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Select Auto Protect’s objective is to remove the stress of unexpected and costly auto repairs with first-rate customer service. The car warranty company sells three tiers of extended car warranties, also known as mechanical breakdown insurance. All plans include roadside assistance and rental car coverage. Any vehicle is eligible for a warranty as long as it’s in good working condition when you purchase your plan.

  • Pays the auto repair shop directly
  • Three warranty levels, so you pay for the coverage you need
  • Service contract available for review on the website
  • Unlimited service calls

  • Must wait for a call back to get a quote
  • No information about prices or warranty length on the website

Breaking Down Select Auto Protect Warranty Coverage

Select Auto Protect offers a basic plan called Select Silver. This extended warranty covers the engine, transmission, cooling system, brakes, drive axle and electrical system. You also get roadside assistance, a trip interruption benefit ($60 per day for up to three days) and rental car coverage.

The Select Gold plan adds coverage for the steering system and helps to get your car unlocked if you lock yourself out. Select Platinum pays for repairs for more sophisticated automotive parts, like the ABS, AWD system and turbo and superchargers. This plan also covers the heating and air conditioning systems, fuel system, front and back suspensions and high-tech features.

What Select Auto Protect Pays For

Select Auto Protect covers breakdowns caused by defective parts or faulty workmanship. This excludes normal wear and tear, so shock absorbers, air filters and burned-out headlight bulbs get replaced at your expense.

These warranties do not pay for repairs required due to negligence, including not following the car manufacturer’s maintenance plan. This policy is standard across all car repair warranties, so hold on to your maintenance receipts. You may need proof of maintenance.

Select Auto Protect Car Warranties
Covered Equiptment Select Platinum Select Gold Select Silver
Engine / transmission / cooling system
Brakes and drive axle
Electrical system
Trip interruption
Gas refill
Roadside assistance
Rental car
Lockout assistance
Steering system
Heating and AC systems
Fuel system
Turbo / supercharger
High-tech features
Front and back suspension
AWD 4×4

How Select Auto Protect Plans Work

After you buy your Select Auto Protect extended warranty, you’ll confirm the vehicle odometer reading is correct on your contract. This is important because your service contract is good for a set number of miles stated on the registration page.

Extended car warranties typically have a waiting period before you can file a claim. Select Auto Protect’s standard waiting period is 30 days and 1,000 miles. If you don’t drive 1,000 miles a month, you’ll wait longer to be able to file a claim.

Once you’re outside the waiting period, you can go to any ASE-certified mechanic for covered repairs. Let the shop know about your extended warranty plan so the mechanic can call to get the repair authorized. Select Auto Protect pays the shop via credit card when the work on your vehicle is complete. If the mechanic doesn’t take credit card payments over the phone, Select Auto Protect will reimburse you for the cost.

Select Auto Protect Roadside Assistance Benefits

An extended car warranty from Select Auto Protect includes the peace of mind you get with roadside assistance. If your vehicle breaks down on the road, Select Auto Protect will pay for:

  • Towing: $100 per occurrence (to the nearest authorized repair facility)
  • Emergency trip interruption reimbursement: $60 per day for up to three days if you are at least 100 miles from home
  • Flat tire change: Using a spare tire stored in the vehicle (no maximum amounted noted in contract)
  • Gas delivery or battery jump-start or boost: $40
  • Lockout assistance: $25

Roadside assistance payments are limited to one vehicle disablement for the same cause every seven days.

Select Auto Protect Car Warranty Costs

Select Auto Protect publishes no prices on its website but mentions payment plans. Warranty costs may vary by region due to local labor costs and other expenses. The service contracts include a deductible, which may apply to each repair, but not to roadside assistance payments. Speak to a representative for details and to get a quote.

How to Buy a Select Auto Protect Car Warranty

Select Auto Protect provides an online quote tool where you enter your contact information. The company then calls with pricing information. We found no way to select a model year before 1999 using the quote form. You have to speak to a representative to purchase a warranty.

Select Auto Protect Complaints

We found no Better Business Bureau listing for Select Auto Protect. Out of 5 stars, the company gets 4.6 on Trustpilot, 4.4 on and 5 stars on Google reviews. Select Auto Protect has a ConsumerVoice Score of 9.3 out of 10 and a ConsumerVoice Rating of 4.4 out of 5.

We found no customer complaints about Select Auto Protect. Consumer review sites noted disappointment with the lack of example prices on the website. Some sample pricing would be beneficial for consumers who are comparison shopping.

Select Auto Protect Q&A

  • If I sell my car, can I transfer my Select Auto Protect warranty to the new owner?

    Select Auto Protect will transfer your warranty once over the contract term. You can transfer your warranty to the vehicle’s new owner, but that person can’t make another transfer. Transferring the warranty costs nothing.

  • Does Select Auto Protect warranty pay for a set number of claims?

    Select Auto Protect does not limit the number of claims paid over the length of the service contract.

  • How long after my vehicle needs a repair can I file a claim with Select Auto Protect?

    Select Auto Protect does not cover damage sustained while driving a malfunctioning vehicle, so get your car repaired immediately.

  • Can I use my regular mechanic for repairs Select Auto Protect covers?

    If your mechanic is ASE-certified, you should be able to have covered repairs completed at that shop. Discuss your Select Auto Protect warranty with the mechanic to be sure they accept the contracted terms.

  • Does Select Auto Protect authorize vehicle repairs with new parts?

    Select Auto Protect may authorize the mechanic to replace a covered part or to repair the part. The company may opt to use reconditioned parts. These are standard practices across car warranty companies and usually don’t present a problem. If you have repeated claims for a problem, discuss part replacement with Select Auto Protect.


Select Auto Protect offers three extended warranties and places no restrictions on high-mileage or older vehicles. The roadside assistance benefits are an added layer of reassurance. An extended warranty can reduce unexpected car repair costs that would otherwise break your budget.

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Excellent service, outstanding support. Representative Russel ** was incredible and immediately addressed all my issues. Coverage was complete and timely, less than an hour!

This is by far, the best auto warranty company in the U.S., and I've referred a number of friends and family. Thank you Select Auto, you have a great team!

Marc A.
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