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Pure TalkUSA, the company we named one of the Best Providers of Cell Phones for Seniors, offers five different plans ranging from $20 to $45 per line, per month. Each plan includes unlimited talk and text and varying amounts of high-speed data. Unlike others, Pure Talk does not charge for overages or cut off your data access once you’ve hit your monthly limit. After you have used your plan’s high-speed data allowance, you will be slowed down to 128 kbps, but you still will be able to connect with no overage fees. Another bonus is their Multi-Line Discount which saves you more money with each line added to your plan. Adding a second line will save you 10 percent off your total monthly bill. A third line saves 15 percent, and four or more lines top the savings out at 20 percent.

If you do not own an unlocked phone, Pure TalkUSA sells a wide selection of phones. It’s difficult to find a simple flip phone in a market saturated with smartphones, but there are two flip phones to choose from in their line up. Of course, they offer smartphones from Apple, Samsung and others. It’s very likely that Pure TalkUSA has a phone to fit your budget as well as your needs. You can port your existing number from your current cell phone carrier to Pure TalkUSA.

Referring family and friends also saves some money. For each person you refer to Pure TalkUSA, you’ll get a $20.00 credit on your phone bill if they sign up and stay with their plan for two months. There is no maximum on this program, so the more people you refer, the more you can save.

With no contracts for your phone or your plan, you’re never locked in with Pure TalkUSA. You can cancel service at any time, but you will still pay for the remainder of the month since there is no prorating. If you change your mind before your service is activated, you will receive a full refund. Phones purchased from Pure TalkUSA can be returned up to 14 days from the receipt of the device. Check our FAQs below to learn more about the refund process.

  • Keep your number and your unlocked phone
  • No data overage fees
  • Plans are billed monthly, no need to purchase minutes to keep service active
  • No physical stores, all transactions are done online or on the phone
  • No monthly financing plans for phones
  • No damage or theft protection for phones

Pure TalkUSA Plans and Pricing

A choice of five plans gives you plenty of flexibility with Pure TalkUSA. Every plan includes unlimited talk and text with high-speed data packages in varying amounts.

Monthly Fee High-Speed Data Amount Data Amount Supports (Average)
$20 500 MB
  • Stream videos: 20 minutes
  • Stream music: 3.5 hours
  • Downloads: 5
  • Surf the Web: 13.5 hours
  • Post photos: 60
  • Emails: 500
$25 1 GB
  • Stream videos: 45 minutes
  • Stream music: 7 hours
  • Downloads: 10
  • Surf the Web: 27 hours
  • Post photos: 120
  • Emails: 1,000
$30 3 GB
  • Stream videos: 135 minutes
  • Stream music: 21 hours
  • Downloads: 30
  • Surf the Web: 81 hours
  • Post photos: 360
  • Emails: 3,000
$35 5 GB
  • Stream videos: 225 minutes
  • Stream music: 35 hours
  • Downloads: 50
  • Surf the Web: 135 hours
  • Post photos: 600
  • Emails: 5,000
$45 10 GB
  • Stream videos: 450 minutes
  • Stream music: 70 hours
  • Downloads: 100
  • Surf the Web: 270 hours
  • Post photos: 1,200
  • Emails: 10,000

According to a 2016 Nielsen market research study, the average cellular data usage per month for seniors isn’t high. To interpret the following results, keep in mind that there are 1,024 MB in 1 GB. The study found that those in the 45-54 age bracket used an average of 2,129 MB per month. Consumers in the 55-64 bracket averaged even less usage at 1,368 MB per month, and the 65+ group came in the lowest at 811 MB per month. Consider how you use your phone throughout the month when you’re not on wifi, for example, in your car using GPS on your phone or streaming music from the cloud. Compare your activities with the FCC’s list of the most common internet activities with minimum download speeds required for each one.

Once you have hit your data cap, you can still connect, but it will be at the throttled rate of 128 kbps. This speed is slow, the equivalent of second-generation cell technology of around 1993. At that speed, you can still open a web page or a text-only email fairly quickly, but downloading one song will take nearly seven minutes and streaming a video is impossible. However, you may never reach the data cap.

Pure TalkUSA extra lines Screenshot

Pure TalkUSA Extra Lines Discount. Source: Pure TalkUSA

How to Sign up for Pure TalkUSA Plans

The Pure TalkUSA website makes signing up a fast and easy. Select the plan that you want, choose a phone or mark that you’re bringing your own to get the $3.00 SIM starter kit (a SIM card is required by all cell carriers to use their network). Then complete the checkout. Once you receive your new phone or SIM card, use the link on Pure TalkUSA’s website to activate your service. If you have any questions at any time through the process of setting up your account, call their toll-free number to speak to a U.S. based customer service agent. When we called for some general information, the agent was very helpful and personable.

