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RAZ Memory Cell Phone

4.6 Stars (18 Reviews)
Updated: January 30, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
Sr. Content Manager
As Retirement Living’s senior content manager, Jeff oversees the product and publishing of all retirement, investing, and consumer wellness content on the site. His extensive expertise in brand messaging and creating data-driven stories helps position Retirement Living as a top authority for senior content and community resources.
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Edited By: Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
Sr. Content Manager
As Retirement Living’s senior content manager, Jeff oversees the product and publishing of all retirement, investing, and consumer wellness content on the site. His extensive expertise in brand messaging and creating data-driven stories helps position Retirement Living as a top authority for senior content and community resources.
Sr. Content Manager

RAZ Mobility provides some of the best mobile devices for seniors and people with disabilities. The company sells assistive technology-enhanced smartphones, cell phones and tablets directly to consumers. Eligible individuals can find RAZ Mobile products offered through various organizations and agencies, as well. The company customizes high-quality hardware to benefit people who would otherwise have difficulty using the devices.

RAZ mobility w: Memory Cell Phone

Editorial Breakdown

Price 4.4 Stars
Technology 4.8 Stars
Design 4.8 Stars
Easy-to-use Features 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

The RAZ Memory Cell Phone is designed to assist those with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Contacts and other features of the phone are controlled through a simple online portal accessed by caregivers from anywhere in the world.

RAZ Memory Cell Phone Review

RAZ Mobility’s assistive technology is available on the company’s cell phones and bundled with popular smartphones and tablets. These cutting-edge mobile devices can download top-rated mobile apps to help those with hearing, sight and cognitive impairments.

RAZ Mobility developed a specialty cell phone for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s. The company sells devices equipped with the Synapptic app for individuals with visual challenges and Voiceitt for those with speech disabilities. RAZ also sells the Lenovo Smart Display for individuals with mobility disabilities.

The company sells products to consumers, senior and assisted living providers, government agencies, nonprofits and other organizations. Many state equipment distribution programs offer RAZ Mobility solutions.


  • Life-enhancing devices for seniors and individuals with impairments
  • Customer support adapts to individual needs
  • Cell phone designed for those with memory loss
  • Ongoing research into cutting-edge technology


RAZ Mobility Memory Cell Phone

RAZ Memory Cell Phone

Current statistics from the Alzheimer’s Association reveal that around 5.8 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s disease. The Special Olympics estimates as many as 200 million individuals worldwide live with an intellectual disability. The RAZ Memory Cell Phone is a radically simplified phone designed to address the unique needs of these individuals.

The Memory Cell Phone is always on and has a single screen. The phone includes a dedicated 911 button and up to six contacts with a photo and name to identify each one. Place a call by tapping and holding on a photo. Memory Cell Phone is not a smartphone, so there’s no chance for the confusion caused by notifications or system updates.

Caregivers manage the RAZ Memory Cell Phone online. A simple portal provides the ability to create and edit contacts, track the phone location and restrict incoming calls.

RAZ Mobility Devices and Costs
Device Benefits Costs
RAZ Memory Cell Phone One-touch dial and features to avoid confusion. One screen shows photos and names of up to six contacts, 911 button, time and battery power. No app or hardware updates and no voice mail. $309
Lenovo Smart Display Voice-controlled, designed for individuals with mobility disabilities. Video and voice calls, music and video entertainment, calendar management, control smart home environments and many other features. $149 (estimated)
Synapptic Easy-to-see, high-contrast display. Voice guide and commands, speaking menus, powerful magnifier and reader. Tap the screen three times to call for help. Works with Android devices. Depends on chosen device
Voiceitt Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) technology. Allows those with speech disabilities to use their voice as the input method. Android and iOS versions. Depends on chosen device

RAZ Memory Cell Phone Costs

The RAZ Memory Cell Phone costs $309.00. Other RAZ Mobility device prices start at around $149 and depend on the device you choose. The phones, iPads and tablets are available in various models to fit most budgets. The two RAZ-branded cell phones each cost around $300.

