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SilverSingles is an online dating service catering to people aged 50 and older who are looking for a serious relationship. The company operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany. Over 80 percent of members hold a university degree, making this online dating service especially attractive to those with a higher level of education. SilverSingles uses an accurate algorithm to make it easier to meet others with common interests who are looking for a more committed relationship.

  • Website is easy to understand and navigate
  • Supportive online forum secured by data encryption with dedicated customer service
  • Detailed personality questionnaire backed by science links users with a high degree of similarities
  • iPhone and Android apps

  • Basic free membership has limited functionality and no photos of potential matches
  • No phone number for customer service

How to Get Started with SilverSingles

New members create a SilverSingles profile by selecting their gender and whether they are interested in a man or woman followed by entering a few personal details, email address and a password. The profile begins to take shape when new members answer a few basic demographic questions such as birth date, relationship status, and education level. Members then select characteristics they are looking for in potential matches, such as age or education level. From there, the profile gets further defined:

  • Complete a 15 to 30-minute personality questionnaire to assess personality traits, interests, hobbies, beliefs, relationship preferences — all those intricacies that create a unique user profile.
  • A photo is recommended to personalize your profile, but this isn’t required.
  • Indicate acceptable length of travel to meet potential matches.
  • Create a biography, where SilverSingles suggests members be happy, funny, engaging, concise and most importantly, honest.

SilverSingles Costs

SilverSingles offers free memberships but critical functions are absent, such as the ability to view potential match photos and communicate with other members. This Basic membership is intended to be a trial period, during which users can complete the personality questionnaire and see limited information on potential matches. In comparison, a Premium membership provides unrestricted access to all SilverSingles features.

Premium memberships are for three-, six- and twelve-month periods with fees paid monthly. The longer the membership period, the lower the monthly payment.

SilverSingles Memberships
Features Basic Premium
Basic user profile Y N
Premium user profile N Y
Unlimited potential matches with photos N Y
Unrestricted communication with matches N Y
Read receipts for sent messages N Y
See all visitors to user profile N Y
Full access with iOS and Android app N Y
Cost: 3-month/6-month/12-month Free $57.95/$34.95/$31.95

Navigating the SilverSingles Website

If you tried SilverSingles in the past but didn’t continue using the online dating service, take another look at the recently redesigned website and mobile app. This online dating service is straightforward to use, even if you are not technically-inclined. However, you’ll need a paid membership to get much use out of SilverSingles, even though there’s a free Basic membership.

  • Dashboard: When first logging on to SilverSingles, members see the dashboard with a Messages section for private messaging and a Matches section revealing the top three potential matches with photos. You can click on the Visit Your Matches link below the photos to view all compatible members SilverSingles found for you.
  • Find members not on the Match list: Click on the Cupid’s arrow icon at the top of the site to go to the Have You Met? Page. Here, you’ll see potential matches not on the Matches list but with things in common, like a shared interest or religion. View the profiles of these potential matches one at a time, and sending a message or a smile adds the member to the Matches list.
  • Search with filters: Filter search results for other SilverSingles members by age, height, distance, similarities and other selections.
  • Messages and who viewed the profile: Access messages from potential matches when not on the Dashboard by clicking on the envelope icon. Members can click on the magnifying glass icon to see others who have viewed their profile.

Profile options: Four sections divide the member profile:

  1. Member photo, first name, age, occupation, and city. This tab also lists other relevant information, such as height, religious beliefs, educational level, race, language spoken, smoking preference, and additional biographical data.
  2. Photo gallery for uploading additional photos.
  3. An in-depth explanation of personality assessment results in the areas of openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.
  4. Enter more information here about interests related to hobbies, music and sports.

Viewing Matches on SilverSingles

There are a few ways to see potential matches on the SilverSingles website or in the mobile app. First, a heart icon at the top of the page indicates the number of potential matches you have. Click on the heart to see the Matches list. Each match is assigned a number to show the level of compatibility. The higher the score, the stronger the similarities between the two profiles.

Once on the Matches list, members can view the profiles of potential matches, send them a private message or a smile as a greeting, add them to a watchlist, or delete them from the Matches list. Members can use many filters for varying results on the Matches list, for example, to only see new matches or members they’ve communicated with previously.

silversingles screenshot

Source: SilverSingles

SilverSingles Customer Support

SilverSingles offers no phone support, however, members can contact the Customer Care team via email, U.S. mail or fax, all listed on the website. Click on the privacy link, and you’ll see a phone number, but it’s an international number for the parent company, Spark Networks, located in Germany.

