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Simple Mobile is a virtual network operator based in Miami, Florida. The company leases cellular network space from T-Mobile and resells it to clients in clearly-defined, no-contract plans. That way, customers get the benefit of T-Mobile’s nationwide network without the commitment or complexity of a long-term contract.

According to the Pew Research Center, since 2013, more than twice as many seniors have now switched from landlines to smartphones. With so many seniors switching over, Simple Mobile has made the transition easy and reduced the costs involved.

Simple Mobile’s prepaid, 30-day wireless plans are a cinch to understand and use. There are no contracts, and plans start at $30.

  • 30-day plans with no contracts
  • T-Mobile network
  • All plans include unlimited nationwide calls and texts

  • Unlimited international calls are only available to specific cities and countries

Simple Mobile Cell Plan Features

Simple Mobile is different from competitors because all of its plans include unlimited talk, texting and international service. Simple Mobile provides cellphone coverage with the option to purchase a new phone or use your current phone and SIM card. You can select from a variety of 30-day plans, which differ based on how much data you need. If you only plan to use your phone to talk and text, the basic plan is probably enough. However, you will likely need a more expensive plan to stream video or use a lot of apps.

At the end of your 30-day plan, you can stop paying with no further charges, renew your plan each month indefinitely or choose another plan. Simple Mobile also provides the option to set cell service plans to auto-renew, which is useful if you know you’ll be a customer for more than one month.

International Calls with Simple Mobile

We found Simple Mobile is great for international calls in our guide to the Best Cell Phones for Seniors. That being said, Simple Mobile’s Unlimited International calls are helpful but not entirely unlimited. Simple Mobile limits customers to 20 unique international numbers in specific cities within 69 countries. Simple Mobile allows calls to landlines in 41 of these countries and calls to landlines or mobile phones in the remaining 28. Customers also receive 1,000 bonus minutes each billing cycle to call Bangladesh.

International callers can add an optional $10 calling card to any plan to place calls to destinations that are not part of the standard Unlimited International list. Simple Mobile publishes calling rates for each country on its website, ranging from 2 cents to $3.50 per minute.

Simple Mobile Costs

Simple Mobile’s plans are available at several price points, all of which differ according to how much data you get per month and at what speed. Be sure to check the company’s website for limited-time deals and offers, which fluctuate frequently.

Simple Mobile Plan Options
Monthly Costs Plan Details
$30 2GB high-speed data
Mobile hot spot capable
$40 15GB high-speed data
Mobile hot spot capable
$60 Unlimited high-speed data
Up to 10GB for hot spots

You can save a couple of dollars per month if you opt for Auto ReUp, the company’s automatic 30-day billing option. You can cancel Auto ReUp at any time. Otherwise, the program automatically renews your plan.

Optional Simple Mobile Plan Add-Ons

You can extend Simple Mobile’s standard plans with a few options:

  • Add up to four additional lines to any plan for $25 per line.
  • Add international calling to destinations not included in Unlimited International coverage for a minimum of $10. Simple Mobile charges for international calls by the minute.
  • Add data to any plan with an additional 2GB for $5, 5GB for $10 or 10GB for $20.

How to Buy a Simple Mobile Phone and Plan

Simple Mobile provides cellphone coverage with the option to purchase a phone or a Simple Mobile SIM card for less than $1 to use in your existing phone. You can buy phones and plans on Simple Mobile’s website. Phone cards are also available at many retail locations, including CVS, 7-Eleven and Walgreens.

When you buy a new or refurbished phone from Simple Mobile, you sign up for a cell service plan simultaneously. This means you can activate your new phone and start using it almost immediately.

Simple Mobile Complaints

Simple Mobile receives mixed reviews online. The Better Business Bureau gives the company an A+ rating. On the other hand, gives Simple Mobile 2.5 out of 5 stars, primarily because their Unlimited plan terms are vague and cell coverage is patchy outside of major metropolitan areas. Simple Mobile also receives only 1.5 out of 5 stars from Yelp reviewers, who complain about inadequate coverage and frequently dropped calls.

Simple Mobile Q&A

  • Does Simple Mobile charge an activation fee?

    No, Simple Mobile charges no activation fees or other hidden fees.

  • Does Simple Mobile’s service allow three-way phone calls?

    Yes, you can place a three-way phone call to two U.S. phone numbers or even make a three-way call to one U.S. number and one international number. However, Simple Mobile does not allow for three-ways call to two international numbers.

  • Can I use my current cellphone number from another provider with a new Simple Mobile plan?

    Yes, the Federal Communications Commission requires cell companies to port numbers. You can usually transfer your phone number to Simple Mobile as long as your account with the other provider is paid up.

  • Can I use my landline number for a new Simple Mobile account?

    In some cases, you can transfer a landline number to Simple Mobile for use with a cellphone. The process can take up to a few weeks, though, and you won’t be able to use the number for your landline anymore.

  • How do I know how much high-speed data or Simple Mobile international minutes I’ve used?

    You can check all of your Simple Mobile account details at any time by logging into your online account.


Simple Mobile cellphone plans are affordable, easy to use and require no commitment beyond 30 days. The service likely saves you money and is particularly useful if you live in a metropolitan area. Check out Simple Mobile’s coverage map to decide if this contract-free cell service is right for you.

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Get a stick...Jab it into your will hurt less than trying to do business with ** Mobile. And if you do business with ** will need a second stick... cause when the service you paid for doesn't work, and and you have to call customer're going to need it for the other eyeball....

(My mobile data just stopped working one day, after two weeks of calling customer service...I have memorized the ten minute auto-attendant menu, learned to speak, but not understand, Hinglish, and it has become clear that ** mobile could not/cannot fix the problem, are not making any attempt to fix the problem, and despite the 800 apologies from people whose accents I cannot understand have no problem taking your money but are incapable of providing the service for which you have paid.)

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