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2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

4.5 Stars (53 Reviews)
Updated: January 19, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
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2-10 Home Buyers Warranty is a home warranty company with headquarters in Aurora, Colorado. 2-10 HBW offers consumer home warranties covering appliances and systems and structural warranties on the home itself to builders. The company primarily serves those involved in buying or selling a home with warranty plans designed to help eliminate unexpected expenses that sometimes come up after closing on the property.

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 4 Stars
Affordability 4.5 Stars
Coverage Area 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 4 Stars

Overall Rating 4.3 Stars

Bottom Line

A 2-10 home warranty service plan covers the repair or replacement of your home's major systems and appliances. Covered systems include AC units, furnaces, plumbing, water heater and electrical. You can add on additional coverage options to the original plan.

53 2-10 Home Warranty Reviews

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5 Stars

August 07 2020 12:55AM

2-10 responded within minutes and then I had an appointment with Apostolic Heating and Cooling LLC within the hour. Everyone was very polite and respectful. My AC was fixed in 10 min making it a great experience all around.

Jake N.
Middletown, OH
5 Stars

July 24 2020 4:29PM

Mac from Montgomery Coastal Cool did a fantastic job, even corrected things a previous company had messed up. I highly recommend Montgomery Coastal. 2-10 Home Warranty has always been there for us when we ever needed something fixed.

Yvette from 2-10's customer service made sure we were being cared for and communicated with us through-out the process. Buying a 2-10 home warranty was one of the best decisions I've made. I've used for large & small repairs to my condo.

Abbot W.
Surfside Bch, SC
1 Star

July 21 2020 3:08AM

Retirement living shows a 4 star review but nearly all the reviews are 1 star....not very useful. 2-10 is mostly a scam designed to delay repairs and payouts and only respond quickly when you want to buy a plan.

Do yourself a favor and do not support these kinds of predatory businesses and check the BBB for complaints, it is appalling and others are equally bad.

Danny G.
Atlanta, GA
1 Star

July 15 2020 9:07PM

I have been a customer for years and this is the first time I can’t reach the service desk by phone or email, all of the other departments I reach.

I have a problem with my toilet running nonstop in the guest bathroom. Same one was work on less than 2 months ago. I guess I will get some attention when the next bill is due and I don’t pay it. Clifford **.

Clifford J.
North Charleston, SC
1 Star

July 08 2020 10:14PM

Please do not purchase home warranty through 2-10. I have submitted negative review to BBB and am in the process of submitting full complaint to BBB as well.

Some of the review sites online mention that 2 10 lists coverage of more items than other home warranty companies. What they fail to mention is the likelihood that they will follow through with the coverage.

I have been without air conditioning x 4 weeks now after submitting a work order with 2-10. We have had several weeks of temperatures 90-95F and even above during this time as I continue to work from home due to the pandemic.

Wait times to speak with customer service are never less than an hour and frequently as long as 4-5 hours.

It was pointed out to me by one of their *helpful?* customer service representatives that 2 10 is not liable for any delay in resolution of the claim (basically for any reason, they put some nice hedging language in your contract).

After all of this time with getting the run around 2-10 reassigned the contract to another contractor, then has the gall to call to see if they could close the claim was everything fixed?

(Spoiler: I still have no air conditioning and the new assigned - not requested- contractors have not even been to the house yet to assess the system, which 2-10 should know).

This warranty company is highly recommended if you are a bored masochist, but not if you want any actual home warranty service.

Katie H.
Pittsburgh, PA
1 Star

June 29 2020 4:59PM

I will be filing a complaint with the BBB. This company is a total scam. Their contract says they will cover household systems, but they send out their own contractors. When you pay the $100 deductible to their contractor they keep $75 and are required to send $25 back to 2-10. Last year we were told by their A/C contractor that our system was fine and he changed the air filter. This year we were told by their A/C contractor that our system could not be fixed due to "years of neglect."

