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August 07 2020 12:55AM

2-10 responded within minutes and then I had an appointment with Apostolic Heating and Cooling LLC within the hour. Everyone was very polite and respectful. My AC was fixed in 10 min making it a great experience all around.

Jake N.
Middletown, OH
July 21 2020 3:08AM

Retirement living shows a 4 star review but nearly all the reviews are 1 star....not very useful. 2-10 is mostly a scam designed to delay repairs and payouts and only respond quickly when you want to buy a plan.

Do yourself a favor and do not support these kinds of predatory businesses and check the BBB for complaints, it is appalling and others are equally bad.

Danny G.
Atlanta, GA
July 15 2020 9:07PM

I have been a customer for years and this is the first time I can’t reach the service desk by phone or email, all of the other departments I reach.

I have a problem with my toilet running nonstop in the guest bathroom. Same one was work on less than 2 months ago. I guess I will get some attention when the next bill is due and I don’t pay it. Clifford **.

Clifford J.
North Charleston, SC
July 08 2020 10:14PM

Please do not purchase home warranty through 2-10. I have submitted negative review to BBB and am in the process of submitting full complaint to BBB as well.

Some of the review sites online mention that 2 10 lists coverage of more items than other home warranty companies. What they fail to mention is the likelihood that they will follow through with the coverage.

I have been without air conditioning x 4 weeks now after submitting a work order with 2-10. We have had several weeks of temperatures 90-95F and even above during this time as I continue to work from home due to the pandemic.

Wait times to speak with customer service are never less than an hour and frequently as long as 4-5 hours.

It was pointed out to me by one of their *helpful?* customer service representatives that 2 10 is not liable for any delay in resolution of the claim (basically for any reason, they put some nice hedging language in your contract).

After all of this time with getting the run around 2-10 reassigned the contract to another contractor, then has the gall to call to see if they could close the claim was everything fixed?

(Spoiler: I still have no air conditioning and the new assigned - not requested- contractors have not even been to the house yet to assess the system, which 2-10 should know).

This warranty company is highly recommended if you are a bored masochist, but not if you want any actual home warranty service.

Katie H.
Pittsburgh, PA
June 29 2020 4:59PM

I will be filing a complaint with the BBB. This company is a total scam. Their contract says they will cover household systems, but they send out their own contractors. When you pay the $100 deductible to their contractor they keep $75 and are required to send $25 back to 2-10. Last year we were told by their A/C contractor that our system was fine and he changed the air filter. This year we were told by their A/C contractor that our system could not be fixed due to "years of neglect."

The contractor said that the coils could not be cleaned because they would break. They denied our claim to fix the unit, then their claims department said I could pay an independent contractor to come clean the coils (fully knowing their contractor said they could not be cleaned without breaking). I explained that I am not going to do that.

When I complained loudly about their scam both their customer service department and claims department agreed that it was wrong but did nothing. They are a complete scam, and practice fraud daily.

Shila N.
Raleigh, NC
June 22 2020 9:25PM

"I contacted 2-10 through their website because our upstairs AC was not working. They contacted Epic Air, in Gainesville, GA, who called to set an appointment.

From the first visit by the Service Manager to assess the situation to the completion of the repair, we were very happy with the overall experience in working with Epic Air. Their customer service staff was so nice, and very professional on the phone.

Ben, the service technician, did a very good job in the repair and replacement of the needed equipment. My experience with the 2-10 customer service people has been so pleasant. My only reason for a 4-star rating was that sometimes the phone wait time has been very long."

Jim K.
Athens, GA
June 22 2020 3:53PM

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They will take your money and provide the worst service and worst products possible. They will not stand behind anything in the contracts. We fought with them for over 3 weeks over replacement water heater for equal to what we had.

Finally agreed on unit then when showed up to install it was not the agreed upon unit but rather a bottom of barrel unit. We said screw it put it in anyway and within 24 hrs it had broken and manufacturer will only cover unit not installation charge. No one will stand behind this job, not installer, manufacturer or 2-10. As always consumer gets screwed.

Donna S.
Jacksonville Beach, FL
June 21 2020 7:26PM

I followed the directions online and requested help with A/C on 6/10--it is now 6/21 and the contractor has not called me. This is no the first time this has happened. 2-10 contracts with local people and nothing happens. The last person who came out didn't even turn the unit on. This is a clearing house for taking the homeowners' money. In over 10 days of trying I can't even get someone to talk to. I will NOT be renewing my contract and have posted in my neighborhood how horrible 2-10 is to deal with.

Cheryll C.
Delray Beach, FL
June 10 2020 2:23PM

Hahahahaha! How much did 2-10 pay for this glowing review?! Don’t waste your time with this company for a home warranty! They choose terribly rated repair companies and when you can’t get a hold of the repairman for the improperly done job, 2-10 just shrugs their shoulders and says, "Too bad." They clearly don’t care about the customer.

Amy L.
Cville, TN
June 05 2020 10:04PM

My air conditioning is broken and it's 115 outside. I called Tuesday that it was an emergency no one called me back until 2 days later I called and got the name of the person they dispatched to. He could not come that day, came the next day. I needed a part. The contractor cannot get a hold of anyone at 2-10 to approve authorization for the part and it's 2pm in the afternoon. I have had no air conditioning for 4 days now and have had to sleep in a hotel, which 2-10 is not paying for.

I have been on hold for the last half hour trying to speak with someone about my issues. I think they are closed for the day or something and it's only 2pm. Why did I pay $700 for this warranty when I have a serious problem and they are not helping at all.

Kate L.
Scottsdale, AZ
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