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SimpliSafe provides a low-cost, effective solution to protecting your property with a choice of multiple home security system bundles. You can also build a customized system, or get started with SimpliCam security cameras or Video Doorbell Pro. The company has been selling professional-grade security systems for houses and apartments since 2006.

  • Simple DIY installation requires no tools
  • Optional installation services
  • 3-year warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Low cost, cancel any time
  • Runs on cell signal with Wi-Fi backup

  • SimpliCam requires additional Outdoor Kit to use outside the home
  • Limited smart home system features

SimpliSafe Affordable Security Systems

A recent home burglary study published by the University of North Carolina – Charlotte criminal justice programs shows that home security systems deter crime. Alarm signs, outdoor cameras and other evidence of security devices deter the majority of would-be criminals. Nearly anyone can benefit from a home security system to stay safe, but costs and contracts can get in the way.

No installation costs make SimpliSafe budget-friendly from the start. Install window sensors, cameras, fire alarms, freeze sensors and other hardware with the included 3M Command Strips and no tools. Optional professional monitoring costs less than much of the competition and requires no contract.

How SimpliSafe Home Security Works

Each SimpliSafe system includes a portable base station and a battery-operated keypad. Some home security packages include a key fob to disable the alarm before entering your home, or you can order a fob separately. Some system packages include a 105-decibel siren. For comparison, a power lawnmower, motorcycle or jackhammer produces 100 decibels of sound.

SimpliSafe security systems come ready-to-use out of the box. Plug the base station into an outlet, place the sensors, activate cellular reception and monitoring, and the set up is complete. You can optionally set up SimpliSafe with your Wi-Fi network as a backup to the cell signal for communication. SimpliSafe designed all equipment to be easy to install, but also offers low-cost installation for under $100.

SimpliSafe Home Security System Packages
System Features Price
The Foundation
For small homes and apartments
Sensors: 1 entry, 1 motion $229
The Essentials
Popular basic home security
Sensors: 3 entry, 1 motion $259
The Hearth
Adds smoke detection and siren
Sensors: 3 entry, 1 motion
Key fob, siren, smoke detector
The Knox
For homes with 4+ bedrooms
Sensors: 6 entry, 2 motion
Smoke detector, siren, key fob
The Haven
Adds fire and flooding protection
Sensors: 4 entry, 2 motion, freeze, water
Smoke detector, panic button, siren, key fob

If SimpliSafe’s bundles don’t work for you, you can create a custom system for your house. Either select sensors and other equipment a la carte, or start with a bundled package and add more components. SimpliSafe’s base station is attractive and blends in with most home decorating. Motion sensors only detect human heat signatures, so pets do not cause false alarms.

SimpliSafe Smart Home Integrations

You can set up a smart home security system with SimpliSafe if you subscribe to the Interactive Monitoring plan. You can arm your alarm via voice command with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, but you can’t use the devices to disarm. An August Lock will automatically lock or unlock when you arm or disarm a SimpliSafe system.

Nest thermostats can be set to turn the temperature up or down when you arrive home depending on the time of year. You need to use Google Assistant to sync a Nest thermostat either with the SimpliSafe web app or smartphone app.

SimpliSafe’s Latest Home Security Developments

In addition to giving their home security system a complete overhaul, SimpliSafe developed and now sells a new security camera, video doorbell and Smart Lock. You can use these components alone or with a full home security setup.

  • Video Doorbell Pro ($169) uses two sensors to determine if a person is at your door. Leaves blowing across your front step do not send you a notification, unlike some video doorbells. Use the SimpliSafe mobile app to view 162 degrees of high-definition video and use two-way communication to talk to visitors. If you have a SimpliSafe home security system installed, Video Doorbell Pro starts recording whenever a sensor picks up activity.
  • SimpliCam security cameras ($99) have audio and video capabilities. The camera notifies you on the mobile app when there’s movement, and has night vision and a 120-degree field of view. SimpliCam works in the home, or you will have to buy a $20 weather sleeve to protect the camera outdoors. SimpliCam requires Wi-Fi and comes in black.
  • SimpliSafe Smart Lock ($99) locks and unlocks the door automatically on a timer or when you arm and disarm your system. The SimpliSafe app lets you know when someone locks or unlocks the door, and alerts you if someone enters the wrong PIN five times. Your home gets locked down for 30 minutes after 15 attempts, and if you have a monitored system, SimpliSafe calls the police if there’s a break-in. Smart Lock comes in black, white and nickel finishes.