The contractor said that the coils could not be cleaned because they would break. They denied our claim to fix the unit, then their claims department said I could pay an independent contractor to come clean the coils (fully knowing their contractor said they could not be cleaned without breaking). I explained that I am not going to do that.

When I complained loudly about their scam both their customer service department and claims department agreed that it was wrong but did nothing. They are a complete scam, and practice fraud daily.

Shila N.
Raleigh, NC
4 Stars

June 22 2020 9:25PM

"I contacted 2-10 through their website because our upstairs AC was not working. They contacted Epic Air, in Gainesville, GA, who called to set an appointment.

From the first visit by the Service Manager to assess the situation to the completion of the repair, we were very happy with the overall experience in working with Epic Air. Their customer service staff was so nice, and very professional on the phone.

Ben, the service technician, did a very good job in the repair and replacement of the needed equipment. My experience with the 2-10 customer service people has been so pleasant. My only reason for a 4-star rating was that sometimes the phone wait time has been very long."

Jim K.
Athens, GA
1 Star

June 22 2020 3:53PM

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They will take your money and provide the worst service and worst products possible. They will not stand behind anything in the contracts. We fought with them for over 3 weeks over replacement water heater for equal to what we had.

Finally agreed on unit then when showed up to install it was not the agreed upon unit but rather a bottom of barrel unit. We said screw it put it in anyway and within 24 hrs it had broken and manufacturer will only cover unit not installation charge. No one will stand behind this job, not installer, manufacturer or 2-10. As always consumer gets screwed.

Donna S.
Jacksonville Beach, FL
1 Star

June 21 2020 7:26PM

I followed the directions online and requested help with A/C on 6/10--it is now 6/21 and the contractor has not called me. This is no the first time this has happened. 2-10 contracts with local people and nothing happens. The last person who came out didn't even turn the unit on. This is a clearing house for taking the homeowners' money. In over 10 days of trying I can't even get someone to talk to. I will NOT be renewing my contract and have posted in my neighborhood how horrible 2-10 is to deal with.

Cheryll C.
Delray Beach, FL
1 Star

June 10 2020 2:23PM

Hahahahaha! How much did 2-10 pay for this glowing review?! Don’t waste your time with this company for a home warranty! They choose terribly rated repair companies and when you can’t get a hold of the repairman for the improperly done job, 2-10 just shrugs their shoulders and says, "Too bad." They clearly don’t care about the customer.

Amy L.
Cville, TN
1 Star

June 05 2020 10:04PM

My air conditioning is broken and it's 115 outside. I called Tuesday that it was an emergency no one called me back until 2 days later I called and got the name of the person they dispatched to. He could not come that day, came the next day. I needed a part. The contractor cannot get a hold of anyone at 2-10 to approve authorization for the part and it's 2pm in the afternoon. I have had no air conditioning for 4 days now and have had to sleep in a hotel, which 2-10 is not paying for.

I have been on hold for the last half hour trying to speak with someone about my issues. I think they are closed for the day or something and it's only 2pm. Why did I pay $700 for this warranty when I have a serious problem and they are not helping at all.

Kate L.
Scottsdale, AZ
1 Star

May 28 2020 1:40PM

DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. Please believe the reviews. So lets start with what is promised in advertising from the flyer given to sellers/buyers of homes. It is stated that when you purchase this warranty they will make three attempts to fix it then replace it. Also if they do not make the parts for it anymore it will be replaced. (FALSE ADVERTISING) That is not the case.

They will make you live without appliances for up to 20 days or more while they refurbish parts for the appliance or you can take a settlement of like 200 bucks or less and then your left to fix it on your own. Mind the fact you just payed anywhere from 89$ to 100$ in service fees to have them come out, wait around 10 days to inform you of the fact they don't make parts anymore, then another two days to tell you the bad news you will have a serious delay of another 14 to 16 days before they can get it fixed or just take a joke of a settlement and fix it yourself. I am a Disabled Vet who purchased this believing the hype that they could take care of things for me. It's a lie DO NOT BUY THIS Warranty. They just want your money and only do things that will profit them and screw the customer.

