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RAZ Memory Cell Phone Review

RAZ Mobility’s assistive technology is available on the company’s cell phones and bundled with popular smartphones and tablets. These cutting-edge mobile devices can download top-rated mobile apps to help those with hearing, sight and cognitive impairments.

RAZ Mobility developed a specialty cell phone for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s. The company sells devices equipped with the Synapptic app for individuals with visual challenges and Voiceitt for those with speech disabilities. RAZ also sells the Lenovo Smart Display for individuals with mobility disabilities.

The company sells products to consumers, senior and assisted living providers, government agencies, nonprofits and other organizations. Many state equipment distribution programs offer RAZ Mobility solutions.

  • Life-enhancing devices for seniors and individuals with impairments
  • Customer support adapts to individual needs
  • Cell phone designed for those with memory loss
  • Ongoing research into cutting-edge technology

  • May not work with all cell phone carriers

RAZ Mobility Memory Cell Phone

RAZ Memory Cell Phone

Current statistics from the Alzheimer’s Association reveal that around 5.8 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s disease. The Special Olympics estimates as many as 200 million individuals worldwide live with an intellectual disability. The RAZ Memory Cell Phone is a radically simplified phone designed to address the unique needs of these individuals.

The Memory Cell Phone is always on and has a single screen. The phone includes a dedicated 911 button and up to six contacts with a photo and name to identify each one. Place a call by tapping and holding on a photo. Memory Cell Phone is not a smartphone, so there’s no chance for the confusion caused by notifications or system updates.

Caregivers manage the RAZ Memory Cell Phone online. A simple portal provides the ability to create and edit contacts, track the phone location and restrict incoming calls.

RAZ Mobility Devices and Costs
Device Benefits Costs
RAZ Memory Cell Phone One-touch dial and features to avoid confusion. One screen shows photos and names of up to six contacts, 911 button, time and battery power. No app or hardware updates and no voice mail. $309
Lenovo Smart Display Voice-controlled, designed for individuals with mobility disabilities. Video and voice calls, music and video entertainment, calendar management, control smart home environments and many other features. $149 (estimated)
Synapptic Easy-to-see, high-contrast display. Voice guide and commands, speaking menus, powerful magnifier and reader. Tap the screen three times to call for help. Works with Android devices. Depends on chosen device
Voiceitt Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) technology. Allows those with speech disabilities to use their voice as the input method. Android and iOS versions. Depends on chosen device

RAZ Memory Cell Phone Costs

The RAZ Memory Cell Phone costs $309.00. Other RAZ Mobility device prices start at around $149 and depend on the device you choose. The phones, iPads and tablets are available in various models to fit most budgets. The two RAZ-branded cell phones each cost around $300.

RAZ Mobility devices are available through state programs that provide vouchers and special purchase programs to people with disabilities. RAZ and Human-I-T offer affordable internet service to low-income individuals to help defray the cost of Wi-Fi.

Where to Buy the RAZ Memory Cell Phone

You can buy RAZ Memory cell phones, smartphones and tablets from the company’s website. RAZ devices may be available to veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

RAZ Mobility Complaints

We did not find many RAZ Mobility reviews online, but the company racked up high scores. The Better Business Bureau rates RAZ Mobility an A+ with no complaints filed. Facebook reviewers give the company 5 out of 5 stars.

RAZ Mobility Q&A

  • Can I get assistance from RAZ Mobility if I need help using my phone or tablet?

    RAZ Mobility is sensitive to its customer’s requirements when they seek help. Trained representatives are available via phone, online chat, email or video calls. A device can be set to allow screen sharing or remote access to a service representative.

  • Does RAZ Mobility offer a device for people who have limited movement in their hands?

    RAZ Sesame Connect is available through some state programs. Individuals lacking sufficient hand and arm dexterity for comfortably using a mobile device can benefit from Sesame Connect.

  • Does RAZ Mobility offer a money-back guarantee?

    You can return RAZ Mobility phones and accessories with a receipt for a refund within 20 days of receiving your order. Return products for any reason, but they must be in like-new condition with no damage. Hold on to the packaging, quick-start guide and everything else that comes in the box. These items must accompany the returned hardware to get a full refund.

    The company deducts a $75 restocking fee from refunds. This fee goes up to $100 if you forget to pack the charging cable or similar item. RAZ does not accept returns on accessories purchased with a phone unless you’re returning the phone.

  • Is cellular service included with RAZ Mobility devices?

