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Personal Living Alert

4.4 Stars
Updated: January 27, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Personal Living Alert features medical alert products designed to provide peace of mind in the home and when you're on the go. The company sells medical alert devices made in the U.S. with affordable access to 24/7 emergency help. Personal Living Alert's monitoring center is based in America, providing services in dozens of languages.

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Editorial Breakdown

Coverage Area 4.5 Stars
Battery Life 4.4 Stars
Features 4.5 Stars
Ease of Purchase 4.3 Stars

Overall Rating 4.4 Stars

Bottom Line

Personal Living Alert offers affordable prices for medical alert systems with professional monitoring

Personal Living Alert Review

The CDC reports that around 36 million seniors fall each year, resulting in 3 million emergency room visits. Sadly, these falls also result in more than 32,000 deaths. A medical alert system puts you in touch with a trained operator who can quickly determine if you need medical attention or help from a loved one.

Personal Living Alert gives consumers a choice of six medical alert systems to use at home or while out of the house. A seventh choice, the Freedom Watch, is being phased out. The medical alert systems work in all 50 states. Most product descriptions note the systems run on the Verizon network.

Some medical alert models Personal Living Alert sells feature automatic fall detection. All systems put you in touch with a trained emergency response agent with one press of a button. Personal Living Alert sells a medical alert smartwatch, mobile devices and an in-home medical alert system.


  • Choice of six medical alert systems
  • No long-term contracts
  • 24/7 monitoring in 50 languages
  • Highly rated in customer reviews


  • Combined system and monitoring could be more clearly communicated
  • Some product pages need more detailed descriptions and specs

Personal Living Alert Mobile Medical Alert Options

Personal Living Alert gives customers a choice of four wearable medical alert systems designed for coverage when you’re away from home. Each model also works within the home but doesn’t have all the safety features of the dedicated in-home system, the MXD-LTE.

  • Belle LTE is a small, water-resistant emergency alert pendant for active seniors. The device is equipped with a microphone and speaker for two-way communication with a Personal Living Alert specialist. Belle LTE uses Wi-Fi location technology to send help anywhere you need it. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 days per charge.
  • Belle+ LTE has all the features of the Bell LTE, plus Wi-Fi location technology enhanced with GPS. The Belle+ LTE also automatically connects you to an emergency call specialist if you fall. The battery runs for up to five days on a charge.
  • Mini LTE is an ultra-lightweight mobile medical alert system you keep in your pocket or hold in your hand. The Mini LTE is water-resistant and detects falls. GPS tracking on a 4G LTE cellular network, combined with Wi-Fi Technology, provides excellent location technology.
  • PLA On-the-Go is worn on a lanyard around the neck and comes with fall detection. The website gives no other information. The PLA On-the-Go looks like a standard wearable medical alert device, although it’s less streamlined than the LTE models.
Personal Living Alert Phoenix Watch

Source: Personal Living Alert

Personal Living Alert In-home Medical Alert System

MXD-LTE personal emergency response system ensures your safety at home and is ideal if you don’t often venture out alone. The system offers whole-house protection up to 2,000 square feet. The MXD LTE base station plugs into a standard wall socket and continues working in a power outage by using a 60-hour backup battery.

The MXD-LTE base unit has a large red help button and pairs with multiple accessories, such as wall buttons, personal help buttons, Amazon Alexa and others. The Personal Living Alert website shows the MDX-LTE with several accessories, but be sure to confirm what comes with the base unit before ordering.

This medical alert system audibly announces the hardware operation status. The MXD-LTE tells you if the battery needs replacing, the unit is malfunctioning, when normal power is restored after using battery mode and more. A flashing red light indicates the loss of a cell signal, and a steady green light lets you know the MXD-LTE is working.

Personal Living Alert Costs

Personal Living Alert’s website says the medical alert systems it sells come with free installation and activation if you buy a quarterly or annual plan. However, the site also features a table showing a cost-per-system price of $50 to $75 with a quarterly contract. This looks like an activation fee, so verify free activation before you buy.

The Phoenix Watch costs $540 for a year if you pay quarterly. The cost goes down by $495 with an annual contract, which amounts to one month free. There is no monthly payment option with the watch.

