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Safeway Moving System

4.65 Stars (10 Reviews)
Updated: January 27, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Safeway Moving System is a professional moving broker that coordinates long-distance moves across the country. The company manages relocations across all states with a customized moving package for each client. Safeway Moving System can move businesses and homes, including large houses and condos. Moving quotes are reasonable, with no hidden fees.

Safeway Moving

Editorial Breakdown

Easy Quotes 4.5 Stars
Ease of Purchase 4.4 Stars
Price 4.5 Stars
Coverage Area 4.4 Stars

Overall Rating 4.7 Stars

Bottom Line

Safeway Moving System is a professional moving broker that coordinates long-distance moves across the country.

Safeway Moving System Review

Safeway Moving System is a veteran-owned moving broker with a vast network of moving companies across the country. Moving brokers are transportation specialists that know the resources required for a safe move. Safeway Moving System knows how to put together all parts of the relocation puzzle. The company saves consumers hours by finding the most experienced movers at the lowest reasonable cost while retaining quality service.

Online reviews from past customers consistently report Safeway Moving System provides friendly and attentive service. Safeway’s binding quotes guarantee no surprise bills when your household goods arrive at the new destination. The company donates a portion of profits to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


  • Customer service available 7 days per week
  • Honest price policy
  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • Ships in all 50 states and Puerto Rico
  • Residential and business moves


  • Little information on website
  • No online tracking, call for tracking

Safeway Moving System Services

Trying to arrange for a long-distance move yourself can be a daunting task. Safeway Moving System can save you hours of planning time and several phone calls. The company partners with a network of top-notch moving companies. Safeway Moving can pull together everything required for a safe move with on-time pickups and deliveries.

Safeway Moving System is one of the few brokers providing moving service in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The company will soon offer international shipping as well. Safeway can set up local moves and specializes in interstate relocations. Homeowners and businesses can take advantage of packing service with their order.

WSafeway Moving System Relocation Services
Feature Description Price
Long-distance Move any size home or office to any state or Puerto Rico
Packing service Furniture and breakable items wrapped for protection
100% guarantee Safe, on-time delivery
Binding rates One fee with no additional cost unless you add items or services after the quote
Customer service
8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Wednesday
8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday and Friday
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekends

A frequent complaint about moving companies is customers paying unexpected additional expenses at the time of delivery. Safeway Moving is not the cheapest option, but the company is upfront and realistic about costs for quality service. You may pay a bit more for services, but you won’t pay twice.

Safeway Moving System Costs

Every long-distance move has different expenses due to permits, miles traveled, time of year and more. Safeway provides a binding quote with a cost that doesn’t change unless you add items or services to your order. The company doesn’t claim to be the least expensive, but it does attempt to match prices while paying quality movers fairly.

Deposits are refundable unless you cancel too close to the scheduled move date.

How to Start a Move with Safeway Moving System

Safeway Moving System has no online quote system. You can enter your contact information on the website to get a call back, or call the company. The Chicago office is open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, and until 9 p.m. Thursday and Friday. You can reach Safeway from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Safeway Moving System Complaints

A few transportation companies using the name Safeway Moving System or Safeway Moving Systems exist. We sorted through the reviews to find those representing the right company. If you do your own research, be sure you’re reading about the moving broker associated with USDOT Number 3166589.

At the time of publishing, The Better Business Bureau gives Safeway Moving System an A-plus. Customer reviews on the BBB site rate the company 4.16 out of 5 stars. rates the company 4.5 out of 5 stars and rates it 4.2 out of 5 stars. Safeway Moving System customers report about stress-free moves from a friendly, professional company.

Safeway Moving System Q&A

  • Does Safeway Moving System use company trucks to complete moves?

    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration records show that Safeway is strictly a broker. The company doesn’t maintain a fleet of moving vehicles. Safeway professionally coordinates moves with companies across the U.S.

  • Can Safeway Moving System move pianos and other large items?

    Yes, Safeway Moving System can coordinate moving pianos, large furniture, specialty appliances and other high-value, bulky items.

  • Does Safeway Moving System require a deposit to book a move?

    All moving companies require a deposit to book the drivers and pay for permits for a long-distance move. If you need to cancel, you may have to forfeit some of the deposit if your moving date is close. Discuss this with your Safeway Moving System representative.

  • Can Safeway Moving System arrange for a specific delivery date and time?

    While Safeway will provide a delivery date, the time of delivery is usually not precise. Typically, the driver calls within one to three hours before delivery. Safeway Moving System plans for a specific date, but weather can interfere with on-time delivery.

  • Why would I pay more to use Safeway Moving System?

    The old saying “you get what you pay for” often applies to the quality of long-distance moves. Some moving brokers provide a firm quote, but the small print says there could be additional charges at delivery. Safeway Moving System ensures carriers are paid well for their attention to detail and providing the best service. The consumer typically owes nothing at the time of delivery.


