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Outdoorsy is a peer-to-peer online RV rental marketplace. Recreational vehicle owners post information and photos of their rigs, and potential RV renters use the site to find available vehicles or trailers in their area. Outdoorsy is a safe environment for RV owners to earn extra money and an easy way for travelers to try the RV lifestyle.

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Outdoorsy is an RV rental network with motorhomes, travel trailers, camper vans, and fifth wheels available for rent.

Outdoorsy Review

Outdoorsy provides easy access to RV rentals, whether you want to rent an RV or you’re looking to earn some cash by renting out your rig. The peer-to-peer marketplace is a conduit connecting RV owners with those who want to experience the RV lifestyle without buying a vehicle. Outdoorsy features Class A, B and C recreational vehicles, other types of motorhomes and camper-trailers. The company offers RV insurance through Liberty Mutual and 24-hour-a-day customer service every day.


  • Choose from all types of RVs, depending on your location
  • Insured by a top insurance company
  • Easy to toggle option selections for both renters and owners


  • You must trust a stranger, although there are background checks

Rent Any RV on Outdoorsy

Turn to Outdoorsy for a broad selection of RVs from owners who have passed a background check. The site offers all three RV classes, van and truck campers, stationary and vintage trailers, travel trailers, pop-ups, fifth wheels and many other smaller options that work for any camping trip you choose. Find a rental on Outdoorsy by searching the location and dates you want to travel to discover RVs available near you. Occasionally, an RV owner offers to deliver the vehicle or trailer to you and set it up. RV rental payments made on Outdoorsy’s website are secure.

LocationAmenities / EntertainmentRules and Ratings
By major cityAir conditioningPet-friendly
RV rentals near meTV and DVD player1 to 5-star rated
RV rentals by countryWi-FiBurning Man friendly
ZIP codeInside showerParties allowed
Popular destinationsDisability accessibleSmoking allowed
Outdoorsy RV Rentals: 3 Ways to Search

How to List Your RV Rental on Outdoorsy

To rent out your RV on Outdoorsy, enter your address and describe your RV accurately and in detail. Edit the post for spelling and grammatical errors. Mention all your RV rental’s amenities and how many people it can comfortably sleep. Set up a cancellation policy and upload photos, including the kitchen, all living areas and front driver seats. Other terms owners set include:

  • RV rules: Decide whether renters can have pets in the vehicle or trailer and if you want restrictions on parties and smoking
  • Basic rental rates: How much will you charge for daily, weekly or monthly rent? It’s best to offer a discount to those renting the RV for extended periods. Outdoorsy recommends 25% off weekly rentals and 35% off your monthly rate, but you get the last word on how much you charge. Include the minimum number of days your RV can be rented.
  • Mileage charges: Outdoorsy recommends including 100 miles of travel a day in the rental rate with a per-mile fee for additional travel.
  • Generator charges: Most RV landlords allow for four hours a day of generator use, then $3 per hour for any overage. Carefully check and record the generator gauge before renters leave with your RV.
  • RV rental deposit: Set a high enough deposit to pay for repairs if your RV gets damaged, but keep it low enough to avoid scaring off potential renters.

If you don’t have an Outdoorsy account, set one up when you complete the rental listing. Renters must pass a background check, and you have 24 hours to respond to rental requests.

Canceling an Outdoorsy RV Rental

Renters who want to cancel their rental plans may pay a fee, depending on the cancellation policy. A flexible cancellation policy provides a full refund as long as you cancel five days before the booking date and a 75% refund afterward. A moderate cancellation policy allows a 75% refund up to seven days before the booking date with a 50% refund anytime after. A strict policy refunds 50% up to two weeks before the booking date but gives no refund anytime after that.

Outdoorsy RV Rental Insurance

Outdoorsy partners with Liberty Mutual to provide coverage for RVs damaged by accidents, vandalism, fire, power surges, earthquakes, fallen trees, windstorms, hailstorms or hitting an animal while driving. The insurance also covers a stolen RV. Other benefits include:

  • Interior damage protection
  • Windshield damage repair
  • Trip cancellation coverage
  • Driver verification checks
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • 24/7 live customer support

Aviva Insurance covers motorized RVs for rent across Canada and trailer units rented in Quebec and Ontario. CGU Insurance covers Australian RVs.

Outdoorsy RV Rental Costs

If you rent an RV from Outdoorsy, you pay the fees agreed upon with the owner when you sign up for the rental plus a service charge based on the total rental amount. Service fee minimums are $10 to $15, depending on the type of RV you rent. Taxes are separate from these costs.

Outdoorsy RV Rental Income

RV owners get paid after Outdoorsy deducts its fees from the renter’s payment. Renters pay a deposit when they finalize a booking or the full amount if they plan to travel within 14 days. RV owners receive 75% to 80% of the total reservation cost and any add-on charges, and the company keeps 20% to 25% of the payment. Outdoorsy releases rental fees 24 hours after the renter takes possession of the vehicle, but the money may not post to the owner’s checking account for three to five business days. Claims against security deposits incur a 2.95% charge.

