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January 24 2020 10:49PM

A listing agent had AHS policy attached to our house that we bought from her ( as an incentive ) as an added 'feature.' After we moved in we found 4 plumbing issues. Guess what? This POS outfit did not cover ONE. NOT A ONE. They give you the excuse and fine print crap. Mad? I was going to dump on the plumber but he was just a kid working for them as a contractor. Unless you pony up big monthly bucks to them . . . . Stay away from ALL this con B.S. and save your money to cover things yourself.

Ed L.
Chicago, IL
January 04 2020 6:38PM

I canceled my contract in the phone in late June last year. They continued to bill me and I called again. They said it was taken care of. I noticed recently that they have continued to bill me. I called, again. They told me I never canceled, that when I called in late June I never spoke with the cancelation department. They said I hung up without ever speaking with anyone in that department so it was never canceled. So, they want an early termination fee now since the Contract terminates in March. I canceled because of horrible customer service and non - responsive technicians. Now they want more money? Really?

Danielle H.
Warner Robins, GA
December 18 2019 2:19AM

BUYER BEWARE!!!! This company is crooked. Very very crooked. They will send the cheapest, most unprofessional company a person can deal with to you home, only to lie and tell you everything is fine. And then when a technician actually tells you that you have a problem, conveniently American home shield can't get a hold of said technician. They will give you a 24/7 run around. It's so so very sad I had to take time out of my day to sign up for this site, so that I may help others save their money. RUN FAR AWAY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Joseph K.
Jacksonville, NC
November 01 2019 10:22PM

Worst customer service EVER. This company is set up to profit, which means, they do not pay out, and will look for every excuse not to. Within two years, they "replaced" my evaporator coil twice, and when it broke the third time, again only offered replacement of the part, not to replace the 12 year old unit. Instead, I opted for the cash out of $690, but ha, ya, umm.. of course they every excuse not to pay this.

Did I mention that every time they replaced the coil, I had to pay $600 out of pocket for freon, in addition to the $125 service call? Wicked scammers, this company. You are so much better off paying for repairs out of pocket. Save the premiums and bank them to cover repairs the right way.

Georganne V.
Sarasota, FL
October 05 2019 1:51PM

RUN as FAR & FAST as you can before you become a "Sucker"!!! This company will legally STEAL your hard earned ca$h. Don't sign a service contract that restricts your consumer rights and dismisses their business liabilities. Do NOT be their next SCAM victim!!!!

Brian K.
Hansen Hills, CA
September 15 2019 4:27AM

Sadly, after 25 plus years with this company I cancelled service with them on two properties. I placed in a service call for my washer. The water would not drain. My husband is bedridden with Alzheimer’s Disease. We wash often.

However, the washer that is having problems is one they replaced several years ago. My previous washer was purchased approximately 20 years ago at the same time I purchased my dryer. And, the dryer is still working because I purchased a quality product. They’ve denied repairing my washer without any consideration of my length of time as a loyal customer of coverage for two properties.

My 20 years plus of payments on two properties have no doubt paid for a washer many times over. Additionally, the representatives sent to my home are obviously working in behalf of AHS. It’s a sad situation that a once awesome 5 star company has failed in ratings due to greed. And, I’m positive I’m one of many many individuals searching for a reputable home warranty company. Don’t use them. They will take your money and deny your claims.

Patricia S.
North Las Vegas, NV
August 21 2019 8:34PM

Customer service is horrible. Accents that I cannot understand, representatives unable to comprehend my issues as they only go by a script. Told me I would have to wait 1-2 hours to speak with a supervisor when I requested one. What’s happened to this company?!?!?!? Used to be much better.

Shirley P.
Conyers, GA
July 20 2019 3:45PM

One issue like many others but this is my most recent isn't taken care of. AHS sent an air conditioning repair man from Patriot in Lawton OK to my house installed a condenser and added freon. He took my $430.00 cash said he would email me a receipt and didn't. The repair man left off the value covers so all of the freon is out and I need freon added again. Patriot company can't be found and AHS won't take care of this issue without charging me again. This has been going on since Sept 2018 and it is 100 degrees and warmer and it's hot in my house. I refuse to pay again for something that I have already. AHS sent this stupid person to my house and ripped me off. When I called AHS I get the same story. They said a supervisor would call. That never happened either. AHS needs to back up their work and the stupid jobs that their employees do. Any advise?

