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Personal Living Alert has a great selection of four different in-home and mobile medical alert systems. The in-home unit is made with hospital-grade equipment, features an impressive 60-hour backup battery, and has a range of up to 2,000 square feet. During our test of the PLA in-home system, agents responded to our help request in just 18 seconds. Personal Living is also one of the few medical alert companies offering an anti-wandering service.

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Personal Living Alert offers affordable prices for medical alert systems with 24/7 emergency help from trained agents based in America.

Personal Living Alert Review

Personal Living Alert gives consumers a choice of four medical alert systems to use at home or while out of the house. The medical alert systems work in all 50 states and landlines are not required for use.

Whether you choose a medical alert smartwatch, an on-the-go monitoring device, or an in-home system, all options can include automatic fall detection, so you can connect with a trained emergency response agent with just one press of a button.


  • Clear, transparent pricing
  • No long-term contracts
  • 24/7 monitoring in 50 languages
  • Highly rated in customer reviews


  • Bracelets and pendants are not very stylish
  • Protection plan costs extra

Medical Alert Bracelets, Buttons, and Systems

Monthly Plan CostsDevice TypeIn-home RangeFall DetectionBattery LifeResponse Time
$25 – $45In-home
Up to 2,000 square ftYes, $5 – $8/monthUp to 5 days18 seconds
Personal Living Alert Medical Alert Devices

Personal Living Alert gives customers a choice of four wearable medical alert systems designed for coverage even when they’re away from home. All buttons, watches, necklaces, and mobile systems are waterproof and will connect to a 24/7 monitoring center within seconds of pressing a button.

  • PLA In-Home System: This system provides up to 2,000 square feet of coverage for seniors and singles who want to stay home but remain independent. 
  • PLA On-the-Go: A standard wearable medical alert device with GPS technology to pinpoint locations beyond the home.
  • Belle + LTE: This service uses Wi-Fi and GPS location technology to automatically connect you to an emergency call specialist anywhere there is Verizon coverage. 
  • Champion Smart Watch: This watch uses GPS location technology to connect you to emergency services and other health services. It can also count your steps, measure your heart rate, and detail the weather.

Our Experience Using the PLA In-home Medical Alert System

After concluding our test of the PLA in-home system from Personal Living Alert, we deem this medical alert system an affordable option for seniors and their family members who want to stay protected but remain in their homes. Personal Living Alert’s in-home system uses a cellular service.

Our box included a base unit with a two-way speaker, a necklace, and a wristband, both with buttons to engage the medical alert system as needed. (You’ll choose to use either a wristband or pendant during your own setup.)

Personal Living Alert in-home medical alert system

Setting up the PLA in-home system took mere minutes. Just plug the base unit into a power outlet, allow it to connect to the monitoring center, and then test the system.

Be sure to place the base unit where you’ll be able to hear it in your home. The pendants and buttons from Personal Living Alert do not have speakers in them, so it’s important to test the system in several places throughout your home to ensure you can hear it and that the connection is working in your kitchen, bathrooms, backyard, and garage for example.

When we tested the medical alert button, it only took us 18 seconds to connect with the call center. The agent called me by my name, correctly confirmed my location, and was fully prepared to act in the case of an emergency. The agent was calm, clear, and professional. 

Wristband from Personal Living Alert
Wristband from Personal Living Alert

This is the wristband from Personal Living (pictured above). The strap is adjustable, the button is large, and the device is waterproof. Depending on your preferences, you can also choose to wear a pendant, which is like a necklace. While other medical alert pendants and wristbands are more stylish than Personal Living Alert, this company uses hospital-grade equipment and products are made in America, so we are confident in the ability of the equipment to monitor us safely.  

Personal Living Alert Costs

The monthly subscription plan from Personal Living Alert starts at $25, which is about average, or just slightly under what other companies charge. Annual subscriptions include a free month and a free lockbox.

In-home system$25 monthly ($275 annually)
On-the-go system$35 monthly ($385 annually)
GPS pendant$40 monthly ($440 annually)
Smartwatch$45 monthly ($495 annually)
Personal Living Alert Pricing

Additional charges include:

  • Fall detection: $5 to $8/month
  • Additional pendants or wristbands: $50 or $25
  • Warranty plan: $6/month
  • Lockbox: $35 for monthly or quarterly plans
  • Shipping: $22 flat rate

Buying from Personal Living Alert

Personal Living Alert sells medical alert systems on its website. Select the equipment that meets your needs, choose a monthly, quarterly or annual plan, then complete the payment process.

During our test, the agent informed us that part of your initial setup will include creating an emergency response plan for the call center to follow in case of emergency, even if they can’t speak with you. For example, you can direct them to try to speak with you three times before dispatching emergency services or to call a family member’s phone number. The choice is yours, and Personal Living can help you with this.

Personal Living Alert provides a 14-day trial with a full refund of the prepaid monitoring subscription, less shipping costs, and a $50 restocking fee. We also found language in the Terms and Conditions stating there is a three-month minimum for service. If you cancel afterward, you are entitled to a full refund for any unused prepaid monitoring.

Warranty Information

If you want to protect your investment with a warranty on your Personal Living Alert medical alert device, you’ll need to enroll in the Gold Warranty Protection Plan. This plan costs $6 per month. ​​It warrants up to one lost or damaged device per contractual year, excluding system accessories. For additional system and accessory replacements, the warranty covers fifty percent (50%) of the item’s replacement cost if it was lost, stolen, or damaged.

Additional Monitoring Services Available

In addition to medical alert devices, Personal Living Alert also sells automated medication dispensers and three wandering and fall prevention systems for individual and caregiver use.

  • Anti-wandering depart alert to signal when a door or exit in your home is reached
  • Smart outlets that will turn on following a detected motion to reduce tripping hazards
  • Cordless pads and mats for bed and chair exit alarms that alert caregivers of movement

Personal Living Alert Complaints

We found no complaints online for Personal Living Alert. B&B Monitoring, which provides service, also has no complaints. The Better Business Bureau gives Personal Living Alert a stellar A+ rating. Multiple customers posted reviews on the BBB site, resulting in 5 out of 5 stars.

A review gives no star rating but recommends Personal Living Alert as a good option for exploring multiple security alert products in one place. The review notes the company is best for those who prefer a quarterly or annual payment plan. You’ll find several video reviews from happy customers on Personal Living Alert’s website.

Personal Living Alert FAQ

How do I get service from Personal Living Alert if the medical alert system isn’t functioning correctly?

Test your medical alert hardware regularly by pressing the help button. Explain to the agent answering your call that you are testing the system. The company’s terms of service say it has 48 hours after receiving written notice to provide a battery or other assistance with the device. This time does not include weekends and holidays.

Can I take my Personal Living Alert service and equipment with me if I move?

Yes. To use your system, you’ll need cellular service at the new address. Let a Personal Living Alert agent know you’ll be moving, and they will provide any assistance you need. Test the equipment at the new address to be sure you’re protected.

Does Personal Living Alert sell unmonitored medical alert systems?

No. Monitored systems provide a level of safety that unmonitored systems can’t match. Medical alerts without professional monitoring don’t provide access to an emergency response professional at the press of a button.

Does Personal Living Alert manufacture medical alert systems?

Personal Living Alert is not involved with the design and manufacture of medical alert systems. Many medical alert companies do not produce the systems they sell.


Personal Living Alert offers a great selection of personal medical alert systems. The smartwatch is stylish, syncs with a mobile app and comes with high-tech location technology. Active seniors also can choose from several mobile medical alert systems that work with just about any budget.

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