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American Residential Warranty

4.65 Stars (23 Reviews)
Updated: January 19, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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American Residential Warranty offers very flexible home warranties from respected warranty protection and home security brands. You can add optional coverage to American Residential’s warranty packages and choose from monthly, quarterly, or annual billing.

American Residential Warranty Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Service Quality 4.5 Stars
Affordability 4.9 Stars
Coverage 5 Stars
Customer Feedback 4.3 Stars

Overall Rating 4.7 Stars

Bottom Line

American Residential Warranty offers four home warranty plans, from a comprehensive plan to only coverage for your HVAC units. You can bundle protection plans to save and get more coverage for things like electronics.

American Residential Warranty Review

American Residential Warranty is a home warranty company operating out of Boca Raton, Florida providing home warranties, electronics protection plans, and home security systems in all fifty states. Consumers have 30 days to decide whether to keep or change their plan or add options. Add-ons are available across several home repair categories so you can avoid paying for unneeded coverage, or increase coverage for specific systems and appliances. While home warranties are especially useful for older homes, American Residential Warranty plans cover both new and existing appliances and electronics.


  • 24-hour claim support, all year round
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Impressive warranty company affiliations
  • Affordable add-ons customize home warranty plans


  • No mention of enrollment fee until later in the sign-up process

American Residential Warranty Plan Features

It can cost hundreds of dollars to repair just one of your appliances or to fix a plumbing issue. Home-related repairs are expensive, and a home warranty can help you budget with regular payments. Another advantage to a home warranty is American Residential confirms the skills and integrity of the service professionals coming to your home. American Residential Warranty offers three levels of home warranty coverage as well as warranties specifically for kitchens, heating and cooling systems and electronics. You can tailor your home warranty to your needs with coverage from over 15 add-ons, including refrigerator ice makers not included in the warranty packages.

  • American Residential Platinum Plan

    The Platinum plan covers most major appliances in your home and central air, heating and humidifier units. Coverage includes:

    • Built-in microwave
    • Dishwasher, garbage disposal
    • Kitchen exhaust fan, range, oven, and cooktop, refrigerator
    • Interior electrical system, and water heater

    If you want more coverage on parts and types of repairs than American Residential Warranty offers on the Platinum plan, consider the Platinum Premier plan or add-on options discussed below.

  • Platinum Premier from American Residential Warranty
    ARW Platinum Premium

    Source: American Residential Warranty

    The Platinum Premier plan expands coverage to more fixtures and plumbing repairs, adding the following protection to American Residential Warranty’s Platinum plan:

    • Ceiling fans
    • Ductwork
    • Garage door opener
    • Dishwasher
    • Garbage disposal
    • Range hood
    • Interior electrical system
    • Plumbing system and stoppages, excluding fixtures
    • Water heater

  • American Residential Warranty 3-In-1 Bundle

    American Residential Warranty’s 3-In-1 Bundle combines the Platinum Premier plan, Deluxe Advantage and Ultimate Electronics Protection.

    • System parts
    • Code Violation coverage
    • Electronics damage and repairs

    The Deluxe Advantage plan is exclusive to the 3-In-1 Bundle, adding system parts like air conditioning coils and refrigerant, plumbing fixtures and faucets and major kitchen appliance parts. Coverage includes mismatched systems (heating or air conditioning inadequate for your home), garage door springs and tracks, water heater sediment buildup and much more. American Residential Warranty gives you permit/modification/code violation coverage within the Deluxe Advantage package, ideal if you buy an existing home where you may not find code violations for years after the purchase.

    The Ultimate Electronics Protection covers devices in your home such as DVD players, TVs, computers, and gaming consoles for normal wear and tear, power surges and cracked screens or accidental damage. American Residential Warranty offers the Ultimate Electronics Protection plan with the backing of Asurion, which has 25 years experience delivering quality electronics repair and replacement services. Ultimate Electronics Protection covers all your personal technology, and you can buy this plan separate from the 3-In-1 Bundle.

  • Kitchen Plus Warranty Plan

    American Residential Warranty’s Kitchen Plus plan is designed to keep one of the most appliance-heavy rooms of your house functioning. This plan covers a built-in microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal, kitchen exhaust fan, range, oven and cooktop, refrigerator, interior electrical system, and water heater.

  • Heating and Cooling Warranty Plan

    The Heating and Cooling plan from American Residential Warranty covers your central air conditioning and heating, built in humidifier, and interior electrical system.

