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American Standard Walk-in Tubs Review

The accessibility of walk-in bathtubs helps make bathing safer and easier for people of all ages. Seniors in particular greatly benefit by never having to climb into or out of a wet and slippery tub, risking a fall. There are several models of American Standard walk-in tubs with optional spa-like features that take them beyond an easy-to-open door and compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

American Standard, the brand we named as offering the Great Luxury Massage Tub, has been a recognized and respected name in bathroom and kitchen fixtures for over 140 years. Their tradition of quality and innovation has put them in three out of five homes in the U.S. as well as in thousands of businesses, hotels, airports, and stadiums.

Today, American Standard offers a wide variety of walk-in tubs with many choices of door and installation configurations. Several of their tubs are available with hydrotherapy options that can add a whirlpool or air bath feature, creating a functional and safe tub that gives a spa-like experience using massaging water jets or air bubbles. Chromatherapy, a type of light therapy, is also offered in many of American Standard walk-in tubs.

  • American Standard is a well known, trusted brand
  • Several types of walk-in tub models
  • Free installation estimates and a lifetime warranty on their door seals
  • 15 percent restocking fee with returns, plus freight costs for the original shipment and return shipment

American Standard Walk-in Tubs Cost

American Standard sells their walk-in tubs directly and at most major home improvement retailers such as Lowes and Home Depot. You can view their extensive list of walk-in tub models, features, colors, prices and more on their website. Here’s a snapshot of their price ranges based on the type of walk-in tub. If you purchase directly from American Standard, the cost includes installation. If you buy one of their tubs from a third party vendor, the cost of installation is separate, and pricing varies from what we listed below.

Walk-in Tub Type Number of Models Price Range
Walk-in Air Baths 65 $5,729 – $10,416
Deep Soaking Tubs 60 $4,750 – $8,383
Combo Massage Tubs 67 $6,190 – $11,186
Walk-in Whirlpool Tubs 65 $5,326 – $9,988

American Standard Walk-in Tub Products

American Standard offers over 100 different walk-in tubs in the colors biscuit, linen and white. Nearly all of their products have built-in grab bars as a standard feature, and 83 percent come with the exclusive Quick Drain system, draining the tub in two minutes or less. American Standard walk-in tubs are broken down by type: Walk-in air baths, deep soaking tubs, combo massage tubs and walk-in whirlpool tubs.

  • Walk-in Air Baths: These walk-in tubs feature a massage-like sensation due to thousands of tiny air bubbles. You can adjust the massage strength to your personal preference.

  • Deep Soaking Tubs: Deep soaking tubs are, as the name suggests, designed for long soaking baths. The seat is wide and slightly reclined.

  • Walk-in Whirlpool Tubs: Whirlpool walk-in tubs use jetted streams of water to create a massage effect. Water jet strength can be adjusted to personal preference.

  • Combo Massage Tubs: The combo massage walk-in tubs combined the air spa features and the whirlpool features in one tub.

American Standard Walk-In Tubs include (depending on model):

American Standard Combo tub

Gelcoat Value Series Combo Massage Tub. Source: American Standard

Ease-of-Use Features

  • Exclusive Quick Drain® water removal system
  • Hand-held shower wand
  • One-touch control jet system
  • Outward opening door models available with wider doors designed for easier transfer from a wheelchair
  • Self-cleaning sanitary ozone system
  • Slip-resistant textured floor surface
  • Premium solid brass fixtures and faucets
  • Simple touch controls to activate hydrotherapy, Quick Drain®, and more
  • An ultra-low threshold and wide door for easy entry and exit
  • Durable grab bars inside the tub and an ADA-compliant chair-height and built-in seat
  • Ease of Use commendation from the Arthritis Foundation

Luxury Features

  • RevitaJet™ Whole Body Hydrotherapy System with 44 air and water jets
  • Targeted back, leg, wrist and foot massaging jets
  • Built-in aromatherapy
  • Seven-color chromatherapy
  • Automatic Water Purging System to ensure water lines stay clean

Additional Features

  • Lifetime warranty on tub, door, installation, including labor
  • Patented leak-free door system

You can filter your search by feature on American Standard’s website when shopping online for walk-in tubs.

american standard technology

Screenshot: American Standard Technology

American Standard Walk-in Tub Warranty

The warranty for American Standard premium acrylic walk-in tubs comes with a 15-year warranty on the bathtub, 10-year warranty on the tub components and a lifetime warranty on the door seal.

American Standard walk-in tubs with high gloss acrylic gelcoat construction come with a 10-year warranty on the bathtub, five-year warranty on the tub components and a lifetime warranty on the door seal.

The warranty for the Liberation model of walk-in tubs includes fixtures, parts, labor and installation for life.

