CarShield Car Warranty

CarShield is a brokerage specializing in automotive service contracts, often referred to as extended car warranties or service plans. While car dealers sell new vehicles with a warranty, CarShield’s plans are purchased separately to extend your car’s warranty.

CarShield works with several automotive service contract providers so you can compare multiple extended car warranty service plans in one place. The company also offers specialty plans to cover the electronics in your vehicle, for example, or for motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. Once you purchase a plan, the company providing the extended warranty handles customer service and fulfillment of the contract.

If you are looking to compare different companies and various car warranty options, be sure to check out our car warranties guide.

  • Consumers can compare a variety of extended car warranties at once
  • Specialty plans such as lease end, motorcycle and vehicle electronics
  • Sample policies available for review before purchase

  • No guarantee all mechanics will honor the contract
  • Terms of service contracts can be confusing

Working with CarShield

Because CarShield works with a variety of extended warranty plan administrators, the company can help you find the best coverage at the lowest cost. Fill out the form on the CarShield website to get a quote from plans by United Car Care, American Auto Shield, Interstate National Dealer Services (INDS), and the National Insurance Underwriters (NIU) of Florida. CarShield will email the quote or call you, and you can always call their toll free number to talk to an agent about a service plan quote.

Once you buy a service plan, you will need to follow your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule found in the manufacturer’s owner’s manual. Failure to comply with scheduled maintenance can negate your coverage under many service plans.

CarShield Car Warranty Policies

CarShield offers policies for new cars, used cars, motorcycles, ATVs and other off-road vehicles. Policy types, explained below, are comprehensive, powertrain, powertrain plus, specialty and motorcycle/ATV. Read the policies on CarShield’s website and discuss with a representative to get all the details.

CarShield Car Warranty Plans
Type of Policy Best For
New Car Newer vehicles with high miles and expired manufacturer’s warranty
Comprehensive Used cars with no manufacturer’s warranty
Powertrain + High mileage vehicles
Powertrain Most affordable, covers essential parts of the vehicle
Specialty Leased vehicles, performance vehicles, items not covered by other warranties
Motorcycle/ATV Off-road vehicles and road-driven motorcycles
  • New Car

    CarShield’s New Car plans are designed to provide the most complete coverage available. Similar to new car warranties, these service contracts are intended for car owners whose warranties have expired early either due to a short-term policy or high mileage on the vehicle causing the warranty to end. New Car policies may include limited roadside assistance depending on your state of residence.

  • Comprehensive

    Comprehensive plans offer slightly less coverage than New Car plans and are designed to cover the essentials within a car, which make it operable. The engine, transmission, air conditioning, starter, water and fuel pumps, and electrical are covered with some exclusions.

  • Powertrain +

    Powertrain + service contracts include fewer extras compared to Comprehensive plans and are intended to help keep higher-mileage vehicles on the road. Powertrain + plans cover alternators, starter, air conditioning, water pumps, transmission and specific engine functions.

  • Powertrain

    Slightly scaled-down versions of Powertrain + plans, Powertrain plans focus heavily on mechanical parts of the car, such as lubricated engine parts, transmission and the water pump.

  • Specialty

    Specialty policies cover components not typically covered by service contracts. Depending on the plan, coverage may include vehicle electronics, built-in TVs, air conditioning, turbochargers, steering and more. Specialty plans for lease-end coverage are intended to cover the cost of repairs needed when you return the vehicle, such as minor body dings, wheel rim damage or other repairs typically required by the dealer.

  • Motorcycle/ATV

    Road driven motorcycles, off-road motorcycles and ATVs are subject to many of the same mechanical issues as cars and trucks, but rarely offered the same strong warranties found in new vehicles. Because the systems and challenges are unique, a regular vehicle contract is not a good fit for motorcycles and ATVs. Motorcycle/ATV service contracts are specifically designed for those vehicles and come in both Comprehensive and Powertrain levels of coverage.