American Residential Warranty Plan Costs

One of the advantages of a home warranty plan from American Residential is you can pay monthly, quarterly or yearly. However, we only found monthly pricing for the Ultimate Electronics Protection. Quarterly and annual payments offer discounts, and if you decide you don’t want your plan within 30 days of signing up, American Residential Warranty will refund your money.

You will pay a one-time $39 enrollment fee for an American Residential Warranty plan. The company occasionally offers a deal on the enrollment fee, like 20 percent off.

American Residential Warranty Plan Costs
Plan Monthly Quarterly Yearly
3-In-1 Bundle $89.99 $276.99 $1,071.99
Platinum Premier $54.99 $159.99 $549.90
Platinum $46.99 $136.99 $469.90
Kitchen Plus $29.99 $86.99 $299.90
Heating & Cooling $35.99 $104.99 $359.90
Ultimate Electronics
$24.99 N/A N/A

American Residential Warranty Add-Ons

You can add coverage for specific components, systems and appliances to your American Residential Warranty plan to expand your protection. These options, called add-ons, include your washer and dryer, range/oven/cooktop, refrigerator, freezer, water heater, ice maker, air conditioner, heating, well pump, water line, sewer line, pool, pool/spa combo, spa, ceiling fan, and food spoilage.

Consumers can add multiple appliances to their warranty using add-ons. For example, if you have two freezers and your plan covers one, use an add-on to protect the other.

American Residential Warranty Complaints

Trustpilot awards American Residential Warranty 5 stars with the majority of consumer reviews rating the company great to excellent. The few low scores are from customers who did not read contracts or understand the warranty coverage limits. ConsumerAffairs rates American Residential Warranty 4.75 stars out of 5 based on feedback from 421 customers in the past year. The company has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau, where the customer reviews for American Residential Warranty score a cumulative 4.5 out of 5 stars.

repair costs

Source: American Residential Warranty

American Residential Warranty Q&A

  • Can I choose the contractor for an American Residential Warranty service call?
    Yes, within limits. American Residential Warranty has a working relationship with a group of pre-qualified professionals, but you can tell the claims representative you have a preferred contractor when you make a service request. You should speak to your contractor and let them know they have to call for authorization before making any repairs.

  • Is there a waiting period before American Residential Warranty plans take effect?
    Yes, there is a 30-day waiting period after you buy an American Residential Warranty plan. You will not have coverage during that time.

  • Does American Residential Warranty charge a deductible for service or repairs?
    Like most home warranties, American Residential Warranty plans have a trade service fee. Home warranties are not home insurance, so there is no deductible. The trade service fee covers up to two appliances per call, so verify the amount when you speak to your claims representative.

  • What if American Residential Warranty’s repair technician can’t fix an appliance?
    American Residential Warranty will either replace the appliance or pay you an amount to use toward the cost of a replacement. Read the terms of the contract before you finalize your home warranty to ensure you’re familiar with all plan policies.

  • How long does it take American Residential Warranty to schedule service?
    American Residential Warranty’s goal for emergency calls is within 24 hours. If your breakdown is not an emergency, the company will have a service tech at your door within 48 hours after placing your claim.

  • Are there limits on an American Residential Warranty plan?
    Yes, there are some limits, which vary depending on the plan and add-ons you choose. Some appliances and systems have a $1,000 per year cost limit for diagnosis and repair or replacement, while others may have a $600 coverage limit. Specific parts may be excluded from coverage, such as Freon in an air conditioning unit. Read the documentation thoroughly for each American Residential Plan you consider to make the best choice for your home.


Your homeowner’s insurance does not cover expensive appliance and other repairs that can put your bank account in the red. Consider the costs and benefits of a home warranty, and if you decide to buy one, American Residential Warranty offers customizable options for fine-tuning the coverage you need.

23 American Residential Warranty Reviews

Write Review
1 Star

June 11 2022 11:38AM

Before hiring this company you must read the reviews of the clients to avoid losing money, they offer you the service and then they do not know what is offered, all the agents are trained to tell you the same. It's stressing to talk with them. Don't hire this company.

Isabel V.
Tucker, GA
1 Star

December 28 2021 4:56PM

Tried calling using the number on their brochures; never answered! Fortunately had sales person’s number, requested service for broken water lines. Form letter states $0.00 charge for water/sewer lines. Still charge $55.00 for trades call.

Scheduled with local plumber that called to inform me that they would not do the repairs unless I paid their fees in advance because ARW do not pay. I Pd.$210 + $55.00! Don’t know how their received an A+ rating.

