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UnitedHealthcare Dental Insurance

4.5 Stars (11 Reviews)
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Updated: January 23, 2023
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United Healthcare dental insurance provides affordable dental plans for all ages, with specific benefits in the Dental Gen insurance line for those age 65 and older. With over 100,000 in-network providers in the country, dental insurance from United Healthcare makes getting regular preventive exams and other dental procedures convenient. Another advantage from United Healthcare Dental Gen plans is coverage increases the second and third year you hold the insurance.

United Healthcare Dental Insurance

Editorial Breakdown

Network 4.7 Stars
Ease of Purchase 4.6 Stars
Plan Variety 4.4 Stars
Customer Service 4.4 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

With over 100,000 in-network providers, United Healthcare dental insurance provides affordable dental coverage for preventive care and other necessary dental procedures.

UnitedHealthcare Dental Insurance Review

The Mayo Clinic reports that poor oral health will likely worsen severe chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and others. Regularly seeing a dentist is crucial, both as a way to gauge your overall health and to nip any dental problems in the bud.

UnitedHealthcare, Golden Rule Insurance Company offers four Dental Gen plans to suit a variety of needs, specifically for retirees. Since Medicare does not cover dental expenses unless you need hospitalization, dental insurance from UnitedHealthcare, Golden Rule Insurance Company is an affordable way to manage costs.


  • No age limit
  • Four unique plans to choose from
  • Easy online quote and application process
  • Extensive provider network


  • No plan comparison on website

UnitedHealthcare, Golden Rule Insurance Company Dental Plans

UnitedHealthcare Dental Gen insurance is available to primary policyholders age 64 and older. This dental insurance is designed to help maintain good oral health whether you have natural teeth, implants or dentures. Dental Gen insurance plans include coverage for preventive care like exams, cleaning and X-rays, basic fillings and major expenses such as root canals, bridges or crowns. There is no deductible for preventive care services.

All UnitedHealthcare Dental Gen plans feature:

  • Two annual exams and routine cleanings
  • Annual bitewing X-rays
  • One full mouth X-ray every 36 months
  • Complete set of dentures every 60 months
  • One crown or bridge per tooth every 60 months

Here’s a quick look at how the four UnitedHealthcare Dental Gen plans differ. The sample quotes are for individual coverage for male and female nonsmokers, ages 70-90. Your quote may vary depending on your state, age and whether you smoke. You can add a spouse to your plan. Basic coverage begins immediately after application approval with payment.

UnitedHealthcare Dental
Insurance Benefits
Policy Details Dental Saver Dental Plus
Coverage Amounts increase in years 2 & 3 Amounts increase in years 2 & 3
Annual Max Benefit $1,000 $1,000
Deductible* $100 per person $100 per person
Best For Tight budgets Out-of-network coverage
Monthly Cost $35.43 $54.19
UnitedHealthcare Dental
Insurance Benefits Cont.
Policy Details Dental Basic Dental Deluxe
Coverage Preventive services 100%, other coverage increases in years 2 & 3 Preventive services 100%, other coverage increases in years 2 & 3
Annual Max Benefit $1,500 $2,000
Deductible* $100 per person $50 per person
Best For Comprehensive coverage Dental implants
Monthly Cost $44.17 $51.51
*Deductible applies to basic and major services only.

Plan availability can vary based on where you live. For example, residents of Arkansas, North Dakota, Nevada, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming only have access to the Dental Gen Plus plan.

UnitedHealthcare, Golden Rule Insurance Company Provider Network

UnitedHealthcare dental insurance boasts an impressive nationwide network of more than 100,000 providers. Locating an in-network dentist in your area is a snap when you use UnitedHealthcare’s online provider lookup tool. If you decide to visit an out-of-network dentist, you’ll pay for the services out of pocket and then submit a claim for reimbursement using the form on the website. Keep in mind that you will pay more if you use an out-of-network provider.

UnitedHealthcare Dental Insurance Cost

Aside from paying a monthly premium and annual deductible for UnitedHealthcare dental insurance, you’ll be responsible for coinsurance on covered services. Coinsurance amounts vary based on the plan, how long you hold the policy and the tier of care that you need. Savings are typically from 60% to 80% on bills for preventive service, 20% to 50% on basic services and 10% to 50% for major dental work.

How to Buy UnitedHealthcare Dental Insurance

Buying UnitedHealthcare dental insurance can be completed in minutes from the comfort of your home. UnitedHealthcare’s online quote tool provides detailed information about the available plans and allows you to compare them. Once you choose a dental insurance plan, the quote seamlessly transitions into an application for coverage. Answer a few questions on the application, select the date you want the policy to go into effect, agree to the policy terms and make the first month’s premium payment to start coverage. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can call UnitedHealthcare to speak to a customer service representative.