PLEASE NOTE: even the tech they sent out to fix this said it should be replaced and made that recommendation to 2-10 and yet this is what you will deal with. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!

Karl H.
Bowie, MD
1 Star

May 23 2020 3:29AM

Air conditioner has been out for two weeks. First technician came out and installed freon. Still DID NOT COOL. Technician came back and said it was the compressor that needed to be replaced. Another four days go by and I call the company. They said they were waiting on a report from their technician to order the part. The part will take up to five business days. Monday is Memorial Day. Air conditioning will be out of service for another week. They are calling for 85 plus degree temperatures this coming week. 2-10 Warranty is WORTHLESS. Do Not Waste Your Money with These People.

Lewis G.
Charlotte, NC
1 Star

March 09 2020 4:17AM

Horrible experience. All they want is your money to deny all your claims. I refuse to keep this policy! I called explained to CSR the issue with microwave door to have them schedule technician to come tell me the same thing I told them for 75.00 deductible to later deny claim. I asked them was over the range microwave was covered and they said yes, to later tell me everything but the door handle. Smh. Crooks.

Tangee C.
Columbia, SC
1 Star

February 21 2020 7:38PM

Great at collecting premiums. Terrible service contractors unless you can wait forever. The bottom line is their reimbursement rate to providers is so bad they will never give prompt service. They will put full pay customers ahead all the time. I had to go out of network for an AC repair because my house was over 90 degrees and their contracted service couldn't get there for 5 days.

Really??? So I paid another company $400 for the same day repair. 2-10 reimbursed $36 dollars. Crazy. I used to like the warranties, but they all seem to be a fraud. I'd recommend talking with the repair techs to see what they think about working for the warranty companies and I think they will all tell you they avoid taking the claims.

Joanne E.
Jacksonville, FL
2 Stars

February 17 2020 2:51PM

Since purchasing our home two years ago we've had a few claims. First, our furnace went out. The process was relatively smooth and within a few days the repairman showed up and it was fixed.

The second claim was the following summer when the A/C unit went out. 2-10 didn't have a service pro in the area so we had to call our own. While they did end up replacing the process took several weeks. The price quoted by the contractor we called was higher than 2-10 wanted to pay. I can understand that, but it's not our fault they don't have a contractor in the area.

The big issue was the numerous calls that it took and conflicting information we received the entire time. I called almost every day to get updates and one person would tell me they were waiting on the Purchasing department, the next day they had to reach out to the contractor and would be calling them. I talk with the contractor, no calls. Then finally once 2-10 has everything they need they promise me a call back. Never happens.

They absolutely NEVER call back or call when they say they will. If they give you a deadline or a 3-5 days, or anything of the sort YOU HAVE to keep calling them. They finally issued me a check for the quote given by the contractor and told me that I was on the hook if it was more. Thankfully, the contractor quote was exactly the final amount with no overages.

Finally, the third issue, and most frustrating, we've had is with our refrigerator/freezer. The issue was first reported in June of 2019. The ice maker quit working and there was excessive ice buildup in the freezer. I write this review as of February 17, 2020. The issues are still not fixed. A contractor came out in June and replaced the ice maker several times, sealed the line and added Freon. Nothing worked. Apparently it was reported as fixed. It never was.

I reported it again November of 2019 (and had to pay another $100 deductible even though it was not actually fixed the first time). I call once or twice a week going back months. All I get is the run around. They are waiting on the contractor. They are waiting on the purchasing department. They sent an email to the contractor. Contractor never gets it. They are waiting on a part. The part arrives to the contractor but it's no good to have an ice maker if the freezer doesn't work.

I can't even remember all the issues/excuses, but the one thing that is clear, again, through this process is that 2-10 absolutely NEVER calls back with updates when they say they will. It's always the contractors fault or the company they are purchasing parts from or someone else. I cannot recommend 2-10 for a home warranty. The people in customer service are friendly, no complaints on that end, but there is a flaw in their system somewhere.