Outdoorsy RV Rental Complaints

Consumers who reviewed Outdoorsy on the Better Business Bureau website give the RV rental company a stellar 5 out of 5 stars. The BBB ranks Outdoorsy with a B- because the company did not respond to two consumer complaints directly through the bureau.

TheRVNomad rates Outdoorsy with 4.5 out of 5 stars, noting owners can decline a renter in some cases and RV owners receive 80% of the rental fees. The reviewer also notes daily costs for renters are reasonable. KOA has only positive things to say about Outdoorsy, and the company gets a 4.6 out of 5-star rating from Trustpilot with reviews posted from all over the U.S.

Outdoorsy RV Rentals Q&A

What are the ways I can search for an RV to rent on Outdoorsy?

You can filter and search for an RV rental on Outdoorsy using many parameters, including kitchen specifics, rules, amenities, ratings and any keywords you choose.

How much can I expect to pay for a security deposit on an Outdoorsy RV rental?

RV rental security deposits typically run from $100 to $500 and are refundable based on your rental contract.

Does Outdoorsy offer any payment plans for renting an RV?

You can pay for an RV rental on Outdoorsy over time using Affirm, but you pay more in total due to the interest. Compare your credit card terms to the Affirm financing deal available on Outdoorsy when you decide to rent an RV.

How do RV owners and renters communicate on Outdoorsy?

Renters and owners chat via the Outdoorsy app or website. They can also choose to have the messages forwarded to a texting service on their phone.

Do renters meet the owners who list their RV rentals on Outdoorsy?

Renters meet RV owners at the time the RV is turned over to them. The owner explains how everything works on the RV to the renters. The two typically meet again when the renter returns the RV at the end of their trip.

Do I need an RV license to drive Outdoorsy rentals?

There is not exclusive RV driver’s license. Look for a Class C motorhome or possibly a Class B if you’re new to driving an RV.


Outdoorsy is an easy-to-use service for renting an RV or for creating some cash flow for RV owners. Renters can find the RV they need for their trip and have all the details of the equipment and payments at their fingertips. With more than 50,000 RV owners renting their RVs on Outdoorsy, you can find an RV to rent just about anywhere, and Outdoorsy simplifies renting out an RV for owners.

14 Outdoorsy Reviews

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1 Star

June 05 2021 2:45PM

OWNER BEWARE! Outdoorsy does not cover you if a renter FLOODS your camper! Our last renter did not know what they were doing so they left the water running and left the camper. When they came back the camper was flooded!

We now have thousands of dollars worth of damage and Outdoorsy will not pay for it because it is considered interior damage!!!! We thought $500 was a good enough security deposit amount. IT IS NOT!

And do not be fooled by their "fair claims" legal team thinking they will be on your side because they won't! Save yourself the same heartbreak and financial ruin that befell us and don't rent your camper out on Outdoorsy!

C W.
Cartersville, GA
1 Star

November 27 2020 5:41PM

I would never rent anything from the Outdoorsy website again. RENTER BEWARE! I believe the company has unethical business practices in which they allow a camper owner to unilaterally arbitrarily charge renters whatever they want.

I rented a campervan, returned it, owner stated no damages (even complimented me on cleanliness), he lost the return form for us to confirm no damages, after leaving van in his possession he later charged for $870 in damages.

There’s no proof damages occurred during my rental period, nor any written estimate for damage repairs. This is a scam against renters, possibly an insurance scam. Owner asked me to sign a damage statement AFTER insurance company required it.

I refused, of course, but I was still charged. Company refuses to respond to any of my email concerns, only sending automated replies. Also, phone customer service kept forwarding me then keeping me on hold until I’d hang up (once for over an hour).

They prey on the fact you’ll give up. There’s other camper rental sites were honest and had amazing customer service... VanCraft is an example that greatness!!!

Jennifer D.
San Diego, CA
1 Star

November 06 2020 4:59PM

Renters beware! This review is for the 3 different parts of Outdoorsy that you may have to deal with: The vehicle owner, customer care support, and Outdoorsy business plan.

The summary if you want to skip he details: This is the worst company I’ve dealt with by far. They rely on things working well, but guess what, you are dealing with vehicles, they break, and you need to have a plan that protects both the RV owners and the renters when problems arise.

Betting on things working out well and disappearing when there is an accident or a car breaking down is not good business.

If I had this problem in the middle of the woods instead of in a straight road, I would have been seriously injured, and you would have washed your hands as you did.

Background: I rented a campervan through outdoorsy for 7 days to travel from Pennsylvania to the Smoky mountains, TN and back.

Within 24 hours, while being on a traffic jam in Virginia, 280 miles from my departure, the van’s brakes stopped working, the ABS and brake lights came on, and I almost crashed into the truck in front of me.

I assumed it was a brake line, because the brakes would barely work only when I pressed on the pedal all the way. Without brakes, I took the next exit from the highway into a gas station. I turned off the van.