Pure TalkUSA Complaints

Customer reviews are very positive about no dropped calls, affordable low rates and excellent customer service. The complaints that we found were mostly about apps that used too much data and not about Pure TalkUSA itself. Pure TalkUSA, like nearly all cell carriers, does not design apps. Other complaints were about the company not giving away free high-speed data when a customer hit the throttle point.

Pure TalkUSA coverage
Pure TalkUSA Voice Coverage. Source: Pure TalkUSA

Pure TalkUSA Product-related Q&A

  • What speed is high-speed?
    Pure TalkUSA’s high-speed data is 4G LTE across the network. 4G LTE is the current standard in the United States for high-speed communications.

  • Are there any requirements to participate in the Multi-Line Discount program?
    Customers must enroll in automatic payments to receive the Multi-Line Discount.

  • Are there any hidden fees with Pure TalkUSA?
    No. With Pure TalkUSA, there are no long distance fees, no roaming fees, no additional handset fees, and no prepaid cards to buy to maintain service. At the end of the month, Pure TalkUSA bills the credit or debit card that on file for your plan.

  • Does Pure TalkUSA sell any phones that are hearing aid compatible?
    Yes. As of April 2018, every phone that Pure TalkUSA sells is M4/T3 Hearing Aid compatible.

  • How do I know if my existing phone is compatible with Pure TalkUSA’s network?
    If your phone is AT&T or Cingular, the Pure TalkUSA SIM chip should be compatible. If you used your phone with one of the following carriers, it is not compatible with the Pure TalkUSA network: Verizon/Alltel, Boost, Sprint/Nextel, MetroPCS, Virgin Mobile, Page Plus.

    If you used your existing phone with T-Mobile, TracFone, Net10 or other GSM providers, it would have to be unlocked to work on Pure TalkUSA’s network. To determine if your phone is unlocked:

    1. Borrow the SIM card from a friend who uses a different cell carrier than your current carrier.

    2. Power your phone off.

    3. Pop your SIM card out of the tray on the side of your phone, or open the back of your phone and pull the small SIM card out. Replace it with the carrier’s SIM.

    4. Turn your phone on, and if it shows your friend’s carrier as it starts up, your phone is unlocked.

  • What are Pure TalkUSA’s return and cancellation policies?
    Returns: Once you receive your phone, the clock starts ticking so keep track of how many days are going by if you are not happy with your device. You have 14 days from receipt of the device to contact Customer Service to obtain a Return Authorization, and the package returned must be postmarked within those 14 days to be eligible for a refund. A restocking fee of the greater of $10 or 20 percent may apply. If you send a phone back, insure the package and use a shipping service that provides you with a tracking number. There are no refunds or returns accepted after 14 days from the day you receive the phone. Pure TalkUSA can’t issue refunds on phones lost in transit. If you send a phone back after the 14-day window, Pure TalkUSA will return it to you at your expense, so you’re better off to sell it on eBay.

    Service cancellation: Cancel before service activation for a full refund issued to the method of payment originally charged, like your credit or debit card. Once service is activated, there are no refunds for the unused portion of the monthly service. You can cancel, but you won’t get your money back for service month in which you cancel.


Based on their low-cost plans and phone offerings, Pure TalkUSA is an ideal choice for seniors. The company makes the process of signing up and activating service easy and painless. If you overestimate your high-speed data usage, you can switch to a lower-priced plan with no penalties. If you find you need a higher data plan, you can switch at any time. The company does not prorate, however, so it’s best to wait until the end of your billing cycle to make the change. The number of hearing-aid compatible phones sold by PureTalkUSA surpasses offering from any other cell phone company we’ve reviewed.

To learn more about Pure TalkUSA check out their website for pricing and a free quote, or call (877) 959-9686.

Pure TalkUSA Reviews

Recent Reviews

February 25 2021 3:47PM

Our problem (2 out of 4 people on our account) have had bad issues with text messages. Mostly with sending and receiving pictures but not limited to that. NEVER had this problem with Sprint for many years.

Have tried to resolve the issue with their tech support but it has NOT BEEN RESOLVED. Very disappointed because they say that everything is the same as the big carriers. One good thing is that you will be connected to a real person in the USA and not in the Philippines which is nice.

Randy P.
Parker, CO
January 28 2021 1:26PM

If you read a positive review about Pure Talk, it's fake. Search around and you can easily find real reviews on these clowns. Their customer service is managed by a 5 year old. Seems that way.

23 calls in 5 days and still can't get their phone activated. They've managed to shut my old provider off but can't activate theirs. So I'm borrowing my son's phone for 3 days now. Worst customer service on the planet. Steer clear of these jokers!

