Beltone Hearing Aids Review

Over 48 million people in the U.S. suffer from hearing loss, which affects one-third of those over age 65 and two-thirds of individuals over 75 years of age. Despite those statistics, only 30 percent use hearing aids, often due to concerns about being sold more expensive hearing correction than necessary. Beltone guarantees associates will not sell hearing aids to anyone who doesn’t need them and provides a wide range of hearing aid styles. The company offers personal service nationwide with many free benefits after the sale.

  • Models for moderate to profound hearing loss
  • Remote adjustments via mobile app
  • Free lifetime service

  • High cost, but includes free service and hearing tests

Beltone Hearing Aid Models

Beltone’s line of hearing devices includes all types of hearing aids to correct a wide range of hearing loss. After you get a free complete hearing exam at one of the company’s clinics, you get fitted with hearing aids if you meet a minimum hearing loss threshold to indicate you need them.

Beltone Hearing Aid Models

All Beltone hearing aids featured below work with Remote Care, so you can have settings adjusted anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi or cell signal on a smartphone. These hearing aids feature the latest auditory technology and include Beltone’s 12-point lifetime service plan, covered in detail below. Beltone guarantees hearing aids for one year, and you will get fitted with new hearing aids at no cost if your hearing changes over two years.

 Belton First hearing aid

Source: Beltone

The Beltone Amaze hearing aid uses proprietary technology with speech filtering to amplify voices in noisy environments, background noise and feedback reduction and automatic volume control.

  • 13 natural and fashion colors
  • Receiver-in-ear (RIE) style available
  • Speedy sound processing with longer-lasting batteries

Beltone Trust hearing aids offer custom fit options with fifth-generation 2.4 GHz wireless technology for identifying voices and canceling noise from all directions. These hearing aids feature automatic volume control and other enhancements with Ear to Ear Synchronization, CrossLink Directionality2 and Personal Sound ID.

  • Significantly lessens sound in the room when talking on a phone
  • Rechargeable batteries only need replacing once per year
  • Masks tinnitus

Beltone Boost Max hearing aids are for severe to profound hearing loss and have all the features of the Trust line with the company’s proprietary technology to create a natural hearing experience. Documented tests show Beltone Boost Max hearing aids provide up to 60 percent greater sound clarity and speech comprehension.

  • NanoBlock coating for protection from moisture and particulates
  • 5 natural colors for more discreet wear

Compare Beltone Hearing Aids
Model Hearing Aid Style Hearing Loss Treated Feature Highlight
Beltone Amaze Receiver in Ear Mild to Severe Most features for profound loss
Beltone Trust Receiver in Ear
Behind the Ear
Mild to Severe Enhanced sound detection
Beltone Boost Max Receiver in Ear
Behind the Ear
Severe to Profound Best in class sound processing

Beltone Mobile Apps

Beltone offers four free mobile apps for iPhone or Android mobile devices customers can use to conveniently and discreetly control most Beltone hearing aids.

  • HearMax: Works with Beltone Trust, Boost Max and Amaze hearing aids to provide timesaving Beltone Remote Care service and a locator to help you find misplaced hearing aids. If you’re having a problem adjusting your hearing aids, use the app to contact Remote Care, and a professional will analyze data from your devices then send an update to provide optimum settings to the hearing aids via the HearMax app.
  • HearPlus: A hearing aid setting control app for many of Beltone’s older wireless-enabled models.
  • SmartRemote: Works with Beltone hearing aids equipped with streaming audio capabilities to allow the wearer to control sound streamed from a TV, radio or another device to the hearing aids.
  • Tinnitus Calmer: This mobile app provides sound therapy and exercises to help combat tinnitus, which causes chronic ringing in the ears for 20 percent of the population.

Beltone Hearing Aid Accessories

Beltone’s hearing aid accessories allow users to stream sound from a variety of devices such as cellphones, TVs, computers and remote microphones directly to hearing aids for convenience and enhanced sound quality. Some of the wireless accessories do not transmit a signal through walls, so be sure you understand they work before you buy.

