CAIRE, Inc. Portable Oxygen Concentrators

CAIRE, Inc. Portable Oxygen Concentrators Review

CAIRE Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of portable oxygen concentrators and other oxygen supply equipment. The company sells direct to consumers or through limited authorized dealers and has been in business for 50 years. The U.S. military, space exploration labs and high altitude clinics on Mt. Everest all used CAIRE’s high-quality portable oxygen concentrators. CAIRE portable oxygen concentrators feature proprietary breath detection technology specifically geared toward helping the 65 million COPD patients around the world.

CAIRE’s product line includes AirSep, HELiOS and SeQual brands for home, hospice and long-term care oxygen therapy. You will find CAIRE’s oxygen supply equipment in hospitals, homes and used in military and industrial applications.

CAIRE receives industry certification and recognition from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), an independent nonprofit organization. ACHC completes on-site surveys of member facilities every three years to verify continued compliance with many strict requirements, industry best practices and state and federal regulations. Consumers can be assured ACHC-accredited company policies are in line with third-party payers such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Caire Pros
  • ACHC Accredited
  • No oxygen tanks required
  • Decades of developing oxygen therapies
  • Quality manuals and instructional videos

Caire Cons
  • Must call to find local or regional authorized dealers

CAIRE, Inc. Portable Oxygen Concentrator Models

CAIRE Inc. manufactures three portable oxygen concentrators with a variety of oxygen dosages and delivery methods. An extensive line of accessories, from carrying cases to tubing, is available for each model. All three models are FAA approved, so you can safely travel with these portable oxygen concentrators on planes, buses or other modes of transportation.

Each CAIRE portable oxygen concentrator comes with a user manual and quick start guide. Customers have access to detailed online video tutorials for easy reference and assistance with operating and setting up the products. Instruction includes unboxing and safety videos.

– CAIRE Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator

CAIRE’s Focus is the company’s smallest portable oxygen concentrator and is not much bigger than your palm. Focus uses breath-sensing technology to deliver oxygen only as you inhale instead of a continuous flow. Weighing under two pounds and worn over the shoulder or clipped to a belt, the Focus battery life is three hours. The optional backup battery is handy while traveling. CAIRE Focus functions on AC or DC power with its universal plug and power supply.

– CAIRE FreeStyle Portable Oxygen Concentrators

CAIRE’s FreeStyle line offers two lightweight models to choose from with the FreeStyle and FreeStyle 5 with automatic oxygen dose adjustments.

CAIRE FreeStyle

FreeStyle, Source: CAIRE, Inc.

The FreeStyle weighs under five pounds with three pulse settings for oxygen delivery. This portable oxygen concentrator runs up to seven hours on the two batteries included with the FreeStyle. Like the Focus, the FreeStyle utilizes breath detection to deliver oxygen and operates on battery, or AC or DC power.

The FreeStyle 5 is designed specifically for those living with COPD. FreeStyle 5 has all the features of the FreeStyle but is slightly larger, yet still very lightweight. This portable oxygen concentrator runs for five hours using both batteries. The FreeStyle 5 automatically adjusts the bolus (oxygen volume) based on your breath rate, so you continually get the right amount of oxygen as your breath rate changes.

– CAIRE Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrators

The Eclipse 5 from CAIRE Inc. is a portable oxygen concentrator with wheels to move the portable oxygen concentrator with you, similar to a rolling suitcase. Designed with CAIRE’s proprietary Automat technology breath sensing and automatic bolus adjustment, the Eclipse 5 ensures COPD patients receive the right oxygen dosage regardless of breath rate. This portable oxygen concentrator runs on AC or DC power, or batteries.

The Eclipse 5 can deliver higher bolus doses than smaller models and the highest pulse dose available in an oxygen concentrator. The Eclipse 5 is also a continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator. Battery life is two hours per battery on continuous flow or five hours on pulse flow.