Extra Benefits with UnitedHealthcare Dental Insurance

UnitedHealthcare Dental Gen insurance may include benefits for hearing care at no additional cost. Members may receive access to an annual discounted hearing exam and a stipend to help pay for hearing aids. UnitedHealthcare’s partner, EPIC Hearing Healthcare, assists with booking an audiology appointment, so members don’t have to get a referral from a primary care physician.

UnitedHealthcare joined forces with Spectera Eyecare Networks to offer optional vision coverage with Dental Gen insurance. An additional $11 to $16 per month provides a $10 annual eye exam, $10 copay for eyeglass lenses, a $150 frame allowance and no copay on select contact lenses. You can only access these savings by using an in-network provider, and vision benefits are not available in Minnesota or Rhode Island.

UnitedHealthcare Dental Insurance Complaints

The Better Business Bureau gives UnitedHealthGroup, the parent company of UnitedHealthcare, an A+ rating. We found only one complaint on the BBB site regarding UHC’s dental insurance, and the issue was not with the insurance plan. TopTenReviews rates this dental insurance provider with 3.5 out of 5 stars and a nod to great coverage options. ConsumersAdvocate ranks United Healthcare dental insurance highly with 9.8 out of 10 stars, noting that the company provides consumers with the most dental insurance coverage choices and competitive pricing. Investopedia mentions UnitedHealthcare dental policies as one of the best coverage options with no waiting period. Finally, AM Best gives UnitedHealthcare an excellent “A” rating for financial strength.

UnitedHealthcare Dental Insurance Q&A

  • What sets UnitedHealthcare dental insurance apart from other dental insurance companies?
    UnitedHealthcare dental insurance offers multiple plans catering to a wide array of dental care needs. The company augments dental coverage with hearing and vision benefits for convenience, which you won’t find with most dental insurance providers.

  • Can I keep my existing dentist with UnitedHealthcare dental insurance?
    You can see any dentist you choose. However, you will likely want to stay in-network with UnitedHealthcare dental insurance to maximize your savings. Check with UHC or your dentist to determine if they are in-network.

  • Do I need medical insurance to qualify for UnitedHealthcare dental insurance?
    UnitedHealthcare dental insurance is a standalone product, so you don’t need any other coverage to enroll.

  • How does UnitedHealthcare dental insurance differ from a dental discount plan?
    UnitedHealthcare dental insurance pays for all or part of a covered service after you meet your deductible. A dental discount plan makes you eligible for reduced costs for care as negotiated with the dentist. You pay the dentist up front and submit no claims.

  • Are there exclusions to my UnitedHealthcare dental insurance coverage?
    As with all insurance policies, UnitedHealthcare dental insurance has some exclusions. The plan will not cover halitosis treatments, the removal of temporary or provisional crowns, orthodontia, mouthguards, alternative therapies like acupuncture and other services. For a complete list of exclusions and limitations, please review your plan documentation.


UnitedHealthcare dental insurance can help you get dental care and keep costs within your budget. The company is known for having an extensive provider network. Coverage increases after the first year to make UnitedHealthcare Dental Gen insurance even more cost-effective, and the included hearing benefits with optional vision insurance add significant value.

11 United Healthcare Dental Reviews

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1 Star

February 27 2024 4:44PM

They are the worst. I had a root canal that broke off under the gum line. The dentist said I had to have an implant. I waited for 4 years and did nothing but keep it clean. My wife had 3 crowns and a major filling. I couldn't afford, even after insurance to get both our teeth done. So, I waited 4 years. I finally got the implant. United Health just keeps denying it for petty reasons. They are horrible. I'm switching as soon as open season comes up. Don't waste your money on these scammers.

Joseph L.
Niceville, FL, FL
1 Star

February 24 2024 2:31AM

If I could rate United Health Care a negative rating, I would! UHC DENTAL CUSTOMER SERVICE 1-800-822-5353 PATIENT: M. ** MEMBER ID: ** GROUP # XXXXXXX DATE OF BIRTH: ** DATE ACTIVITY & STATUS 5/9/2023 Lava crown replacement with core build-up and pins; Cost=$1325; pt. Paid $630 or 50% of costs to dentist. 5/25/2023 Initial claim filed by Bridgeview Dental. 6/18/2023 Letter received by patient advising UHC denied entire claim. 6/19/2023 Patient called Bridgeview; billing department resubmit all documentation. 7/24/2023 Bridgeview called patient to advise they have filed an appeal for denied claim. Today 7/31/2023 Patient called Bridgeview; “appeal on denied claim for DOS 5/9/23 is in process.”

