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Sherpa Auto Transport opened its doors in 2017 and has already accumulated quite a bit of positive reviews from customers indicating Sherpa is making good on its promise to improve customer experience with car shipping. The company owners combined their backgrounds in technology, customer service and business along with their personal car shipping experiences to form a better solution for moving vehicles. Sherpa Auto Transport tracks carrier performance, only contracts with drivers who do their job well and uses a scheduling algorithm designed to match drivers to shipments effectively. Sherpa’s customer service agents remain courteous and ready to answer any questions, as evidenced by numerous online reviews.

By tracking performance and taking potential carriers through a rigorous vetting process,
Sherpa Auto Transport only partners with carriers who do their job well. Their unique Price Lock Promise, post-delivery rebate programs, along with their concierge-level customer service shows Sherpa strives to take care of their customers.

Between the cost of gas, your time and the potential to find yourself troubleshooting car problems during a long drive to relocate or visit your vacation home, shipping your car is worth considering. Online reviews reveal that Sherpa’s agents are courteous, professional and honest, and the company contracts with highly-vetted drivers, whether you need to ship one car or a fleet.

  • Quotes backed by Price Lock Promise
  • Clean Car Guarantee
  • Unique, concierge-level service
  • Transparent quotes

  • Doesn’t ship motorcycles or boats
  • No terminal-to-terminal shipping

Sherpa Auto Transport Services

Moving a household or a business is often inconvenient with one or more vehicles in tow. Sherpa Auto Transport creates a custom shipping plan for your car, SUV, truck or van, picks it up at your address then safely ships it to your destination.

Sherpa Auto Transport ships vehicles for individuals and businesses like car dealerships, rental companies, and auto renovation and customization services. In addition to serving people who move to just about anywhere across the U.S., Sherpa safely ships vehicles for:

  • Military families
  • Vehicle purchasers
  • People who live in another state part of the year
  • College students
  • Contractors who temporarily move out of their home state for work
  • Auto collectors

The company offers both open and enclosed auto transport. With open transport, your vehicle is loaded onto an open-air trailer, often with other cars. This method of car shipping is very secure and the most commonly used, however, enclosed transport is an option for high-value vehicles. You can learn more about open vs. enclosed transport and other information in our Best Car Shipping Companies Guide.

Sherpa Auto Transport Service Costs

As you might expect, the cost of shipping a car varies widely, depending on the size, make and model of the vehicle, miles traveled, and other variables like the time of year. Because each car shipment is unique, we can’t provide prices. However, Sherpa Auto Transport provides you with accurate pricing by using real-time data and it works with you to understand your unique situation by designing a custom solution for shipping your vehicle.

As several customers mentioned in online reviews, Sherpa Auto Transport pricing is backed by their Price Lock Promise, and the price quoted is the price you will pay when your shipment is complete.

Sherpa Auto Transport Price Lock Promise

Sherpa Auto Transport offers something practically unheard of in this industry – locked-in
pricing. With their Price Lock Promise, you’ll never experience bait-and-switch pricing. The
amount it costs to ship your vehicle won’t change from the original amount quoted. If it ultimately costs more to relocate your vehicle, Sherpa will use money from their own pockets to ensure a successful transport.

Clean Car Guarantee from Sherpa Auto Transport

Your vehicle may become dirty on the trailer as it moves along the shipping route. Book your car shipment with Sherpa and have it washed within seven days of delivery. Sherpa Auto Transport pays the cleaning cost. Make sure you save the bill of lading from your shipment, then send that along with the carwash receipt to Sherpa to receive a credit of up to $20 on the credit card you used to book the move.

Sherpa services

Service offered, Source: Sherpa Auto Transport

How to Ship Your Car with Sherpa Auto Transport

While Sherpa usually works with shipping your vehicle on short notice, you have a better chance of booking the most convenient days for pick up and delivery if you reserve in advance, and will probably pay less by doing so. Sherpa provides a no-obligation quote request form on the website, or you can call to discuss your car shipping needs with a professional customer service agent who will explain costs and options.

