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Oxford Gold Group is a precious metals dealer offering lower commissions and 24-hour customer service. The owners have over 20 years of experience working for large precious metals companies, and they put that experience to work with personal service to customers. With Oxford Gold Group being an owner-operated company, customers work directly with the business partners for every sale, whether it involves directly purchased precious metals or precious metals individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

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Oxford Gold Group can help you rollover almost any type of retirement account into a Precious Metals or Gold IRA. Choose from over 15 types of gold and silver to invest in.

Oxford Gold Group Review

Oxford Gold Group is a precious metals dealer in Los Angeles, California, specializing in precious metal or gold IRAs. The company was founded in 2017 by partners with over 20 years of experience after they grew frustrated with the high brokerage commissions charged by other companies. There are no commissioned salesmen; only the partners with a personal stake in the company ensure customers get the best service possible.


  • Specializes in precious metals IRAs
  • Makes buying and selling more accessible for clients
  • Partners have over 20 years experience


  • Currently working with only two IRA custodians

Gold and other precious metal IRAs are an investment and carry risk. Consumers should be alert to claims that customers can make a lot of money in these or any investment with little risk. As with any investment, you can lose money and past performance is not a guarantee of future performance results. Consumers should also obtain a clear understanding of the fees associated with any investment before agreeing to invest.

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Oxford Gold Group Products and Services

Oxford Gold Group is a full-service dealer with access to various precious metals for direct purchase. The company deals in an assortment of gold and silver bars and coins approved for IRA investments, private collections, and other products traded on the precious metals market. Precious metals allowed in a self-directed IRA are gold, silver, platinum and palladium. An Oxford Gold partner can ensure that these are in an IRS-approved form.

What Oxford Gold Group is truly selling is its service. The partners are in business to handle what would otherwise be complex precious metals transactions. They help clients formulate an investment plan with the appropriate amount of risk for the individual. Oxford Gold Group’s 24/7 customer service is there to help clients protect and grow the equity in their accounts.

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Precious Metals Investing with Oxford Gold Group

Precious metals IRAs are self-directed IRAs that hold gold bullion and other precious metals that the IRS approves. It is essential to work with an experienced dealer to ensure your IRA holds the correct metals and meets storage guidelines with an approved non-bank trustee or a bank where access to your investment is limited.

When you work with Oxford Gold Group to set up a precious metal IRA or a non-retirement investment account, you own the physical precious metals instead of holding stock in companies. These investments are attractive to investors concerned about the dollar’s possible devaluation or who want a hedge against a stock market crash.

If you own the actual metals, there is no concern about electronically-stored stock ownership records being incorrect or inaccessible due to computer errors on Wall Street. Compared to investing in diamonds and other precious stones where there is limited access to open markets and supply is often controlled by one company (DeBeers, in the case of diamonds), precious metals are much easier to buy and sell.

Like other IRAs and investments, the trustee must report asset gains and losses on IRS Form 1099-B. Storage facilities must segregate precious metals by each customer, so the metals purchased are the same when sold. Form 8300 must be submitted to the IRS when you buy over $10,000 worth of precious metals in a single transaction or a set of transactions 24-hours.

– Any size at .995 fineness or better adding up to 32.15 troy ounces or more
– 25 or more 1-ounce Maple Leaf coins
– 25 or more 1-ounce Krugerrand coins
– 15 or more 1-ounce Mexicana Onza coins
– Any size at .999 fineness or better adding up to 1000 troy ounces or more
– Any blend of coins with a total value of $1,000 or more for 90% silver U.S. coins
– Any size at .9995 fineness or better adding up to 25 troy ounces or more– Any size at .9995 fineness or better adding up to 100 troy ounces or more
Min. Amounts of Precious Metal Sales Requiring IRS Form 1099-B

Oxford Gold Group Costs

Oxford Gold Group uses an annual flat maintenance fee structure for precious metal IRAs. Maintenance fees range from $175 to $275 per year, depending on the amount invested in the IRA. Oxford Gold can offer customers a flat fee structure because they’ve built a relationship with IRA custodians STRATA and Equity Institutional to standardize services and costs.

