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Oticon Hearing Aids

4.4 Stars (11 Reviews)
Updated: January 27, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Oticon is among the top three hearing aid companies worldwide. The company produces a broad range of hearing devices for all ranges of hearing loss, ages and lifestyles. Oticon is known for innovative hearing solutions like OpenSound Navigator, BrainHearing and OpenSound Optimizer technologies. The company maintains quality care after the sale by providing hearing aids only through authorized sellers.

Oticon Hearing Aids Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Ease of Purchase 4.3 Stars
Warranty 4.5 Stars
Price 4.4 Stars
Customer Service 4.7 Stars

Overall Rating 4.4 Stars

Bottom Line

Oticon is one of the largest hearing aid companies and produces a broad range of hearing devices for all ranges of hearing loss, ages and lifestyles.

Oticon Hearing Aids Review

Oticon backs up its People First motto by researching all facets of hearing loss, including related psychological factors. The company thoroughly tests research findings and new technology and is known for innovative solutions to hearing loss. Oticon sells a variety of hearing aids through dealers across the United States and around the world.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine published a study that determined why people don’t use hearing aids. The top two reasons for avoiding the devices were uncomfortable hearing aids and the consumer not receiving expected benefits. Oticon addresses both issues with multiple hearing aid lines and models for mild to profound hearing loss.


  • Broad range of hearing aid styles to meet all needs
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android to control devices
  • Advanced technology, such as BrainHearing


  • Difficult online purchase process

Oticon Develops Hearing Technology

Before we discuss Oticon’s hearing aids, let’s take a look at the technology that goes into these devices. Technological developments include those for managing tinnitus, advanced speech enhancement, feedback and wind noise shields, as well as those listed below.

  • Oticon OpenSound Navigator analyzes sounds in a 360-degree radius more than 100 times per second. This feature balances the surrounding sounds, providing a clear focus sound with audible background sounds that are not distracting. This technology is available in Oticon Opn S, Xceed and Opn hearing aids.
  • Velox S is Oticon’s groundbreaking platform powered by detectors that monitor the sound environment 56,000 times per second. This technology includes proactive feedback management, updated OpenSound Navigator and optimal-performance rechargeable batteries. Opticon Opn S hearing aids feature Velox S.
  • OpenSound Optimizer provides optimal six-decibel sound gain, open fittings and eliminates feedback. Users get up to 30% more speech cues, while OpenSound Optimizer maintains clarity and sound quality. This technology is available in the Opn S hearing aid models.
  • Oticon’s BrainHearing Technology delivers the most precise, purest signal possible to the brain. This feature preserves essential details in speech, so the brain puts forth less effort to decipher what the ears process. BrainHearing Technology separates sound sources from both ears to enhance speech understanding in noisy environments.

Oticon Hearing Aid Models

Oticon produces six hearing aid models for adults, including one for single-sided hearing loss. Oticon devices are available as in-the-canal, over-the-ear and numerous other types of hearing aids. The company also manufactures accessories to provide convenient hearing solutions.

Oticon Opn S comes in styles for all hearing loss, from mild to profound. Four models include the miniRITE, Oticon’s smallest behind-the-ear hearing aid. This model can be controlled with an iPhone app or push-button controls for volume and listening programs. Opn S miniRITE treats mild to severe hearing loss.

Oticon Hearing Aids

Source: Oticon Hearing Aids

Opn S BTE PP is a slim, powerful hearing aid worn behind the ear. This model is also iPhone compatible but designed for severe to profound hearing loss. BTE PP features a telecoil for a better sound experience in public places and requires no looping system.

Oticon Xceed features two behind-the-ear hearing aids for severe to profound hearing loss. Xceed SP (super power) and Xceed UP (ultra power) each sport a new modern design with push buttons for easy control. Both are IP68-certified for water and dust resistance and iPhone compatible.

Oticon Opn offers eight hearing aid models, including miniRITE, in-the-canal and half shell. The full shell with flexible custom options is easy to insert and adjust. This feature makes it an excellent choice for those who have arthritis. The full shell aids come with wireless connectivity.

Oticon Siya features cutting edge 2.4 GHz Bluetooth technology for connectivity with many devices. Siya works with Oticon’s mobile app for iOS and Android and offers a choice of nine hearing aid styles.

Dynamo is Oticon’s most advanced and personalized Super Power device. These aids come with premium speech processing technologies to overcome the challenges of severe to profound hearing loss. Dynamo has a smaller case size and is powered by a long-life battery.

