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Reverie Adjustable Beds

4.15 Stars (7 Reviews)
Updated: February 3, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Reverie Adjustable Beds designs their beds with a team of in-house engineers and an advisory board with doctors and scientists. Reverie has been in business since 2003 and started selling their power base adjustable beds five years later. In 2011, Reverie began manufacturing mattresses in New York with customizable firmness across the entire mattress to complement their adjustable bed line.

Editorial Breakdown

Ease of Purchase 4.3 Stars
Availability 4.5 Stars
Price 3.8 Stars
Customer Service 4.3 Stars

Overall Rating 4.2 Stars

Bottom Line

Reverie makes a number of adjustable bed bases, all with differing technology. Adjustable bed technology includes things like zero gravity, lumbar support, wireless remote, LED lighting and more. Check out our top picks for the best adjustable bed companies below.

Reverie Adjustable Beds Review

Missing out on a good night’s sleep can lead to irritability, memory problems, depression, and an increased risk of falls or accidents. Reverie adjustable beds and mattress are designed to give you and your partner the multiple health benefits associated with an adjustable bed. Reverie sells adjustable frames and sleep systems, which consist of a mattress combined with a motorized adjustable base and various comfort technologies. The top of the bed features multiple raised positions to varying degrees including a sitting position for reading a book or watching TV, or a slightly raised position to help stop snoring or relieve sinus pressure. Some frames include adjustments for the lower half of the bed.


  • Mattresses and sleep systems offer customization not available from the competition
  • Customizable sleep systems
  • Free delivery and set up with a sleep system
  • Financing available


  • Higher prices compared to other adjustable sleep systems
  • Custom designed mattresses can take more than a month to receive

Reverie Adjustable Bed Costs

The price you’ll pay for a Reverie adjustable frame without a mattress depends on the size and the technology in the model you select. We found queen size adjustable frames for $1,000 to $2,400 at online dealers. Prices differ by the size, comfort features and adjustable bed frame type. All sleep systems come with 3D-Wave massage with two advanced wave modes and 10 intensity levels, ProGrip adjustable lumbar support and removable side rails. Each sleep system is optionally configurable with the DreamTop split top frame. Below is a breakdown of prices ranges for each Reverie adjustable sleep system. Prices shown are the prices listed on Reverie’s website.

Reverie Adjustable Sleep System Prices
Model Price
8X Sleep System
Combines a hybrid memory foam mattress with the 8X adjustable base
Dream Supreme Hybrid
Patented 6” DreamCell® foam springs allow for dual firmness.
Dream Supreme Natural
Comfort layer with 2.5” all-natural Talalay latex
Dream Supreme II Natural
3” all-natural Talalay latex comfort layer
Dream Supreme II Hybrid
1” graphite-infused Talalay latex over 2” CertiPUR-US luxe memory foam

Reverie Adjustable Bed Features

Most Reverie frames come with adjustable legs that rise from 10 inches high to 12 or 15 inches. While maximum capacity varies, most of the adjustable beds hold up to 850 pounds. Many have a Wall Snuggler feature so you can use different height adjustments on the upper part of the bed without concern for hitting the wall behind it. Reverie adjustable bed base sizes are available in twin XL (38 x 80 inches), full (54 x 74 inches), queen (60 x 80 inches), and split California king (each half is 36 x 84 inches).

Reverie Adjustable Bed Features
Foundation/Frame Features
3E Tech Infinite positions, including presets for zero gravity, anti-snore and others, and a wireless remote.
4M and 5D Adds 3D-Wave™ massage and Bluetooth® for controlling the bed with a mobile app.
9T Adds lumbar support, under-the-bed LED nightlight, and wireless charging for your cell phone.

Controlling Your Reverie Adjustable Bed

All Reverie adjustable beds work with a bedside remote used to adjust the lower and upper portion of the mattress. The Bluetooth-ready adjustable beds work with a free smartphone app, Reverie Nightstand, for controlling all bed features like position, massage settings, and sleep routines where the bed automatically adjusts to various angles over a set time. If your partner snores, activate the Anti-Snore setting on their side of the bed. You can configure the app to wake you up with alarms combined with a routine or comfort setting. You can also call or email Reverie customer service directly from the Nightstand app.

Reverie Nightstand app

Nightstand App, Source: Reverie

How Reverie Adjustable Beds Stand Out

Unlike other adjustable bed mattresses, Reverie’s DreamCell mattress replaces traditional coil springs with foam blocks in four densities arranged into one of hundreds of patterns with extra support where needed and additional comfort to relieve pressure points. You can rearrange the foam blocks on some models to tweak the comfort level, and there’s greater airflow in a Reverie DreamCell mattress compared to a solid foam mattress. To determine your best mattress type, either talk to a Reverie representative or use the quiz on the website to help you make the right choice.

Reverie Adjustable Bed Warranty

Reverie adjustable foundations come with a 20-year limited warranty covering the motorized bed frame and foundation parts. The warranty covers parts and labor for any repair for the first year, then parts only the second through the fifth year. Years six through 20 include just frame coverage and not electronics, drive motors, and massage motors.

For mattresses, Reverie offers a 10-year limited warranty on normal wear, only for the original purchaser. Stains, cuts and tears aren’t covered. If a mattress develops sagging, indentations splits or cracks because it’s used with an improper foundation or bed base, the warranty does not cover the damage.