American Standard Walk-in Tub Complaints

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and thousands of sales, American Standard has only had 36 online complaints lodged against them in the past three years, and they have responded to each one of them. Comments from customers frequently include phrases like, “very impressed,” “most satisfied” and “outstanding quality.” Those who bought directly from American Standard and had the full installation package raved about the service, using phrases such as “they went above and beyond,” “they did an outstanding job” and “nothing but praise for them.”

American Standard chromotherapy

American Standard chromatherapy. Source: American Standard

American Standard Walk-in Tubs Product-related Q&A

  • What is American Standard’s most popular walk-in tub?
    The most popular walk-in tub sold by American Standard is the Gelcoat Value Series 30×52-inch Outward Opening Door Soaking Walk-In Bathtub – Right Door and Drain. With an MSRP of $5,548, the tub comes in two finishes: white or linen. It features a deep soaking tub basin with a built-in chair for a safe and relaxing bath as well as an outward opening door, a built-in safety bar and a textured floor to keep bathing safe. This model includes a premium fast-fill tub faucet, handheld showering wand, polished chrome trim, and fits in standard sized bathrooms and smaller spaces. If you have a larger space, a tub extender kit is included to allow the tub to fill a 60-inch space.

  • Does American Standard have any special offers?
    American Standard offers special pricing from time to time. A recent promotion offered $1,500 in savings for every customer who purchased and installed a new Liberation walk-in tub with installation.

  • What should I expect during the free in-home evaluation?
    An American Standard Professional Bathroom Safety Specialist will take the time to explain all the features and benefits of their walk-in tubs. The specialist will then perform a complete safety assessment, take measurements, and explain the installation process. Finally, they will talk to you about financing and give you a firm estimate based on the options you’ve chosen and the scope of the work.

  • What is American Standard’s installation process?
    Licensed and certified installers will professionally remove your old tub and install your new walk-in tub. When the installation is complete, the installers will test the tub to be sure everything is working correctly. They will also show you how to use each feature of your new walk-in tub.

  • What makes American Standard’s Quick Drain system so unique?
    Most walk-in tubs take between six and 15 minutes to drain, causing the bather to get chilled while they wait to exit the tub. The Quick Drain system drains water in two minutes or less, reducing the risk of getting chilled.

  • How many jets does the Liberation by American Standard have?
    The American Standard Liberation Series walk-in tub features the RevitaJet systems with 44 air and water jets, more than you will find in other walk-in tubs. Their easy-to-use touchpad gives you total control over your bathing experience.

  • How much water does a standard walk-in tub hold?
    On average, a walk-in tub holds between 50 and 55 gallons of water. While this is more than a standard tub, it is on par with a shower which uses about seven gallons per minute. If you’re considering a walk-in tub, you’ll want to make sure that your water heater is large enough to be up to the task.

  • Does Medicare cover walk-in tubs?
    As of May 2018, no. Walk-in bathtubs are not covered by Medicare because they are not considered to be durable medical equipment.

  • What are the advantages of walk-in tubs?
    Walk-in tubs are an excellent choice for seniors who have mobility restrictions. Built-in features like handrails, seats and textured floors meet your safety needs. Jets, LED lighting and aromatherapy can turn a bath into a spa experience that washes away the aches and pains.

  • What are the disadvantages of walk-in tubs?
    Unlike a regular tub, you need to fill a walk-in tub with water after entering it. You will not only have to wait for the water to get to the right level, but you could also have difficulty adjusting the temperature to your comfort. Walk-in tubs are more costly than regular bathtubs, and they often require professional installation.


Beyond the relevant safety factors, walk-in tubs from American Standard offer much that the competition does not. With so many models and options to choose from, finding just the right tub for your needs is easy. The American Standard name and history are another plus as they have a long reputation for high-quality products. The warranty on the Liberation models is unmatched by other manufacturers, and their prices are competitive. For a price quote, call (888) 594-8649

American Standard Reviews

Recent Reviews

September 28 2020 7:07PM

Very poor communication. Has not been installed yet. The 28th of Sept got postponed till Oct 2nd never got 1 call to let me know. I will review again after installation. Communication is essential. I guess they don't believe that.

Bob D.
Parsons, KS
September 04 2020 5:24AM

This tub stay tore up from one way or another. We have not used it a whole month yet and we have had it going on a year and a half. The first thing was it was leaking under it getting my carpet wet in living room. Took them 3 months to come fix it.

I had to threaten them that if they didn't come fix it they would be hearing from my lawyer. #2 the knob broke and it took them 2 months to come fix it. Then #3 the jets stopped working. Took 3 months for them to fix that. # lightning struck it. Jets would just stay on.

Well with covid going around we waited to call so that time was on us. #4 now the jets have stopped working again. The lights don't come on. The drain hasn't work since they fixed it last time. It is messed up more than it works. I am not happy 15000.