Owners of larger accounts get rebates to reduce maintenance fees. Rebates vary depending on the size of the account, and larger accounts can use rebates for several years. A partner at Oxford Gold Group told us their average IRA client pays no maintenance or storage fees on accounts for the first three years under the rebate program.

Storage costs vary depending on the vault depositories Oxford utilizes for an account. On average, storage fees run from $175 to $225 a year. However, Oxford Gold might offer rebates to clients for one to five years for storage fees, depending on the investment size. There are no shipping fees.

Oxford Gold Group charges commissions for buying or selling precious metals — an investment norm — but does not charge brokerage fees. There are minimum amounts-per-purchase restrictions, with $7,500 for an IRA and $1,500 to buy metals outside of an IRA. When the time comes to liquidate holdings, Oxford Gold Group has both a buy-back and a no-fee liquidation program.

FeeFee Details
Annual Account Maintenance Fees– $175 for accounts valued under $100,000
– $275 for accounts valued at or over $100,000
Storage Fees– Vary from $175 to $225/year. Oxford Gold covers fees for one to five years
– Rebates of up to $2,500 for qualifying clients
Shipping Fees– No fee for shipping to clients
Minimum Transactions– $7,500 per IRA purchase
– $1,500 direct purchase
Oxford Gold Group Account Fees

How to Open an Oxford Gold Group Precious Metals IRA

Oxford Gold Group works to make the rollover and new account process simple; they strive to hit an application goal of 15 minutes or less. An Oxford Gold Group partner can work with you over the phone to complete the application for a new self-directed IRA or rollover IRA. Once you complete the application, your dedicated partner sends the form to you for signatures and copies of identification. Then, they can often open an account within 24 hours.

If your new account is a precious metals rollover IRA, Oxford Gold Group will contact your current IRA custodian to arrange to transfer funds into the new account. Most custodians complete the transfer in three to ten days. After funds are received, an Oxford partner will go over investment options with you to make the initial precious metal purchases for the IRA.

Our Experience with Oxford Gold Group

While several gold IRA companies offer investor kits, we thought Oxford’s starter resources explained the differences (i.e., your options) for investing in bullion, numismatic, and semi-numismatic metals better than competitors. The kit also detailed what to expect when transferring your gains to your beneficiaries.

We found Oxford Gold Group’s investor kit most helpful and effective for engaging new customers. They sent us a 15-page PDF full of relevant information about precious metals, the storage depositories they partner with, and ways to diversify our portfolios with different metals.

In the future, we’d like to see Oxford become more transparent about its applicable gold IRA fees and precious metal prices. While the company lists real-time metal prices online, we found it harder to budget for additional expenses that come with opening and maintaining a gold IRA without speaking to a representative directly.

Oxford Gold Group Complaints

Oxford Gold Group has a four out of five-star rating with Trustpilot, with customers noting how pleased they were with the detailed answers to questions received from Oxford Gold partners. Oxford Gold Group is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating. There’s only one negative review since 2021, which states it took longer than expected to recieve their physical metals.

Oxford Gold Group FAQs

  • What types of retirement accounts can Oxford Gold Group rollover into a Self-Directed IRA Several types of retirement accounts qualify for a precious metals IRA rollover, including:
  • Can Oxford Gold Group help me find a custodian for my IRA?

    Oxford Gold Group currently works with STRATA and Equity Institutional for precious metal IRA custodian services. You can also contact the IRS for a list of their approved IRA custodians. However, working with a custodian who has no current relationship with Oxford may complicate your IRA purchases and could fall outside the flat fee service.Gold bars and cash

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  • What storage company does Oxford Gold Group recommend?

    Oxford Gold Group currently offers free storage and insurance (subject to terms and conditions) through Delaware Depository, one of the most recognized depositories in the U.S.

  • Why can’t I store my Oxford gold or other precious metals at home?