Where to Buy Reverie Adjustable Beds

Reverie sells their sleep systems with an adjustable frame on their website and through various retailers. To buy only the frame, you will have to purchase from one of Reverie’s authorized retailers spread across the U.S. and Canada, including many Costco locations. There’s also a retailer in Mexico and a few in Europe. Use the store locator on Reverie’s website to find the closest location.


Source: Reverie

Reverie Adjustable Beds Complaints

Reverie gets an “A-” from the Better Business Bureau with only eight complaints in the last three years. All but one complaint was answered or resolved, and the unresolvable complaint was regarding the warranty not covering damage from power surges. Power surge protection is the consumer’s responsibility.

Reverie earned 3.8 stars out of 5 from ConsumerAffairs with nearly half of those reviews being 5 stars. Reverie has a selection of video reviews on their website. Of course, these are all from satisfied customers, but no actors were used to create the reviews.

Reverie Lumbar support

Lumbar Support, Source: Reverie

Reverie Adjustable Beds FAQ

  • What size sheets fit Reverie’s DreamTop bed?
    Because the DreamTop bed has two halves that can be adjusted independently, you’ll need to purchase DreamTop bed sheets to fit the mattress.

  • How does delivery work for Reverie Adjustable Beds?
    Reverie offers free delivery and set up with any sleep system, but there’s a delivery fee for mattresses, linens, bases or accessories. Depending on demand, delivery usually takes four to six weeks. Have your old mattress and base removed from your bedroom before the delivery date.

  • Can a Reverie Adjustable Bed be returned?
    No. Because beds from Reverie are customized, the company doesn’t accept returns. However, Reverie offers a Mattress Return option for $99 at the time you order, which allows you to return the mattress within the first 365 days for a 25 percent fee. The Mattress Return option doesn’t apply to accessories, power beds and linens.

  • Is financing available for Reverie adjustable beds?
    Yes, financing is available to purchase a Reverie bed. You may be able to get low- or no-interest promotional financing with a 12-, 24-, or 36-month loan.

  • Will a Reverie adjustable system fit in my current bed frame?
    Reverie sleep systems and power adjustable frames are designed to fit within modern bed frames. Use the measurement guide on Reverie’s website to determine if you can use one of their systems with your existing bed then speak to a customer service agent before ordering.


As the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School explains, sleep is more important to health than many people realize. Many studies link a lack of sleep with an increased risk of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and other health risks. One of the best ways to get quality sleep is to use a high-quality bed. Reverie Adjustable Beds are worth considering, with some of the best customizable sleep options on the market and frame and mattress combinations to fit nearly any budget.

7 Reverie Reviews

Write Review
1 Star

January 31 2024 10:10PM

Trying days to get someone to help on an issue about a remote, when you dial the support line it is a circus, you hear a guy come on and say please have your information ready such as S/N and Model # and so on you wait for more than an hour. Someone else comes on and says you're next up then they hang up on you. How do they stay in Business? Stay away from this company. DO NOT BUY!!!!

Robert K.
Clarkston, MI
1 Star

February 12 2022 8:35PM

Under no condition would I suggest purchasing from this company. I've been trying to get the poor frame I purchased months ago.

I have heard nothing from them and it's been probably 6 months or more the mechanism doesn't work properly and it is causing a very expensive mattress extra firm to sag because of very poor construction.

When I spoke to the mattress company first thing they asked was what type of frame. When I told him he said he knew it because he hears it all the time. DO NOT BUY.

Susan L.
Lakeland, FL
1 Star

December 09 2020 2:27PM

I have had the Reverie 3em wireless Power Base for 2 years. It broke and started to speak every time you move in bed. I called the company and talked to Tiffany, she had me send pictures, video and my receipt. I sent everything.

Then the company stopped answering my emails. Now the phone system said it is getting an upgrade and you need to email them. Since they don’t answer emails, you are stuck. Do not buy this beans as they do not stand by them. We need to fix the bed so we can sleep.

Diane C.
Vernon, CT
1 Star

May 16 2020 2:21PM

I bought the bed the remote app on my cellphone. Never worked. I complained numerous times over the course of 3 years. Each time they sent a tech to diagnose the problem and gave me some BS software excuse but never fixed the issue. The only way I have to control the bed is by using the remote that came with it but the remote only allows me to utilize half the functions of the bed. Big rip off never buy one of these crappy beds.

Scott R.
Watertown, WI
5 Stars

March 14 2020 7:15PM

Our Reverie adjustable bedframe worked great for 10 years!! Last summer I ordered a new corded controller as the wiring on ours was torn and controller was no longer working. Service was good but I wish they might have mentioned that motor might be wearing out soon as 9 mo later it is no longer working. Hindsight we would have purchased a new frame rather than controller.

Judi F.
Des Moines, IA
1 Star

February 12 2020 10:08PM

I need one part a JB-MP-104 control module, I have tried contacting Reverie customer service by phone and email several times each, I keep getting the someone will contact me I a few business days but I do not get any response. I try again same they take down all your information tell you someone will be contacting me in a few days but in reality no one calls me back and no one sends me a new control module JB-MP-104, this is terrible customer service, I will never buy from them again, why would anyone buy a product from a company that claims they are sorry, over and over but just does not contact you back.

Barry B.
Pennellville, NY
1 Star

July 31 2019 3:40PM

Bought a Reverie Power Base through Purple mattress company that was not working when delivered. Now we've had it 6 weeks and still not fixed. Reverie refuses to take it back and they can't find anyone to come out and fix it. We were told we just have to wait. Unbelievable. We are stuck.

Connie W.
Kingwood, TX