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RVshare connects millions of people to the perfect RV rental with easy-to-use, secure online searching and booking. The company provides a Worry-Free Rental Guarantee, so you don’t lose money if things go wrong. Whether you are thinking of renting an RV for a vacation or renting out your own RV, RVshare can make the process easy and enjoyable.

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RV Share is one of the largest RV rental marketplaces online. Customers can choose from various types of RVs.

RVshare Review

RVshare coordinates rentals in all 50 states and is an excellent tool for those looking to rent an RV or who are considering renting their vehicle for some extra cash. You’ll find the latest technology in RVs on RVshare — the company does not list vehicles more than 15 years old.


  • 24/7 access to roadside assistance
  • Rental replacement if RV is misrepresented
  • Secure payment processing and payment protection for renters and owners
  • No fee to list RVs for rent


  • No way to directly search for handicap-accessible RVs

How to Rent an RV on RVshare

Before you start searching for RV rentals on RVshare, check out How to Rent an RV to learn more about choosing the right rental. Searching for an RV to rent, learning about the vehicle and the contract terms are all easy to do on RVshare.

Search for an RV: To rent an RV on the RVshare website, start by entering your ZIP code and searching the extensive listings of RVs for rent near you. Narrow your search by selecting specifications like the type of RV you’re interested in and dates you plan to travel. If you need a wheelchair-accessible RV or other special accommodations, check the “Suitability” section of listings that interest you. You can’t filter for this feature at this time.

Meet the RV owner: Once you find a rental, RVshare connects you directly with the owner to work out details. RVshare securely processes your payment, then you meet with the owner to learn how to use the RV and receive any tips you need to know for your trip.

Your contract: You sign a Digital Rental Contract, but some RV owners ask you to sign supplemental agreements. Carefully review these documents, then sign and return them to the RV owners as soon as possible. You can either enjoy the open road or camp out and stay in one spot for the duration of your RV rental. The contract between you and the owner specifies how many miles the rental price includes, but you can travel farther for an additional fee.

Prep the RV for return Before returning the rental, you need to empty the waste tanks and fill the gas tank. Your deposit is returned as long as the RV comes back in the same condition it was in when you took possession. You return the RV to the owner at an agreed-upon time and location.

Rent Out Your RV on RVshare

RV owners can list their rental on RVshare with four simple steps:

  1. Create a listing for your RV with details about the features. Include plenty of pictures of the interior and exterior. Think about the questions you would have if you were the renter and provide answers with your description of the RV. Note any special features that make the RV especially convenient or enjoyable.
  2. Review reservation requests you receive through RVshare and choose those you want to work with. Define the terms of your rental agreement within the bounds of RVshare’s policies.
  3. Meet up with the renter so they can pick up the RV from the location you specify. You can walk them through a quick demo before they hit the road.
  4. The renter returns your RV at the agreed-upon date on the contract. You earn some extra cash, and your RV doesn’t sit around collecting dust when you’re not using it.

RVshare Rental Insurance and Guarantees

RVshare Screenshot
Source: RVshare

RVshare offers several policies to cover renters and RV owners against costly issues. Those who rent their RV through RVshare are covered by insurance at no additional cost.

Owners who list with RVshare and activate reservations with RVshare Rental Insurance receive $1 million in liability coverage with comprehensive and collision coverage for an RV valued up to $200,000. There’s no monthly premium, access fee or other costs for RVshare insurance. Your RV is automatically approved for coverage as long as it’s 15 years old or newer and valued at $200,000 or less. Both motor homes and travel trailers are eligible for the insurance.

Rent an RV from RVshare, and you are covered on several levels to ensure you have a positive experience.

  • Renters insurance: Most RVs listed on the site have an RVshare Rental Insurance policy included in the rental quote. This policy includes comprehensive and collision coverage with a $1,500 deductible per occurrence.
  • Fraud screening: RVshare verifies user accounts to help prevent fraud.
  • Payment protection: RVshare refunds rental payments if something goes wrong with the vehicle.
  • Rental replacements: If the RV isn’t in the condition promised when you pick it up, you can get a replacement rental at no extra charge. Contact RVshare within 12 hours of your originally scheduled pickup time.
  • Damage deposit protection: If an owner wants to withhold your damage deposit and you feel it is unwarranted, RVshare mediates the dispute to be sure you receive back what you are due.

RV Rental Costs on RVshare

RV rental fees vary per night depending on the type and condition of the chosen vehicle and the geographic region. In addition to the standard rental cost, renters pay a service fee that covers roadside assistance service. There’s also an overage fee if the renter drives more than the number of miles agreed to in the contract.

RVshare does not charge a fee to list an RV for rent but takes a 15% broker commission with successful rental contracts.