When you are ready to book your car shipment with Sherpa Auto Transport, a service agent organizes all of the transportation details and collects a partial payment. Use any major credit card to make the payment. If you have to cancel your order before Sherpa assigns a motor carrier, you will receive a refund less a $25 dispatch fee.

Sherpa Auto Transport
What to Expect with the Shipping and Delivery Process
Vehicle Shipping Vehicle Delivery
Get a free quote from Sherpa Auto Transport Get the two- to four-hour delivery window time
Arrange shipping day and time window Driver calls about three hours before delivery to confirm delivery details
Driver arrives at your home or other convenient location Inspect vehicle condition with driver upon arrival
Review vehicle condition with the driver Sign off on the bill of lading
Vehicle safely ships to destination Pay any outstanding balance
Sherpa can tell you where your vehicle is any time during transport Wash your car and send the receipt and bill of lading to Sherpa for reimbursement
Pricing backed by Price Lock Promise

Before your car is loaded, clean your vehicle both inside and out, removing belongings and aftermarket equipment (see our Sherpa Auto Transport FAQs below for more on this). You will inspect the vehicle condition with the driver when before your car gets loaded onto the trailer. Sherpa Auto Transport suggests that you take photos or video of all angles of the vehicle as well.

Your Sherpa Auto Transport agent will keep in touch with you while your car ships to the destination. The driver will call you about three hours before delivery, and you’ll inspect your vehicle with the driver when it’s unloaded from the trailer. Be prepared to pay any outstanding balance for the car shipment via certified check or cash. Drivers do not have the means to process credit cards.

Sherpa Auto Transport Complaints

Sherpa Auto Transport rates very highly among consumers. Out of 288 customer reviews on ConsumerAffairs, the company scored 4.9 out of 5 stars. The reviews are verified to be from people who used Sherpa to move vehicles and consistently mention competitive pricing, communication and professional customer service.

Sherpa Auto Transport rates an “A-” with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) because they’ve been in business for a relatively short time. We are certain Sherpa will be upgraded to an “A+” soon given the company was recently accredited and the BBB lists all 5-star reviews from enthusiastic customers.

On Google reviews, Sherpa rates 4.8 out of 5 stars. Reviews mention courteous drivers and vehicles delivered undamaged and clean. Sherpa did not get a full 5-star overall rating because one pickup was late (the car still delivered when promised) and another customer wasn’t happy that Sherpa’s driver couldn’t be more flexible with the drop off time. However, the driver arrived on the day promised and provided a two-hour delivery window.

Sherpa Auto Transport Q&A

  • Can Sherpa Auto Transport ship an inoperable car?
    Yes, Sherpa can ship almost any vehicle if the wheels and steering work. Call Sherpa to discuss your situation.

  • Do I have to do anything to my car before Sherpa Auto Transport can ship it?
    Sherpa asks that you have between one-quarter and one-half tank of gas in the vehicle. Remember to give Sherpa’s driver all keys to your car, including trunk and gas cap keys. Ensure the battery has a charge and brakes are functioning. Let the driver know if you’ve made any modifications to the vehicle and remove all personal belongings, racks, loose change and garage door openers, which could move during transport, causing damage. You’ll want to remove your E-Z Pass or other toll or parking tags. Your Sherpa Auto Transport representative will let you know if there is anything else you need to do before shipping your car.

  • Can I get a guaranteed pickup or delivery time from Sherpa Auto Transport?
    No car shipping company can offer a precise time for picking up or delivering your vehicle. The driver Sherpa Auto Transport assigns to move your vehicle will give you a two to four-hour window so you can plan to be available. You’ll receive a call from the driver three hours before pick up or delivery. Weather, road conditions and traffic can all cause delays, however, very little is mentioned about delays in Sherpa’s customer reviews.