When I turned it on again, the ‘engine check’ light came on, and the engine would only stay on as long as my foot was on the gas pedal, otherwise it would turn off. I took a video of the brake lights and sent it to the owner.

They quickly replied and discussed over the phone the problem. We all both agreed that it wasn’t safe to continue and that I needed towing assistance. This was a first for them and for me so we both reached to Outdoorsy.

I called the number for road assistance and they starting looking at verified service centers that could fix the van as well as a towing company to take me there.

I didn’t want to keep using that van, since 1) I wasn’t going to risk putting it through switchback roads in the woods and have another accident happen again, this time with a worse outcome.

And 2) I don’t know how long was going to take until they fix it, and I didn’t want to use my holiday time waiting for a vehicle that is not mine to be fixed.

I was then told that I would have to call Outdoorsy (a different number) to discuss this. So, I did.

The first person I talked to from customer care, after I explained the situation, she told me that it was up to me to decide what to do next, and that I could rent another RV, at my expense, to continue with my trip.

The other option was to rent a hotel, at my expense, while waiting for the van to be fixed. She also mentioned that I wouldn’t get my money back on the RV that broke down until I opened a dispute with the owner once everything settles.

When I challenged her that there is no way that I’m going to spend another dime through outdoorsy and that I wanted to speak to somebody with more knowledge about Outdoorsy’s policies, she put me on hold and then hung up on me.

I tried to contact again, this time with Vincent. He tried to help but he didn’t. Finally, while waiting for the towing company, I ended up talking to Jennifer. We spent a long time talking about options: The easiest solution (for them) is to rent another RV, but at my expense.

She said that she cannot guarantee that I will get my money back from the broken van unless the owner agreed to do it through their website so that there is proof.

This is a bad solution that Outdoorsy hasn’t even thought about, because your (personal) car is in a different location from where you are. You are trying to rent another vehicle 280 miles from where your car is.

So I asked these questions: If I rent another vehicle in Virginia, I will have to drive back to Pennsylvania to get my car. Will I be able to do that? Am I going to get charged for the extra mileage? The answer is that it would depend on the owner of the vehicle…

Obviously, this theoretical solution would never work, since no sensible vehicle owner is going to want to figure out a way to pick up their vehicle hours away from them, at their expense…

While Jennifer was looking for another vehicle, I contacted the owners again saying that unless there is proof that they will give me my money back, outdoorsy wouldn’t help much.

Thankfully, the owners understood the situation and sent me a message through the website confirming that I would get a refund. Back to Jennifer, there weren’t other vehicles available in the area.

The last option was to rent a car that I could take back to where my car is, and cancel my holidays, wait for it… at my expense. That is right.

If I needed help finding a rental (no internet where I was), or transporting me, my dog, and all the camping stuff for 1 week from the van to the rental, I was on my own.

Jennifer said that I could keep the receipts of everything and open a dispute with Outdoorsy after the fact. She was clearly empathetic with the situation but couldn’t be of much help because the company sucks.

At the end, my wife managed to rent a vehicle so I could go back to get my personal car and forget about this nightmare once for all.

In summary: -RV owners: I was lucky that these owners understood the situation and were as helpful as they could be. It was an old van, vehicles can break and you can’t predict that.

However, if they weren’t as cooperative as they were, this would have been an even more expensive problem. So, my recommendation is do not use Outdoorsy at all, but If you do, research the RV owners because you depend on them, and you cannot rely on Outdoorsy.

Outdoorsy customer care: It will depend on who you get that day. I was left hang to dry by one of them. Jennifer was as helpful as she could be. I could tell she was sorry for the inconvenience, but there isn’t much she could do given Outdoorsy’s lack of plan.

Outdoorsy business: This is the worst company I ever dealt with by far. They rely on things working well, but guess what, you are dealing with vehicles, they break, and you need to have a plan that protects both the RV owners and the renters when problems arise.

Betting on things working out well and disappearing when there is an accident or a car breaking down is not good business.

If I had this problem in the middle of the woods instead of in a straight road, I would have been seriously injured, and you would have washed your hands as you did.

I will open a dispute, and if you disappear (like in reviews from other customers) and do not take responsibility I’m going to sue you, not only for what you make me spend due to your lack of cooperation but also for the time off that you made me waste.

Ivan S.
Charlestown, MA
1 Star

July 08 2020 12:18AM

I will never rent from this company again. We rented an RV from 7/7-7/14 and it broke down 1.5 hours north of Denver, where our trip originated.

I’ve now spent over 4 hours at a repair shop, nearly 2 of which have been spent on hold with Outdoorsy customer service with no response (got hung up on after 48 minutes and on call #2 at 108 minutes).

We’re now looking to rent a car to get home from Ft. Collins and have lost a full day of vacation, had to pay cancellation fees at 2/3 campsites and to rent a car. Do yourself a favor and rent from a company with more attentive customer service.

Erin M.
Denver, CO
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