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ScriptSave WellRX

4.6 Stars (3 Reviews)
Updated: January 30, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
Sr. Content Manager
As Retirement Living’s senior content manager, Jeff oversees the product and publishing of all retirement, investing, and consumer wellness content on the site. His extensive expertise in brand messaging and creating data-driven stories helps position Retirement Living as a top authority for senior content and community resources.
Sr. Content Manager
Edited By: Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
Sr. Content Manager
As Retirement Living’s senior content manager, Jeff oversees the product and publishing of all retirement, investing, and consumer wellness content on the site. His extensive expertise in brand messaging and creating data-driven stories helps position Retirement Living as a top authority for senior content and community resources.
Sr. Content Manager

A prescription drug discount card from ScriptSave WellRX can help you save an average of 60% off the cost of your prescriptions. Prescription drug prices can destroy just about anyone’s budget. Those who are uninsured or don’t have a Medicare Part D plan can especially benefit from a ScriptSave WellRX plan.

ScriptSave WellRX Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Discount 4.5 Stars
Mobile Application 4.8 Stars
Cost 4.8 Stars
Coverage 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

ScriptSave WellRX is a free and easy to use prescription discount card that works at more than 65,000 locations and saves users an average of 60%.

ScriptSave WellRX Review

ScriptSave WellRX is a free and easy to use prescription discount card. ScriptSave is known as a leader in the industry and has been in business for 25 years. We named the ScripSave WellRX card to our Best Prescription Discount Cards guide for being the easiest to use.

Prescription drug discount cards work like coupons you can use toward the purchase of prescription medication. The discount can vary depending on the pharmacy, drug and date of purchase.

Over 65,000 pharmacies across the United States accept ScriptSave WellRX discount cards, including Walgreens, Kroger, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, Albertsons and others. You can use the program to receive discounts on both generic and brand-name medications. You can use WellRX prescription discount cards at participating pharmacies in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Guam.


  • Discounts for generic or brand-name drugs
  • Convenient app or card
  • Average of 60% saving on prescriptions
  • Over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide


  • Not accepted at all pharmacies
  • Must price compare pharmacies to get the best discounts

Who Can Use a ScriptSave WellRX Card?

Anyone can use ScriptSave WellRX cards, whether or not you have health insurance or Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.

  • If you have health insurance, ScriptSave WellRX can save you money on medications that are not currently covered by your plan. Uninsured family members can use your discount card.
  • If you have no health insurance, use your ScriptSave WellRX plan to save money on brand-name or prescription drugs.
  • If you have Medicare but no Part D plan, ScriptSave WellRX can save you an average of 60% on prescription drug costs.
  • If you have a Medicare Part D plan, your ScriptSave WellRX card can save you money on medications that are not covered by Medicare Part D.

ScriptSave WellRX App

ScriptSave’s convenient WellRX app makes it easy to receive your discounts at the pharmacy. Download the free app to your Android smartphone or iPhone. You will be able to pull up your prescription discount card information every time you visit the pharmacy.

The ScriptSave WellRX app has other features to help you manage your health, including:

  • Updates on medication pricing
  • Reminders to take pills and order refills
  • Additional support for wellness and medication adherence

ScriptSave WellRX Cost

ScriptSave WellRX is a free service, similar to using a coupon. There are no membership fees or other costs to use it. The company negotiates bulk discounts with pharmacies, who pay ScriptSave a referral fee when someone uses their WellRX card.

Getting the Lowest Prescription Costs with WellRX

While there’s no cost to use the WellRX card or mobile app, you still have to pay for your prescriptions. Medication costs and the discount from WellRX vary depending on which pharmacy you use.

To ensure you get the best discounts on your prescriptions:

  • Shop around. It’s a good idea to compare drug prices before choosing a pharmacy to fill your prescription. Pharmacies may have vastly different prices for the same medications, even generic ones. Use ScriptSave WellRX’s pharmacy search tool to compare participating pharmacies nearby and find the lowest price on your prescriptions.
  • Check price comparisons frequently. The price of drugs can change daily. So while you may save more at one pharmacy today, the situation may be reversed tomorrow. You can get the most out of your WellRX discount by diligently watching prices on the drugs you need.

The chart below shows price comparisons from the ScriptSave WellRX website. These are examples, and prices and discounts are subject to change.