Nathaniel S.
Bowling Green, OH
1 Star

February 09 2020 10:39PM

I would not recommend 2-10 to anyone, not even my worse enemy. It seems like 2-10 is only interested in collecting your premiums. When the time comes for them to actually put some money out, then they try to come up with all sorts of ways or excuses to deny your claim. I would have given them a one-star if I could. I have purchased a brand new home which the Builder happened to use 2-10 for the home warranty services. We have decided to keep them after closing on the home. We must admit that they started out pretty good as they did get our heater fixed a couple of times when they went out. However, it seems like they quite don't take it well when a Homeowner submits what they consider too many claims.

When our microwave oven has suddenly stopped working, we have called 2-10 to submit a claim. Since we were also having some minor issues with our dishwasher and since one of our refrigerator's vegetables tray has been broken, we have decided to include those as well with the microwave oven claim so we didn't have to pay a separate $75 deductible for three separate visits. The Technician declared that the microwave oven was not installed properly and claimed that was the cause for that appliance's failure. After he left, we've spent several days waiting on 2-10 to send a Technician back to make the repairs. Imagine spending all that time without a microwave oven to warm up your food.

When we contacted 2-10, one of their so-called managers got testy with us and has decided to decline all three of our claims, I guess just because he felt he had the power to do so. 2-10's rationale for denying the claims did not make any sense. We do not control any poor workmanship by the Builder. The house has been inspected before we purchased it and has passed all inspections. 2-10 has accepted to cover our appliances with all the so-called poor workmanship and has had no issues taking our premium money up to that point.

The microwave has been in service for over four years before failing. We think that 2-10 has purposely decided to deny our claims because some unprofessional worker got his little feelings hurt and also because they feel our policy may be costing them too much money.

I would not recommend this company to anyone. I am in the processing of canceling my policy in favor of a different company and I have been able to convince two of my neighbors to switch to a different company as well. I will continue to campaign against these scammers as much as I can. I may not be able to do enough to run them out of business, but I will certainly do my best to keep others from having to deal with what I had to deal with.

Jeanq P.
Stafford, VT
1 Star

January 07 2020 4:26PM

Refrigerator (2 years old) went out and wouldn't hold refrigerant. 2-10 Warranty only authorized a cheap Lowe's refrigerator as a replacement, but couldn't get it shipped. We were without a refrigerator for over a month and each time we called we were insulted, hung up on and basically told to go away. This company is a scam and should not be allowed to do business. They have found and employ the rudest, most insulting employees on the phone.

James G.
Texarkana, TX
1 Star

December 09 2019 8:23PM

DO NOT use 2-10. I am cancelling our policy with them and trying to find a new provider. Our heater was out. It's been 30 degrees here and they took 10 days to fix it. I had to actually pay for a new furnace as they said they couldn't find parts for my previous furnace. Ended costing me $1600.

Whenever I called, I had to wait for 1, yes, 1 actual hour before someone would come on. And when they finally got on, they kept saying "we're sorry but can't do anything about it". Their communications is HORRIBLE. They don't communicate among themselves either. BAD COMPANY. They just want to collect your premiums and do the most they can to not fix your problems. RUN FROM THEM.

Michelle L.
Annandale, WV
1 Star

November 07 2019 3:26PM

My sister bought a house in my development that had a 2-10 Warranty purchased navy the seller. She moved into the house in August and has been WITHOUT air conditioning (and now heat) since she moved in. It took weeks for the contractor to get approval, additional time because the contractor was told that 2-10 was buying the part and 2-10 said the contractor would, more time once the discontinued part was ordered from the manufacturer, and today, the contractor said the wrong part was ordered.

She now has to wait ... who knows how long ... to get the problem resolved. Run as fast as you can from this company. I’ve had AHS for 8 years and never went through something like this.

Debra S.
Myrtle Beach, SC
1 Star

November 03 2019 8:34PM

The warranty company has been great. The first contractor they sent out for gas leak was amazing. The second was electrical issue. Orlando ** tried to sell us things that were not covered and told us our house would burn down. Had two other electricians come out. He lied. Will never use Orlando ** electrical again. Beware.