SimpliSafe Costs, Guarantee and Warranty

SimpliSafe runs on a cell tower signal, but there’s no additional charge for that service. Other than the equipment listed in our chart, we found a few other bundles on the website in the $274 to $325 range.

SimpliSafe is designed for easy DIY installation, but you can get professional installation for $79. If you want Video Doorbell Pro installed, you’ll pay a little more, but SimpliSafe doesn’t specify the amount.

Basic SimpliSafe professional monitoring starts at $14.99 per month. The Interactive Monitoring service costs $24.99 monthly and includes remote management, SMS and email notifications, video storage and more.

All SimpliSafe hardware, including the camera, doorbell and Smart Lock, comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Return a component or entire home security system within 60 days of purchase for a full refund. SimpliSafe’s three-year warranty covers equipment from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service.

Where to Buy SimpliSafe Home Security Systems

You can buy SimpliSafe security systems at Best Buy, Target and Walmart. However, you’ll find a better selection of bundles and individual components by ordering on the SimpliSafe website. Order online, and you can select a monitoring package at the same time.

SimpliSafe Complaints

Tom’s Guide, CNET, PCMag and other tech review sites give SimpliSafe a solid thumbs-up. Easy installation is a recurrent theme in online reviews. CNET says SimpliSafe provides “reliable, comprehensive coverage at an outstanding value” and notes the easy setup. Consumers on Google Reviews give SimpliSafe 4.7 out of 5 stars, and 74% of Trustpilot reviews rate the company Excellent or Great.

SimpliSafe scores an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, but we also found some complaints on the BBB site. Negative comments revolved around holding on the phone for a long time before getting through to tech support or customer service.

SimpliSafe Q&A

  • Does SimpliSafe offer any money-saving deals on security systems?

    One way to save on SimpliSafe home security systems is to buy refurbished hardware. SimpliSafe thoroughly tests used systems to ensure the equipment works properly. These systems ship free, and come with a 60-day money-back guarantee and three-year warranty. SimpliSafe may offer promotional deals on new equipment from time to time as well.

  • Will a SimpliSafe home security system protect a large house?

    Sensors in the all-new SimpliSafe security system reach 700 to 800 feet with a direct line-of-sight. SimpliSafe systems secure most large homes and houses with multiple floors. Garages and basements can present a problem due to thick walls, but these areas can usually be protected as well.

  • Can I get a discount on my homeowners insurance with a SimpliSafe system?

    Many insurance companies give customers who install a home security system a break on homeowner’s insurance premiums. If you elect to include professional monitoring with a SimpliSafe system, you can print out a certificate to provide to your insurance company to get a discount.

  • Can I take a SimpliSafe home security system with me if I move to another home?

    SimpliSafe sensors attach with 3M Command Adhesive, so the equipment is removed easily without damaging surfaces. You can take your SimpliSafe system to a new home, and the company sells new adhesive strips. A customer support representative assists with activating your account at the new address.

  • Do I need a permit to install a home security system like SimpliSafe?

    Some police departments require permits for home security systems. SimpliSafe shows permit requirements on the invoice based on the shipping address. You can also call your local police department to determine if there are permit requirements.


SimpliSafe sells DIY home security systems that are affordable and easy to set up. The mid to upper-level bundles provide the components you need, but we recommend an additional entry sensor or a window sensor if you decide on The Foundation package. If you have a small living space to protect, one sensor is not optimal because you have one entrance and an egress window, or two entrances.

SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring is inexpensive, and the guarantee and warranty are both substantial. However, if you are looking for an alarm system that is fully smart home-ready, consider Vivint SmartHome or Protect Your Home.

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