The Best Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

July 9, 2021

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep, but many people take such a long time to fall asleep after their head hits the pillow that they are sleep-deprived. For some, this is because they’re sleeping on the wrong kind of bed. If you’re not sleeping well, it’s time to consider an adjustable bed and the best adjustable bed mattress. Among the benefits of an adjustable bed is a significantly-enhanced comfort for people who have aches and pains while they sleep, and these beds help with a number of other conditions like sleep apnea, asthma, snoring, acid reflux and heartburn.

Once you choose an adjustable bed, you will also need to choose the type of adjustable bed mattress you want. There are several types of adjustable bed mattress to choose from, so we’ve done some research to help you make that decision.

*The average price listed for each style is for a mid-range model.

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Innerspring Adjustable Bed Mattress

innerspring mattress

Innerspring Adjustable Bed Mattress, Source: City Furniture

An innerspring mattress is probably the type of mattress people are most familiar with because it’s the one that’s been around for decades. An innerspring mattress is made up of a group of springs covered by a padded top. It’s the most firm mattress on this list, so it may not work well with being bent and shaped. Thanks to improving technology, today’s innerspring adjustable bed mattresses are made with fewer and fewer coils that allow them to work with adjustable beds, so choose one that has a minimal coil count for best flexibility.

Average Price: $700 to $1,200

If you decide on an innerspring mattress, make sure it’s specifically designed for an adjustable bed. Innerspring adjustable bed mattresses are usually the least expensive option, but performance usually reflects the lower price.

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Adjustable Bed Air Mattress

adjustable air mattress

Adjustable Bed Air Mattress, Source: CasaHoma

If you hear the term airbed, don’t think of the inflatable mattresses you might use when camping. An air mattress for adjustable beds looks like a traditional mattress but is made up of several air chambers instead of springs. The support can be adjusted to be firmer or softer by lowering or raising the air pressure. But, like innerspring mattresses, you’ll want to make sure you get an air mattress designed for use with an adjustable bed. The best adjustable bed air mattresses have multiple chambers because a single air chamber bed won’t be flexible enough to be adjusted.

Average Price: $1,500 to $2,500

Air mattresses with multiple air chambers allow air to adjust and move to different chambers as you adjust your bed into different positions, allowing for more flexibility.

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Memory Foam Adjustable Bed Mattress

memory foam adjustable mattress

Memory Foam Adjustable Bed Mattress, Source: Amerisleep

Instead of using springs or air for support, a memory foam adjustable bed mattress uses several layers of varying-density foam, which means the mattress conforms to your body and supports your weight evenly. While other mattresses on this list may cause pressure points when shaped by your adjustable bed, a memory foam mattress won’t have that issue. Concerning maintaining integrity and support, memory foam is probably the best choice for use with an adjustable bed.

Average Price: $600 to $1,200

One thing to note about memory foam mattresses for adjustable beds is that they tend to retain heat. This is a bonus if you like a warm mattress, but if you easily feel overheated, look for a model with cooling features.

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Latex Adjustable Bed Mattress

latex adjustable mattress

Latex Adjustable Bed Mattress, Source: DealBeds

Average Price: $1,500 to $2,500

A latex mattress is similar to a memory foam when it comes to construction, but it’s usually slimmer in comparison, making easier to bend by your adjustable bed. A latex adjustable bed mattress will bounce back into shape quicker than memory foam when you get out of bed, but latex mattresses tend to be a bit more rigid. If you have allergies to harsh chemicals, a latex mattress is your best choice because it’s made of natural substances from rubber trees.

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Why Adjustable Beds and Mattresses Can Make All The Difference

Our bodies need more rest as we age while staying asleep isn’t always easy or comfortable. A study backed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that almost 15 percent of men and 35 percent of women take at least 30 minutes to fall asleep. An adjustable bed with the appropriate mattress can make a difference in reducing the time it takes to fall asleep and will help you stay asleep.

Aside from getting more rest, an adjustable bed with the right mattress has plenty of practical purposes. They’re great for people who just like to sit up to watch TV or read in bed and it’s much easier to get into and out of an adjustable bed. And an adjustable bed mattress promotes a healthy posture and proper circulation, something that affects many of us as we age, and these beds make it easier for caretakers to give aid.

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