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Solomon and Sons Relocation Services

4.7 Stars (11 Reviews)
Updated: December 4, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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As a full-service household and business moving company, Solomon & Sons Relocation Services offers moving and storage services across the country. The company operates its moving fleet and customer service out of southern Florida to directly serve that area, and professionally coordinates and brokers residential and business relocations across the country and to foreign locations. Backed by a good number of positive reviews, Solomon & Sons stands out as a reliable moving company.

Solomon and Sons Relocation Services

Editorial Breakdown

Easy Quotes 4.5 Stars
Ease of Purchase 4.8 Stars
Price 4.8 Stars
Coverage Area 4.9 Stars

Overall Rating 4.7 Stars

Bottom Line

Solomon and Sons Relocation Services offers residential, commercial, long-distance and international moving services. Take advantage of their free, climate controlled storage for up to 14 days if you're moving long distance.

Based in South Florida, Solomon & Sons Relocation Services sets itself apart as a family-owned-and-operated business rather than a franchise or agent of a large van line. The company is a carrier, not a broker, which means it hires and trains its own employees instead of involving subcontractors.


  • Highly rated by customers on BBB
  • Full-service options include 14 days free storage for long-distance moves
  • Custom packing services for high-value and large items


  • Standard Basic Valuation has coverage limitations
  • Not available in MT, NE, ND, SD, WY

Custom Moving Packages

Solomon & Sons household moving services include customizable options for packing, transport, and relocation. Rather than forcing you into a moving package with a service you don’t need, the company offers custom solutions to fit your specific relocation. 

If you need storage during your move, Solomon & Sons offers temperature-controlled, affordably priced storage solutions as well including short- and long-term storage and commercial storage.

Solomon & Sons Residential Moving Services

Solomon & Sons offers comprehensive residential moving solutions, including, local, long-distance, and international moves. The company also offers comprehensive senior moving services that include packing and unpacking and furniture assembly and disassembly to make relocating easy.

Local MovesLong Distance Moves
-Free phone or in-home estimates
-No hidden fees
-New moving trucks and clean equipment
-Uniformed and screened moving professionals
-Furnishings prepared for damage-free moving
-Optional disassembly and reassembly services
-Partial or full packing service and storage options as needed
-Optional replacement-cost basic valuation
-Affordable, honest pricing with free, written estimates
-Personalized move coordination 
-Custom state-to-state and nationwide moving plans
-Professional packing and unpacking service
-Furniture padding and shrink wrapping to prevent damage
-Flexible short- and long-term household storage plans
-Standard basic valuation coverage
-Specialty moving services (fine art, antiques, pianos, and more)
Solomon & Sons Relocation Services

Local Residential Moves

Solomon & Sons is based in Florida, and its bread and butter is high-quality residential moving services throughout the entire state of Florida. 

Professional moving crews are fully employed by Solomon & Sons year-round, never contracted. The entire staff is licensed, insured, and fully vetted.

Long-Distance Residential Moves

If you plan to move to Florida from another state, Solomon & Sons offers expert packing, loading, delivery, and storage options with a customized moving plan. You get 14 days of free storage in a climate-controlled indoor facility with every long-distance move.

While Solomon & Sons can accommodate last-minute long-distance moves, it is recommended that customers book interstate relocation services 30 to 60 days in advance.

Additional Services

As a full-service moving company, Solomon & Sons offers additional services to ensure a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

  • Short- and long-term storage: House your items in climate-controlled spaces protected by 24/7 security. Once your new home is ready, book a delivery from the storage unit to your new address.
  • Custom crating: Build custom crates and padding for large and oddly-shaped items that can’t fit in a box, such as pianos, art, medical equipment, rugs, statues, and more.
  • Packing and unpacking: Choose from self-packing, kitchen-packing, or full-service packing plans. Includes packing materials.
  • Furniture assembly: Allow professionals to carefully break down and reassemble items as needed to fit through doorways and hallways. 
  • Car shipping: Transportation logistics for specialized items like cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and other heavy equipment. Services include open or enclosed transport, as well as exotic and classic car transport.

Service Areas

Solomon & Sons Relocation Services offers its services nationwide, those it doesn’t provide pickups in certain states. According to its website, residential moving and packaging services are not available in: 

  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Wyoming

Cost of Solomon & Sons Relocation Services

The average cost of a move with Solomon & Sons Relocation Services varies based on how many items you’re moving, your moving distance, and the optional services you choose. 

Intrastate and local moves are often charged by the hour or at a flat rate. A deposit of 20% is required at the time of reservation, and all local moves require full payment prior to delivery. Long-distance moves require a 50% payment at pickup. 

While the company maintains an online quote feature, we were unable to source an immediate estimate. Each move is tailored to your needs, so you’ll need to fill out the form and speak to a representative for a specific cost estimate.

Solomon & Sons Relocation Services Liability Options

Solomon & Sons provides standard valuation coverage of $0.60 per pound); however, we recommend purchasing additional coverage to your relocation agreement to hold movers responsible for repairing or replacing any damaged items.