Sample Savings Using ScriptSave WellRX
Drug Retail Price WellRX Discount % Discount
Albuterol Sulfate HFA $69.62 $31.17 55%
Amoxicillin $19.06 $10.11 47%
Azithromycin $35.34 $12.99 63%
Benzonatate $54.76 $16.28 70%
Cyclobenzaprine HCL $59.52 $10.23 83%
Prednisone $16.23 $8.24 49%

How to Use ScriptSave WellRX

ScriptSave WellRX is simple to use. Print out a membership card from the website to carry in your wallet, or download the app to your smartphone. Show the card or the app every time you fill or refill a prescription at a participating pharmacy. The pharmacy applies any WellRX discounts, and you can save 60% to 80% on your medications.

ScriptSave WellRX Complaints

ScriptSave WellRX receives a 5-star rating on Trustpilot. The company scores an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, where consumers give ScriptSave WellRX 5 stars. Many plan participants like the convenience of the mobile app.


ScriptSave WellRX FAQ

  • Is there and age or income restriction with a ScriptSave WellRX card?

    No, there are no age or income restrictions to use a ScriptSave WellRX card.

  • Is there a limit to how often I can use a ScriptSave WellRX card?

    No, there are no limits. You can use the prescription discount card as often as needed for yourself or your family members.

  • I lost my ScriptSave WellRX card. How do I get a new one?

    If you created an account on the WellRX website, log in and print out a new card. If you have no online account, click the Get Card link on WellRX’s website. Use the same information to enroll, and your card gets retrieved for printing. Of course, if you use the mobile app, you’re never without your ScripSave WellRX prescription discount card.

  • Can I use my WellRX card to get discounts on prescriptions for pets?

    Ask your vet if your pet’s prescription has a human equivalent. If an equivalent exists, your vet may be able to prescribe the medication. Fill the order at a participating pharmacy to use your discount. If medicine is animal-specific, there is no discount.

  • Does ScriptSave WellRX work for medical marijuana prescriptions?

    WellRX and other prescription discount programs currently are not valid on medical marijuana prescriptions.


A ScriptSave WellRX card is a great way to save money on prescriptions at no extra cost to you. Shop around to get the best discount at participating pharmacies in your area, and keep your prescription discount card in your wallet or use the mobile app on your phone.

3 ScriptSave WellRX Reviews

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5 Stars

March 04 2020 8:02PM

Just read a previous review that started, "Why did this card get 5 Stars?"... so I felt compelled to add my own review (and response to that question). Here's why I give WellRx 5 stars... My prescription went from $99 per month to less $20 per month - that's more than 80% off my monthly cost and I don't need to do anything.

I read a review somewhere else that said something like "saved me $100s already this year and it's only March 1st!" I'm in EXACTLY the same situation. AMAZING! When I signed up, they told me they couldn't help every patient with every prescription, but they pointed out that it costs nothing to give it a try. If they can help, GREAT. If not, then you've lost nothing. They were dead right.

My med dropped by >80%. My wife's only fell by about $10 (but 10 bucks is still a big help each month, especially when we didn't have to do anything). For anyone taking expensive brand name meds that are notoriously difficult to find discounts on, patients should probably check the WellRx website just in case but, realistically, they should probably look directly to the manufacturers of those meds for help.

Can't really expect a free cash-savings program like this to bail out the manufacturers and their ridiculous prices. Thanks Scriptsave. Thanks Wellrx. Thanks Retirement Living!

Steve P.
Columbus, OH
1 Star

February 29 2020 2:40AM

Why did this card get 5 Stars? I just checked for a specific Drug price because it is Brand and not on a Formulary list. This brand is required by patient. Three each pills per day, of the Drug Searched from your list, range in total price from $5,802.00 to $6,294.00 per Month. Yes that is each month and in addition to patient's other Rx required monthly. Hardly what you can call "Retirement Living"..

It is very nice that you can help save some people $5-$10 even $100, but a much bigger heart of the drug pricing matter is in the truth of price gouging that I've listed above. Work on doing something that will address 100% unrealistic Rx Pricing. Truly work with Manufacturers to help!

I usually do not write reviews, but you are about the 6th site I have gone to looking for assistance. All of you have flowery wording to get you to apply/take your card services, but everyone of the sites, yours included are of no real value where you would be needed the most. I don't imagine this review will see the light of day, but my frustration said to speak to you about service. Thank you, now please help at a different level.

Discovery Bay, CA
5 Stars

December 05 2019 6:47PM

Free card for discounts? Can't be better than my insurance... Well it was! Saved over $10 on my prescription over my insurance cost! Saved over 75% over cash price. Either way I will be checking each time I fill a medication is cheap or my insurance.

Lauren C.
Phoenix, AZ