MyPal is a small wireless microphone designed to extend the range of Beltone’s hearing aids with a range up to 80 feet. MyPal is useful for hearing conversations going on in other rooms.

Direct TV Link 2 works with nearly any audio device, from computers to stereos, and as the name implies, televisions. This accessory streams sound directly to hearing aids so you can listen at your preferred volume without disturbing others.

Direct Remote Control 2 lets you easily control streamed sound to your Beltone hearing aids, and change settings for each hearing aid individually. Direct Remote Control 2 is particularly useful for balancing the sound your hearing aids receive and making adjustments during conversations.

Direct Phone Link 2 is a small remote device for streaming audio and amplifying phone calls by pairing with hearing aids via Beltone’s SmartRemote app on an iPhone or Android phone.

Beltone Comprehensive Hearing Aid Service Plan

Belcare, Beltone’s hearing aid service plan, covers hearing aids for the life of the product with 12 points of service. Along with ensuring ethical practices, qualified staff, the full disclosure of information and free inspections and cleanings, Belcare provides:

  • 30-day money back returns
  • Free help via phone
  • Beltone will not sell hearing aids to anyone who doesn’t need them
  • Follow-up service while customers adjust to hearing aids
  • Free hearing test 30 days after fitting to verify proper setting of hearing aids
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty with “Lost, Stolen or Damaged” coverage
  • 2 years hearing aid replacement if your hearing worsens after the initial fitting

Beltone Hearing Aid Costs

Beltone does not publish prices on its website. The national average cost for one hearing aid runs about $2,300. We found consumer reviews mentioning a price for Beltone hearing aids ranging from $5,000 to $9,000 per pair, which includes free hearing aid servicing and hearing tests. Medicare does not cover hearing aids, but some insurance plans and other options help to make hearing aids affordable.

Beltone Hearing Aid Complaints

Beltone is one of the most recognized names in hearing aids, so we found plenty of reviews online. The Better Business Bureau gives Beltone an “A+” rating with only five complaints over the past three years, with issues satisfactorily resolved on the BBB website. HearingTracker reviews give Beltone 3.75 stars out of 5, and there are 4 out of 5 stars on Beltone’s Facebook page with many glowing reviews. ConsumerAffairs readers give Beltone hearing aids 4.75 out of 5 stars. Common complaints are related to battery life or issues at individual locations. Beltone responded to most problems quickly.

Beltone Hearing Aids Q&A

  • How long can I expect Beltone hearing aids to last?
    The average lifespan of Beltone hearing aids is about six years with proper care and maintenance.

  • I was caught in the rain while wearing my Beltone hearing aids. How do I dry them out?
    Use a silica-based drying agent purchased from your hearing aid provider. In some cases, water may damage the units to a point where they will no longer work, so it’s best to carry an umbrella or hat if you expect rain.

  • Can I try Beltone hearing aids before buying?
    Many Beltone locations offer in-office testing of different hearing aid models with various sound environments. The hearing aids come with a 30-day money back guarantee and exchange policy.

  • Is it normal for my voice to sound different while wearing Beltone hearing aids?
    Yes, you will probably notice changes in the way your voice sounds to you because the hearing aids provide sound frequencies you may not have been able to hear for some time.

  • Where can I buy batteries for Beltone hearing aids?
    Buy hearing aid batteries at Beltone service centers, numerous retailers like Walmart or Target, and drugstores.


Beltone hearing aids come in many models and styles to provide the hearing aid features you need. Their national service centers provide the best hearing aid fit for seniors and hearing professionals are available to answer any questions. Beltone’s free service for the life of the hearing aid is an excellent benefit, and the latest technology makes using Beltone hearing aids almost effortless.

Beltone Reviews

Recent Reviews

September 26 2019 7:24PM

Beltone is the 3rd company I have dealt with for hearing aids. I believe I've had these $5200.00 hearing aids for maybe a little over a year and the doctor and me are on a first name basis now. I've had my share of problems with these very expensive hearing aids. Some of the problems are with the so-called App that is downloaded to my phone. There are times when the app shows "Hearing aids not connected" and they are..So many times has one earing aid worked and not the other, especially when I'm listening to downloaded music. One or the other just won't connect.

