star

January 13 2024 9:04PM

Not to be trusted! The movers LOST part of our sectional and BROKE our Peloton. We paid $7,000 for the move and they broke/lost the two most expensive items we own. We were offered $129 TOTAL for our $3,000 couch and $2,000 peloton. DO NOT USE! They also never updated our inventory list after pick up and then said we would have to follow the truck to a weighing station to see if it's less than what we packed. SO INFURIATING!

Ashley F.
1 Star

November 01 2022 11:55PM

It's November 1st. The moving company they brokered picked up my things on October 6th. I'm almost 1 full month of not having my things. I can't get in touch with the moving company, Moving APT can't get in touch with them. No one has any answers for me.

I don't know when I'm getting my things. I do not want others to go through what I'm going through right now, so I will be leaving a review on as many websites as I can find. Find a reputable moving company, not a broker. Or at the very least, find a broker that carefully vets their moving companies.

I do know one thing is for certain after this experience: I will never use another moving company again. I will do it all myself. That would have been a lot less stressful than this has been.

I should have done more research into this company, I would have found an alarming number of complaints hidden under their 4.2 star rating.

Anthony G.
Leadville, CO
5 Stars

July 05 2020 1:56PM

Melanie and I would like to extend our very warmest thanks to Moving APT for the great job they did to move us out and in throughout this time. It was very easy.

From the first guy we spoke with over the phone to the crew that moved us, they were all very professional and helpful. We are glad we found such an amazing mover after trying so many others.

Alexander O.
Adamsville, AL
1 Star

January 17 2020 3:32AM

I don't usually review experiences but feel as though I need to warn others of our misfortunes with this company called Moving APT. The sales staff are your sweet talkers but once you're past this phase, plan to receive ZERO customer support. This team promised a max of 3 weeks not including weekends/holidays to do a cross country is currently week 6 and I have little to no expectations that our belongings will ever be delivered to us.

We would honestly have been better off burning all of our things than giving this responsibility over to this company. Run away as fast as you can and stay clear of them if you value anything at all. Truly disappointed and enraged by all of their deceitfulness and lack of competence.

Anonymous A.
District Of Columbia, DC
5 Stars

December 12 2019 10:06AM

I called Moving apt last min to set up a move for the next day because the local mover I booked didn't show up, They make it very easy for me starting from the sales rep to the operation representative that confirm with me what time the driver and truck will show up. The next day come crew arrives on time, they pack and load my 2 bedrooms in 3 hours!! They were very nice and did a great job, not sure what I would do without there help and I deeply regret I haven't booked with them from the first place!!! I would have saved myself unnecessary stress and worries. I'll highly recommend them to anyone whos looking for movers.

Sergi S.
Miami Beach, FL