Joe B.
Saint Paris, OH
January 27 2021 11:34PM

Activation was fairly painless. Had to call for tech support to get web access. Tech was efficient and SPOKE ENGLISH CLEARLY! Nice. You don't get that with a lot of cell service resellers.

I'll go out on a limb and guess a lot of the negative reviews are from tech-challenged seniors.

Many of my generation (late 60's) are intimidated by technology; not a slam, but it is a fact. If that is you, get your grand's to help you with setup of your service. This is a Veteran-owned company with decent prices using the ATT network, and deserving of your business.

Paul A.
Sparta, GA
January 15 2021 9:11PM

I have two parts to my review. First and foremost, I've had the service for about six months now and have had no issues. I always have full bars on my phone, YouTube videos come through just fine, though I haven't used the phone much for watching videos. I have unlimited talk/text and have had great coverage.

I'm happy with the price, coverage and service, with one exception: I made a call today to get information to decide if I wanted to order a data package for my senior citizen dad's iPad. The rep I got started right in on verifying MY account and the incident went south from there. The rep, Rebecca, was overbearing and ordering me to change the name on my account. It is MY choice as to the name I want on my account, which is a security phone for us for when we talk to people we don't know and don't want them having access to where we live, etc. and MY account had absolutely nothing to do with ordering an account for elderly dad. I concur with a statement below that the reps will TALK OVER YOU.

I finally had to yell into the phone to get this girl to SHUT UP and listen to what I was saying, and I was furious by then. I just had a simple question to ask and she was not willing to listen to my simple (totally unrelated to MY account) question, which was, does PureTalk have a data plan for iPads! I finally just hung up on her, after she told me no supervisor was available for me to speak with, and called back and got the sweetest young lady, Darias (I think), who gave me the answers I was seeking.

I don't know that she wouldn't have talked over me as well, had the issue been more substantive. NOT GOOD to talk over your customers. Put the talking-point note pad down and actually LISTEN to your customer.

Craigslist P.
Wylie, TX
October 23 2020 9:06PM

Well after 4 hours, I have my phones ported, with voicemail, phone and txt service!! Not so simple as the 3 easy steps that they said to get ported over. YEH!! Customer service was helpful, but it shouldn't have been this hard!!

Hopefully now that we are setup, the phone service and customer service are better than the port experience! Phone is from Verizon, so it keeps reporting that the SIM is not from Verizon, yet customer service doesn't know how to get that shut off.

If they are true to their customers, they should figure it out and then they and their customers would know how to fix it!!

John B.
Longmont, CO
September 21 2020 3:25PM

Had service for 1 1/2 months so far -no difference from ATT except for the bill!!!! Cut more than half!! Being a senior this is important and service is just as good!!!

Customer service was above and beyond — I’m happy/not sure why all these other people are having so many problems- live in College Town but get service in city also!! Happy happy!!!

M J.
Kutztown, PA
September 18 2020 11:59PM

I signed up with Pure Talk to save money on my cell phone bill. What a mistake! They took seventy dollars from me to sign up and receive sim cards. One of them didn't work so I had to wait for another one.

Then I went through a back and excuse session on why they could not port my phone number from Verizon. I called technical assistance, then after a long wait they answered and redirected my call, then another long wait.

I spoke to someone who told me they would not refund my money because it had been longer than 30 days. This was not my fault but the fault of the porting department.

Steven M.
Tacoma, WA
September 09 2020 9:51AM

I chosen this provider because of cheap prices. However finally I found that low price is for the first month of use only. Further prices are higher than of competitors.

Anyway I paid for the sim card online and the website promised to deliver it to my address in 2 days. 1 week later no sim card, no response to my numerous messages, no refunds. Run away from this provider.

Oleg C.
Linden, NJ
August 25 2020 1:39AM

Aug 12th I received an email from Pure Talk stating that my phone was activated, followed the instructions on the email and then called customer service. Spent 2 full days trying to get the phone to work with about a dozen different people at pure talk.

I was finally told my phone wasn't compatible with their system after I was told by the individual who sold me the plan that my phone would work. So I asked for a refund and told them that I was going back to VERIZON.

2 weeks with no phone because Verizon can't get thru to Pure Talk to port my number back on my phone. Now have Lawyer involved due to the fact no refund and no phone, also tired of spending hours on hold.

Bad customer service and crappy phone service. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AT ALL COST!

Dennis R.
Tucson, AZ
June 27 2020 2:50AM

Heard about on conservative talk radio. Was excited until I couldn't get a signal is many places. I live in the city and next to the interstate. I switched to another carrier only after two days. I lost the month I paid for. Cheap is oftentimes more expensive.

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