Safeway Moving System offers a high level of customer service, with office hours into the evening on weekdays and late afternoon on weekends. Consumer reviews note the company’s friendly agents and reliable communication. Safeway Moving System works with some of the most conscientious movers in the business. The price may not be the lowest but will reflect Safeway’s high standards for safe, on-time relocations.

10 Safeway Moving Reviews

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1 Star

August 04 2023 4:28PM

Safeway Moving is a horrible company. It was not one of the companies on my list to get quotes from, but what happened was while on the computer checking out moving companies their name just appeared.

I had concerns about the negative reviews I saw, which I mentioned to the sales person, his reply was that the reviews were about different companies with the same name. Also on the website is a note about non- genuine reviews, which threw me of, lead me to believe I won't have issues.

PLEASE, I'm begging anyone reading this review, to turn the other way. Most of my furniture are broken, four boxes are missing two of which are LARGE boxes. I paid for a full service move but I cannot use my furniture because, besides the ones that were destroyed, many of the parts for reassembling are missing.

I called customer service many times, left messages, a very few seem to be help, calls were not returned and even the ones who said they will call you back never did, very little help.

A full service move involves reassembling of disassembled furniture, however I was asked to pay fifty dollars an hour to have that done, but because of missing parts, that could not have been done. It's been weeks where I can't use some of my furniture. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

Lynette R.
Bklyn, NY
1 Star

February 17 2023 1:16AM

If I could give zero (or even negative stars), I would. Safeway Moving is a terrible company that engages in fraudulent and destructive business practices.

They completely ruined my move--they overcharged me (compared to what they quoted), damaged my belongings (thousands of dollars of damage), did not deliver my belongings on the right day, and gave me someone else's belongings.

They have done nothing to remedy all of the problems that they caused. You should not advertise for them or help them find more unsuspecting customers. Robert

Robert W.
Rocky Mount, VA
1 Star

August 14 2022 9:17PM

I am person who is fighting for my life with cancer (metastasis) and I had to move back home to California from Jersey City. This experience with this coy was worst than my cancer. I have very little money due to disability and my family helped cover the move.

The manipulative way of demanding more money (cash only) when picking up and delivering is beyond ransom mode. But taking almost 2 months to deliver is outrageous. I called to allow them to rectify and explain why the delivery person demanded cash only or a blank postal office money order.


I had to pay a additional $500 on the spot in order to get my items due to them having a 95ft truck that they could not turn the corner on my residential street.

THE PICK UP MOVERS AND DROP OFF MOVERS DEMANDED CASH ON SITE DOUBLING THE QUOTE (lying about needing more money ~doubled the cash amount $3000 more-to move more items.. I was not present and had to believe them. My neighbors filmed it for me and they only put on 8 additional boxes and a lamp!)


Robin M.
Pasadena, CA
5 Stars

December 08 2021 5:24PM

I had a chance to book Safeway Moving last week for my move from GA to NY. The mover's crew were the most efficient, careful movers I have EVER worked with. Dane and his team were great. The movers do their job very fast, carefully and organized! Safeway Moving are the best!!!

Horacio C.
Tuxedo Park, NY
5 Stars

November 23 2021 6:16PM

I moved a 1,800sq. Ft. apartment a mile away. Would not have been able to get it done without this group of amazing guys. They left nothing behind and ensured all furniture was adequately wrapped to avoid damage. They were speedy, efficient, and best of all, a pleasure to work with.

They also arrived 20 minutes early - never a bad thing!! We were also able to borrow wardrobe boxes, which made transferring four closets an absolute breeze. If you're moving, I can't say enough good things about this company.

Dudley H.
Newburgh, NY
1 Star

October 04 2021 5:04AM

This company is an absolute scam. When I called to set up a date for my move, their salesperson sound super nice to me trying to sell me their moving service. He gave me a quote of $10,000 which is very high but I understand that these days, everything went up, so I did set up the service with them.

Remember, this company is not a carrier, they are only the broker. They will ask you to pay 33% of deposit upfront, then 33% on the date of the pickup, and the remaining will be paid on the date of the delivery. Once you pay that very first 33%, your soul is sold to this horrible company.

Their whole attitude changed, they will be super mean to you, not answering your calls, wouldn’t reply to your email when you have questions. Long story short, I was promised that the person will come on a Friday morning, but I waited all day, they never came, didn’t even answer my call.

When someone finally answered the call, his reply was, "Hey you are not our only customer ok." Then, the mover finally showed up on a Saturday morning, he quoted me $6,000 more. So the new total is $16,000…

This is ridiculous, he Threatens me by saying, "If you don’t agree to this then we will leave and you can’t get your 33% of deposit back." I was forced to sign that contract because I don’t have a choice.