8/15/2023 Patient called UHC Dental Customer Care & was transferred 2 (two) times; spent 34 minutes on the phone to be advised that UHC Dental has not received an appeal to date for DOS 5/9/2023 from Bridgeview Dental 8/16/2023 Patient called Bridgeview and advised Robin that UHC Dental is denying that they have never received the appeal filed on 7/24/2023. 9/7/2023 Patient spoke with Bridgeview Dental billing representative Robin who had spent time consulting with UHC Dental on the status of the appeal for DOS 5/9/2023 and she will follow up with UHC in 2 weeks. 10/16/2023 Patient called UHC Dental; REFERENCE # **; on hold for 18:30 as the customer service personnel “investigated” the status of the appeal for DOS 5/9/2023. They were unable to find any appeal or give me a status update.

On call for 31 minutes and was disconnected. 10/16/2023 Patient called Bridgeview Dental to advise of unknown status on appeal. They will follow up with UHC Dental. They also have obtained reference numbers for submitted appeals and for submitted documentation. 01/04/2024 Patient spent 48 minutes on the phone with UHC Dental representative CHRIS who advised that the claim for DOS 5/9/2023 is “still pending”. Chris is going to contact Bridgeview Dental as UHC Dental has not yet received documentation via their electronic transfer system: NEA ELECTRONIC TRANSFER REFERENCE #3**. Must specify that the crown was done to address “cracked tooth syndrome” Chris advised she would contact M. ** within 3 business days with an update on the pending claim and obtaining the required documentation from Bridgeview Dental.

Patient went to Bridgeview Dental Office and was present when Robin (billing representative) confirmed with UHC Dental that they had successfully received via their electronic transfer system all required documentation. Due to time of delay in UHC processing this appeal, patient paid the outstanding balance due on the 5/9/2023 claim for $542.30. 01/18/2024 TC to UHC Dental; was disconnected TC to UHC Dental again; spoke with Rachel and advised her of the history of claim for DOS 5/9/2023. After being put on hold 2X for Rachel to “investigate the claim”, Rachel advised me that the status of the claim is “still waiting for the dental provider to submit an X-ray image”. Advised of UHC Reference # which confirmed receipt of all required documentation on 1/4/2024 and the fact that I was in the office when Bridgeview Dental received the reference number.

26:03 minutes on call 01/19/2024 TC from Rachel who advised she has been unable to reach anyone at Bridgeview Dental Office due to “weather event” in Portland, OR this past week. She will continue to try and reach them and update me ASAP. 02/06/2024 Time spent on calls to UHC Dental today: 1:33 (one hour + 33 minutes) TC to UHC Dental; spoke with Juna regarding I have had 10 contacts with UHC dental since 5/25/2023; appeal filed 7/24/2023; advised concerns that no response from UHC Dental after 8/15, 10/16/2023 calls and then subsequent calls on 1/4/2024 (with Chris) and 01/18/2024 (with Rachel). Requested I be transferred to a supervisor who could address these issues today. Transferred to Julie ** who is a Medicare Appeals Advocate! I then advised that I had been an employee of UnitedHealthcare, I have COBRA coverage for UHC Dental and I reviewed the history of the claims problems for my husband.

Julie has no access to any data confirming that I have coverage. Julie attempted to call the 1-800 UHC dental number for customer service and NO ANSWER! 41 minutes into the call, Julie called the UHC Dental Customer Service number and requested to speak to a Claims Supervisor. At 59:24 minutes into the call, I was transferred to Adam. Adam put me on hold to look into my appeal and advised that there were no X-rays nor any documentation in my files. I advised him that my dental office had submitted the x-rays and narratives multiple times and had confirmation numbers to verify the successful uploading of the files. Adam called Bridgeview Dental and will have the dentist email files directly to him.

REFERENCE # ** Adam confirmed he has received the Xrays and a complete dental narrative on the crown. 02/08/2024 TC from Adam, UHC Dental Supervisor confirming all necessary clinical documentation has been received and forward to dental clinical team for review. Adam will call me by 2/12/2024 for a status update. 3 minute call. 02/12/2024 NO CALL from UHC Dental 02/15/2024 Received letter denying claim.

Marie I.
Portland, OR
1 Star

August 15 2023 2:06PM

The absolute worst insurance to deal with. They will deny the majority of claims for extremely petty reasons. The best interest of the patient is NEVER priority, ever. I would not advise anyone to waste their money by using United Healthcare Dental Insurance.

