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Sometimes people wish to outsource household bill management to professionals much as they do this with tax preparation. SilverBills is a professional concierge bill manager. SilverBills receives, scrutinizes and stores bills and ensures bills are paid correctly and on time. This company also keeps an eye on charges to fight fraud, but it’s not a dedicated identity theft company.

SilverBills is a customer-centric concierge service that uses a simple process:

  1. You provide SilverBills with one time with a copy of each bill
  2. Going-forward SilverBills receives your bills directly from your vendor
  3. SilverBills inspects the charges for accuracy
  4. You get a phone call if there are any issues with your bills or payment before problems start
  5. If the amount is correct, SilverBills authorizes your vendor to deduct their payment

Customers enroll an average of 10 bills with the service, but you can add as many or as few as you like. You’re also safe from financial exploitation because Silverbills does not control your bank account.

  • Bills get paid on time, every time
  • Monthly paper statements available
  • Pays one or all of your bills
  • Checks invoices for accuracy and customary charges

  • No costs listed online
  • No mobile app

SilverBills: Much More than an Online Bill Pay Service

Once you sign up with SilverBills, send the company a copy of each bill you wish to add to its service. You will be paired with a dedicated account manager whom you can contact at any time. SilverBills then authorizes future payments after scrutinizing and approving charges, and you can continue to receive invoices if you prefer. You can add more bills or tell Silverbills to stop paying a vendor at any time.

If SilverBills finds a problem with the amount on a bill, a representative works with you and the vendor to remedy the issue.

Accessing Your SilverBills Account

You receive a monthly statement reviewing your payments, but you can also access your account 24/7 by logging into SilverBills’ website. SilverBills guarantees accurate, on-time payments, and you can contact your account manager at any time. While errors are very rare this guarantee ensures you never lose money if there is a problem with a payment.

SilverBills Concierge Bill Payment Benefits
Bank-level security Pays both electronic and paper bills
Guaranteed correct, on-time payments Dedicated personal service
Fully insured for liability and theft Ensures adequate funds to cover bills
Add or remove payees any time Prorated refund after cancellation

SilverBills vs. Autopay

SilverBills and autopay services are similar but not identical. You can set up autopay with most companies you regularly pay with online banking, including electric companies, insurance carriers, credit card companies, health care providers and water utility companies. Autopay pays your bills on time as long as a national holiday or weekend doesn’t interfere with your bank’s payment cycle.

Autopay can’t catch overcharges, and it won’t warn you if your account is close to overdrawn. SilverBills reviews monthly charges and guarantees on-time payment. A SilverBills representative calls you if a bill doesn’t look correct and works with you and the billing company to resolve issues. SilverBills also lets you know if there’s a danger of insufficient funds in the account you use to pay bills.

SilverBills Cost

SilverBills costs $99 per month. While this may sound expensive, consider how much you’ll save in terms of time, late payment charges and postage.

You can cancel with SilverBills at any time. If you cancel and request a refund, SilverBills returns a prorated portion of your unused fees.

How to Enroll with SilverBills

Call SilverBills or click the email icon at to sign up services. The company then sends you an agreement via mail, email, text or fax. Return the contract with a canceled check for the account you intend to use to pay bills. Next, submit a copy of each bill you want to enroll. Once you’re enrolled, SilverBills will provide you with concierge level household bill services and deduct their monthly fee from your account.

SilverBills Complaints

The Better Business Bureau gives SilverBills an A+ rating and reports no consumer complaints. Customers rate the company 5 out of 5 stars on its Facebook page.

SilverBills Q&A

  • Do I have to give up receiving paper bills and statements in the mail to use SilverBills?

    No, you can continue to get bills, invoices and statements in the mail.

  • How does SilverBills access my checking account?

    SilverBills does not have direct access to customers’ checking accounts. The company can see read-only data, but it can’t make changes to your bank account. You give the companies you do business with permission to debit bill payments electronically, but these payees can’t access or see anything in your financial accounts.

  • I have a power of attorney established. Can SilverBills work with this person?

    Yes. Provide SilverBills with a copy of a power of attorney, and your representative can sign the service agreement for you. A power of attorney can also set up your bills and authorize payments.

  • How will I know what bills SilverBills paid each month?

    You can either view your SilverBills account online or check your monthly SilverBills statement. If you are visually impaired, a SilverBills representative can call you each month to go over your bill payments.

  • How do I get questions about bill payments answered when I use SilverBills?

    You can email or call SilverBills with any questions. The company also provides a contact form on its website. Representatives work from 9 a.m. through 7 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m ET. over the weekend.


SilverBills manages your household bills, checks for inaccurate charges you may miss and safely stores your bills. The service is excellent for those aging in place because they receive trustworthy bill management assistance from professionals.

While the cost may seem steep at first glance, SilverBills’ service includes a dedicated account manager to oversee bills and electronic payments, authorize checks and act as a safeguard against incorrect invoices. This account manager is also at your disposal to answer questions or make changes to your account.

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