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Straight Talk Wireless

4.3 Stars (1 Review)
Updated: January 24, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Consider Straight Talk for a cell phone plan with no contract. A leader in no-contract, pre-paid plans, Straight Talk partners with top network providers for the largest cell network in the country. Straight Talk offers installment plans to pay for phones with low-cost handsets priced under $300. If you like your current phone, Straight Talk plans work with most devices.

Straight Talk Wireless

Editorial Breakdown

Price 4.4 Stars
Plan Options 4.3 Stars
Flexibility 4.2 Stars
Devices 4.3 Stars

Overall Rating 4.3 Stars

Bottom Line

StraightTalk Wireless is one of the largest no-contract carriers with many prepaid options to choose from.

Straight Talk Review

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Straight Talk is a leading no-contract wireless service provider. Straight Talk is a division of TracFone Wireless Inc., the largest no-contract cell phone provider in America. Over 25 million subscribers use the service annually. We like Straight Talk for individuals in our Best Cell Phone Plans guide, although the company also offers a plan for two lines.

Straight Talk leases wireless service from the four largest cellular network companies: Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T. As a result, Straight Talk plans are affordable and tend to have reliable service in a large coverage area. The plans offer the convenience of a pre-paid phone card with month-to-month payment and no long-term commitment. You can purchase Straight Talk plans online or at many Walmart locations.


  • Affordable, month-to-month plans
  • No contracts
  • International calling options
  • Largest cellular network
  • Use your own phone or purchase a new one


  • Slower data speeds than major network providers
  • No family plan

Straight Talk Plan Features

Because Straight Talk works with major wireless service providers, most phones are compatible with their plans. You can use a phone you already own or purchase a new one to use with your Straight Talk plan. Choose a plan that fits your needs and pay month-to-month or pre-purchase several months of service at a time. Either way, you never have to sign a contract, and you can walk away at any time. All Straight Talk plans last 30 days.

Straight Talk Plan Options

You can add optional features to any Straight Talk plan to pay less compared to monthly charges or to bump your data limit up without blowing your budget.

  • Extended Plans: Pay upfront for 3, 6 or 12 months of service to save a small percentage of the plan cost
  • Extra Data: Purchase an additional 1GB of data for $5

Straight Talk Phones

Your phone may be compatible with Straight Talk, but if it isn’t or you want to buy a new mobile phone with updated features you can purchase a phone at the same time you sign up for your plan. Straight Talk offers monthly installment plans for phones, or you can buy one outright. Phone prices vary depending on the hardware. While the latest new Apple and Android devices are available, take a look at Straight Talk’s online selection of refurbished options to keep the cost of a new cell phone down.

Straight Talk Cost

Straight Talk’s monthly plans are known for being more affordable compared to major providers like AT&T or Sprint. Individual nationwide plans range from $30 for a month of unlimited texting, 1,500 talk minutes and 100MB of data to $55 for a month of unlimited talk, text and data. An international plan is available for $60, and a two-line unlimited nationwide plan is $90. For any plan, you can save a dollar per month by signing up for “auto-refill,” which automatically renews your plan for the following month by billing your credit card on file.

Straight Talk Plan Options
Plan Type Monthly Cost Plan Features
(2GB speed after initial high-speed data amount)
Basic $30 Unlimited nationwide text and 100MB data
1,500 minutes for nationwide calls
Unlimited Nationwide $35 Unlimited nationwide talk, text and data (3GB high speed)
Unlimited Nationwide $45 Unlimited nationwide talk, text and data (25GB high speed)
Unlimited Nationwide $55 Unlimited nationwide talk, text and data (no cap on high speed), DVD quality video
Unlimited Nationwide $60 Unlimited talk, text and data (25GB high speed) nationwide and up to 15 international numbers
Unlimited mobile-to-mobile to Mexico, China, Canada and India
400 bonus minutes to call Claro Guatemala numbers
Unlimited Nationwide 2-line $90 2 unique phones must be registered to plan
Unlimited nationwide talk, text and data

How to Buy a Straight Talk Plan

To sign up for a Straight Talk plan, visit their website and choose the option to buy a phone or enroll in a “bring your own phone” plan. From there, you’ll select a phone and corresponding plan and learn how to register your device. The process is self-guided, but a representative is available via chat if you need help. You can also purchase a Straight Talk plan from many Walmart locations; check their online service map to find one near you.

Straight Talk Complaints

Straight Talk receives an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. Although Straight Talk customers give the company 1 out of 5 stars alongside that high rating, the company typically responds to complaints to provide a resolution in the customer’s favor, which bolsters the BBB score. ConsumerAffairs reviewers rate the company 3 out of 5 stars. TopTenReviews scores Straight Talk 3.9 out of 5 stars and gives the company 3.5 out of 5. JD Power ranked the company among the lowest of cell phone providers in terms of customer service.

Straight Talk Q&A

  • How will I know when I am close to my talk, text or data limit on a Straight Talk plan?

    You can check your balance online at any time to see if you need to refill your plan.

  • Does Straight Talk charge an overage fee if I go over plan limits?

    Because the plans are pre-paid, you will never be charged for overages. Instead, you will not be able to use the phone without refilling first.

  • Does Straight Talk offer a warranty on the phone they sell?

    All phones come with a one-year limited warranty.

  • Can I use a phone I buy from Straight Talk to manage my health?

    Mobile phones are an excellent way to manage your medications, appointments and more. You can rarely beat a cell phone for getting help in an emergency. Read how to use a cell phone to manage your health before you buy a new one.

  • Can I keep my old phone number with a Straight Talk phone or plan?

    In many cases, you can keep your old number if you are bringing your own phone to a Straight Talk plan. Speak a representative to see if your phone number is eligible.

  • What is Straight Talk’s 611611 service?

    The 611611 service is Straight Talk’s automated text-based helpline. From any cell phone with a Straight Talk plan, you can text “Help” to 611611 and get information on your plan, add extra data or minutes, sign up for rewards and more.


Straight Talk is a mobile service provider for those interested in a no-frills cellular plan with no commitment and no hidden fees. Straight Talk lets you choose a plan to fit your lifestyle, so you’ll never pay for more data, talk minutes or texts than you need.

1 Straight Talk Wireless Reviews

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2 Stars

April 11 2021 1:35PM

I bought a phone and Straight Talk plan in March so I could use hotspot. It worked beautifully that first month. However when I could not remember my password to refill in April. I read on the site that I could just buy another card and install it.

I did and the hotspot will not connect to my computer. I have called twice to find out why. The guy at the support center told me I had used it all but my phone says I haven’t used any. My first plan ended on 4/3 I installed 2nd Was installed 4/2 so it wouldn’t get turned off.

I called the next day so I asked him how I could have possibly used up my card when I never connected it.

He said he didn’t know but his records show I used it so I would just have to buy another. And it’s not my computer, I have used 2 other devices to connect to that hotspot with no trouble.

Annie M.
Burnet, TX