Personal Living Alert Monitoring Plans

Personal Living Alert does not specify whether the price on each product page includes monitoring service. The website has a Plans & Pricing page with fees very close or equal to the annual cost for the Belle LTE and Bell+ LTE, but no other models. We tested the ordering and checkout process and did not see additional charges for a service plan.

Given this information, it appears the systems Personal Living Alert sells include monitoring. Call or email the company to verify this before ordering.

Buying from Personal Living Alert, Returns and Refunds

Personal Living Alert sells medical alert systems on its website. Select the equipment that meets your needs, choose a monthly, quarterly or annual plan, then complete the payment process.

Personal Living Alert provides a 14-day trial with a full refund of the prepaid monitoring subscription less shipping costs. We also found language in the Terms and Conditions stating there is a three-month minimum for service. If you cancel afterward, you are entitled to a full refund for any unused prepaid monitoring.

We did not see monitoring fees separate from equipment fees during our research. If you’re trying out multiple medical alert systems, you may want to confirm what portion of your payments are for prepaid monitoring.

  • If you return the medical alert system within the 14-day trial period in its original box, you’ll receive a full refund less the cost of any missing or damaged parts. Personal Living Alert deducts the cost of shipping if you request a return label from the company. You pay a $50 programming and restocking fee if you return a system you did not connect and test.
  • If you decide to return your medical alert system after 14 days, you’ll receive a prorated refund based on the ship date. Deductions from the refund are the same as described above within the trial period.
  • Cancel before the medical alert system ships for a 100% refund. You’ll get a refund minus $50 if you refuse the package upon delivery. Devices returned damaged due to negligence are not eligible for a refund and incur a $395 fee.

Personal Living Alert issues refunds within 30 days of receiving and testing the equipment. You’ll receive the refund in the form of payment used when you ordered; there is a $5 charge to send a check.

Personal Living Alert Complaints

We found no complaints online for Personal Living Alert. B&B Monitoring, which provides service, also has no complaints. The Better Business Bureau gives Personal Living Alert a stellar A+ rating. Multiple customers posted reviews on the BBB site, resulting in 5 out of 5 stars.

A review gives no star rating but recommends Personal Living Alert as a good option for exploring multiple security alert products in one place. The review notes the company is best for those who prefer a quarterly or annual payment plan. You’ll find several video reviews from happy customers on Personal Living Alert’s website.

Personal Living Alert FAQ

  • What does Personal Living Alert’s UL listing mean?
    UL, also called Underwriters Laboratories, is an organization that tests products and services to ensure consumers can use them safely. Personal Living Alert’s UL listing means facilities and operations have been inspected and comply with UL’s standards for medical alert monitoring services. Personal Living Alert is also TMA Five Diamond-certified for quality service, operation and equipment.

  • How do I get service from Personal Living Alert if the medical alert system isn’t functioning correctly?
    Test your medical alert hardware regularly by pressing the help button. Explain to the agent answering your call that you are testing the system. The company’s terms of service say it has 48 hours after receiving written notice to provide a battery or other assistance with the device. This time does not include weekends and holidays.

  • Can I take my Personal Living Alert service and equipment with me if I move?
    Yes. You’ll need cellular service at the new address to use your system. Let a Personal Living Alert agent know you’ll be moving, and they will provide any assistance you need. Test the equipment at the new address to be sure you’re protected.

  • Does Personal Living Alert sell unmonitored medical alert systems?
    No. Monitored systems provide a level of safety unmonitored systems can’t match. Medical alerts without professional monitoring don’t provide access to an emergency response professional at the press of a button.

  • Does Personal Living Alert manufacture medical alert systems?
    Personal Living Alert is not involved with the design and manufacture of medical alert systems. Many medical alert companies do not produce the systems they sell.


Personal Living Alert offers a great selection of personal medical alert systems. The smartwatch is stylish, syncs with a mobile app and comes with high-tech location technology. Active seniors also can choose from four other mobile medical alert systems that work with just about any budget. Seniors usually at home aging in place can benefit from the MXD-LTE, which pairs with several devices for safety in every room.

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