Federal law requires interstate movers to offer two levels of liability coverage called valuation. The standard valuation is included in the cost of your moving services and is the basic liability a mover assumes for damage to your belongings.

Solomon and Sons Services
Source: Solomon and Sons

Solomon & Sons Complaints

Both customers and review sites have good things to say about Solomon & Sons Relocation Services. Retirement Living analyzed our own review data, as well as data listed on other reputable review sites. 

The Better Business Bureau rates them with an A- with 4.3 out of 5 stars—only 7% of its reviews are 4 stars or less. On ConsumerAffairs and RetirementLiving, 64% of its 230 reviews are positive and reference professional, friendly staff and multiple clients said that they would happily use the mover again. 

Reviews that skewed negatively mentioned claims based on standard valuation liability, which as discussed above, doesn’t cover much. Other reviews mention higher costs than the estimate and delivery delays of 10 to 13 days. 

Solomon & Sons has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since March 2017 and is registered as a ProMover with the American Moving & Storage Association. In 2018, they were named “Mover of the Year” by Reality Today, and “Best Corporate Relocation Company 2018 – South Florida” by Acquisition International Magazine.

Solomon & Sons Relocation Services FAQs

Will Solomon & Sons Relocation Services come to my home and give me an in-person estimate?

Yes. You can request an in-home estimate when you fill out the form on the Solomon & Sons website or speak with a sales consultant on the phone. Home surveys and estimates are free.

Does Solomon & Sons Relocation Services staff speak any languages other than English?

Yes. Solomon & Sons has staff that speaks Russian, Spanish, French, Hebrew, and English.

What’s included in Solomon & Sons’ international moving services?

For international moves, Solomon & Sons can take care of all details, such as packing, labeling, dealing with customs, and coordinating transportation methods.

Are there any items Solomon & Sons Relocation Services can’t move locally?

Yes. There are some things no mover can legally ship regardless of the distance. These include flammable materials, combustible or explosive items, poisonous items, plants and perishable foods.

How does Solomon & Sons Relocation Services compare to bigger national carriers?

While Solomon & Sons is a smaller business compared to the large franchise groups, they have more flexibility and can offer personalized service.


Solomon & Sons is a relatively new company, yet has racked up a significant number of positive customer reviews. These reviews indicate the level of understanding the company has with moving practices, regulations and customer service. Solomon & Sons can handle any size move to almost any location professionally, and with competitive prices.

To get a free quote, call 855-368-7374 or visit the Solomon and Sons website.

11 Solomon and Sons Reviews

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5 Stars

January 10 2024 2:57AM

I recently had excellent experience in this company on my move from North Miami Beach to Delaware. I moved several times throughout the past years, and this by far has been the best moving experience. Special thank you to Giovanni and his team.

David P.
North Miami Beach, FL
1 Star

August 31 2023 1:12AM

Worst experience I have ever had. If I could give 0 stars I would. Every single interaction/experience I had with this company from start to finish was negative. I won't waste my energy going into details on this review, but do yourself a favor and stay far away from this company. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Melissa L.
Miami, FL
1 Star

January 20 2023 7:57PM

PLEASE READ if you are considering a move with Solomon and Sons! The story they sell you will certainly not be what they will deliver. Matt, my contact person on our move (TN to FL) strongly stressed the fact that they ARE NOT a broker. They do not bid their moves out to other companies.

They move you with their trucks, their guys. He was quite likable, and I bought the hype, so I signed with them even though they weren't the lowest estimate.

I was most concerned with getting my things as quickly as possible, and he stressed that although they legally have 10 days to deliver, they usually deliver in three or four. That sounded great. Fast forward a few weeks when the driver showed up on the move date.

He told me he wouldn't be delivering my items for TWELVE days (at the earliest)! This was so far out of left field I couldn't believe it. The drivers ended up waiting around for hours while I went back and forth with Customer Service only to be told there was nothing they could do.

On top of it all, I was going to be on vacation the day they said they could deliver. Since they gave me zero solutions, and I had to move, I bought a new plane ticket (my expense) for a day later and shortened my vacation.

The move took so long with only two men, and at the end, he said he had bad news and that my charge was going to be FIFTY PERCENT more than the estimate (THEIR estimate with accurate information).

When I asked what would happen if I didn't agree, he said they would take 40% of the items back off the truck. When I asked how often this happens with Solomon and Sons, he said the estimate has been too low on EVERY job he has ever done except ONE!

Upon delivery (TWELVE days later), the driver said the truck wouldn't fit, and they had to offload to a different truck for another $750 charge (even though Matt claimed he researched all this before the move, and there wouldn't be a charge). Again, just apologies.

I also watched my dining room table fall to the ground because they had leaned it on its side. This is by far my most expensive piece of furniture and the piece I had literally told them was the only one I truly cared about. Huge gash on the top.

Tons of boxes were crushed, dishes broken, tables broken, missing items, and EVERY lamp was broken. Every one. When the move was over, I called Matt to get some resolution to some of these issues.