– Other CAIRE Oxygen Concentrators

CAIRE’s Companion 5 is a home oxygen concentrator, weighing under 40 pounds to move with ease on wheels around the house. The Companion 5 is a continuous flow model priced at $800 and operates on AC power. CAIRE includes a humidifier stand, and the Companion 5 has a large easy-to-read display with a space-saving narrow profile.

AirSep and SeQual are divisions of CAIRE Inc. Both companies manufacture oxygen devices for use in medical and industrial applications. AirSep portable oxygen concentrators are light and easy to carry, but we did not find CAIRE’s breath detection technology in this line. SeQual manufactures the Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator which appears to be equally equipped compared to CAIRE’s identically-named model.

*Using both batteries on lower settings

CAIRE, Inc. Portable Oxygen Concentrator Warranty

CAIRE honors warranties only for portable oxygen concentrators purchased factory direct or from an authorized retailer. The new product warranty covers three to five years depending on the model and one year on standard accessories. The warranty covers defects exclusive of wear and tear, misuse or abuse of the CAIRE portable oxygen concentrator.

Where to Buy CAIRE, Inc. Portable Oxygen Concentrators

You can buy CAIRE portable oxygen concentrators on the company’s website or from one of four authorized internet retailers: Vitality Medical, Portable Oxygen Solutions, Oxygen Concentrator Store, and OxiMedical. These companies meet CAIRE’s requirements for customer service after the sale, staff training, and inventory levels sufficient for quick delivery. If you prefer to buy a CAIRE product in a store, call the number on the site to find out what stores are authorized sellers in your area.

Buying factory direct from CAIRE includes many benefits:

  • All new units (not rental or refurbished)
  • Extended warranty options
  • 30-day risk-free trial (subject to a $75 restocking fee)
  • Free shipping
  • Free replacement under warranty
  • Set up with a factory field service engineer
  • Lifetime phone support with trained oxygen advisors

Numerous local durable medical equipment suppliers can rent CAIRE portable oxygen concentrators through Medicare.

Financing Your CAIRE, Inc. Portable Oxygen Concentrator

CAIRE offers PayPal Credit to finance portable oxygen concentrators for 36 months. You can avoid interest charges by paying in full within six months. The online financing application is convenient, private and secure, and approval is almost immediate. CAIRE’s financing program comes with PayPal Zero Fraud Liability and Purchase Protection programs. There are other ways to ease the cost of a portable oxygen concentrator if you don’t want to use credit.


Focus, FreeStyle, Eclipse 5, Companion5, Source: CAIRE, Inc.

CAIRE, Inc. Complaints

CAIRE customer reviews on the company’s Facebook page average 4.8 out of 5-stars. Many reviewers noted CAIRE’s quick response to questions and concerns. Customer reviews on CAIRE’s authorized dealer sites range from 3.5 to 4.8 stars on a scale of 5, with an average around 4.75. Most reviews are very favorable, with a few complaints concerning battery discharge speed on devices not in operation. We found no reviews for CAIRE Inc. on consumer rating websites and no Better Business Bureau records.


  • Does insurance pay for a CAIRE portable oxygen concentrator?
    Many private insurance plans pay at least in part for portable oxygen concentrators, and CAIRE representatives can help you determine if your plan has coverage. Medicare, Part B covers oxygen concentrators under certain conditions but usually requires rental first. If you have a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan, you may pay next to nothing out of pocket.

  • Do I need a prescription to buy a CAIRE portable oxygen concentrator?
    Yes, oxygen delivery devices are regulated and require prescriptions. Part of your prescription designates the pulse or continuous flow rate your health condition requires.

  • Since there is no oxygen tank, can I smoke while using a CAIRE portable oxygen concentrator?
    While there is no tank to risk explosion when exposed to flame, the oxygen-rich environment created by any portable oxygen concentrator is a fire risk. Therefore, you can’t smoke, and no one else should smoke near you while you are using a CAIRE portable oxygen concentrator.

  • How can I be sure my CAIRE portable oxygen concentrator is working?
    Every CAIRE portable oxygen concentrator has alarms to trigger if the device malfunctions or the battery life reduces to a certain level. Your CAIRE portable oxygen concentrator is working as long as you hear no alarms and see no alert codes on the control panel.