Connie M.
Lawton, OK
April 05 2019 11:41PM

AHS - Sorry to say but you guys SUCK. Worst ever support. We have had to deal with AHS for 2 issues: 1. Washer 2. Garage door Let me start by saying that their support is one of the worst ever! They never ever pick up the call and chat is as slow as one can imagine. Horrible experience to start with. 1. Washer When we called in to complain about our washer, it took us 12 calls to reach a specialist. When we explained them our issue, they assigned MAJOR HOME APPLIANCE to perform the repair.

The specialist came to our home, and was very rude. When we asked him what the issue was, he said let me do my job and you won't even understand, so don't bother asking. He mentioned a part needs replacement and ordered it. Next time he came, he replaced it and left, without even explaining us the issue. After 2 days, the washer stopped working again so we had to deal with AHS again! Called them multiple times but nothing helped. Finally, we got a hold of someone from chat option and after arguing with them for more than 10 hours, they assigned another company - NANA SERVICES. These guys are good as they came home within a day and were kind enough to explain us the issue. Not to forget, they mentioned the 1st company replaced the wrong part!

They also offered to talk to AHS and tell them that repairing would be most costlier than the new machine. They agreed AHS only thinks of replacement of parts and nothing in regards to customer satisfaction. Nothing happened for a few days and when we got hold of AHS representative, they said NANA didn't submit any such requests! So they asked NANA to come to our place 1 more time and conclude their findings. Guess what, no one showed up and when we called them, they said we have replaced whatever we could and we don't know what else to do! I told them atleast care to call us and tell that you guys are not gonna show up. They said they will tell AHS. BUT, but, but they never told AHS that the washer needs replacement as they are afraid their relationship with AHS will be screwed. What a selfish moto. Finally, when we talked to AHS again, they said go ahead and buy a new one if you want, we can't help you! 2. Garage door Unfortunately, our garage door stopped working after a few days of washer issue. We tried to chat a few times and finally got hold of a specialist. They assigned ACE's GARAGE DOOR REPAIR AND INSTALLATION. The person came to check out our garage door and mentioned that he would need to change the whole assembly of garage (drums, spring, bearings, etc.). He told us he would charge $1500. To his surprise, we had already called in 3 other companies and got a quote on the issue. All 3 companies mentioned issue was with drums and spring bearing only, and it would cost around $175!

When we told this to the person from ACES, he said okay I will repair for $300. We were like why did you even lie in 1st place. He gave crap reason that I thought issue is with motor and the assembly. We then told him we don't want you to work on this so he left and told his company that we agreed to order bearings and a few other parts, which we never ever did! When we called them to complain, they apologized and would make sure that our garage door gets repaired without unnecessary charges. The person was supposed to come again at 8 am but came at 3 pm! When he came, he mentioned he will only repair the spring bearings which need dis-assembly of many things. When we told him we know the issue and there is no need for dis-assemble, he said I don't want to work for you and left. We then contacted AHS again and they didn't even agree to re-assign to another company. All they do is assign the issue to a crap company and then the problem is all ours. The washer issue has been going on for more than 3 months now and still no resolution. This is how you treat your customers. Well done!

Kunal S.
Fremont, CA
March 24 2019 2:45AM

I’ve been a member of AHS for approximately 15 years. The company used to be an upstanding business until later years. It took them 3 months to determine my heating system was not repairable and that they couldn’t find the system and offered me a payout. The repair company they sent to do the work, took their time with a decision. Needless to say I ended up going through most of the winter without heat and paying over $400.00 out of pocket along with what they offered to get a new system. Their motto is “if it can’t be repaired they will replace product.” That’s the biggest snow job ever. Don’t believe the hype.

Catherine B.
Baltimore, MD
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