The Help Center on the website has plenty of information on creating a user profile, meeting potential matches, managing accounts, and understanding billing and membership issues. SilverSingles lists helpful dating articles about first date etiquette, romantic date ideas, online safety and more. There’s an FAQ section, and members can click on links to the parent company’s online dating services in 23 other countries outside of the U.S., although these aren’t all SilverSingles sites.

SilverSingles Complaints ranks SilverSingles 4.5 out of 5 and includes the site on its list of the best online dating services for 2020. gives SilverSingles a 9.8 out of 10 rating, and Mashable gives the dating service a nod for being the best dating site for those who are divorced, over the age of 60 and hesitant to start dating.

The few complaints we saw revolved around the Basic membership not letting you fully experience the service and the lack of being able to contact customer service via the phone.

SilverSingles Q&A

  • How did SilverSingles design the personality questionnaire?
    The Five-Factor Model (FFM) of Personality Traits developed by psychologists Robert McCrae and Paul Costa in 1992 is the foundation of the SilverSingles personality assessment. The FFM contends a combination of the ‘Big Five’ factors determine all personalities: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

  • How many people use SilverSingles online dating service?
    We found no confirmed numbers for SilverSingles monthly active members. Spark Networks, which owns SilverSingles and several other online dating services around the globe, welcomes a combined 65,000 new members and matches 2,000 couples each month.

  • How many potential matches can I expect each day from SilverSingles?
    You can expect between three and seven potential matches each day if you have a complete member profile and a Premium SilverSingles membership.

  • Is there a way to see what a person looks like on SilverSingles if I get a potential match from a member with no profile photo?
    If a potential match has not uploaded a profile photo, you can visit their profile and click on Ask for Photo. You will get a notification if they upload a photo.

  • How long is my personal information stored on the SilverSingles website?
    SilverSingles only stores your data as long as you have a membership. If you cancel your membership and delete your account, SilverSingles removes all your profile details and photos from the website. You can’t reactivate your account after you delete it, so you will need to create a new profile if you return to SilverSingles.

  • How do I know if a potential match on SilverSingles is from a fake account?
    The Customer Care team at SilverSingles manually reviews and verifies all user profiles to ensure members are honest about their identity. However, some online dating service users try to engage in scams by asking other users for money. The Federal Trade Commission found online dating scams reported to the FBI tripled from 2012 to 2016, with users losing over $220 million to scammers in 2016 alone. Never send cash, checks or gift cards to anyone on SilverSingles or another online dating service.


According to the Pew Research Center survey, 5 Facts About Online Dating, people aged 50 and older using an online dating service doubled between 2013 and 2016. If you are in that age group and want to meet individuals with common interests who are looking for a serious relationship, SilverSingles is an excellent online dating service.

SilverSingles Reviews

Recent Reviews

Featured Review
June 21 2021 3:20AM

I've only been on SilverSingles for one day so really can't attest too much, but I wanted to answer to some of the complaints three of the other women reviewers had. (1) I wrote to one gentleman and got a quick reply. And we corresponded for several hours.

(2) Being someone who likes to "investigate" on my own I was able to learn that one man I was interested in is a recent widower and his profile was everything he said about himself.

(3) Silver Surfers gave me plenty of matches for the first day so I am hopeful I will continue to enjoy this site!

Lessandra S.
October 05 2021 1:41PM

One star is one too many! SilverSingles is riddled with scammers and fake profiles. I joined two weeks ago and this last weekend alone, I reported 4 scammers so I decided to cancel my membership and get a refund.

I got an email from customer service saying they won't refund my money so there's almost $180 down the toilet. I recommend you stay away from this site.

Ed B.
Murrieta, CA
August 04 2021 5:15PM

Shortest distance preference is 50 miles which is zip to zip, so that could be a 2 hour drive. No search feature - you have to wait on SS to send you matches. Cumbersome process to delete matches. No "body type" preference setting. "Have You Met" feature ignores preferences.

William E.
Odenton, MD
June 29 2021 5:41PM

Customer Service is nil. I just got disconnected after an hour and 15 minutes on hold. Recording kept saying press one for a callback which didn’t work. This is not the first time this has happened.

I tried to contact them by email and got back a standard reply which did not address my issue. Customer Service is not available nights and weekends. This is ridiculous for a dating site. Do you think I can do this from work? As to the results I’ve gotten they stink.

I keep getting matches from states that are three or four states away. I want a relationship not a pen pal. Also I am an extreme extrovert and they keep sending me introverts.

How do I get what you promised? I’m contacting the Better Business Bureau. I want to cancel my account, but can’t get in touch with anyone.