After promising to get back to me twice with no response, I gave up and was just thankful this nightmare was over. I am in the process of filing a claim, and I will update my review after I see if there is appropriate resolution on that front.

Moves can be tough, but don't make yours a nightmare like I did. Please know what you're getting into before you sign with Solomon & Sons Relocation Services.

NOTE: I have moved with professional moving companies four times (all brokers by the way) local move and three interstate moves. Twice I was charged more than the estimate, but it was reasonable. I have never filed a claim or left a bad review.

Amie H.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
1 Star

June 07 2022 9:14PM

We had a terrible experience. However, Jordan was great & I have no complaints with him. We moved 2 condos from FL to a house in GA.

Right after the move, I got a call from S & Sons asking if I was missing a box of shoes & an ironing board because they were in NC at the house that shared our moving truck. I was missing them & we discussed delivery. However, I never received them.

When I filed a claim for the items, Solomon & Sons declined the claim even after they notified us! I also paid $75 to deliver some items to another address in GA. The driver said he didn't have the special order on his paperwork.

Again, my claim was denied for the overcharge because I didn't note it on the driver's paperwork. My claim was also denied for a missing floor lamp, a missing sound bar & a missing vintage turntable because I didn't note them on the paperwork after the move.

How would I know these items were missing until I unpacked everything? There were so many casualties in the move. These include 2 broken glass doors on a bookcase, a desk, a chair, a mirrored picture, and numerous broken smaller items they didn't pack properly.

Many of the broken items had both sentimental & dollar value. I didn't file a claim for the broken items because I didn't keep the original boxes and packing materials.

However, after paying nearly $12,000 for packing, storage & moving they can't seem to do the honorable thing and provide customer service. I have moved numerous times in my life. This was by far the worst move I have ever been through.

Marla L.
Stone Mountain, GA
1 Star

November 10 2021 12:41PM

Dangerous business. Their estimates are not free. They take you credit card for estimate and when you don’t use them they charge your card $983.00. Because I did not use them for my move they think they deserve $983.00 for an estimate! Serious bandits.

Deborah T.
1 Star

September 09 2021 1:37AM

This company is a scam. Claimed my items in storage were infested with roaches, and bed bugs. They also claimed that contents covered in mold.

Bottom line, I hired Atlas Van Lines. They completed my move without issue. Everything was in good shape when delivered. They refuse to refund $583.08. The owner has served time in prison for DUI Manslaughter.

Jeff S.
Pompano Beach, FL
5 Stars

January 22 2021 1:27AM

Door to Door - Everything went very smooth and steady. I had a lot of worries about moving across country after 25 years of being in the same home due to the amount of things I accumulated of the years that I have grown to love and appreciate, Hiring the right company for me was crucial. I did my research on various sites ( BBB, DOT, ANGIES LIST ) - Solomon & sons checked out well and had a very nice staff ( Jason ) - Hired them, They did the job with high standards and I could not complain about a thing. Great movers. I would endorse.

Samuel F.
Naples, FL
1 Star

August 18 2020 12:40AM

Awful experience! Do not use this company for moving. Quote to move from New England to Florida was 4100.00 but the salesman (Matt **) insisted I would get a 969.00 reduction if 18 wheeler could pick up and deliver my goods and a "shuttle" was not needed.

They showed up with a "shuttle" even though I told them that (2)18 wheelers had been on my street from another moving company. The "head" mover Wayne told me that the 18 wheeler is parked in NY and that they use the shuttles to bring the goods to it.

Soooo.... they had NO intention of bringing the 18 wheeler onto my street. I did not get the additional money back and was told by Esther in the office that I signed the contract and that was that...not what Matt ** told me!!

Additionally, Esther told me I should be happy that my crew spoke English because many of their crews do not....What??? My things arrived 2 weeks after I was told that they would arrive!! Missing one box which I notified them of and received no response.

After furniture was picked up it was impossible to get a call back from anyone! In the end I was charged an additional 800.00 for supplies (boxes and tape) and additional cubic feet in the truck! this company cannot be trusted! Liars ! Do not use them!!

Maria C.
Clearwater, FL
1 Star

August 06 2020 9:21PM

Horrible experience. People were always pleasant, which is why they get one star. Initial quote was $3770. When the mover came he wanted $5100. Said quote was based on "ikea type very light furniture". I expected some fluctuation but this was absurd.

Additionally, was supposed to receive my furniture on July 1, didn't get it until July 6. So, had to pay for additional 5 days in a hotel. Then they lost one of my boxes and didn't seem to try too hard to locate it.

Also, my belongings had a horrible musty smell that took weeks to get rid of. If you're moving out of state, get a nationally known company!

Carla N.
Murrells Inlet, SC
4 Stars

September 13 2019 10:19PM

Great moving experience with this company on our recent move from Atlanta - Palm Harbor FL. The moving team in Georgia ( Ethan and his crew ) all were dressed in company shirts and handled themselves in a very professional manner. On the delivery end, Giovanni and his men also had a great attitude and came prepared with all the tools and equipment they needed to reassemble our Hospital bed. Overall smooth relocation experience.

James M.
Atlanta, GA