RAZ Mobility devices are available through state programs that provide vouchers and special purchase programs to people with disabilities. RAZ and Human-I-T offer affordable internet service to low-income individuals to help defray the cost of Wi-Fi.

Where to Buy the RAZ Memory Cell Phone

You can buy RAZ Memory cell phones, smartphones and tablets from the company’s website. RAZ devices may be available to veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

RAZ Mobility Complaints

We did not find many RAZ Mobility reviews online, but the company racked up high scores. The Better Business Bureau rates RAZ Mobility an A+ with no complaints filed. Facebook reviewers give the company 5 out of 5 stars.

RAZ Mobility FAQ


RAZ Mobility assistive mobile devices give individuals with disabilities access to the internet and social media, phone calls, emergency help and more. A RAZ Memory Cell Phone can allow for aging in place and enjoying the conveniences mobile technology offers. Each device provides solutions for individuals who have vision, hearing, or cognitive impairments and other disabilities.

18 RAZ Memory Cell Phone Reviews

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Featured Review

4 Stars

December 17 2020 4:25PM

I bought the RAZ memory cell phone for my mom who recently suffered a stroke. It was easy for me to set up and she figured out the phone very quickly.

She was having a lot of frustration with her old phone and would delete contacts, get lost on different screens and couldn’t figure out how to get back, and I was constantly having to go to her long term care facility to pick it up and make changes for her.

This phone was a great solution for all those issues. There are 2 things I would change if I could. On the phone you can set it to where only people in the contacts can call her, great feature since she has received spam calls asking about her social security number.

I wish there was a way for the caregiver to record a voicemail away message that just informs the caller to call another number to get in contact with a family member.

I am not having to contact all her doctors and make sure they know to only contact me moving forward, but if they called her and got the message to call me that would be nice. Also, I love the option to be able to make changes to her phone from my phone.

I wish RAZ had an app for this and not just a website you had to go to. The app would just make this process easier. Otherwise it is a perfect phone for my mother.

Ashly E.
Wichita, KS
RAZ Memory Cell Phone
Thank you for the kind review. Your wish is our command! We are working on an app from which you will be able to manage the RAZ Memory Cell Phone. Additional new features are also under development.
4 Stars

June 18 2023 9:43AM

I think the concept is good. My father in law likes the phone and has had very little trouble learning how to use it. However, he is prone to holding a finger on the screen which places a call. I wonder why can’t all calls be like the 911 call option? When a user placed a call, have the secondary screen allow to either call or hang up?

John L.
Rochester, NY
1 Star

March 14 2023 8:25PM

At first the phone worked as advertised, but our relative with dementia was very quickly able to press buttons and log out of the easy to use picture buttons to an internal admin screen. We ended up having to reset the phone every day.

The notifications to remind to charge the phone did not work. The advertised video mode, is still in development, but I had to contact customer support to find that out. After just a few short months, the phone stopped charging all together.

It turned into a very expensive paperweight and left most of our family unable to contact our relative, leaving them isolated and alone, which is the exact opposite of what we wanted to achieve with this phone.

Customer service was great via email but did not actually help solve any of these issues. They do not seem to have a warranty policy, so when the phone stopped working, they recommended us trying to sell it. I would not recommend this phone or company to anyone.

Elaine E.
Dover, NH
1 Star

January 19 2023 4:17PM

I bought a phone for my 86 yr. old mother with dementia, and it worked “OK” for about 6 months. Hint for new user’s power off (not restart) the phone once a week and it will work better. After 6 months the phone would not work in speaker mode.

After hours of phone time with support we sent the phone back. The battery had swollen making the phone unusable, they sent a new replacement phone. This phone gave horrible feedback to the caller hearing themselves echo back.

After the endless calls with support, they sent another phone, same issue. FYI, they use FedEx to ship phones and must use the cheapest method it takes a week or so for the phone to get there. They will not send a new phone until they get the old one, so your dementia patient goes weeks without a phone.