    If you choose to invest in precious metals outside of an IRA, you can store gold and other precious metals in your home; however, this is not recommended for security purposes. Your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the precious metals if they are stolen. IRS regulations do not allow holding precious metals in an IRA at home or in a personal safety security box.

  • Does Oxford Gold Group guarantee the rate of return on precious metal IRAs?

    There are no guaranteed investments in any market. Gold and other precious metal values rise and fall. Gold and silver rose significantly between 2000 and 2011, then experienced a downturn for several years before recovering. Investment experts usually recommend a long-term approach to invest in precious metals, as is the case for most retirement investments.


The partners who own Oxford Gold Group left other precious metals firms because they saw a chance to offer a high level of customer service and knowledge of the business for lower fees. By partnering with a small group of custodians and vault companies, Oxford Gold can make Precious Metals IRAs as simple as possible for the consumer. As a newer company, customer feedback online is limited, but the reviews are positive. We recommend that potential clients speak directly to a partner to determine if Oxford Gold Group is a good fit for their investment goals and preferred level of service.

6 Oxford Gold Group Reviews

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Featured Review

5 Stars

March 28 2023 2:56PM

Leila was excellent in her service, answered my questions promptly and was very helpful in filling out the required documentation. Gave me very sound advice during my selections and was quick to get back with me. Highly recommend Oxford Gold.

Carter C.
Mechanicsville, VA
1 Star

February 09 2024 7:23AM

02/08/2024 After a few complaint posts, after many, many broken promises, after more than 3 months, I received the coins. I credit this to the complaints I posted (Oxford is more concerned about their reputation – many calls to remove my posts - than service to customers or could it be their financial situation?). January 13, 2024 What started as a nice dream is turning into a nightmare. I cashed in, instead of rolling over, an IRA and decided to invest in gold and silver that I could have in my possession.

I contacted Oxford Gold Group and received nice looking brochure about Gold and Silver, viewed their video, and comments. I had invested some of my withdrawal with another firm, and decided to invest some with Oxford Gold Group because their price was much better. I contacted Oxford and was told the coins were in inventory and that I could have the coins I wanted within four (4) to six (6) weeks, so I placed an order, locking in the price, and sent the check and I received a copy of the order via email.

The date today is January 13, 2024 and all I received are broken promises from the Senior Portfolio Manager and one of the owners of the company. I was told by a representative that I will receive the coins this week, that they were being sent from a depository. All their promises seem authentic and genuine, but they have not been fulfilled. This leads me to question Oxford Gold Group’s integrity and financial situation. I posted a complaint on their website January 3rd, and was contacted the next day to take it down. I refused to remove it.

Oxford’s image is more important to them than their customer service. I found that Oxford does not have a customer service representative or department. You must deal with the sales person which is handling your order. I placed an order with Oxford Gold Group, *October 17, 2023, for (52) ¼ oz Gold American Eagles and (458) 1-1/4 oz silver Seated Britannia. My check cleared my bank 3 days later, and was told that their bank deposited the funds into their business account 10 days later. I was told that the payment cleared and the company received the funds from their bank November 01, 2023.

The Senior Portfolio Manager I ordered from said that the coins were in inventory, and would be delivered in about 4-6 weeks from when the payment clears and would let me know the Tracking Number of my order when it was ready to ship. A statement on their order states, “Due to unprecedented events that have caused production delays on mints and manufacturers, the shipping of your metals order is approximately 4-6 weeks from when your payment clears.” *November 21, 2023 (checked on status of order), was told the shipment would arrive between 14 to 28 days. *November 27, was told to be patient and he will call me next week.

*December 4, 2023, I was told they needed another week. *December 11, 2023 I was told to call them December 15. I called as directed, on *December 15. The Senior Portfolio Manager had to check and call back. I received a call from one of the owners and was told they would ship by end of first week in January 2024. *December 21, 2023, am informed the coins are in inventory and I’m in the “CUE” with a ship date at the end of first week in January 2024 and that the Senior Portfolio Manager, I ‘ve dealing with, will call me with the Tracking Number.

