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Bitcoin Advizers

4.5 Stars (7 Reviews)
Updated: January 24, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Bitcoin Advizers offers personalized assistance from a seasoned investment professional who takes the time to explain everything you need to know. The company provides one point of contact with an account executive who can answer any questions. Bitcoin Advizers specializes in assisting individuals age 50 to 70 with cryptocurrency IRA investments. Clients get all the support they need to manage a cryptocurrency IRA.

Bitcoin Advisers

Editorial Breakdown

Investment Options 4.4 Stars
Ease of Application 4.5 Stars
Investment Fees 4.7 Stars
Customer Service 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4.5 Stars

Bottom Line

Bitcoin Advizers is a cryptocurrency investment company specializing in assisting individuals age 50 to 70 with cryptocurrency IRA investments.

Bitcoin Advizers Review

Cryptocurrency like bitcoin can have a place in a well-diversified retirement portfolio. When you’re not sure how to go about buying bitcoin for your IRA, consider working with the experienced professionals at Bitcoin Advizers. While the company can help anyone with setting up a Bitcoin IRA, Bitcoin Advizers specializes in assisting individuals over the age of 49. We chose Bitcoin Advizers for having the best client implementation in our Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency IRA guide.


  • Help with every step of setting up and funding a Bitcoin IRA
  • Cryptocurrency can diversify a retirement portfolio
  • Low minimum investment
  • Several cryptocurrencies available


  • New company, although the staff has years of experience

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency IRAs are an investment and carry risk. Consumers should be alert to claims that customers can make a lot of money in these or any investment with little risk. As with any investment, you can lose money and past performance is not a guarantee of future performance results. Consumers should also obtain a clear understanding of the fees associated with any investment before agreeing to invest.

Opening a Bitcoin Advizers Cryptocurrency IRA

You choose whether to communicate with Bitcoin Advizers by phone, email or online. Your account representative can use the method that’s most convenient for you. Setting up your cryptocurrency IRA happens in three steps.

  1. A Bitcoin Advizers representative walks you through every step of the IRA setup. You will discuss whether funding your IRA directly or via a rollover is the best option. Either transaction is free of tax penalties. You will also learn about custodial options for your IRA.
  2. Bitcoin Advizers will tell you when your IRA funds are available to purchase cryptocurrency. To buy or sell, get in touch with your account executive to lock in your price and complete the trade. Currently, you have a choice of six cryptocurrencies.
  3. Your assets are transmitted to your IRA custodian and securely stored. Investments grow tax-free in a cryptocurrency IRA, and you’ll see regular reports so you can keep up with your holdings.
Cryptocurrencies Offered by Bitcoin Advizers
Valuation Changes
Current Value* (USD) 1 Year Change 5 Year Change
Bitcoin $10,037.22 56.17% 2,380.92%
Bitcoin Cash $312.19 -38.75% 873.61%
Litecoin $73.23 34.70% 1,610.19%
Ethereum $217.22 3.09% 4,876.09%
Ethereum Classic $6.12 -43.29% 520.08%
XRP $0.2895 -19.16% 973.46%
*Value as of September 21, 2019

Cryptocurrency You Can Buy with Bitcoin Advizers

Bitcoin Advizers can help you purchase several types of cryptocurrency for your IRA. All coins are bought and sold using blockchain technology. This technology is a public ledger for all transactions, and it can’t be changed. Your Bitcoin Advizers representative will get to know your risk tolerance level and financial situation. Then you’ll get a recommendation for purchasing digital currencies.

Bitcoin is the first and most well-known cryptocurrency for peer-to-peer payments. Bitcoins are created through a process called mining, where computer-based authentication verifies the cryptocurrency. Seventeen million of the 21 million maximum bitcoin supply are mined. All bitcoin is expected to be mined by 2140.

Bitcoin Cash came about when Bitcoin became very popular, causing a bottleneck to form in transactions, resulting in processing delays. Bitcoin Cash emerged as a solution, with greater speed and capacity. Lower fees come with higher speeds. However, Bitcoin Cash requires more processing power. This requirement increases the possibility of hacking.

LiteCoin uses a simpler algorithm for higher processing speed compared to Bitcoin. Litecoin handles more transactions and is processed four times faster than Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency has minimal fees.

Ethereum works as a global infrastructure for creating new markets as well as a cryptocurrency. Ethereum is open-source and utilizes smart contracts for security. Ethereum runs on an immense global network of computers, making it very flexible.

Ethereum Classic came about after a blockchain was edited to correct a vulnerability in the code, resulting in Ethereum (discussed above). Ethereum Classic is the original cryptocurrency with the vulnerability removed.

Ripple (XRP) was built on similar technology of other cryptocurrencies but is designed for trading and settling more substantial transactions. Instead of relying on a mining process to generate coins, there is a limited supply of 100 billion XRP available for circulation. Rather than using a decentralized infrastructure, the coins are held in time-locked contracts with Ripple, a company.

Bitcoin Advizers Costs

Account setup fees consist of a one-time $550 payment for account setup and enrollment. Bitcoin Advizers does not receive all of this fee. Part of the amount goes to the IRS-approved account custodian, Equity Trust. Transaction fees vary, so discuss this with the advisor before establishing an account. Storage and maintenance fees for your cryptocurrency IRA are $195 annually plus $20 per month, and 0.07% on the IRA balance.

