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Vivint SmartHome

4.25 Stars
Updated: January 19, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Vivint Home Security is based in Provo, Utah and is one of the largest home security automation companies in North America. Vivint maintains licensing in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and the company sells home security packages with installation and monitoring services. Vivint Smart Home solutions can operate independently or hand-in-hand with a security system. The smart home components are compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Philips Hue smart lights and Nest thermostats.

Vivint SmartHome Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Price 4.3 Stars
Customer Support 4.5 Stars
Installation Process 3.5 Stars
User-friendly App 4.8 Stars

Overall Rating 4.3 Stars

Bottom Line

Vivint offers customizable home security packages that integrate with your smarthome system. Monthly monitoring plans start at $29.99 per month and go up to $49.99 per month for camera monitoring.

Vivint SmartHome Review

Vivint offers a range of home security systems and services across the U.S. and Canada, including intruder detection, smart locks, garage door controls, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The FBI found only 19 percent of home burglary cases get solved. To address this threat, Vivint customers have the option of adding cameras and other components to create an easy-to-use home security solution. Vivint is part of the next generation of home security companies utilizing the latest technology to blend home protection with optional smart home features.


  • Nationwide professional installation
  • Smart Home mobile app and touch screen control panel
  • Free in-home consultation
  • Smart home integration


  • Potentially long contract
  • No DIY installation

Vivint SmartHome System Features

vivint skycontrol

Vivint SkyControl, Source: Vivint

Vivint’s award-winning state-of-the-art home security monitoring centers provide around the clock professional monitoring to over 1.2 million customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Dependable agents combined with Vivint SmartHome system components keep homes and families safe. Trained Vivint service technicians install and service your custom home security system and integrate it with your smart home system.

  • Home Security Systems and Vivint SkyControl: The equipment at the core of Vivint SmartHome systems includes door and window sensors, motion detectors and wireless glass breakage sensors. Vivint SkyControl, a touch screen control panel, is standard with all home security systems. You can use Vivint Live two-way communication with the Vivint SkyControl panel to let the monitoring agents know of a false alarm or to quickly summon help. Vivint’s equipment costs a bit more compared to some of the competition, but many tech review websites note the high quality of the components.

  • Vivint SmartHome Monitoring: Professional agents monitor Vivint’s security equipment in your home all day, every day. The SkyControl panel provides two-way communication, whether an agent needs to verify the status of an alarm or you need to report an emergency. All Vivint agents are located in the U.S., making for clear communications with customers during potentially stressful events. Vivint states the average alert response time is 10 seconds. The cost of monitoring depends on the home security system package you choose.

Vivint Fire, Flood and Carbon Monoxide Protection

Vivint protects your home from physical damage with smoke, carbon monoxide and flood alarms. Because the sensors are battery-powered, they work during electrical outages. Low batteries send an alert via the SkyControl panel and the mobile app, so you will never be awakened at 2 a.m. by an annoying warning beep. Battery life for these sensors is from three to 10 years, and you get a warning if anyone tampers with a unit.

  • Smoke Detection: Vivint smart smoke detectors alert anyone in the home and monitoring agents if increased heat or smoke sets off the sensors. The smoke detectors are sensitive enough to work before you realize a fire has started. You are alerted on the Vivint mobile app, which is useful if you’re out of the house. SkyControl monitors and reports each smoke detector’s power level on the panel and mobile app, so you will never forget to replace the batteries.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector: The Vivint carbon monoxide detector works in concert with the SkyControl panel, mobile app, and monitoring service to quickly notify you if the deadly odorless gas exists in your house. Setting up the CO2 detector within a smart home could save your life with automatically-disabled window sensors and door locks, so you don’t take time to disable the security system before opening windows or leaving home. Also, the furnace fan can automatically increase speed to help clear the gas from the house.

  • Flood Sensor: Vivint’s flood sensors install in a basement or any level of the home. These sensors detect not only moisture but also pipe-bursting temperature fluctuations. The Smart Home mobile app lets you know if water damage is imminent so you can prevent it.


Source: Vivint

How Much Do Vivint SmartHome Systems Cost?

Vivint works with customers to create custom home security packages during the free in-home consultation. The company doesn’t provide pricing on the website for the home security packages, but here are what other people have paid for a Vivint SmartHome system.

  • Equipment: A Vivint Starter Kit costs $599, with an average $1,500 order for a customized security package, amounting to $25 per month over five years. If you pay for all equipment upfront, you can have a month-to-month monitoring contract. Paying over time requires a monitoring contract equal to the financing term.

    Costs for adding home security equipment to a package vary. Additional door and window sensors cost $35, and smoke, flood and other detectors have a price tag of around $70. Vivint’s smart thermostat is $169 and exterior cameras run from $229 to $299.