*January 3, 2024, posted a complaint on Oxford’s website. *January 4, 2024, and was asked by Senior Portfolio Manager to remove the post. I was informed that when it comes time to liquidate the metals that if I give them a little leeway then they will give me a little leeway. They have a separate shipping location in Los Angeles. It is not a walk-up like a store. The coins will be shipped next week. *January 8, 2024, called to speak with Customer Service and was told that Oxford Gold Group does not have a Customer Service Department. I was called by another representative and told that I will differently receive the coins this week. She said she would call me Wednesday.

*January 10, 2024, the representative called but has not received the tracking number. I informed her that I planned to post complaints if I did not receive the tracking number by January 11, 2024. She asked me to please stay away from my keyboard. *January 11, 2024, updated my post on Oxford’s Web site, I posted on Trustpilot and (DCA) Department of Consumer Affair’s Websites. Oxford has many good ratings from people that have received their product with dates after October 17, 2023.

I wonder what the “CUE” is for? As it was explained - orders are placed in the “CUE” in the order received. If they placed mine ahead of someone else, then they would be disappointed. If that is the case, how could a person with an order, after October 17, 2023, have their order filled before mine? Oxford Gold Group have had my money and coins for more than the original 4-6 weeks. I am apprehensive about this company, as they have had possession of my funds/coins for 11 – 12 weeks (about 3 months). I was told by the Senior Portfolio Manager that this is typical in the industry. I do not believe this is typical or “Good Business Practice”. I purchased the coins when the Spot Price of Gold was $1927.03 and Silver was $22.89. I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid! I will seek legal advice next week if my coins are not delivered by January 17, 2024. Thank you Harry ** All calls have been recorded.

Harry M.
Santa Maria,, CA
1 Star

June 30 2023 5:52AM

Wanted to rollover Roth IRA into gold. Smooth process until I requested the spread or premium for an 1 ounce gold coin or bar. Oxford unwilling to provide the cost over spot or premium/spread. Lots of puffery....but no answer. It's complicated they said.

Thing is...I MUST HAVE THE COST OF THE PRODUCT BEFORE I AGREE TO MOVE FORWARD. Oxford people unable to provide a direct answer to a direct question. I see all the glowing reviews for what they are.... Good luck, maybe you will have a better experience.

Richard C.
Birmingham, AL
2 Stars

December 15 2021 3:41AM

I should give this company one star but I'm still waiting for more info. on my investment. This is not the place to buy your gold and silver; you're better off to go down to your local coin shop or silver and gold shop.

Nearly every city has at least one coin shop where you can physically buy your gold and silver in coins or bars/bullion. I wish I would have done this but I was doing a IRA transfer; don't even do it for that reason.

This is a high pressure sale that will result in you buying only what they want you to buy and not what you really wanted. Worst investment experience I've had in 40 years of investing. Most expensive as well. I don't see even breaking even for at least three years. Would you call that a good investment?

Donald H.
Clancy, MT
5 Stars

September 05 2021 7:04PM

Pierre ** is the best! He explains things to you thoroughly and sends you paperwork you can go over again. He stayed on my purchase giving me updates until it arrived. They work hard to give you knowledge! They work hard to keep you coming back!

Susan M.
Easley, SC
5 Stars

June 10 2021 3:25PM

Great company with great service! I was very nervous about transferring my IRA into gold and silver, and considered myself a rookie when it came to precious metals and purchasing coins.

Luckily I had a really great sales rep at Oxford Gold, Sam, who was very knowledgeable, kind, and patient when it came to helping me understand how everything works and about the different coins they sell.

He explained things so it was easy for me to understand and was very patient and thorough in answering all of my many questions.

He did a great job at helping put my mind at ease and making my purchase a smooth and seamless experience. I never felt pressured to buy anything or make any hasty decisions.

Daniel D.
Torrence, CA
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