CarShield Car Warranty Complaints

Not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), CarShield does have a presence on the BBB website. It currently has an “F” rating and a consumer warning notice issued due to concerns over advertising practices and a pattern of complaints alleging misleading sales and advertising practices.

Other review sites, such as ConsumerAffairs, rank CarShield more favorably. On the ConsumerAffairs site, the company has a ranking of 4 stars out of 5, based on more than 650 reviews, 280 posted in the past year. Representatives at CarShield do a good job of responding to consumers on the site, which is a sign that excellent customer service is an increasing priority for the company.

CarShield Q&A

  • How do I get service for my car under a CarShield auto service contract?
    Each CarShield contract will vary somewhat depending on the specific plan and the company administrating it. However, the majority of contracts require you to call the plan administrator for service authorization before making any repairs.

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  • Do CarShield plans reimburse my costs or pay the mechanic directly?
    This will vary according to your contract. A few service contracts only make direct payments to the company that services your vehicle. However, most will either reimburse you or pay the mechanic directly.

  • What happens if my mechanic wants payment up front?
    Most contracts allow you to take your vehicle to any ASE Certified mechanic, which is an auto service technician certified with a Blue Seal from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Mechanics do not have to agree to the terms of the service contract, but most will accept the terms because they want your business. If the mechanic will not work with your plan and that plan does not include the option for you to pay and get reimbursed, you will have to decide to pay for the repair yourself or take your vehicle elsewhere.

  • Who do I call if I have a problem with my CarShield plan?
    As a broker, CarShield is only the point of sales for your service contract. If you have a problem with your plan, you will need to contact the plan administrator for customer service. If you disagree with your plan administrator, you can call your state’s insurance commissioner or local consumer protection agency.

  • Do CarShield plans replace my vehicle’s warranty?
    No, these plans do not replace your vehicle’s warranty. The CarShield plan will go into effect when your manufacturer’s warranty lapses. If you purchase a plan while your original warranty is still in effect, there is no time delay on when the service contract will begin. While this sounds ideal, you could end up paying for unnecessary overlap in coverage as long as your warranty is still active. Ask questions to verify when a plan you’re considering starts.

  • Do any car manufacturers endorse CarShield?
    No. CarShield’s plans are service contracts offered by private companies unrelated to an automobile manufacturer or dealer.


The costs of a vehicle don’t stop when you purchase it. AAA calculates maintenance and repairs alone cost an average of $1,186 a year for a new vehicle, with total average annual costs to own and operate a vehicle topping out at $8,469. Combine that with the initial cost of a new or used car, and it’s easy to be concerned about the unexpected breakdowns having a significant impact on your wallet. Beyond the original vehicle warranty, a service plan is a way to reduce those expenses. If you’re considering an automotive service contract, CarShield can make the process easier by allowing you to view numerous companies and multiple plan types all in one place.

CarShield Reviews

Recent Reviews

April 10 2019 1:21PM

I worked at a large Auto Repair service and we had a few people that had Car Shield which is a scam.. We repaired cars that needed timing belt kits, oil seals that were leaking, oil pans that were leaking, brake line problems, broken shocks, fuel pump, nothing they covered... Save your money people. Save a $100 cash a month put it in a box someplace your better off than giving it to CarShield which covers nothing. Most of the jobs above were $300 to $800 and none were covered by CarShield and people were putting out $100+ a month.. Heck if they won't cover $800 dollar jobs good luck on getting new Engines through them that could cost $3,000 to $6,000. This is nothing but a ripoff and the government should look into this. I feel sorry for the people that had to put out there own money to pick up their cars when they thought that they were covered.. And also nobody ever called us from CarShield. The people that had it told us that there going to call and ask about the car being repaired but nobody ever called. This happened like 7 times not a word from CarShield and nobody got a dime. A total scam ripoff.. One guy had it for 2 years and never used it. He needed it one time for a $940 job and they would not cover it.. So if he saved $100 a month and did not give CarShield a dime he would of had $2,400 saved to fix his car...