Oticon’s CROS is a single-sided hearing loss solution. This hearing aid uses Oticon TwinLink technology to connect to external audio streams without blocking sound from the weaker ear. Oticon CROS lets patients watch television or listen to music while carrying on a conversation at the same time.

Oticon Hearing Aid Lines
Model Features Best For
Opn Eight models Those who prefer in-ear models or need an easy-to-handle hearing aid
Opn S Enhanced speech understanding Mild to profound hearing loss
Xceed SP or UP OpenSound Optimizer, less whistling Severe to profound hearing loss
Siya Connect easily to wireless devices Those who want exceptional sound quality
Dynamo Premium speech processing, long battery life Severe to profound hearing loss and an active lifestyle

Oticon Hearing Aids Costs

We found a price list on an Oticon-authorized hearing center website. Costs ranged from $1,294 to $3,650 per device, and a hearing test and other services. The highest-priced models were Oticon Opn 2 miniRITE and Siya. The CROS lists for $825 on another site.

Oticon’s limited hearing aid warranty covers manufacturing and material defects for two years and loss and damage for one year. The warranty also provides a money-back guarantee for 45 days from the date of purchase.

Where to Buy Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon does not endorse or sell products to online or mail order retailers. You can buy Oticon hearing aids, get a hearing test and receive help and advice from authorized Oticon hearing care professionals. Doing so ensures you get all warranty terms and services included with Oticon devices. The company’s website provides a dealer location tool.

Oticon Hearing Aid Complaints

Oticon receives an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The BBB lists five complaints over the past three years. One “complaint” was from an unauthorized seller whose account was shut down. Other issues resolved when the customer contacted an authorized provider.

ConsumersAdvocate rates Oticon at 3.8 out of 5 stars. The company scored highly for all criteria except for pricing and warranty exclusions. However, Oticon prices products reasonably considering the high level of technology in the devices. Almost all ZipHearing readers gave the company a 5-star review.

Oticon Hearing Aids FAQ

  • Are Oticon hearing aids available via the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs?

    Active-duty military and veterans can use their benefits to pay for Oticon hearing aids. Xceed, Opn S and Opn Custom models and several hearing aid accessories are available through the VA program.

  • Can I pair more than one set of Oticon hearing aids with the TV adapter?

    One TV Adapter 3.0 pairs with an unlimited number of Oticon Opn hearing aids.

  • Does Oticon offer hearing aids for children?

    Oticon produces four hearing aid models for children. Oticon Opn Play is for those with mild to severe hearing loss. Xceed Play aids are for children with severe to profound hearing loss. The Sensei Super Power (SP) is powerful yet small, and Sensei BTE 312 is slim with features for complex listening environments.

  • Oticon uses psychoacoustics while researching hearing aids. What does that mean?

    Psychoacoustics is a science that combines psychology and the physiological effects of sound perception and communication.

  • How do I get help if I need it after buying Oticon hearing aids?

    Oticon’s online support portal explains general use and care for all hearing aids. The company also provides a download center with instructions, technical information and more for each model and all accessories. If you prefer not to go online for help, your authorized Oticon dealer can assist in person or over the phone.


Oticon is a leader in the hearing aid industry. The company dedicates substantial resources to research and development to produce devices to treat all types of hearing loss. Oticon offers multiple product lines, often with numerous models to choose from. This selection allows most patients to receive hearing aids that are effective, comfortable and appropriate for their lifestyle.

11 Oticon Reviews

Write Review
2 Stars

July 13 2023 2:09AM

These are my husband's third set of hearing aids and they are the worst. He cannot control the hearing like the other sets. It is set at the audiologist on their computer supposedly to adjust automatically to the surroundings. Well It DOES NOT.

You have to look straight at my husband for him to hear anything. If we are at a dinner forget it....He just sits still or just talks to the person on his left as he cannot converse nor hear anyone else. The worst pair ever. Do NOT get them.

Zeldie S.
Delray Beach, FL
2 Stars

January 07 2022 4:50PM

Here I am on day one with my new hearing aids and CANNOT seem to get anyone to answer at Customer Service (finally answered after 10 minutes at second number I tried).

Read the Compatibility Guide carefully when getting a phone and the guidelines are outdated and give guidance that does not seem to be reliable (Android 10 or later and Bluetooth 5.0 or later).

However, the phone I have tried to use has been available since July 2021 and the customer support person indicates "they try to test them when they can get their hands on them". 6 months seems like enough time.

Frustrated because I cannot currently pair my hearing aids with my phone and no one at customer service seems to be able to help except to offer excuses on their compatibility list. Not off to a good start!!!!

