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June 20 2019 4:12AM

We had a long-term winter stay in Florida, and we transported our 2018 Audi from South Florida to Connecticut since my mom is too old to drive about. Sherpa's customer service was good. They met my expectations and the timeframe of the transport.

Sandy S.
Delray Beach, FLORIDA
June 03 2019 7:43PM

I have never had such a bad experience! I used Sherpa to bring my car from Maine to Naples last Fall. It was perfect, picked up at the house and delivered to my house. I then got a bill from a toll place somewhere in Florida I had never heard of with a picture of my car. The driver was using it. Today I called because Sherpa was supposed to take my car from Naples back to Maine. They told me they couldn’t guarantee it being picked up this week, they had underestimated their pricing and no trucks wanted to do it for what they were offering. Sherpa said they were losing money. Is that my problem? I need my peace of mind, regardless of cost when I have airline tickets on Sat. I am spending more but guaranteed on a days notice that it will be picked up within 3 days.

Valerie D.
Naples, FL
May 29 2019 8:48AM

I used Sherpa to ship my Volkswagen Passat 2,200 miles to the other side of the country. I picked them because of the good referrals, and their website was the most organized. The interaction I have with the customer service people was all done online. They were very organized and I was left with no questions. The quote was accurate. When I submitted information that they asked for they responded immediately. Everything was clear from beginning to end. The car was delivered way ahead and my daughter took delivery. I was a little concerned about how it was gonna go on this end. But the driver corresponded with her via text messages, he arrived when he said he was gonna arrive, and he arrived down the street from their residence, then offloaded the car by the time they got from their house to the truck. Shipping with them was a good experience. I would use them again.

Don F.
Pinehurst, NC
May 25 2019 6:05AM

I bought a car online, and I needed it brought to me. And I used Sherpa since I had used them before. I had them take it to a mechanic shop. The vehicle was in fine condition and the transport was quick. It only took like two days. Sherpa makes the process really easy, especially for someone who is not used to transporting vehicles like myself.

Daniel B.
Franklin, TN
May 24 2019 4:10AM

My mom sent her Honda Civic from Arizona to Rhode Island. The reps from Sherpa were awesome. They did exactly what they said they would do and apparently, it's unusual in that particular business. The quote was a little bit higher than most places, but I went with them because I looked up the reviews and I thought that it was worth it. The transport took maybe six or seven days and it came in perfect condition.

Marian C.
Tuscan, AZ
March 29 2019 7:24AM

I'm relocating to Florida and I shipped my Toyota Corolla through Sherpa. I like the service they sent. The person was also very responsive whenever I was asking. The person who delivered the car was very nice to me. I liked their service. It's efficient and very quick. Overall experience is very good. I'll recommend the company if somebody will ship their car.

Jun-hung C.
Abilene, TX
March 07 2019 1:45AM

I was moving cross country from just the New York City area to Arizona and I got quotes from maybe three or four transport companies. Sherpa was pretty competitive. Their website and from the people I talked to, they sounded more trustworthy. My movers from my apartment basically extorted first and never showed up. I went by myself, bought the truck. But with Sherpa, I had a great experience. They answered the phone, very professional, picked up when they said they’d pick up. They delivered within like a day and a half. So it was like a 48 hours drive. I'm a happy customer, from what I paid to what I got. They’re awesome.

Joe F.
January 31 2019 10:17AM

The customer service representative I spoke to at Sherpa was really good and helpful in answering the questions that I had. And the pricing seemed reasonable too also the way the timeline was set up. I didn't have to go to any additional trouble. Whatever timeline they committed on, they did everything on the same time, so that was great. The driver who picked up the car was keeping track. I'm definitely satisfied with the way things were handled.

Gayatri D.
Wilmington, DELAWARE
December 31 2018 10:24PM

Both times that I used Sherpa, it was a good experience. For the most recent, I bought a car and I needed it brought to me. Their pricing was accurate and the vehicle was in a fine condition when I got it. Sherpa makes the process really easy, especially for someone who is not used to transporting vehicles like myself.

Daniel B.
December 31 2018 10:19PM

I've been driving the same vehicle for a long time and I was going home Thanksgiving Day. I drove home and my Ford Ranger had a ton of miles on it and then all of a sudden, I had an engine problem and pretty much blew the engine. I went home but I had to get the vehicle to a car dealership about three hours away to trade it in and get a new car. I checked Sherpa and two others and Sherpa’s estimate was the best. It was only a $50 difference from their original estimate. They're still a great price. We would have to pay like a local wrecker probably twice as much to transfer the vehicle. I put in a request online and they called me within an hour.

They asked asked me the destination and all the basic questions. It took them about two days to pick it up at the gas station and get it shipped. Sherpa’s reps were polite and professional and sent me everything in writing. They were accessible and did pretty much exactly what they said they were going to. The driver is great. I met him at the dealership. Their customer service was awesome. I would recommend them 100%.

Elliot L.
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