Howard B.
Vero Beach, FL
April 10 2019 11:21AM

We called CarShield to ask about details of coverage. We were given the Hoboken Hustle! We got all kinds non-specific crap and after we wouldn't commit because we wanted to explore other options, we were told we had to take the coverage that day or not at all. We realized they were a fully endowed con! That gorgeous ** actor has no idea that he's being used as a front for dishonesty and ** behavior. I hope it doesn't affect his career.

J C.
Milwaukee, WI
March 15 2019 3:51PM

My truck has been down for 6 weeks. You call there. You're on hold for hour or more then when its time to fix it they tell no because you commercial plates on it even if you work with it. The biggest scam there is. Anybody has problems let me know at **.

Keith N.
Northfield, OH
March 09 2019 5:24PM

I first saw ad on t.v. All the celebrity endorsements enticed me to try Carshield. After purchasing the Gold coverage, I put in a claim to cover axle, struts, window motor, and rear door latch with Carshield, after taking my car into repair shop. The mechanic called Carshield and was on phone for 2 1/2 hours!!! My rental cost me $45 a day and the service rep at the dealership said he had never experienced the worst customer service from a warranty company! After 3 days Carshield claim Dept denied repair costs and my rental that was necessary because I had to get to work!

Kevin B.
Chicagi, IL
March 06 2019 4:43PM

The ad on tv is misleading to the public. I talked to them and they want $120 a month and don’t cover anything but the engine and transmission so it’s a big scam. I have no faith or trust in this company cause of everything they told me and I’m going to make it public so everyone knows.

Donald T.
Virginia, WV
February 24 2019 11:27PM

My transmission went out on my 2012 Cadillac Escalade. I was told that I would need a receipt to prove my transmission was flush. I went to the shop and to get my 3 year old receipt. Next, I was told that mileage didn't match. I informed them we drove the truck to CA. I sent my bank statement to prove , I was in CA. Next, I was told that they could not verify the receipt. The owner of the shop wrote a statement for me. The last time, I spoke with the claim specialist and she said that, I need a service record. Carshield please know that receipt is in a service record. This company don't send anything in writing. Yes , I must agree with previous comments this company is not right . Dateline when are you going to do a story on this company?

Janice J.
Memphis, TN
February 21 2019 4:11AM

This company is a RIP off. They will not pay for any work that your car needs. They will find any excuse under the sun to deny your claim. I have had several friends and family members with the same outcome. Please do not waste your money hard earned money and your health in dealing with these vultures. Hope this helps someone from making a bad decision.

Jon R.
Marysville, WA
February 12 2019 7:38PM

As of 2/12/19... My Escalade has been sitting @ the shop for over a month waiting for an inspector to come & look @ my truck. I had the oil changed on 12/31/18 & a week later the engine began to knock. Took it to the dealership & the #6 cylinder is bad... they want to only fix the number 6 cylinder & they have bs me around for a month. I recommend you to NOT use this company. As of 2/7/19 the dealership said they will not honor this warranty insurance because of other cars that had the same insurance & that it took 2 weeks to get approved for a timing chain. DONT BUY THIS WARRANTY INSURANCE!!!

Reggie H.
Atlanta, GA
February 11 2019 5:52PM

Bought a 2011 BMW 328i. Contacted Car Shield for coverage. Took the car in for a recall and they found a oil leak that needed repaired. Called Car Shield and they said they didn't cover that even under the gold plan which was suppose to cover everything. Crooks.

Russ B.
Princeton, WV
December 28 2018 1:56PM

I had the insurance for over 2 years and when my motor went out...#1. The dealership refused to use this insurance because they were NEVER paid in the past. #2. They wanted my motor to be torn apart to see what went bad and I would have to pay for that myself and then it would not be covered anyway. This is a scam. 2 years of paying them all for absolutely NOTHING.

Deb S.
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