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Omega Auto Care Car Warranties

4.25 Stars (37 Reviews)
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Updated: January 19, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Omega Auto Care offers three types of service contracts that cover everything from new cars to older vehicles with less than 250,000 miles, with many included benefits.

Omega Auto Care

Editorial Breakdown

Coverage 4.8 Stars
Customer Service 3.8 Stars
Price 4.5 Stars
Ease of Purchase 3.8 Stars

Overall Rating 4 Stars

Bottom Line

The bills can add up if you're stuck with a broken-down car that needs repairs. Omega Auto Care offers three extended warranty coverage packages to make sure you're prepared for an emergency.

37 Omega Auto Care Reviews

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1 Star

August 16 2019 3:21PM

Omega is the worst. They did not help my needs. They referred me to Aamco shop and telling me I chose that shop. They first denied my claim while my car was in the shop for two days, that made me miss two days of work. The manager is just as bad as the sale person. When I try to cancel they go back and forth arguing with you which is overwhelming. Overall my experience is not over and I'm trying to CANCEL till this day. I would never refer no one to Omega.

Jakeia W.
Newark, DE
Omega Auto Care
Jakeia, There sounds like maybe there has been some miscommunication because we were set to approve your A/C claim when we were notified that you had removed the vehicle from the repair facility. Had you not cancelled the policy, you could have simply brought it back and it would have been approved without going through the diagnostic process again. Sincerely, Omega Auto Care
5 Stars

August 13 2019 9:26PM

Very happy with my experience with Omega Auto care. Each time I had to bring my car in I've had no problems getting the work done and having it covered. Customer service is very helpful and professional. Would definitely recommend them.

Peggy M.
Bradenton, FL
4 Stars

August 13 2019 8:07PM

They really work closely with the mechanics shop. I feel they worked quickly but I wasn't informed about any details basically until the end of the process just would have like to know more in the process. But everything else went smoothly. No issues with payment which was GREAT.

Deborah M.
Newnan, GA
1 Star

August 07 2019 10:11PM

2 months ago in June 2019 I requested that my policy be canceled after Checking and reviewing my credit card statement for July in August I found that Omega company had bill my credit card For 2 consecutive months without my approval.

When I called in today August 7 2019 the customer service rep that took my call is very polite and understanding When I requested a refund. After hearing my issue/problem he patched me in to someone from customer service. When I spoke to the lady in customer service she was somewhat rude express that I was yelling at her and pointed out that I had in fact canceled my policy but someone called in and reopened it on June 3rd. I expressed to her that it could not have been me because the car that the policy was attached to was no longer in my possession.

She then went on to express that there's nothing that she could do and at that time. I again instructed her to cancel my policy that it should have been canceled in June of 2019.

I'm very disappointed in this company and very displeased with how they handled my issue!

David M.
Pontiac, MI
Omega Auto Care
Mr. Mack, It was a pleasure speaking with you today, and I am glad we were able to figure out, and resolve the dispute to your satisfaction. I look forward to hearing back from you so that we can get things settled. Sincerely, Omega Auto Care
5 Stars

August 07 2019 8:28PM

I have had a fantastic experience with Omega Auto Care. Great customer service! When I have filed claims, response time has been great and I am glad I selected this company. Variety of places where I was able to take my car and still get reimbursed. Love the selection and appreciate all of the help.

Ashley M.
Belleville, MI
5 Stars

July 23 2019 11:44PM

I'm very happy I have this car warranty! It is as good if not better than a bumper to bumper coverage for the dealer. It's nice to know that if AND when something goes wrong with my car that I only have to pay the $100 co-pay! It also cover's oil change.

Linda D.
Independence, KY
Omega Auto Care
Linda, We are more than happy to provide you service with both mechanical breakdowns as well as oil changes. We are glad you are pleased with the service received so far, and look forward to continuing to meeting your expectations. Sincerely, Omega Auto Care
5 Stars

July 23 2019 5:38PM

Very prompt and efficient vehicle was taken care of in a very professional manner. Great service. The representative was very courteous and fulfill every promise that was made I receive my car with the problem fixed and the taken care of.

Joel P.
West Springfield, MA
5 Stars

June 20 2019 6:13PM

I had a check engine light on my car so I took it to the dealership Omega Auto Group card I have too many my cards shortly thereafter I got a call from a representative saying that my claim was approved and my car was repaired fairly quickly and then I only had to pay my deductible of $100 I highly recommend this service.

John W.
Washington, PA
5 Stars

May 15 2019 6:45PM

They keep their word and do what they say they will do. They paid for my auto repairs minus the hundred dollar deductible. I highly recommend them! Recently I needed a new water pump in my Volkswagen Tiguan 2013. The cost of installing it was over $800. They paid over $700 so that I could get my new water pump. That’s what I call excellent service. I highly recommend Omega auto care To you.

Patricia S.
League City, TX
5 Stars

May 10 2019 7:38PM

My brake pedal went to the floor. I called the Omega Extended Warranty and they had my truck repaired within a few days. I'm very pleased with Omega because they have been there when I needed repairs to my truck. Great company. 5 stars...

Paul H.
Houston, TX