  • What if my vehicle is damaged during shipping?
    The carriers Sherpa Auto Transport works with are professional companies with insurance to cover any damage, although the chances of your vehicle being scratched or dented are far less than if you drove it yourself. However, you will inspect the car with the driver both before it’s loaded for shipping and when it arrives at your destination. Both you and the driver will sign off on the bill of lading if there is no change in condition upon delivery. If you find any damage, the driver will note it on the bill of lading to document your claim. Always get a copy for your records. Ship high-value vehicles in an enclosed trailer for extra protection. In the unlikely event your vehicle is damaged during transport contact Sherpa Auto Transport immediately so they can help you through the process.

  • Can’t I just set up my car shipping instead of using Sherpa Auto Transport?
    Yes. However, you will probably spend more money and time, and won’t get the best time slots because you don’t have the working relationship with carriers as Sherpa has. It’s also doubtful you have access to the same data Sherpa Auto Transport uses to select only the most reliable car shipping carriers.


Sherpa Auto Transport was designed with the customer in mind from the first day the company opened for business, with transparent pricing and agents who understand your car shipping needs to arrange a custom plan for safely moving your vehicle. Sherpa scrutinizes the carriers it works with, so you can rest assured that your car is being shipped by a professional. You will never be left guessing where your vehicle is located along the route when you use Sherpa Auto Transport to ship your car.

To get a quote, complete a web form online or call (877) 959-4027

Sherpa Auto Transport Reviews

Recent Reviews

Featured Review
January 20 2019 1:50AM

I live in Denver and I bought a used Tesla, and it was in Florida. I had to take the vehicle in Florida, and I didn't wanna drive her home. It was in the end of December, Christmas time. It's 2,000 miles and I didn't wanna drive her that far so I arranged the Sherpa to have it transported. I was referred to Sherpa by the local Tesla fellow. He said they used them before, and were satisfied, so it's the only company I called. I dealt with a lady the phone several times.

She was very helpful in explaining how the process work and what the deadlines were in terms of obtaining a driver. She went ahead and lined up potential driver and potential trips. And when I got the final delivery date, and availability of the car, I talked to her and we very quickly worked out a pick-up in about three or four days. It cost me exactly what we first talked about on day 1. It seemed about right. I left Florida before the transporter arrived at the facility.

But he got there all right and worked with a local Tesla dealer to load it. And I was impressed when he did that, and he appeared, and he contacted me and gave me an estimated time of arrival here. And he did arrive about that time. There were some difficulties in unloading the vehicle. It wasn't caused by him. The problem with the vehicle was on the lower level. We had to call Tesla national roadside service. I don't know whose responsibility the issue was. The transporter fellow did nothing wrong and overall the experience with the transporter was very positive.

Gordon K.
Denver, CO
January 18 2021 8:22AM

Sherpa's quote was the exact price and was definitely competitive. The driver contacted me to let me know he was picking the vehicle up and then gave me notice of how far away they were to be sure that I will be in the area to receive the vehicle. They delivered the vehicle in the same condition as it was picked up.

Natischa H.
Tyrone, GA
February 04 2020 4:07AM

I did a bunch of online research for car transport companies and I spoke with three or four. Sherpa had the most competitive pricing in terms of the service, and they also locked in the price. A lot of companies we know, when I try to make arrangements several months in advance, would give you a price but then they didn’t finalize it till about two weeks before. So Sherpa, even though we set it up in September to ship the cars in November and December, guaranteed the price at the time that we booked the service with them.

Their reps were excellent. They made the process really simple, and no issues whatsoever. They contacted us well in advance via e-mail and then via text messages and phone calls. There were no issues or complications. They were great to work with the whole time.

They picked up the cars and they were delivered into Fort Lauderdale about five days after they picked them up in Cincinnati. They were well inside the timeline.

If people do their research, I would highly recommend Sherpa as a company to consider. Shop around, look around, but they did a great job for us.

