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November 23 2020 6:04PM

All so called real 5 star reviews are fake, probably someone from North Korea paid a few cents a month to create the positive reviews. The real reviews are all 1 star and let me include mine.

My real experience is when my under warranty 2019 Corolla started having hard time starting (combination of battery + sensor issue). CarShield DID not help! They did and said everything that could to NOT cover my car and blamed it as a warranty issue.

I also had an older car, they would NEVER allow me to get carshield on a car that's 7 yrs old out of manufacturer warranty!!! Therefore I ended up going through Toyota.

STAY THE HELL! away from carshield. It's the biggest nonsense ever, found this out after 1 year of paying for their service. NEVER AGAIN!

Notreally F.
October 11 2020 10:38PM

They are the worst. Stuck without my car during this time of need. Wasted money on policy for nothing. They make it sound real good until it's a major problem & it cost a lot even giving them their proof they ask for. They still haven't done nothing on their part...

Monika S.
August 06 2020 2:29AM

I am frustrated with this Company. I took out a warranty because the advertisement was so precise and clear, I took advantage of it.. They gave me a good deal on the pricing but when I call for repairs they had to review and ask questions..

Also, when calling, you were on hold forever.. I had to wait on them to check on issues-(a week). Finally, they told me my claim was denied.,!! It was just so confusing that I just gave up hope...

I felt like I was being misused and as of now my car has not been repaired yet.. I guess I did not use good judgement in selecting a warranty for my auto..

D W.
Mobile, AL
August 05 2020 9:41PM

Stay far away from these con artists. After a high-pressure pitch over the phone to my octarian in-laws they plunk down about a hundred bucks with a 30-day money back guarantee.

They weren't given a copy of a contract (that, CarShield said, would come after the payment cleared.) They weren't even given a list of exclusions. After discussing it, they decided to drop out two days after they signed up.

When they gave notice to CarShield they were told they can't get the money back because it covers the 30-waiting period. They can't make any claims during this 30-day period because it's a waiting period.

A reputable business would have issued a refund and canceled the contract. These evil con artists prey on the most vulnerable. For the life of me I can't fathom how they sleep at night.

Zachary S.
Manassas, WV
August 05 2020 12:55AM

Took over a month to get car fixed. Called several times, sometimes 5 times a day to finally get a call back. Would not recommend. The customer service is really bad. One of the customer reps got rude to me and the shop. She was so busy talking that she would not listen.

Debbie P.
Monroe, OR
June 22 2020 10:48PM

This company is a total scam. Their warranties are not worth the paper they are printed on. When you call CarShield and speak to a sales rep., they tell you whatever it takes for you to purchase a contract, then when you actually make a payment and they send you the warranty contact as described as "Gold Coverage" which is only a Power Train warranty that does not cover any electrical, no cables, nothing with the breaking system, no lights or harnesses, only internal non-electrical transmission parts, anything external they won't cover.

Guess what...... if your actual transmission fails and you need a new transmission CarShield does not cover that either. Because their bottom line is far more important than fixing your vehicle. Basically they only cover what is low cost to fix and what us unlikely to break on your vehicle.

They have no problem charging you over $100 a month for what they call Gold Coverage which is more like Copper Coverage because when something actually breaks on your vehicle and you take it to your mechanic or dealer, it is like pulling teeth for a mechanic or dealer to get in touch with a Car Shield rep. for an authorization, and there is a 1% chance that they will cover what is actually wrong with the car.

CarShield pay a lot of money for their television commercials and the celebrities they pay to endorse their service so they have to pass that expense onto the consumer while making sure that they get away with actually paying little or in most cases NOTHING towards the repair of any customer's vehicle. If you really think about it and if they were genuinely honest and straight forward with their warranties and they had to pay 50 % of the claims that were presented to them they would go out of business, so they are really worse than the auto insurance companies because even the auto insurance companies will pay on more of their customer's claims than CarShield.

The best extended warranty is through the car dealership because you get to review the contract first before you buy and see what is actually covered, also the dealer's extended warranty companies have different levels of coverage so you won't be throwing your money away like with Car Shield.

I had my car at the dealers for two totally different issues and car shield denied both of them, they also don't like when you call them to cancel your contract. Their customer reps., are trained to keep you on the phone and feed you more lies as to why you need to keep paying for their warranty.

They also try to charge you a $75 cancellation fee if you cancel and they have to pro-rate you. This company is ridiculously unscrupulous and only care about how money money they can scam out of customers. Even the service dealers don't like working with, because they never respond to requests for authorization and when they can get a hold of an adjuster they deny the claims.

This company also has an F on the Better Business Bureau so that tells you that most of their customers are dissatisfied with their service. I had to call all my family, friends, and coworkers and tell them not to use Car Shield because their warranties are basically worthless and they have no problem charging you premium fees for a zero warranty. Remember Car Shield does not care about you or fixing your vehicle, they just want your money for as long as they can scam you.

Kim M.
Sanford, FL
June 11 2020 4:04PM

SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM. Car Shield is 0. A Big Scam.. DO NOT BUY İT, I paid over 2 years to them, thinking I am at least for repairs, and finally when I made a claim, Car Shield TOTALLY Lied to me and they never said they would cover repairs, but only HELP ME FİND Discounted parts, and they wouldn't give me refund.

I Guarantee that this isn't what I was told when I called to get a quote, and they told me that they would cover repairs.. I am gonna do my Best to expose their Fraud, and take them to small claims court, and this is where it starts..

Ty C.
May 08 2020 2:48PM

I called Carshield to get a quote. The people were very nice till I said I wanted to talk to my wife. The sales person did not like that. He told me my wife would want me to get it. I tried to explain we don't do things that way. The sales person kept pushing and he even tried to get me to sign up if he drop the price. Bottom line is this company does not like the answer no. I never signed up. They kept calling back and l had to threaten them with a lawyer to leave me alone. Be very careful and don't let these people push you into signing up.

John S.
Jamestown, TN
March 10 2020 12:45AM

Dont buy this. They don't pay out and in trouble with the BBB and being sued by customers. They dont cover things like seals in power trains. They have to approve everything before work stops. They also don't return your money if you cancel with them if you dont use them. They call themselves insurance but they are nothing but bankers. Again buyer beware they have nothing to offer you. Read all disclaimers and all the lawsuits against them. Beware Beware Beware total rip off.

Bruce C.
Fort Smith, TX
February 27 2020 3:17PM

I wish I would have found this site before I purchased this so-called "product". I'm not sure it qualifies as a "product". I won't go into details but, the bottom line is, my incident was not covered. Go figure. I had an oxygen sensor go out. I was told I didn't have omission coverage. I wasn't even TOLD that was available when I signed up. I was car was too old to even get that coverage. If I would have known that before I purchased, I would have passed. STAY AWAY FOLKS.

C S.
Georgetown, SELECT A STATE
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