    RAZ Mobility doesn’t provide cell service, but the phones and tablets work with most cell service providers. At times, a cell plan may be bundled with mobile devices. For example, three free months of Mint Mobile service with the RAZ Memory Cell Phone. You pay a low fee for service after the first 12 weeks if you decide to stay with Mint Mobile.

  • What accessories can I buy for a RAZ Mobility device?

    RAZ sells charging cables, protective cases, universal mounts, earbuds, lanyards and wall chargers.


RAZ Mobility assistive mobile devices give individuals with disabilities access to the internet and social media, phone calls, emergency help and more. A RAZ Memory Cell Phone can allow for aging in place and enjoying the conveniences mobile technology offers. Each device provides solutions for individuals who have vision, hearing, or cognitive impairments and other disabilities.

RAZ Memory Cell Phone Reviews

Recent Reviews

Featured Review
December 17 2020 4:25PM

I bought the RAZ memory cell phone for my mom who recently suffered a stroke. It was easy for me to set up and she figured out the phone very quickly.

She was having a lot of frustration with her old phone and would delete contacts, get lost on different screens and couldn’t figure out how to get back, and I was constantly having to go to her long term care facility to pick it up and make changes for her.

This phone was a great solution for all those issues. There are 2 things I would change if I could. On the phone you can set it to where only people in the contacts can call her, great feature since she has received spam calls asking about her social security number.

I wish there was a way for the caregiver to record a voicemail away message that just informs the caller to call another number to get in contact with a family member.

I am not having to contact all her doctors and make sure they know to only contact me moving forward, but if they called her and got the message to call me that would be nice. Also, I love the option to be able to make changes to her phone from my phone.

I wish RAZ had an app for this and not just a website you had to go to. The app would just make this process easier. Otherwise it is a perfect phone for my mother.

Ashly E.
Wichita, KS
RAZ Memory Cell Phone

Thank you for the kind review. Your wish is our command! We are working on an app from which you will be able to manage the RAZ Memory Cell Phone. Additional new features are also under development.

October 02 2021 9:55PM

We bought the miniVision cell phone for my 90-year-old mom who has lost her sight to glaucoma. The phone was difficult to set up, we had to find a new cell service provider, and it was even harder to use than her Jitterbug phone.

Because I live in a different city and we had to do the different cell service, I asked RAZ Mobility for an extension on the trial period which they granted. However, when I returned the phone, they said it was beyond the extension.

Upon checking the email thread, I found that they had sent a second email with a different (earlier) date for the extension. I didn't see this email. I returned the phone, but RAZ Mobility did not refund our cost even minus the restocking fee.

I now see other negative reviews and wish I had read more about the company before buying this phone.

Susan Z.
Liberty Township, OH
September 27 2021 3:33AM

I don't recommend the RAZ mobility phone for a person with dementia living outside of a family home. The concept is great but the phone in reality has a number of issues that made it impossible for my mother to use.

First, it took over two weeks to find a carrier that we had good reception with, the Mint Mobile SIM it came with was very difficult to insert and no location instructions as to which tray to insert it.

Then, it was not easy to use because I had to figure out how to get out of the RAZ mobility ap. No instructions were included on how to do that so I had to wade through customer service to learn how to do that.

The phone is always on so it runs out of batteries every1-1.5 days. If the phone runs down to 0 charge, when charged up again the starting screen becomes a battery image--not the promised home screen with faces.

It was difficult for me, a person without dementia, to figure out how to get it back to the promised home screen. Second, a person with dementia, like my parent, can't always remember how to charge a phone. So this phone was not able to remain charged so it was useless.

Finally, it took forever to put the faces and names in the system. You cannot use Chrome, only Safari to do that--no one told us that so I spent lots of wasted time trying to figure it out. Save your $400--unless there is a person without dementia on hand to troubleshoot daily--don't do it.

L. L.
New York, NY
August 19 2021 2:38AM

Purchased this phone for my 90 year old mother who is in a nursing facility. She had such problems trying to operate a cell phone so this phone seemed like a blessing. It has been nothing but a headache.

When I ordered the phone, I confirmed with RazMobility that it was compatible with her then current Cricket Wireless account. I was told “absolutely”. Once it arrived & I set it up with her SIM card from the old phone, it did not work.

I contacted Raz and was told that Cricket did not support this phone. I informed them that they’d given me bad information.

Customer Service told me that Cricket had just recently made that change and I should accept their offer (which came with the phone) to switch service to MintMobile and get 3 months free.

We had to change her phone number and inform anyone she’s in contact with of a new number. The phone worked ok for 2months. As other reviewers have mentioned, the contact with the phone either causes unwanted phone calls or the buttons don’t respond at all.