Lynn F.
Indianapolis, IN
2 Stars

July 26 2023 9:10PM

I have had the Medicare Advantage Plan under United Healthcare for a couple of years now. So far, the claim for every bit of dental work I have needed has been denied: It was only a half crown, not full crown, so not covered! A painful cracked tooth is not a dental disease, so is not covered! Etc!

I suspect their business practice is to deny almost everything knowing most of their insured will not go through the hassle of appealing their claims. Beware.

Britt B.
Durango, CO
1 Star

December 13 2022 1:27PM

I have this insurance through my work. Just had a simple dental cleaning appointment. Very final part of any dental cleaning is application of fluoride varnish ( similar to tooth paste). They denied payment for this part of cleaning because of my age??!! Do we call it age discrimination?!

Representative I called was rude and didn’t care about helping me and resolving my issue. Very disappointed with this insurance.

Alla P.
Haverhill, MA
1 Star

November 16 2022 4:26AM

This is the worst dental insurance I have had, and they don't want to pay for anything that is not routine. I have a cracked crown that needs replacing. They refused to pay for it, and I'm in pain. They don't care about the suffering I am going through because they only care about their bottom line.

Katherine C.
Canton, OH
1 Star

November 04 2021 2:39PM

I was approved for a reimbursement claim for my new dentures through UHC Dental. UHC mailed the check to me having an incomplete address. I live in a mobile home park and if the space number is not included, the item is not delivered.

I called UHC Dental and they told me that only Medicare can update my address. Medicare and UHC shows that their files have the correct complete address.

Then I was told that the reason for the incomplete address by UHC Dental was that "there was not enough room on the address line on their form to include my space number"??

It has now been over 30 days and after corresponding with NUMEROUS UHC and Medicare reps I still have not received my check because of all of the passing the buck and "not my job" responses. Very disappointed with the incompetent staff within this company!

Little Elm, TX, TX
4 Stars

September 07 2021 5:07PM

When I called this dental insurance in January 2021, Katherine ** asked what all I will need to get done. I informed her that I will need my Wisdom teeth remove and I'm going to need braces. I'm paying $41.59 a month for nothing.

This insurance does not cover anything. I think this was just a sale that she wanted to get because it does not cover anything did I need to get done.

I'm very disappointed on the customer service, the run around, being transferred to the medical line, transferred to different departments apartments for no reason.

I'm now trying to get a lower payment plan so I can get off this insurance as soon as possible. It's possible you got some money hungry and this is not how you deal with a customer who you ask you ask what all you need to get done.

Toya M.
Fort Pierce, FL
1 Star

June 04 2021 4:02PM

Seems like a great plan if you can find a dental office that accepts this insurance. I have had it for a few years. I have not been able to use it once. A lot of money for nothing. Have been calling around to find someone. No luck.

Called company for a list of network providers in my area several different times. Not one of the listed providers accepted their insurance. In fact, several said they were trying to get away from this insurance company.

I'm guessing my insurance agent was just looking for a paycheck! Would NOT recommend this dental insurance company.

Cindy A.
Conway, SC
1 Star

February 14 2021 10:45AM

I believe a fast-talking insurance broker, or an employer who truly does not give a ** about their employees, struck a deal with one another to supply my employer's employees with United Healthcare medical and dental insurance.

In the year that we have been insured by United Healthcare, I can say with unwavering confidence, that my experience as a customer/member of United Healthcare, has been "the worst."

I have never met so many dumb, inconsiderate, incompetent employees, in a single cancerous culture, as I have, at United Healthcare.

True to form, my experience at United Healthcare Dental, has been the same. The employees of United Healthcare Dental are as incompetent as they are rude; I think they are brain dead, and "hypnotized" by United Healthcare.

Recently, I submitted a claim to United Healthcare Dental for a crown, to salvage a fractured tooth, and the animals at United Healthcare Dental, denied the claim.

Here's my take, I think United Healthcare has an algorithm that includes a variety of purposeful steps to tire you, the customer/member, out, by (1) repeatedly denying your claims, and (2) making your interactions with United Healthcare Dental so painful, that they make an "episiotomy" feel good.

My suggestion, "fight the battle," exhaust every appeal opportunity that you have with United Healthcare, DO NOT RELENT, and file complaints with the regulator of insurance in your state.

Finally, if you are a member of AARP, AARP is a really big customer of United Healthcare; tell AARP about your experience with United Healthcare, and encourage AARP to revisit their business relationship with AARP, hoping that "AARP will save their soul, of the devil (United Healthcare). In my opinion, there is a place in hell for United Healthcare, and its leadership, and employees.

Warren B.
Portsmouth, NH