Frances F.
Acworth, GA
1 Star

October 16 2019 5:00PM

We were given a 2-10 home warranty when we purchased our new home. We made a claim on our furnace system and 2-10 denied our claim due to the problem being a "pre-existing condition." I spoke with a representative who informed me that the contractor had stated that this "100% a pre-existing condition and had to have been broke for quite sometime."

After this phone call the contractor actually called me to see what 2-10 had said. When I told him what they said, he stated that he told them that in his professional opinion this was not a pre-existing condition and he never told them that it was. I called 2-10 back and confronted them about lying to me. This representative then admitted to me that the contractor reported that this was not a pre-existing condition and that we needed to move forward with the claim.

When I spoke with a supervisor she also stated that the contractor did report that it was not a pre-existing condition, but that they reserve the right to deny any claim. 2-10 will pull any dirty trick to keep from performing the services they claim they cover. They are a scam and you should stay away.

Ryan M.
1 Star

October 04 2019 5:27PM

I have had them since July 2019. I paid extra for roofing. They have no one in my area. So I have to pay out of pocket. My refrigerator went out 8 days ago. They are making up excuses on why their funding dept hasn't helped me. Now I have to wait four more days before I get any help. That means we will be without a refrigerator for what 12 or 13 days. I am so done with this. No help what so ever!!!! I would never recommend anyone to them.

Christina H.
Springfield, OH
1 Star

September 22 2019 9:52AM

Worst experience ever. Awful customer service. It always take a week or more to get someone to come to the house to evaluate the problem. If a part needs to be order, you looking to another 2-week process for the part to arrive. Then another week for a company to show to your doorstep to fix the issue. That is if you are lucky. I waited three weeks just to find out that the part they ordered went to the wrong place. I got tire a paid $300 and waited 48 hours to fix the issue. Don't recommend these folks!

Ramon G.
Spring Lake, NC
1 Star

September 18 2019 1:25AM

Awful experience they keep sending the same unqualified tech and tech smells awfully bad that we have to literally open all the doors. We don’t understand how someone working with clients with no care for the smell. The refrigerator was never repair and on top of that 100 extra paid and they offer 100 off out of a new refrigerator if we decide to buy one... What a joke.

Y C.
Dacula, GA
1 Star

September 03 2019 12:30AM

I have been without AC for 1 month and the company seems to not care. It took them 2 weeks to order the part in the middle of summer. I have kids and it is hot. This is the worst company ever. Please don’t waste your time using them if you want your stuff done in a timely manner. They have no concern about you being without. They just want the money. The worst customer service.

Legione F.
Waldorf, MD
1 Star

August 22 2019 10:31PM

My air Condition stopped working for more than 30 hours. I have been calling them but no one answer. The only person answer. She said within 24 hours they will call you to schedule appointment. It’s very bad customer service. I don’t recommend them.

Pary M.
Aldie, WA
1 Star

August 20 2019 4:08PM

2-10 Home Warranty from Colorado Contracts with unprofessional and unqualified repair techs. If you make an appointment, the RUDE service that sends the tech is based in Vietnam! The tech visits your home, seem to know what their doing and BOOM! The appliances never are repaired... They keep sending unqualified repairmen over and over with no repair parts nor do they order the needed parts to actually repair the appliance. So... you pay for nothing! Over and over! SCAM COMPANY

Shosh C.
Fort Myers, FL
1 Star

August 06 2019 5:00PM

I rarely go out of my way to give a bad review but DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I’m not going to go into the whole story, out a/c went out in May- it is now August- we spent $75 for their guy to came out (did not seem to have any knowledge and had terrible reviews online) so spent $100 for a second guy to come out for a second opinion. 2-10 said they will cover $140 of the $800 estimate that we were given. We got this answer after probably 4-6 hours on the phone with their customer service representatives. If this sounds fun to you, hire them. I would save the money and the headache.