Cynthia S.
Alice, TX
5 Stars

August 11 2021 9:52PM

I’ve been “wearing” hearing aid for over a decade (others I had, but wore occasionally because of the discomfort). My hearing loss is like most others: moderate.

This is my third pair, but my first pair of Oticon’s. I love listening to music…good high definition, high quality music. The high trebles, low basses and high clarity.

Not until I got the Oticon’s did I really get to enjoy what everyone else does. And a lot of the credit goes to my audiologist who recommended them and took care of fit and function over multiple visits. I’m am delighted with the results!!

Stephen S.
Scarborough, ME
4 Stars

March 26 2021 9:49PM

I have the opinion 3 model and have had no problems with them. The only thing that I dislike is that when paired with any other Oticon device, the battery drain is fast. Went from 6 day battery life to 4 day battery life with the opinion clip that connects to my Samsung phone.

Michael N.
Lebanon, IN
5 Stars

January 15 2021 6:34PM

I have used hearing aids for 30 years. The Oticons have outperformed the Starkeys and Phonaks. When new models come out I try them all. And make decision on what one works best, they give us 60 days to try. My wife and I go to a small restaurant, a bigger one with many people and also evaluate how we can talk in my car on the highway. Oticon wins. I only have 20% of normal hearing and can get along darn good. Try them.

Steve S.
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
2 Stars

November 24 2020 5:37PM

This is probably my 3rd pair of Oticon hearing aids and they have a very short shelf life now. One aid quit during warranty and was replaced with a new one . I still had a good size. I’ll from my audiologist to cover office call and shipping and “rental fee” for period my aid was being repaired (replaced).

Now just out of warranty the other quits. I am assuming this too is now junk. Will never buy Oticon again.

Maggie C.
Cape Coral, FL
1 Star

September 21 2020 3:55PM

Paid way too much for these hearing aids to only last just over three years. Save your money and buy something better. Hearing Aids started shutting off and beeping, very annoying!

When I was able to get an appointment, due to the Covid outbreak, it was just a few weeks after my warranty was up and Oticon refuses to honor warranty. Their loss, again I don't recommend this hearing aid for what they charge.

Donald R.
Moorpark, CA
2 Stars

September 16 2020 1:17AM

I have been wearing Oticon devices for many years. My current devices are Oticon OPN. Oticon has an issue with the quality/design of these units. They persistently alarm in any level of hot/humid conditions.

You can follow this stream to get a sense of this problem. **. I won’t purchase hearing aids from Oticon again. I do not recommend their product or service.

Robert S.
Huntley, IL
4 Stars

June 08 2020 5:48PM

I write to advocate for the Medicare age group of people and specifically my 100 yr. old mother and other family members with hearing loss. Your hearing aids are an excellent product if you are able to afford them. They are objects of desire if you do not have the funds to support their $6000 dollar price tag.

Additionally, your product is designed to self-destruct. After all of these years with the world developing computer chips and improving on electronics, the hearing aid industry has not improved in products that last more than 3 years. My 100 yr mother is now on her second pair of your hearing aids, because the first pair died after 3 short years.

Your profit margin prevents MANY seniors of her age and younger from having a quality of life that is important to health. Your slogan "People First" does not represent you customers. It is unclear who are the first people you mention. Perhaps it is the investment group you provide for because it is not the elderly people out here who can not buy groceries, pay rent, or buy medications if they buy hearing aids.

I am sure that your as a company have heard this all before, but perhaps at some point your will hear it enough times to take it to heart and work for the good of most people not just your "people first".

Selma A.
1 Star

March 20 2020 7:40PM

Had problems with phone and tv adaptors. Customer Service is poor, not customer friendly, guarded, deceitful, inflexible, and gives inconsistent answers. Customer Service number is not listed in any of their equipment guides (tells you all you need to know), so I had to google to find their number.

Option should provide troubleshooting guide in their instructions manual. Equipment may be good, but if you can’t get it to work after two calls and two hours time invested…. Oticon relies upon Customer Service as first line of defense to correct tech problems, reps skillset, expertise, and company longevity varies: None are great.

Obvious by their fumbling, research timeouts, and questioning. Had no degree of confidence that they could resolve my problems. Only able to speak to a true tech specialist one time in spite of numerous requests. My one experience was good. Management needs to radically change their corporate mindset about customer service and tech support. Start with clean sheet of paper. Oticon can improve, if they want. I get better customer service from my cable company.

J F S.
Brandon, FL