Michael C.
Cincinnati, OH
January 19 2020 4:57AM

I was in New York and I wanted to come back to Florida.
During the transport we had a delay in getting down here, but that was due to weather conditions, which was not anything that they could control. They couldn't deliver it to the driveway because they were trying to come in one particular end of the street where there was an obstruction. If they come in at the other end, they couldn't deliver it to the driveway, but we worked it out okay. Everything else was fine. We’re very pleased. We would use them again.

Elizabeth W.
Dundee, NY
December 09 2019 6:53AM

We moved a vehicle from one place to another. They driver was courteous and knowledgeable and on time. Sherpa did what they say they're gonna do and the car arrived in good condition.

Eric F.
Owings, MD
October 21 2019 3:39AM

I was transporting my grandson's car. He's in the navy and I decided I didn't wanna drive it all the way to Washington State. I was gonna have put a hitch on one of my vehicles and then rent a dolly-- just for a little bit more money, I could have it transported and it would be might safer and a little bit better. I wouldn't have to worry about it as much.

I hoped to get a rebate from Sherpa. I had talked to the lady and told her that I was gonna meet the driver in Washington. I was gonna turn this into kind of vacation.
The transport usually takes three to four days and I wasn't gonna be able to leave and go meet the driver for several days after they picked the car up. And so they worked with me and assured me that that wasn't gonna be a problem and that worked out. The driver had some other deliveries in that area so, the driver was able to meet me in the way I wanted it done.

The car was just like it was when they loaded it up. The driver went over the vehicle really good with me and we checked off every little dent or whatever that was on the car. Everything was fine. The lady that I talked to with Sherpa made me feel like it was a good decision to go with them and the driver did a fantastic job.

Don W.
Broken Arrow, OK
August 09 2019 12:44PM

We were moving from Maine to New Mexico. Sherpa was reasonably priced and was highly rated in the internet so we transported one personal vehicle through them and drove the other one. The move was all very smooth, and their staff were very polite, and everything went according to plan. The move took about eight days and the driver was very nice, polite and helpful.

Karen L.
Falmouth, ME
August 08 2019 9:31AM

We were moving and it was kinda stroke of the luck that my son was looking online for places to have it done, and I was also looking for transport for my clothing and household goods too. He told me two places and I called Sherpa first. I didn't get the right information all at once. When I made the arrangements with the rep, he only told me part of the story, and my stuff got held up there in Atlanta because I didn't paperwork submitted and they wouldn't move it out of state until I signed another form that said that it was inspected. I didn't know anything about that in the beginning, so the stuff were held up for a couple of weeks in Atlanta.

My experience was just fine, except for the cost. But then everybody says that, don't they? I think Sherpa need some bigger pods because I didn't have that much stuff and I still had to leave half of my stuff back in Georgia. I'm single and I can't afford two pods. It was just too much for me to do for two of them. And they need something bigger about the size of a U-Haul van because the next step-up was a semi, and I couldn't fill up a semi.

But other than that, it was all right as far as that goes. The delivery was on time and the pick-up was on time.

Don P.
Griffin, GA
July 26 2019 11:59AM

For the enclosed shipping that I did with the car, Sherpa’s price was pretty middle-of-the-road and that's why I went with them. I didn't want the cheapest and I didn't want the most expensive, but I wanted something enclosed. The shipping took around 6 days and the car was delivered as promised and looks exactly like when it left. The gentleman I bought the car from did a video on everything upon leaving and that's how it arrived. I'd recommend them.

Ralph M.
Littleton, CO
July 23 2019 3:29AM

I bought a car and had to move it from Connecticut to Texas. Sherpa had good reviews and they did an excellent job. They fulfilled all their commitments. I paid the correct amount. The car was picked up on time. The car was delivered on time. Shipping took about 5 days. I would recommend them.

Mateen H.
Wethersfield, CONNECTICUT
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