Larry F.
Thomaston, GA
June 25 2020 12:44PM

Their name does not reflect their standards for your safety SENIORS “Beware” this company does not take any precautions regarding Covid 19. We told them we were a compromised house hold kidney transplant patient, COPD patient, so please take extra care with us. We even canceled once due to the fear. They assured us they had our safety first.

The workers showed up with old work gloves, no masks and the office never even told them about our health. They do not care about you only there bottom line and profits. It’s evident in the Wood they use it is one grade above particle board. It is sad when a company that says they are there for seniors but really for $18,000 they know you are to old to complain. You are a disappointment to all who trust you. Judy **

Judy U.
Bartlesville, OK
May 18 2020 5:42PM

The tub was purchased and they sent "their" installer. The installer Chris came with a helper and during the procedure asked permission to cut a hole in my kitchen ceiling. This would be covered with a plastic piece and would accommodate the installation, so we gave permission.

Chris left several times and left his helper to do all the work, while he constantly said he had built houses with his grandfather since he was 14 and was capable of many construction projects. The tub leaked within 3 days of the installation process being completed all over my kitchen and granite counter tops and new cupboards.

I called and they told me to hire a local plumber and with their approval they would cover the cost, which they did. They make their own parts so you must wait for them to ship them. The plumber was approved and checked "everything" including the area in the kitchen that had been cut and revealed plumbing. He then informed me that all of the parts used within the tub were very cheap and that NY State required any plumbing to be done by a "certified plumber".

He also informed me that this gentleman "Chris, the installer", had cut the main JOIST THAT SUPPORTED THE TUB RIGHT WHERE THE WATER ENTERS. I called the company immediately and was told that the installer was indeed not a certified plumber but that insurance. Meanwhile the toilet that came with the tub and also installed by the same person, ALSO LEAKED INTO MY KITCHEN.

To make a long story short, just now a year to date to this month and the shower that comes with the tub, now leaked into my kitchen. The insurance company was called and said it was a legitimate claim and sent a check for ALL THE REPAIRS. They would pursue American Standard.

The plumbing authority was called and they would pursue them. The repairs included fixing the joist that was cut to support the tub, removing cupboards and replacing drywall that had been ruined from the water, replacing half the kitchen ceiling along with a ceiling fan and light fixture and painting. IT'S BEEN NOTHING BUT A NIGHTMARE WITH THIS COMPANY AND THEY HAVE KEPT THE SAME EMPLOYEE AND ACTUALLY OFFERED TO SEND "HIM" BACK INTO OUR HOME!!!

Now we have to call this company back to get a completely new shower hose and have a plumber approved to install that!!!! WARNING, WARNING DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

Joseph T.
Liverpool, NY
January 16 2020 4:04AM

I've been thinking about buying a walk-in tub after reading the reviews on this site. I have decided that I'm not going to get an American Standard walk-in tub and I probably won't get one at all because of all the hassles that everyone has to go through every time they need a repair or the job done right the first time.

Big man L.
Spavinaw, OK
December 10 2019 8:37PM

Tub went in and two days later a leak and the bidet wouldn't work, A few weeks and tech comes out, replaces the breaker and fix the leak. One year later the toilet seat was cracked and they would send out another and when it arrives give them a call for tech to come out. Three weeks later I called and they said, "FIX IT on your own." Rude.

Ron D.
December 02 2019 11:31PM

I wish I had read these reviews before ordering from American Standard Liberation. My parents’ tub is still not installed, as they keep cancelling. When I spoke with the regional manager, Jim, he was rude and condescending. I should have called Kohler!

Rosemary P.
Bridgeport, CT
November 03 2019 7:41PM

The installation of our Liberation American Standard walk in tub was an unprofessional disaster from start to finish. The work done was not in compliance with code, and the state electrical compliance inspector had to contact Eric **, the regional installation manager, to ensure that a qualified electrician fix the problems created by their installer. The process took from May 18, to Oct. 22. Needless to say we can hardly stand to look at the tub let alone use it.

Nina V.
Camano Island, WA
September 13 2019 11:51PM

A disaster! My parents are 92 and 90 my father wanted this tub for my mom because she had hip replacement. Its been weeks and the tub was in and now its pulled out because of violations. noted by the building dept. My mom can't sleep in her bed because the bathroom is in her room and there's dust all over! They have one bathroom now. They asked my WW!! 92 yo dad to sit on the bidet and they took a picture of him!!! Humiliation I'm furious! I'm not done with this company.

Rosemarie G.
Lady Lake, FL
July 20 2019 5:40AM

The quality of the product is good, but the installers did a poor job and another had to come to correct the errors. I recently had the extension partition collapse due to improper installation. They did not put the support brackets in place. It has been impossible to get them to come and repair this issue. It appears that they are not a member of the BBB because they are not listed with them... Based on the poor installation and very sorry response to warranty issues, I would have never purchased this product. Fortunately I put a 1500 down payment with my credit card and will be disputing the charge..

Donld S.
Louisvile, KY
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