We are only now at the end of the 3 month free promotion, and the phone is barely working. Mint Mobile tells me that they too are no longer supporting this phone!! I immediately contacted RazMobility customer service who insists this isn’t true.

Soooo, I call the provide again, and am told they are sorry but they no longer are supporting this phone!

Raz mobility tells me that I should just switch to another carrier! I’ve had it! In only 3 1/2 months I have a phone that isn’t working and I do not intend to continue switching providers.

This phone is a great concept but terrible design & technology. I will not recommend to anyone. I will have a landline installed for her and forget these headaches.

Jen B.
Greenville, PA
RAZ Memory Cell Phone

Ms. Bowser experienced some connectivity issues with the original cell phone provided to her. Moreover, unfortunately, the customer representative for MINT Mobile, who provides our customers a free SIM card and 3 free months of free service was poorly trained and was not aware of this arrangement and stated that our phone was not compatible, which is incorrect. This is certainly unfortunate. However, right before posting her review, Ms. Bowser received a new device that is currently being actively used by her senior. Moreover, we provided Ms. Bowser with this new phone for free. We are sorry that she had this initial experience but worked with her to resolve the problem and are happy to see that the phone is now helping her and her family stay connected with the senior.

June 22 2021 10:04PM

So I ordered this phone. My mom is in a nursing home. In NY where it's had strict restrictions. I Never opened it. Didn't even break the seal on the box. Raz Mobility kept 100.00 to restock.

I asked for management and he called me. He was part owner and refused to care about customer service. He had zero concern. He was nasty on the phone.

They emailed me that they never go away from policy. So when policy is more important than people. Buyer beware. He is lining his pockets. Sad. No compassion just policy.

LuAnn P.
Freedom, NY
RAZ Memory Cell Phone

RAZ Mobility allows consumers to return their phone within 20 days, no questions asked. However, we do have a restocking fee of $85. We have this fee because each RAZ Memory Cell Phone is set up for a specific user. This set up process has a cost and we are a small business and costs need to be recovered. Our phone is not like an iPhone, where Apple does not do any individualized set up. RAZ Mobility's return policy is short and to the point, and clearly discloses the restocking fee. Further, the policy is prominently available on our website. We are transparent and we WANT people to be aware of the return policy, including the fee. If this reviewer had an unpleasant experience with someone from RAZ Mobility, this is unquestionably wrong. But the restocking fee serves the legitimate purpose of recovering costs and in no way lines our pockets.

April 30 2021 4:27AM

Unfortunately it is used with a major carrier and the battery goes down quickly to 35% or less. It does not hold charge like an iPhone. Have it on dark mode which is suppose to help with this issue.

All contacts stay bright. It does not decrease the pictures. Have an email into them. Not certain we’re keeping this if there is no solution to battery drain. Otherwise great for dialing for ALZ patient.

Ted H.
Chattanooga, TN
RAZ Memory Cell Phone

Sorry you are having this experience. The RAZ Memory Cell Phone has a large 3500 mAh battery that easily lasts the entire day. The phone should not deplete quickly to 35%. This is an unusual experience and it may be a defective battery, which can occur on very rare occasions. If this continues, RAZ Mobility will be more than happy to replace the phone to ensure that your senior can stay connected to friends and family.

March 17 2021 3:06PM

My experience with Raz Mobility has not been good. We were never able to get it to receive phone calls. We tried three different carriers. The phone is super sensitive and nearly impossible to carry without unplanned calls to everyone on the screen.

My mom was so frustrated and embarrassed that she continued to call people without trying. Thankfully the 911 button asks you, "Are you sure you want to call 911." But since we could never get it to work for incoming calls and they wouldn't help us, we have just wasted $400.00.

Donna B.
RAZ Memory Cell Phone

Looking through the customer service notes, it is clear that the inability to receive incoming calls was a problem with the wireless provider, not the phone. Thousands of people are using the RAZ Memory Cell Phone and receiving incoming calls without issue. Regarding the sensitivity of the display, calls are initiated when the user presses and holds the picture of a contact for about two seconds. The user has to press and hold, rather than just tap, in order to avoid accidental calls. But if the user has a habit of putting their fingers of the display, and keeping them there, then accidental calls can occur. This does occur with a small minority of seniors. The good news is that we are working on an update that will allow the caregiver to change the way calls are initiated. There will be several options. For example, the caregiver will be able to set up the phone so that calls can only be initiated with a double-tap. This should help seniors who have a habit of keeping their fingers on the display, thereby initiating calls. One of the available options should work for every senior.

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