Then the big nightmare begins, once I arrived to my destination, I called them and told them to deliver my stuff, they promised that it will be 3 person unloading the stuff on the delivery and they will come on Thursday. LIE again, I waited all day, no one show up. So I called but no one answered.

I have waited until Sunday, three days after what they have promised, the person that answered the phone never apologize and said, "You know that I can legally keep your stuff for 21 days right?" This is crazy…

Then finally, the truck came two days after, which is on a Tuesday. Guess what?? Only one mover was there, not three as they have promised. The only mover that showed up barely speak any English, have an attitude.

He refused to move my massage chair to my room saying that it doesn’t fit and ALL of my computer desks were completely destroyed, 6 of my shelf were crashed, my expensive massage chair, bed frame, mirror, table were all damaged because of their careless, bad handling, and horrible packaging skill.

Also, all their movers will ask you for tips at the end, so unprofessional!!! Even with their terrible service, they would even dare to ask you for tips!!! Unbelievable…

When I called up their company, Safeway will tell you that they are not responsible to pay for the damages because they are just a company that sells your moving service.

So I contacted the carrier and ask for only $1,000 for damaging my stuff, after 30days, they responded by saying I can only pay you $82, WTF… Excuse my language but please DON’T use this company for your moving service, they are a scam!!! I am SURE all their 5 stars reviews are fake, no way it’s true… NO WAY!

Tommy Z.
North Liberty, IA
5 Stars

September 09 2021 7:47PM

I've moved pretty a bit, and those men are exceptional. They were extraordinarily friendly, well-timed and efficient. I moved from ID to TX, and it turned into a breeze.

They came in, took care of the whole thing and dealt with a few expensive pieces of furnishings with more attention. Wish you all the best, and keep it up!

Bryana M.
Richardson, TX
5 Stars

August 30 2021 1:59PM

The estimator from Safeway Moving who came over to us was very professional and went over all the details of the moving process. Then the day of the move, the moving crew showed up on time, worked very fast and efficiently.

Devon M.
Houston, TX
1 Star

July 29 2021 12:16AM

Safeway Moving Systems is engaged in criminal fraud. I'm appalled that Retirement Living would recommend them. Safeway and its subcontractor, Van Go, together fraudulently misrepresented the size of the Penske moving truck they used for our move.

We were overcharged by nearly $1000, and though we have proof of the fraudulent conduct--Penske corporate confirmed the size of the truck by its license plate number--Safeway has refused to remedy this issue.

Upon pickup, Van Go attempted to charge us for 1,900 cubic feet by misrepresenting the size of the truck used as having a capacity of 2,000 cubic feet. This was a lie. We realized shortly after pickup that there is no 2,000 cf truck in Penske's inventory.

After dozens of phone calls and emails, Safeway begrudgingly adjusted our invoice. However, David ** of Safeway continued to insist that the Penske truck used for our move was a "special, manual transmission" truck with a capacity of 1,800 cf.

He also promised to send proof of this with leasing documents. Both statements were lies. No such truck exists. Safeway blatantly and intentionally cheated us.

On top of all of this, EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. OF. FURNITURE. we had moved was damaged in some way. Several piece were completely crushed or destroyed beyond repair.

Safeway refuses to take any calls or answer emails, so tough luck for us and anyone else that does business with them.

Stacy R.
Redmond, WA
1 Star

June 06 2021 5:06PM

This company is shameless in how they run this business. The reason people will see good reviews is because after you are given a good faith quote over the phone, the movers arrive for your move and almost double the cost.

They then offer to lower the price if you write 3 good reviews on different sites. They will then take screen shots of your reviews. They will not begin moving your stuff out until this is done and you've signed a 7 page contract.

I personally had to wait 2 weeks to receive my furniture, clothing, cookware, TV, bath towels, etc.

To add the cherry on the cake of this disaster, they managed to break an antique side board that was my great grandmother's. It was 90 years old and in my possession for over 30 years.

In all my moves in that 30 years it was never damaged!. A picture and lamp were also damaged. Basically they loaded my things in Colorado Springs and unloaded in Denver where my things sat. Then finally loaded again in Denver to WA.

Once here, unloaded again from the 18 wheeler and reloaded onto a U-Haul (which was another cost plus more money for the "extra" labor. Unloaded again. I'm convinced this is how my things were broken.

In addition, the distance from the U-Haul to my apartment was exact half a mile up the road yet they managed to go to the other side of the city; 8 miles, which was more money on the gas and mileage.

Since it was approximately 2 hours after they left the U-Haul, my theory is they used the truck I rented to drop off another load.

The reason I was given for the delay in getting my belongings from Denver was because they didn't have any other moves scheduled coming out west. My things in no way took up an 18 wheeler. POS company.

Tracy L.
Vancouver, WA