Haley R.
1 Star

July 30 2019 3:50PM

I don't like seeing this place with a 4 1/2 star review. Especially for a Retirement Living page. I have been without AC for a month, since I requested service. They have even escalated my ticket to "high priority". From which they have called me multiple times, which I do appreciate, yet each time their excuse is "we can't get ahold of our contractors". So they still don't have a date as to when they will even have my parts order to fix my AC unit. Don't pay for this "service". If there was a 0 star rating, I would have used that instead.

Anthony T.
Broomfiled, CO
1 Star

July 20 2019 10:09PM

This 2-10 warranty is a joke! I wish I have the possibility to give 0 star. Had a contract with them and Called them for my refrigerator that was having some issues. After the agent spent like 39 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong I was told I wasn’t covered because this was a secondary refrigerator. Why trying to diagnostic the issue if you knew I wasn’t covered for it. Now they asked me to pay the service fee of $89. Wasn’t never told I wouldn’t be covered for a “secondary“ appliances. I have service one on my others houses and very satisfied with the service I thought I was going to give a chance to this one but definitely closed my contract with them!!! NEVER NEVER WITH THEM.

Brice T.
Omaha, NE
1 Star

July 19 2019 10:06PM

As a realtor, I have bad experience with 2-10. Case one: Seller bought 2-10 for my client buyer at COE. After two weeks my client moved in the house, the washer started leaking. Before closing escrow buyer's home inspector checked the dishwasher, there was no indication of leaking. Then buyer called 2-10, a plumber came in and reported to 2-10 and said the leaking was cause by the existing problem and refused to fix. Case two: My client bought a house two years ago and have had 2-10 HW for 2 years. 2-10 refused to fix the heating/cooling system after my client has paid two year home warranty. The inspector said that the unit was install improperly. So they refused to fix it. I really feel sorry for my clients. I will no recommend 2-10 to my client anymore.

Ellen Z.
Tucson, AZ
1 Star

July 17 2019 2:59PM

I paid for years for their most expensive plan. A major pipe broke in the basement and I had no water in the home. It took 30 minutes for them to answer, their demeanor and tone was as if they are doing you a favor, less than mediocre customer service. They gave me a contractor that does not service my area, he said they knew he does not service my area. They acted like I should be glad they were trying to find a contractor. You pay to have support when in need of repair, especially an emergency. Do not waste your money, I would give them less than one star.

Alma G.
Ewing, NJ
1 Star

July 12 2019 3:28PM

UNBELIEVABLE in the worst possible way! Supervisor worse than employee as far as customer service - nothing resolved a just a disgruntled ex-customer. Shame Shame Shame please feel free to contact me for further details.

Layla S.
22101, WV
1 Star

July 09 2019 10:51PM

Do you want to spend money on a home warranty that just does not work. Or how would you love the have your AC broken and needed to be fixed. You would just love to wait 25+ minutes for customer service. If you do not like any of these things I HIGHLY recommend not purchasing this home warranty. Waiting 2 weeks for an AC to be replaced. No one knowing when it will be replaced. 90 degree weather for several days in a row. Not fun, spend the money on another company.

Jessica K.
West Bloomfield, MI
1 Star

July 05 2019 9:26PM

Do not buy this warranty it is a joke. AC goes down on 4th of July weekend and had to get a guy out to get some air going. A new blower motor and a coolant charge - NOT COVERED! The "You'll Be Happy most trusted warranty!" Save your money.

Dan D.
Hellertown, PA
1 Star

June 30 2019 7:50PM

Late on a Saturday morning, we started to smell a strong electrical burning odor coming from the air ducts. Was our first phone call to the fire department? NO! The first phone call made was to 2-10 Home Buyer Warranty to make sure our claim would be covered. We opted to use our own local reputable HVAC company (researched and highly recommended).

We paid the after-hours service fee because I was afraid the house was going to burn down. The bill came to $700 (diagnostic service + part and repair). 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty would only reimburse us $115. 2-10's reimbursement didn't even cover the replacement part. I escalated the issue without success. 2-10 gives new homeowners a false sense of security that everything will be taken care of when you buy your new home.