The company doesn’t care about the effect this has on your loved one. When I sent back the 3rd phone, I was told it would be replaced with a different manufacture phone and expected a quick turnaround.

So now after a couple of months of not having a working phone or no phone at all, I am being told “We are looking into it”, and we will call you when we know something. Who knows when or if I will ever get a working phone from them? I have begun looking for alternatives.

Be sure if you are going to buy this product you do so with your eyes wide open, it is not the panacea they make it out to be and the support after the sale is not very stellar.

BTW expect to pay them a monthly fee so the "Emergency number" doesn't call 911. Somehow, they can make it call them for a fee but can't make it call you for free.

Mike S.
Beaverton, OR
2 Stars

December 21 2022 12:59PM

The phone is super sensitive and nearly impossible to carry without unplanned calls to everyone on the screen. I have seen this phone dialed a number while setting on a table untouched. My dad is not making all of these unplanned calls. The phone just does it sometimes.

Leslie C.
Select, TX
1 Star

August 27 2022 4:26AM

I have had two parents with dementia. One moderate and one mild. This phone is a waste of money. One with mild dementia could not figure it out. Can’t imagine how someone in memory care could begin to use it.

The instruction manual tells how to dial a number with the keypad but it isn’t even an available feature. My family called support several times and was told it would be available the next month. It’s been several months and nothing. They commented that the feature is not advertised for this phone.

Then are there instructions in the manual?? They couldn’t answer that. Don’t think the Alzheimer’s store is affiliated with the Alzheimer’s Association like we did. No way to return. Beware!

P G.
Seattle, WA
2 Stars

June 29 2022 10:18PM

I was excited to buy a RAZ phone for my mother because I thought it would be great for her. I lived apart from my mother and had the phone delivered to her. Unfortunately when she went to T Mobile to initiate service with the phone they said the phone didn't work and they could not do anything.

I only found out later that you have to call Raz while you are at the T Mobile store for them to give instructions on starting the phone. My mom lost the phone and I'm out $300 so that was a complete waste of money. I have no idea how the actual phone works and never will.

Sarah S.
Hollywood, FL
3 Stars

June 24 2022 7:14PM

I just want to make sure that others see the part where you will be charged $75 restocking fee if you return this phone.

Bad on me for not reading every part of the site, but I think shame on this company for taking $75 from elderly customers that live on a very limited budget, just because their item did not work for the customer.

I am sure the phone probably works fine for most, but it just was not going to be a good fit for my father in law.

Joni N.
Tulsa, OK
3 Stars

February 14 2022 2:03PM

The application software is still buggy, especially the 'white list'. Cannot add new numbers. Recharging is tricky.

When the phone is placed on the wireless charger, just because the blue light comes on does not mean that the phone is charging. You have to carefully inspect the battery level signal to see if the phone is actually charging. If the two above problems are corrected, then I'd give the phone an excellent rating.

Gordon B.
Prairieville, LA
1 Star

January 01 2022 9:07PM

I purchased a memory phone back in October. For the short time period a Disabled Veteran used the phone approx 4 to 5 weeks... it was a total disaster. He called 911 several times by just having the phone in his pocket.

So... Emergency services showed up at the Private care facility in which he lives and disrupted the residence. I paid for 911 dispatch service which was a waste of money.

When he called 911, if I was not at my phone immediately to take the call from dispatch service as his care provider.... then they will dispatch emergency services.

There is also NO way to reach them back by phone and when called back # received... message indicates you have to go to a help email. Where has the "personal service gone"! After the final 911 call, the phone jammed and is now stuck in a position the phone is NOT useable whatsoever....

So after spending over 500.00 between Memory phone, special charger, 911 service and mint mobile... This phone is trash and was such a waste of money... not only waste of money but waste of my time!

I received a call phone from customer service rep at Raz Mobility and expressed the many concerns, I was told someone would call me back which never did. Not only is this phone not meet our needs, but now it's broken! The user is a 100% disabled combat veteran.