  • Are CAIRE portable oxygen concentrators noisy?
    Portable oxygen concentrators produce low-level white noise. For comparison, most libraries have an ambient noise level of 40 decibels. CAIRE’s FreeStyle portable oxygen concentrator produces around 43 decibels.

  • How can I rent a used CAIRE portable oxygen concentrator?
    Check with local durable medical equipment suppliers for used CAIRE portable oxygen concentrators, but be aware there may be no warranty. These suppliers are responsible for ensuring used or refurbished portable oxygen concentrators work correctly.


Portable oxygen concentrators provide much more freedom and mobility compared to oxygen tank systems. Portable oxygen concentrators also present fewer safety concerns and no worries about late tank deliveries. CAIRE portable oxygen concentrators are backed by years of successful development, and buying factory direct comes with many benefits. CAIRE portable oxygen concentrators are lightweight yet substantial enough for nearly any oxygen therapy patient.

For pricing information or to start a purchase, call (877) 443-8603 or get started with shopping online. </

CAIRE, Inc. Reviews

Recent Reviews

Featured Review
March 31 2020 8:04PM

Bought a used Visionaire 5 over a year ago. VERY quiet (a low white noise that should actually contribute to sleep), and has been amazing, reliable, running almost continuously for the whole year. I had to take it in to get the filters cleaned/service, which was at a reasonable price. Considering I bought this refurbished (for a VERY low price), I am more than satisfied with the unit. I will be checking Caire prices and models when I need to replace my Inogen G5 portable next year.

Bradley G.
Salt Lake City, UT
February 28 2022 7:40AM

I have been using Caire freestyle comfort for three years now and I'm on my third machine. By the time I get the new or rebuilt in machine it runs for a little while and then I run into the dreaded yellow warning symbols on the display. Three times in 3 years.

I got mine through Lincare via Medicare. It's almost a shame to send it back again because this is getting ridiculous. If it wasn't for the inconvenience of tanks I'd tell them to stuff it....

For the cost of this unit I am surprised at the lack of quality and pride the company must have in both its machines and its repair staff.

Mike A.
Cabot, AR
February 10 2022 5:41PM

Purchased a Caire Companion Eco 5 in Oct. of 2021. It failed in about a month. Returned it for repair, and had to rent a unit. Got my unit back in late Jan/early Feb 2022. Plugged it in about a week later, after about 3 days, it started throwing low o2 codes again.

Returning it again, have to keep rental unit, which will cost me more than purchasing the unit. Beware the companies that put out pretty videos that tout how good their equipment is, usually turns out to be crap.

Anthony (Tony) T.
Erlanger, KY
January 10 2022 6:36PM

Let me start with the agent whom I made the purchase with was phenomenal in education and courtesy (Sean **). Although however; I have had my Caire oxygenator for approximately 3 weeks. I paid well over $2700.00 cash for the unit and it was defective.

I have had issues with it not staying charged as it should as well the noise level was very much so annoying to others as well myself.

I reported the issue with the yellow light triangle even while breathing normally and was told that I was not breathing for 15 seconds or more which caused this to happen. Not true on my part. I continued to reach out to the company over a 2 week period with additional issues of the same sort.

I finally called customer service/technical support (Joshua) and spoke with the technician that was assigned.

I was told after 3 weeks of trying to gain resolution that I would be receiving a return label and a brand new unit (not refurbished) and it would be sent to me within 3-4 days when the label started to track. I emailed him the next day and informed him it was at the UPS store.

Well I have yet to receive the unit. I had to cancel a very important trip due to not having the portable device.

I emailed the customer service department again for the 4th time and get a response that the device would be delivered by Thursday this week which is 7 days and too late for another event that I have planned concerning my grandson going to college on a scholarship playing in his first BIG game in Florida.

I spoke with a representative I was not familiar with and she assured me that the department manager (Larry) would contact me and that the reason the concentrator would be late is because of COVID 19 and low work details.