It isn't until you file a claim that you learn the truth. I am very skeptical about the quality of their "in-network" service providers. Many reviewers have reported incompetent service contractors and lengthy wait time for repairs. That's what happens when you hire the lowest bidder. I would not recommend 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty to anyone. If you are a home seller, don’t waste your money on a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. If you are a buyer, be forewarned. We’ve had other claims denied as “pre-existing conditions.” I DO NOT RECOMMEND 2-10 HOME BUYERS WARRANTY.

Corrine R.
Knoxville, TN
1 Star

June 22 2019 12:50PM

Horrible customer service! 2-10 Home Buyers will gladly take your money when things are good, but go radio silent when you actually need them. We've had a premium policy for more than 15 years. When the A/C broke, they sent out an incompetent technician to replace the compressor. He failed to change the line filter, so the compressor died, and the coils are leaking freon. 2-10 then sent out two (2) more technicians, who both advised that we needed the A/C unit replaced. Since we have a replacement policy, we weren't worried, but we should have been. Now that 2-10 is responsible to replace the A/C, they stopped returning calls. They have disappeared leaving us suffering in the heat. The temperatures here are soaring. According to all the local weather stations 90 degrees feels like 107. Save your money. You are paying for peace of mind, but what you are actually paying for is company profits.

Gerald W.
West Palm Beach, FL
1 Star

June 21 2019 3:42PM

This company is TERRIBLE! Absolute waste of time and money. We live in the great state of Florida and our A/C has been blowing fuses for years. The A/C unit is but 4 years old and hardly ever used because its for a bonus room. They have sent numerous (4) A/C technicians out to replace fuses that keep blowing. They sent out an electrician that said its not his scope of work. Its been 2 months and they still haven't resolved the issue. My only guess is that they are not paying these companies that are coming out to fix the issue because, they stay no more than 10 minutes each visit. So please don't waste your time with this company!

Samuel B.
Jacksonville, FL
1 Star

June 17 2019 10:55PM

I have been out of AC for more than 3 weeks now. When I call them they keep on saying "Sir, your parts will arrive in 3-5 business days". It has been more than 20 days no parts at all. I live in Washington DC area and the temperature in summer is over 90. With a 2 year old baby at home, this company does not care about their customer. I have requested them multiple times and they always keep saying the same thing. My experience with this company has been one of the worst. I'm still without an AC in 90 degress while I'm tying these words. Really unhappy with the company.

Kapil A.
Centreville, SELECT A STATE
1 Star

May 20 2019 7:15PM

I called on May 13th with a plumbing problem, it has been 8 days and my issue has not been resolved. Tom ** is on my case. This is ridiculous, and they tell me if I hire my own plumber they can only pay him what their contractors would charge.

William K.
Akron, OH
1 Star

March 20 2019 6:56PM

Please do not waste your money with this company. Furnace went out when it was very cold. The one contractor in the state they use could not come for 2 weeks. They told me to use my own contractor and I had it fixed in one day. They then sent me an email 6 days later to tell me that whoever I use would have to contact them in advance to get the repairs authorized. This company is a scam.

Hal C.
Philomath, OR
1 Star

March 08 2019 6:15PM

RUN AWAY!!! DO NOT PURCHASE A WARRANTY FROM 2-10. CHOOSE AMERICAN HOME SHIELD. NEARLY 5 STAR REVIEWS FOR THEM, 2-10 IS RATED AT 2 STARS. I was told something could be repaired, they hired a plumber to come out. The plumber came out, cut a hole in the sheetrock of my home, and was unable to repair. The hole was not repaired, I was forced to pay $100 for the service fee, and 2-10 later told me that this was not covered under my policy and that there is no way they can repair this without supreme coverage. TERRIBLE REPS, TERRIBLE MANAGERS, TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE ALL AROUND. They want nothing but your money.

Kevin S.
Richmond Hill, GA