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Medicare Supplement plans, also called Medigap insurance, provide the same benefits across most states. However, insurance companies price policies at different rates and may offer perks beyond the standardized benefits. recently published monthly prices ranging from $40 to $235 plus a $145 Part B premium. While Medicare Advantage plan costs are lower than ever, there’s still a range in premiums.

Whether you choose Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage insurance, SelectQuote lets you compare policies side-by-side. Taking advantage of this online insurance marketplace can save hours while helping you find the lowest rate for the right coverage. SelectQuote explains how the Medicare program and Medigap plans work.

  • Find Medigap insurance on your own or with an agent’s help
  • Quickly find the right coverage
  • Compare policies with ease

  • Possible confusion regarding which company to contact after the sale

Why Use SelectQuote Senior?

SelectQuote Senior is a one-stop marketplace for comparing Medicare Supplement and various types of Medicare Advantage plans. The service shops up to 21 insurance companies and makes it faster and easier to compare rates. Whether you purchase insurance through SelectQuote or directly from the insurance company, the cost is the same. But you get the benefit of comparing quotes and objective advice from agents with SelectQuote Senior.

SelectQuote Senior Insurance Partners

The insurance companies working with SelectQuote Senior are all A+ or A-rated by AM Best. Aetna, Humana, Mutual of Omaha, Anthem and Cigna are a few companies partnering with SelectQuote Senior. These companies have been providing insurance for decades.

SelectQuote Senior Costs

SelectQuote Senior charges nothing to use all online tools and insurance education resources. Agents are available to answer questions for free, as well. You pay no more for health plans than you would if you purchased a policy directly from the insurance company.

SelectQuote Senior Free Services
Learn About Get Help Quotes From
– All parts of Medicare Supplement insurance
– Medicare Advantage by state
– Prescription drug plans
– Checklist to prepare for finding the right plan
– Explanation of all things related to Medicare enrollment
– Agents available via phone or email
– Type of Plan Needed helps you choose Medigap or Medicare Advantage
– Mutual of Omaha-
– United-HealthCare
– Aetna
– Humana
– Anthem
– GPM Life
– Gerber

How to Buy Medicare-related Insurance from SelectQuote Senior

You can only use SelectQuote’s comparisons and buy Medigap or Medicare Advantage coverage on the website. We found no mobile app.

  1. Go to the website and click on the Get Free Quotes button at the top or bottom of the screen.
  2. Answer a few simple multiple-choice questions, then enter your name, address and some other information on a form.
  3. Click on the Get Free Quotes button under the form to start comparing insurance costs.

There is no obligation to buy from SelectQuote Senior, but you will likely get phone calls from the insurance partners.

SelectQuote Senior Complaints

SelectQuote Senior is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars by ConsumersAdvocate. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Thousands of Trustpilot reviews score SelectQuote Senior with 4.5 on a 5-star scale. Various other review sites ranked the company at above-average to excellent.

Complaints were from customers not understanding they need to contact the insurance company with claims and questions after the sale. Some complained about dropped calls while speaking to an agent. Almost all reviews said it was easy to find the best insurance prices, and SelectQuote Senior representatives are friendly and knowledgeable.

SelectQuote Senior Q&A

  • Do I work with SelectQuote Senior to get claims processed?

    SelectQuote helps you find the right insurance and handles your Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement application. However, your claims get submitted to the insurance company you selected. You also pay premiums to the insurance company.

  • Does SelectQuote Senior send my insurance cards?

    Your insurance company will send you a copy of your policy and an insurance card. Your doctor’s office staff will need to see the card at appointments.

  • Can I keep the same doctor with insurance from SelectQuote Senior?

    You usually can continue seeing the same doctor with a policy purchased through SelectQuote Senior. However, not all insurance companies have the same medical professionals in their network. Verify that your preferred doctors are in-network for the Medigap or Medicare Advantage plan you’re considering.

  • What does SelectQuote Senior do to keep my private information secure?

    SelecQuote Senior follows HIPAA regulations to keep your records entirely private.

  • How does SelectQuote Senior choose partner insurance companies?

    SelectQuote uses three primary criteria for selecting insurance carriers. The company must have high marks for financial strength from AM Best Financial, pay claims quickly and have excellent customer service.


SelectQuote has been in business since 1985, pioneering online, unbiased insurance rate comparisons. The free service finds the best Medicare Supplement coverage at the lowest rate. There’s no obligation to buy anything from SelectQuote Senior, and the website explains what Medicare does and does not cover. The site also provides abundant information about gap insurance options, and licensed insurance agents are always available to answer questions.

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August 06 2020 6:10PM

Agents will tell you whatever you might to hear to sign up using their services; even when their knowledge of what you might be seeking falls far short of the actual facts of the matter.

In other words, if you want to be placated by being lied to and;or misinformed, irregardless of what the truth is, this is the place to come to.

Norman G.
Louisville, KY
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