ModelYearCapLength in FeetNightly Fee
Forest River (Class A)
Trilogy Forest River
(Travel Trailer)
Cruise Lite
(Travel Trailer)
Gulf Stream BT
Cruiser (Class B)
Sample RVshare Rental Fees*

*Sample prices for vehicles listed in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on August 29, 2019

RVshare Complaints

RVshare has a 4 out of 5-star Trustpilot rating and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau with 4 out of 5 stars from consumers leaving a review on the BBB site. TripAdvisor provides no rating but notes RVshare offers more rental options and overall newer RVs for rent compared to the competition.

RVshare Q&A

  • How does RVshare roadside assistance work?If your rented RV breaks down on the road, you can contact RVshare’s partner company, Nation Safe Drivers, for help. The roadside assistance includes tire, battery or lockout service or delivered supplies like gas or oil. RVshare tows disabled RVs to the nearest repair shop, within 100 miles.

  • Are there options for booking an RV right away without waiting for a response from the owner?Search your list of RV rentals for a listing with an “Instant Booking” icon marked with a lightning bolt. You can book these RVs without waiting for owner approval.

  • How does RVshare verify my ID to create an account?To create an account on RVshare, you need to submit a copy of your driver’s license and one additional photo of yourself. A selfie taken with your cellphone works as long as your face is clearly visible and you don’t wear a hat or sunglasses.

  • If a renter wants to cancel an RVshare reservation, what are my options as an RV owner?You choose your cancellation policy before completing your RV listing. Cancellation policies range from a forgiving policy that allows renters to receive a full refund to a strict policy with no refund at all.

  • Do RV rental prices on RVshare include taxes?It is the owner’s responsibility to pay applicable state or federal income taxes on profits from rentals, and it’s up to them to include taxes on RV rental listings. Some include the tax expense in the full rental cost, but others may list taxes separately.


Whether you want to rent an RV for a vacation or you want to try one of these vehicles before buying your own, RVshare makes searching for rentals easy. Those who list RVs for rent on RVshare pay nothing unless the RV is rented. There’s no charge to browse or list RVs, and the site is excellent for marketing RV rentals.

8 RVshare Reviews

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1 Star

October 17 2021 4:58PM

I had a terrible experience with RVShare and will never use them ever again. In April 2021 we booked an RV for rental in July 2021 and paid the 50% deposit.

As we approached the date of our Trip, RV Share took the remaining 50% from our credit card and we had a few courteous exchanges with the owner regarding a meeting place and time for pick up. We drove one hour out of town to meet the owner and pick up the rental.

As we arrived at the gate of the RV storage facility as directed by the owner we were met by a closed gated. We then received a call from the owner telling us that we could not get the RV because there was a technical issue with it.

He said it was smoking and would not start (which is suspicious as how can it smoke if it does not start)... He told us to go back home and talk to RV Share. We did reach out to the company for alternatives.

We were offered two RV's not for that day but for the following day, the RV's were smaller, older and substantially more expensive that the one we had booked originally. After some haggling we got our money back but our vacation was in shambles.

Luckily we reach out to regular RV Rental companies and were on our way the next day with an RV from El Monte at a price comparable to what we had with RV Share.

I expected to be able to leave the owner a negative review but after talking to RV Share I was told that because the reservation had been cancelled (by the owner) there was no way we could leave a review.

This is their exact reply: "I'm really sorry to tell you that Myriam, however, if the reservation is not completed the renter can't post a review. In order to post a review, the reservation must be completed and the status should be rental completed."

The bottom line is that you have zero protection when you rent through RV Share, even when you have paid 100% of the rental you can be left stranded and the company has no obligation to match the price you have paid and the travel dates you have booked.

To make matters worse they protect unscrupulous owners preventing you from leaving feedback even though they know you have been screwed.

When we rented from El Monte they had lots of identical RV's on the lot and in the event of a technical issue they would have put us in an alternative vehicle right away. Why on earth would I trust RV Share ever again.

Myriam C.
Denver, CO
1 Star

September 17 2021 6:40PM

Worst RV Rental Experience Ever. The RV rental was disgusting. Not RVShare fault. But what is their fault is sick and wrong. We're forced to buy 5 tires to get home and the owner wouldn't pay for them, roadside assistance couldn't anyone to help us. We had to find it ourselves.

We were stuck on the side of the road an entire day. RV Share wouldn't help us get our money back. They ignore you and won't respond for weeks.

There are many more details but bottom line. There are other services to use and I would never use them again. Horrible Horrible experience...

Billy B.
Gilbert, AZ
1 Star

August 17 2021 11:02PM

Very premature business model, as they try to swindle both sides, renters and owners, while claiming to act as an independent mediator when disputes arise. In our case, the owner switched the RV on us from the day we booked to the day we picked up.