The issue that angered me is that I have made too many calls and emails to get a timely response. DO not blame COVID 19 on your challenges with my unit that I promptly paid for cash. DO not make it seem as though I do not understand what I was told 3-4 days and now it is up to 7.

I have lost money for a trip with my grandson and family that I cannot recover! DO as promised. The sad thing is I am a disabled woman Marine and also have friends that were going to use your company for future purchases. Yet your team has failed me grossly! Not happy at all!

Crystal D D.
Ellenwood, GA
August 16 2021 1:25PM

Do not honor the warranty, my dad portable went out it’s either, power pack or desk top charger that went out, we bought it out right from SpryLyfe. It is less than a yr old and can’t get replacement, being told on back order.

Well they should replace whole machine if you can’t get parts, has not been able to use for a month.

Lisa H.
Beaumont, TX
June 30 2021 7:27PM

The unit itself is quite good but it ends there. If the unit malfunctions you're out of luck. One of the selling points is their after purchase support. That is a complete lie. During the purchase process they are readily available by phone to answer any questions you have.

Once you purchase the unit the communication ends. You never hear from them again. My unit has malfunctioned. I've been calling them for 2 days now. I've left message after message and absolutely no one calls back.

I did finally get to talk to someone and they told me a tech would call me shortly. He lied, no tech ever called. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. GO WITH INOGEN.

David B.
Nashua, NH
April 03 2021 8:07PM

I’ve only had this unit a couple weeks and while the airflow is way better than the first dinosaur Medicare rented for me it’s as or more noisy than that one! It doesn't have a back up battery and since I have it on 3, it doesn’t even have a charge for 4 hours.

Not sure this unit is any better. Must be the new bottom of the list machine that Medicare will cover!

Sue T.
Colorado Springs, CO
December 04 2020 3:35PM

I have a portable unit which stopped working. I called CAIRE to find out what to do. They gave me a RMA number to return for service. It's been 2 weeks and every time I call I get the same answer, "We will call you." This is under warranty and I have had it less than 6 months.

It cost me $90.00 to send unit back overnight. I depended on this unit for going out. I'm 75 and carrying those heavy tanks is just too much for me.

If I had to do it again, I think I would shop around a little more. They even wanted to charge me $240.00 to rent one. Can you believe that. People be careful.

Joanne W.
Port Orange, FL
November 16 2020 3:29PM

During a power outage my mother's Caire FreeStyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator malfunctioned. Fortunately, my generator was working. I used Lincare to provide this portable concentrator from Caire.

I have been waiting nearly a week for them to tell me if they can pick the faulty equipment up for repair or replacement.

I was told that once it is picked up and shipped out for repair it could take 2-4 weeks before I receive a new or repaired portable concentrator, but once the equipment is picked up I will be given a portable tank that will have to be refilled.

That is understandable, but what I don't understand is the delay in getting this process started. Neither Caire Inc. nor Lincare are not recommended for life supporting equipment.

This is very unsatisfactory. What am I to do if we must to go out? If the generator does not work? How is my mother supposed to breathe?

July 11 2019 10:44PM

I brought a visionaire oxygen concentrator in Apr 2018. It started to beep and stop in May 2019 and was sent to Caire for repair as this was well under warranty. I paid for the shipping one way. They took almost 2 weeks to repair and I got my oxygen concentrator in June.

It is July now and the concentrator is giving the same problem. This is for my mother. The company is asking us to resend it to them for repairs. I am frustrated because I need to pack this and send this every time this happens and I need to find another source of oxygen for my mother as unfortunately our second source has been giving some troubles as well and I am unable to send that for repairs due to this not being stable. We can’t be doing this every month.

They have no idea about the sleepless nights we are having and my mom is retaining a lot of water as well. Bottom line is the concentrator was not of good quality and their service was worse. I am still under warranty when they couldn’t fix it once they should have given me a replacement. Will never buy a Caire product anymore.

Jayashree S.
Allen, TX
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