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Smart Health Dental offers dental insurance plans and dental discount plans, including plans most beneficial to seniors. After reviewing SHD Insurance’s policies, the provider stands out among competitors for its ability to provide coverage with no waiting periods; Members can use their benefits as soon as the plan becomes active.

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SHD offers dental insurance plans with no waiting periods as well as care coordination services that help members negotiate care rates and maximize the value of their benefits.

Smart Health Dental (SHD) is one of the few companies that offer dental insurance plans with no waiting periods. This means people can use their benefits from the moment the plan becomes active, rather than waiting months for access. 

Choose from several plans, including dental plans for seniors that award instant coverage for major procedures. All plans include access to elite care coordinators who will help you find savings on non-covered procedures (an average of 20% to 50% off regular rates in most cases).


  • No waiting period
  • Plans with up to 100% coverage on preventive procedures
  • Care coordination services included
  • National network of 200,000+ providers


  • 100% coverage only available in year 2 for Elevate plan

Our Experience With Smart Health Dental

After evaluating and researching Smart Health Dental insurance, we appreciate the company’s transparent approach to insurance. Its no-frills website is simple, clear, and to the point. Its online quote feature allows users to filter plans by the specific procedures you may want coverage for, like root canals or implants, for example. (More on dental plan costs below.)

We believe Smart Health Dental would be a great option for seniors, especially. It is one of the only providers that offer plans tailored to older adults with no waiting period. Its comprehensive plan covers up to 50% of major services, such as treatment and repairs to bridges, implants, and dentures. Similar plans offered by Aetna, for example, only cover up to 40% of the cost for the same procedures. 

Smart Health Dental Insurance Plans

By offering multiple plan options that are flexible and affordable, SHD helps you find quality care that fits your budget. Plan members can start using the benefits as soon as the plan becomes active.

Plan NameCoverageCosts
Preventative PPODiagnostic & preventive services: 100%

Basic services: 50% – 80%

Major services: 0%
Annual maximum: $750 per person in- and out-of-network

Deductible: 0%
ElevateDiagnostic & preventive services: 80% year 1; 100% years 2 & 3

Basic and major services: 20% – 60%

Excludes orthodontics
Annual maximum: $750 per person year 1; $1,000 year 2; $1,250 year 3

Annual deductible: $50 per person; $150 per family
DiscountDental procedures: 15% to 50% discount

Vision services: Discounts vary

Prescription drugs: up to 50%
Overview of SHD Dental Insurance Plans

Preventative PPO Plan

A discount plan that offers 100% coverage on preventative services, such as exams and cleanings, biopsies, sealants, and x-rays. While there is partial coverage for fillings and some emergency treatments, major services like root canals, surgeries, or prosthodontic services are not covered.


This full coverage plan is ideal for people who need coverage for major procedures—it does not have a waiting period. In addition to full coverage on diagnostic and preventive procedures, the Elevate plan offers partial coverage for major services except orthodontic services (braces). Deductibles are lower and maximums extend up to $1,250.


This non-insurance plan offers no annual limit on how much you can save on dental and other healthcare expenses, including vision services, discounts on prescription drugs, and telemedicine. Plan members will have access to Aetna Dental Access® dental network with over 262,000 dental locations nationwide. There are no waiting periods.

Elite Coordination Service

SHD insurance plans come with access to a care coordinator who can help you find the right dental provider to fit your dental needs and budget. Services under this benefit include:

  • Finding a licensed dentist offering quality care
  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Finding the lowest price on service or procedures
  • Understanding your coverage options and dental plan benefits

Because care coordinators are familiar with all plan details, SHD recommends members contact a care coordinator before booking their visits. They’ll confirm the provider’s network participation and pricing for your dental procedures. According to an SHD representative, care coordinators have saved members an average of 20% to 50% over the past 15 years, as opposed to the usual and customary rates (UCR) for those same procedures and geographic areas.

Smart Health Dental Insurance Costs

An SHD representative told us that dental Insurance plans start at about $39 per month for an individual.

To estimate monthly premiums for dental plans, Smart Heath Dental gave us access to its self-enrollment site to quote individual and family plans. Prices are the same for all members regardless of age; however, they vary based on state, ZIP code, and number of members. 

  • An individual plan for a person in North Carolina: $47.46 per month for the Preventative PPO plan and $77.15 for the comprehensive Elevate plan.
  • A plan for an individual plus a spouse in North Carolina: $74.19 per month for the Preventative PPO plan and $113.35 per month for the comprehensive Elevate plan.

While preventative services have more extensive coverage, some members might find having dental coverage helpful for more costly procedures, such as root canals. Retirement Living received a quote for a root canal from an endodontist that totaled about $1,277. Members of SHD’s Elevate plan would get 20% coverage in year one for this procedure, or about $300.

SHD Insurance online quote feature.
SHD Insurance online quote feature. Source: Retirement Living

How to Get Smart Health Dental Insurance

Start by exploring SHD’s dental insurance plans. If you want help choosing a plan that fits your needs and budget, experts can recommend a plan and guide you through the enrollment process.

Quotes are free. Once the plan is active, you can use your benefits immediately.

Smart Health Dental Complaints

While Smart Health Dental’s Better Business Bureau profile has an A+ rating, the company is not accredited. Customer reviews rate SHD 2 out of 5 stars, but the total reviews available to analyze are limited.

The most common complaints reference a lack of coverage for customers’ preferred dentists who are out of network. Others caution that 100% coverage of preventative services for the Elevate plan does not go into effect until year two; however, it’s important to note that 100% coverage of preventative services is available one day under the PPO plan.

Retirement Living recommends utilizing SHD’s team of care coordinators to ensure you understand your coverage options and only schedule appointments with in-network providers.

FAQs About Smart Health Dental

What do Smart Health Dental plans cost?

An SHD Insurance plan starts at about $39 per month for an individual. Monthly premiums are based on your state, zip code, and the number of members on your plan.

Can you cancel an SHD insurance plan?

All Smart Health Dental plans include a 30-day free-look period during which the consumer can cancel the policy and receive a full refund of all monthly premiums paid, as long as there have been no claims processed on the policy.

What services are covered by Smart Health Dental?

With Smart Health Dental’s full coverage plan, members get 80% coverage on diagnostic and preventive services during the first year and 100% coverage on diagnostic and preventive services during years two and three. Basic and major services, such as x-rays, root canals, sealants, oral surgery, bridges, implants, and dentures have coverage ranging from 20% to 60%.


Smart Health Dental insurance is a great option for seniors who need fast coverage for major procedures. Tech-savvy elite coordinators can help seniors find the most cost-effective rates and maximize the value of their benefits. To compare plan rates in your area, go to the Smart Health Dental Insurance website.

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