Bitcoin Advizers Complaints

Bitcoin Advizers is a very new company, although the company’s Chief Investment Officer, Chris Mitchell, has transacted over $3 billion in cryptocurrency IRAs over the past decade. We found no online reviews or Better Business Bureau rating because the company is so new.

Bitcoin Advizers Q&A

  • What retirement accounts can I rollover into a Bitcoin Advizers IRA?

    Bitcoin Advizers will help you rollover these types of retirement accounts into a cryptocurrency IRA: Roth IRA, traditional IRA, SEP IRA. You can also transfer a portion of funds from these accounts to a cryptocurrency IRA. Other retirement accounts, such as a 401(k), 403b, 457, Thrift Savings Plan and TIAA CREF plans usually rollover with no tax consequences. Your account representative at Bitcoin Advizers can confirm a transfer or rollover is free of penalties or taxes.

  • Can I invest in more than one cryptocurrency in an IRA with Bitcoin Advizers?

    You can split up your investment any way you wish, or buy a single coin. You must invest at least $10,000 in a Bitcoin Advizers cryptocurrency IRA.

  • I already own cryptocurrency. Can I fund my Bitcoin Advizers IRA with it?

    No, you can’t fund an IRA with cryptocurrency you own. The regulations governing IRAs require a transfer or rollover from an eligible retirement account.

  • Is it a hassle to liquidate a cryptocurrency IRA held with Bitcoin Advizers?

    Liquidating your IRA only requires calling your Bitcoin Advizers account executive, who handles these transactions over the phone.

  • What type of investment is a Bitcoin Advizers cryptocurrency IRA?

    Cryptocurrency is considered a speculative investment with potential for significant price fluctuations. However, digital currency is here to stay. Bitcoin Advizers recommend you use cryptocurrency for a portion of a retirement portfolio to diversify your investments.


Bitcoin Advizers’ mission is to help clients buy cryptocurrency to grow and protect their wealth. The company guides individuals through each step of setting up a cryptocurrency IRA and choosing investments. Bitcoin Advizers is new but holds over a decade of experience in what is currently considered alternative markets, but will likely become the norm. Bitcoin Advizers representatives meet customers at their comfort level and are happy to explain all you need to know.

7 Bitcoin Advizers Reviews

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Featured Review

5 Stars

November 05 2021 8:25PM

Chris ** is a great guy to work with, highly recommend. Great customer service, experience, and knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency. I believe crypto is a great asset for everyone to own moving forward and Bitcoin Advizers gives guidance and expertise on how to properly invest in this asset class.

Noel K.
5 Stars

January 20 2021 12:34AM

My experience and transaction with Bitcoin Advizers was smooth and successful. I was educated by the CEO, all questions were answered. I am proud to be investing with this company. They ensure they will guide me throughout my entire investment. I have been treated like family, and receive constant updates rather than left in the dark like some businesses do. Highly recommend.

Mila S.
Tarzana, CA
5 Stars

January 14 2021 9:03PM

Other organizations either wouldn't return calls or required me to schedule a week in advance. Chris is very responsive, readily available, and fully answered all my questions. I feel secure in my decision to go with Bitcoin Advizers!!!!

Matthew G.
Coral Springs, FL
5 Stars

December 24 2020 12:00AM

My experience with Bitcoin Advizers was nothing short of exactly what I was looking for. I had not bought Bitcoin from anywhere different than an exchange, but with Bitcoin Advizers it was like whatever amount of Bitcoin I bought they treated me the same, did not push me to buy more or any pressure at all and they would check in me from time time just to see if my needs were being met.

Excellent customer service. Exchanges don't get it done any faster. Bitcoin Advisers were just as efficient when I chose to sell. No questions just execution.

Plus if you need to know more about Bitcoin in general, they will assist you with edification as well. You will rest easily knowing no scams will ever take place there and they are local to USA, in CA.

Mark A.
Huntington Beach, CA
5 Stars

December 21 2020 10:01PM

Good Evening, I have worked with Mr. Chris Mitchell now for several years and I highly recommend him. He is very knowable and professional. He is very patient with my numerous questions and very responsive to all my inquiries. I am always able to get a hold of him whenever I have a question or could use some sound practical advice. Sincerely, John J

John J.
St. Simons Island, GA
5 Stars

July 01 2020 3:37PM

I have found Bitcoin Advizers to be, professional, knowledgable and very helpful, anytime I have a question. Mr. ** always returns my calls in a timely manner, I highly recommend Bitcoin Advizers to all my family and friends.

Jeryl G.
Princeton, WV
4 Stars

June 23 2020 7:17AM

I love the fact they are here in the Los Angeles area. So many Bitcoin sales and hold are in murky waters. Chris ** and staff will assist you in purchasing BTC and a couple other Alt coins only the strongest.. Put the investment in an IRA or 401K plan.

I think these guys have been diligent with me. They know markets be it digital or otherwise. I only with I would have born more when I had the chance. Being local means the world to me.... as it does.A move may be starting to gain momentum. Keep BLOCK MINT in mind before you go to a monster exchange where no one gives you specialized attention. It can be done in just one day.

Mark A.
Huntington Beach, CA