Tech said that No One here works with warranty company due to failure to pay for services rendered! Must make a separate claim with ARW for reimbursement! I will be filing a complaint with WV Attorney!

Jacqueline L.
Huntington, WV
1 Star

October 18 2021 1:35PM

I had a very bad experience with American Residential Warranty. We have had this warranty for 3 years, we made our payments on time. Thursday October 14 2021, was our service for our heating. McIntyre heating was suppose to come out between 8am and 5pm.

We waited and called and called and texted. He finally called us and said he was scheduled to come out on October 15. He saw that it was the 14th. He came to our home.

My husband climbed under the house to turn the lights on so that he could see what to do. He accused us of going in his work bag. This is ludicrous!!! He left without giving us any service. We called the company. They said it will be up to 3 business days before they can find someone.

Elaine C.
Kernersville, NC
2 Stars

September 24 2021 2:21PM

How they're getting these high ratings I don't know. I was with them from 2017 until this year. I only use them for a hot water heater and a sump pump.

I end up paying the hot water technician $200 out-of-pocket. Another 50 for removal of the hot water heater and it was all supposedly included in my plan. When I called customer service I received nothing.

I recently filed two claims. One for my TV and one for my range at the end of June. My rings just got fixed three days ago and it's still not working correctly and my TV repair still hasn't been done or reimbursed.

The people they're using aren't namebrand companies or really professionals. They pull up to your residence in a regular vehicle unmarked no uniform carrying a tool bag. Do not believe these ratings. They do not come right away for a claim like they say.

Jay J.
Reynoldsburg, OH
3 Stars

August 03 2021 9:05PM

Not a good one because they kept sending an negligent company call service on site who didn't give a hands fix the problem help. As a result my Samsung refrig stop working and your company denied fixing.

It was reported by me the second time service on site came I complained and you didn't listen to me. As a result lost food and had to buy a freezer. I was not given any consideration for my loss. You take my money on time but service was bad.

Octavia W.
Bloomington, CA
1 Star

August 03 2021 3:23PM

Worse company around. I filed a claim for my AC on 6-2021 and to date I am on the phone holding for supervisor. They state they offered a buyout for a part for my AC and to date they have not sent check and will not answer the phone at all.

I am filing an Attorney General Complaint and possibly Small Claims Court if I can't get resolution of this issue. I found an email for them at customer service: [email protected].

Not only have they not come out to repair claims placed on my AC, microwave, plumbing, etc. They collect the fee and never come out to fix anything. When I called to inquire about status they want to charge an additional $50 to start the process again.

I end up fixing myself things that I can. Guess what still on hold for a supervisor. I was called by a lady that said she was the company underwriter at AIG. Isn't that the big bank that was bailed out with taxpayer dollars? who promised to have someone resolve my A/c issue.

I even had a problem with the contractor they assigned my repair. And she kept telling me she had talked to agent at Central Heat and Air/Tonya. She wouldn't allow me to talk to her boss.

But must not have gotten through to her either because they ended up not able to fix the issue and when I called AHW back she talked to them and told them that they could not fix the issue.

And had not technician to send out because of Covid-19 taking the rap for inadequate service, and customer service. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS COMPANY!

Theresa S.
Desoto, TX
1 Star

June 21 2021 5:09PM

They tell me one thing and I get too many answer that the first person didn’t explain to me and if I wanted to add another thing in the policy I had to wait another 30 Day is I was just applying for their service in which they get their facts and answer correct and saying one thing and then the other person comes with a different story.

Ana Q.
East Haven, CT
1 Star

June 10 2021 10:47AM

I requested from May 30 del 2021 service for my refrigerator and until today June10 del 2021 they have no repaired it. They never return a call for the only thing that they are fulfilled is to charge. Never call nightmare of the company.

1 Star

May 18 2021 6:54PM

Sales person sold me the warranty without explaining all the necessary details. Had my AC checked and ARW couldn’t replace or repair unit. Told me I needed an additional coverage to fix my AC after the fact!

Why was this not explained to me prior to selling me the warranty. Customer service is poor and very unprofessional leaving client on hold for up to one hour!!!

Horrible service and long extension wait times. I would not recommend ARW to a family member, neighbors or friends. Please be aware before purchasing.

Perret R.
New Orleans, LA
1 Star

May 06 2021 10:14PM

Please stay away from this insurance, they will take your money but they will never actually fix something, they don't even take calls and they will leave you on hold for hours. Poor customer service and super rude people. Don't give your money to this company.

Edgar L.
Pasco, WA