  • Monitoring and Installation: Vivint charges separately for home security equipment and monitoring services. You’ll pay $29.99 per month for Vivint’s SmartHome monitoring plan with the ability to control the system with the Smart Home mobile app, professionals monitoring your cameras and security equipment, and 24-hour customer support every day. Add two weeks worth of video storage for one or two cameras, and you will pay $49.99 plus $5 per camera per month.

    A $99 activation fee is standard for new service, but may be waived during promotions. Installation costs vary depending on the equipment installed, starting at $49.99.

Vivint SmartHome Solutions

Vivint SmartHome components help you save energy, time and money. The smart home features integrate with your home security package to increase safety and efficiency. In addition to the solutions noted below, Vivint SmartHome offers doorbell cameras with communications capabilities, Vivint Element smart thermostat, smart lighting and more. Vivint SmartHome is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Nest thermostats and Google Home.

  • Smart Locks: Kwik Set Smart Locks notify you if a door is open or closed, and let you lock and unlock doors using Vivint’s mobile app. The smart locks work with Vivint’s monitoring service and have options for on-site locking and security.

  • Vivint Ping Camera: This camera incorporates two-way communication with a direct line to your smartphone. This is especially useful for situations where children are home alone after school or you need to check in on aging parents. You can start a conversation using the Vivint Ping Camera located in your home from the Smart Home app, or use it to check on your property when no one is home.

  • Smart Garage Door Opener: How many times have you left the house, driven a few miles, then wondered if you remembered to close the garage door? Vivint’s smart garage door opener tells you if the door is open or shut via its Smart Home mobile app, and you can use the app to close the door remotely. Vivint’s monitoring service keeps an eye on the Smart Garage Door Opener to warn of intruders.

Vivint SmartHome Packages
SkyControl Panel included in all packages
Security Package Included Features
Smart Control
  • CO2, Smoke and Flood/Freezer Detectors
  • Smart Doorbell Camera and Thermostat
  • Smart Locks (2) and Garage Door Controller
  • Lamp modules (2)
Smart Complete
  • Everything in Smart Control Package
  • Vivint Ping Camera
  • Outdoor Camera
Smart Entry
  • Doorbell Camera
  • Smart Lock
  • Garage Door Controller
  • Doorbell Camera
  • Outdoor Camera
  • Vivint Ping Camera

Vivint Complaints

Vivint SmartHome reviews are overall positive. We found some billing and contract complaints, common for national companies with multiple-year service contracts. ConsumerAffairs has nearly 3,000 Vivint reviews in the past year resulting in a 4 out of 5-star rating. CNET rates the company 7.6 out of 10, calling the home security system a solid choice. Vivint Home Security maintains a “B-” rating with the Better Business Bureau with a solid record of responding to complaints. PC Mag gives Vivint home security systems 4.5 out of 5 stars and the Editor’s Choice endorsement.

Vivint Q&A

  • Is a Vivint SmartHome monitoring package required with the equipment?
    A few Vivint components do not require monitoring services. However, without monitoring service, there’s no way to use the mobile app, notify emergency services, receive alerts or have two-way communication with Vivint agents.

  • Can I take my Vivint security system with me if I have to move?
    Yes, you can take the system with you. There is a $99 activation fee when you move Vivint SmartHome equipment and monitoring to a new location. Vivint waves this fee for military families.

  • If I sign out of the Vivint SmartHome app can I still get alerts?
    Yes, you will get alerts via text message on your phone whenever you’re not using the Smart Home app.

  • Can I make extra payments on the Vivint SmartHome FlexPay plan?
    Yes, you can pay down your equipment costs with additional payments. While doing so reduces the total owed, it doesn’t change the regular payment amount or due date going forward.

  • Can I switch to a monthly monitoring contract if I pay off my Vivint SmartHome equipment early?
    You are committed to your original contract terms even if you pay off equipment early. For example, if you have a 60-month monitoring service agreement but pay off the equipment within 24 months, 36 months remain on the contract.

  • Is there a fee to get service for my Vivint SmartHome equipment?
    There is no charge for service visits during the first 120 days after system installation. There is a $49 service visit fee after that time, but there’s no charge if equipment needs replacing. Vivint guarantees each service call for 60 days, so you won’t pay to address the same problem twice. You can also sign up for Vivint’s Premium Service Plan for $10 a month to cover all service calls and related costs.

Conclusion on Vivint

< p>Latest figures from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics show a fairly consistent increase in home burglaries. A home security system can help police respond faster and scare off criminals with audible alarms. Add smart home features, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and you have a safe home. Vivint SmartHome systems are known to have high-quality components to protect your property and provide peace of mind.

To get started with Vivint for a home security project, call (888) 420-9515

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