He had installed an external generator on a cargo carrier two days prior to the pickup date. He claimed that we had damaged this rack and RVShare too held us fully responsible for the damage.

In spite of repeated requests for a fair repair, they tried to swindle us for a full replacement. Their only evidence was the photo taken by the owner several minutes prior and in a completely different geographic location than where the pickup point was.

We let them know that it is a breach of the original contract to switch the RV or its features than what was advertised; willful withholding of critical information that made the features on the RV different than the original listing; bait-and-switching of an RV with an advertised feature that was extremely different than the one we were delivered; unfair retribution - all of these were in violation of the consumer rights.

We also questioned their authority and training in fair mediation or arbitration practices, as well as expertise in digital/cyber fraud by either party. I have now come to see that RVShare sides the owners in all such disputes since the owners will switch platforms otherwise.

There are clear incentives given to owners for making an RV available on their platform, and no such offers to renters.

Renters usually sign up for Terms and Conditions and usually do not go to the extent of disputing it any further and accept the penalty out of distraught and inability to deal with it legally, since RVshare is incorporated in Delaware; has offices in Ohio; legally registered in Texas and has no information on their website pertaining to any dispute that arises with their services.

The Terms and Conditions are also fully in favor of the owner since it says the rental begins from the start of the day of rental rather than the time of pickup, so all insurance claims start just after midnight and end one day prior to the end of the rental agreement.

The terms and conditions are also vague in saying that any modifications to the RV by the owner are the full responsibility of the renter.

The renter only has a chance to reject and ask for a replacement RV at the time of pickup only and that RVShare will do their best to find an alternate, with the catch that they will offer a full refund and cancel the trip without prejudice.

Vish U.
Culver City, CA
1 Star

July 26 2021 7:44PM

Thinking about renting an RV through RVShare? Think carefully because RVShare removes negative comments from their site. I recently did and 3 nights of rental for a small trailer. Cost me nearly $2000 after 1 of the tires blew and caused damage to the trailer wheel and underside.

This not counting what my personal auto insurance has to cover because the $200+ insurance I was made to purchase only covers excess beyond your personal insurance. And the best part? That tire was 8 years old.

So, basically, owners can rent out their trailers without worrying about upkeep and recoup all of their costs from renters when things go wrong.

Ed M.
Houston, TX
1 Star

July 14 2021 7:42PM

My experience was terrible! We needed 2 RVs for a family weekend. One RV cancelled about a month prior to the event. Customer service notified me and had recommendations that did not fit the prior RVs size, year or cost. The second RV cancelled a week prior.

With little time before our event RVshare told me there really wasn't anything comparable and to try back in a few days. I found an RV that was more expensive and larger than needed but we were in a pinch. We had to purchase a generator, which we did to the owner's specs.

Once again the owner confirmed it was the appropriate generator with Grand Designs. The owners showed us the operation of the RV while it was still hooked to their truck stating "we will save you the gas on your generator."

The generator with never hooked up to the RV with the owner hurrying out stating, "I don't know anything about generators".

Needless to say, the generator worked well but not with the RV. Whether it was the surge protector or something tripping in the RV we never had power. It was basically a hot, big tent.

Contacted the owners several times. Received the same response, "must be the generator" and "we don't know anything about generators." RV share does not have a worry-free policy.

Choose your RV and the owner carefully because RV Share does not assist renters should issues arise, from cancellations to inoperable units.

And beware of the insurance, with a $3000 deductible you won't retrieve the cost of renting a unit if it has issues. I understand Outdoorsy is a much better experience.

Robin R.
Ellicott City, MD
1 Star

June 24 2021 2:40PM

RV Share has linked me to the incorrect location for the RV to rent. Luckily we have noticed the error but since it was two days later and not 24 hr RVshare held our fee which is completely unfair since the error was on the side of the platform.

I'd suggest everybody check very carefully locations RVshare links. It was also very hard to communicate with RVshare and get somebody higher level on the phone.

Sergey F.
Wallkill, NY
1 Star

September 15 2020 5:50AM

RVshare has terrible customer service. They charged me $500 dollars for damages that I did not do, and tried to charge an additional $200 due to their own typo from the repair receipt. Wouldn’t even look at my dispute form.

Never sent me any information on the damages being claimed until they seized the money. Very unprofessional organization. Steer clear of them at all costs. Tell your friends.

Tyson T.
Ranchester, WY
1 Star

May 04 2020 8:33PM

I got less than half my money back after canceling because of COVID-19. I signed up to rent an RV a year in advance before COVID hit and had to cancel our family reunion because of it. But I still gave RV share two months notice. After all the return fees and service fees, etc. I got less than half my deposit back--I was charged almost $150 in fees! I will NOT be using them again.

Susan A.
Spokane Valley, WA
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