Diane E.
August 24 2020 12:33AM

This dating site is totally useless. You can send messages or smiles and nobody responds,.. Too many profiles without pictures.... A waste of time and money.... There are many scammers on this site that give information and is very questionable.

Roberta H.
Pittsburgh, PA
August 10 2020 9:52PM

I did a lot of online dating more than 10 years ago and belonged to many different dating websites over the years. I gave up and stopped looking for almost 10 years, but decided 8 months ago to get back into the game by giving SilverSingles a try. I immediately regretted it.

This is the WORST and most badly managed singles/dating website I have had the misfortune of being on. The site is very difficult to navigate and you will rarely get any sort of a helpful response from "customer service."

All you get are the same canned, pre-written responses to whatever your complaint or question is.

This site won't let you reorder your profile pictures if you'd like a different photo to appear first, but meanwhile they let through LOTS of photos that are supposedly against their rules, like sideways photos, photos that are too dark to see faces, photos with than one person in it.

They lie and say they review photos, yet repeatedly let bad photos through. I was very specific that I am a woman looking for a man but on more than one occasion, SilverSingles sent matches to me that are women!

They also seem to have a very poor security review practice because I have been approached multiple times by men with fake/scam profiles.

I can always tell these are scams because of the way they are written and because the photos are always obviously fake/stock photos -- usually much too perfect and clearly staged.

Since I can always sniff out a fake profile, I always write something that tells the guy to buzz off -- I'm not interested.

Then days later, sure enough, SilverSingles sends out an email warning me and other women who were approached by these scammers about the fake profile.

If SilverSingles would do their due diligence in the first place, there wouldn't be so many fraudulent profiles and scammers on this horrible website.

SilverSingles also repeatedly sets you up with exactly the kind of person you made clear you wouldn't be interested in -- or people who are geographically much too far when you specified a certain amount of miles.

Then they ask for "feedback" on their supposed "matches," saying they want this feedback so they can improve their matches for you, but they routinely ignore your feedback and continue to send you the bad and too-far matches.

Most people I have approached on this site NEVER respond, which tells me most of the profiles are old and outdated and no longer active.

Unethical dating websites such as SilverSingles keep old, defunct profiles active to make it look like they have more members than they actually do.

Also, be careful if you sign up because they don't offer any sort of monthly payment plan. Instead, they deceptively fool you into paying for an entire year at once by outlining the amount of the yearly cost divided by 12.

It's all very cleverly and misleadingly worded so that it SEEMS like you are signing up for a monthly plan but you aren't -- they will charge you for an entire year and WILL NOT relent when you explain that their website DID NOT make it clear you would be charged for an entire year at once.

If you don't realize the mistake within 72 hours, you are stuck on this terrible website for an entire year.

Michelle R.
Yardley, PA
July 29 2020 5:03PM

When I pulled up the site, my photo was no longer there. I called and I was told my photo and info were hacked from someone in Texas. Then I was told to go out to a store, maybe CVS, and call from there to prove I was from Mass. What???

So I cancelled, and next thing I find out, my credit card was cancelled due to unusual charges. Luckily my bank caught this before it was too late. This is a scam company, don't use it!!!

Linda M.
Lowell, MA
October 21 2019 9:26PM

I enrolled and looked at matches and sent a few messages and logged out. Have not been able to log in since. Emails get no replies. Request to reset password gets no return email and not in spam. They have my money and I am out of luck. Reporting to BBB

Cathy M.
Bloomington, IL
September 20 2019 3:17PM

The company itself isn't bad... but the women that are matched up with my profile are the most homely looking women I've ever seen. One would think that the pictures these women post they would try to look attractive.... 99% of them look like they just rolled out of bed... ugly.

The few that were attractive never responded to any of my quires and the one that did told me she needed money so she could return back to the USA from Turkey. She was buying diamonds and spent all of her money... I hope no man fell for that story. The site is alright but the women trying to lure a man sure need to polish themselves up before posting hideous pictures of themselves.

Biagio R.
Green Valley, AZ
September 20 2019 3:17PM

The company itself isn't bad ...but the women that are matched up with my profile are the most homely looking women I've ever seen. One would think that the pictures these women post they would try to look attractive....99% of them look like they just rolled out of bed...ugly.

The few that were attractive never responded to any of my quires and the one that did told me she needed money so she could return back to the USA from Turkey. She was buying diamonds and spent all of her money...I hope no man fell for that story. The site is alright but the women trying to lure a man sure need to polish themselves up before posting hideous pictures of themselves.

Biagio R.
Green Valley, AZ
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