There are times when just putting them in my ear only one is connected. I'm getting very tired of calling the Beltone Store, making an appointment from my busy day to keep going around and around to repair the problem. The hearing specialist is more than helpful to get things going correct again. He is a great guy and I hope Beltone never loses this guy. I never had this problem with the cheaper ones I've had in the past..maybe I should have stayed with them. Biggest does not mean the best in any business. Now, again, I have another appointment to have these hearing aids programmed. I don't know if anyone else is going thru what I am but let me tell you, it's no fun.

David S.
Middleburg Heights, OH
September 26 2019 6:43PM

I have Trust 6 purchased 2019. Does not have very good noise cancelation. Been to the service rep twice so far but not good results. He put a large power dome in and it does help my receiver in the ear. But it does block up the ear.

Jon L.
Chelmsford, MA
September 19 2019 1:38PM

I bought my Beltone hearing aides in 2013. What has impressed me the most about Beltone is the service they provide. I have had two Hearing Aide Specialists since owning them and both have taken good care of my hearing aides. Once I forgot I had my aides on and jumped into a swimming pool. After a minute or so I remembered they were still in my ears! My specialist made time to see me later that day, put them in his "moisture eliminating machine" and they were saved! Same thing a year later with the shower. Granted, my hearing aides are seniors now and have had two serious incidences, but despite some occasional feedback, they " keep on going". I will be buying a new pair this year to enjoy the latest technology and hear TV better.

Linda A.
Glen Ellyn, IL
September 18 2019 8:09PM

DO NOT BUY BELLTONE HEARING AIDS!!!! I spent $7000.00 for their in-ear model. They took turns breaking and were repaired several times while under warranty but they never worked as advertised. The guarantee only lasts for three years, so now they want $300.00 to repair the broken one. It is laying on the dresser because I won't throw good money after bad. I am no better off than I was four years ago except I was $7000.00 richer. My bad.

Paul S.
Evington, WV
September 10 2019 7:32PM

Putting it simple the don't work and I wish I had not spent the money on them. Now granted I purchased their low end since that was all I could afford. When turned up just amplifiers background noise. When I complained the bottom line answer was kinda oh you really want to hear with them you will need to upgrade to the tune of an additional $5000.00! Even most of the cheap headsets have noise cancelling technology. Their things are useless!

Jo G.
Marietta, GA
August 29 2019 12:45AM

My husband has owned to pair of Beltone hearing aids. One analog purchased in 1994 and one digital purchased in 2005, Both were advertised as they are today as having a lifetime service agreement.

However, after 10 years in each case Beltone said they could no longer service these older hearing aids. SAD! We have been mailing them to a service company in California that is capable of servicing them. So why is it that Beltone can not? Beltone needs to stop the false advertisements of lifetime service agreement.

Mary Ann R.
Plymouth, MI
August 28 2019 9:51PM

I changed my review because at first I didn't know that my friend wasn't understanding what I was saying so he would get mad and think I was saying something completely different.

Today at Beltone on Harvard in Tulsa Ok call me in the room and explained to me his hearing isn't able to hear with clarity. So thank you Joe at Beltone because no one has ever explained it to me before that he can't help it.

Kathy C.
Henryetta, OK
July 12 2019 3:32PM

Paid $7000 For my Beltone hearing aids in the fall of 2017. Right one went bad in 2018 and had to be replaced. Left one went bad in June of 2019. Had it replaced. It lasted 4 hours before it malfunctioned. Sent it in and now I have been without it for 4 weeks. Not satisfied at all with all the trouble I've had with these expensive hearing aids. Right now I would not recommend Beltone hearing aids to anyone.

Mike H.
Fort Atkinson, WI
July 02 2019 1:35PM

Brian and Lisa ** run an extremely efficient and welcoming business in Winter Park FL. Brian has provided me with hearing aids since 2004. He is very knowledgeable and works hard to suit my needs. Because of the hearing aids my safety especially in traffic and quality of life are improved. I can hear TV without having the volume so loud that is uncomfortable for others and I enjoy the fellowship of friends and family.

David S.
Longwood, FL
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