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May 08 2020 2:48PM

I called Carshield to get a quote. The people were very nice till I said I wanted to talk to my wife. The sales person did not like that. He told me my wife would want me to get it. I tried to explain we don't do things that way. The sales person kept pushing and he even tried to get me to sign up if he drop the price. Bottom line is this company does not like the answer no. I never signed up. They kept calling back and l had to threaten them with a lawyer to leave me alone. Be very careful and don't let these people push you into signing up.

John S.
Jamestown, TN
March 10 2020 12:45AM

Dont buy this. They don't pay out and in trouble with the BBB and being sued by customers. They dont cover things like seals in power trains. They have to approve everything before work stops. They also don't return your money if you cancel with them if you dont use them. They call themselves insurance but they are nothing but bankers. Again buyer beware they have nothing to offer you. Read all disclaimers and all the lawsuits against them. Beware Beware Beware total rip off.

Bruce C.
Fort Smith, TX
February 27 2020 3:17PM

I wish I would have found this site before I purchased this so-called "product". I'm not sure it qualifies as a "product". I won't go into details but, the bottom line is, my incident was not covered. Go figure. I had an oxygen sensor go out. I was told I didn't have omission coverage. I wasn't even TOLD that was available when I signed up. I was car was too old to even get that coverage. If I would have known that before I purchased, I would have passed. STAY AWAY FOLKS.

C S.
Georgetown, SELECT A STATE
February 22 2020 6:18PM

If I could give it less than a one star I would. I had the gold plan on two vehicles. First time I tried to use it they told me it wasn't covered. Commercial says there'll be no Big Bill's don't believe it. I paid $170 for two service plans. I am retired veteran on a fixed income. My car needs over $500 worth of work and they won't cover anything. My pockets are only so deep so I had to choose whether I fix my car or pay for this insurance. So I had to cancel my policies. I hope this helps. As far as I'm concerned it's all junk. I'd never recommend this to anyone.

Mike J.
Granton, WI
February 20 2020 3:55AM

Lord Have Mercy!!! Never EVER use this company Car Shield. Ignore those ads you see on TV. Those spokespeople are PAID actors, not real clients. When I saw the ad on T.V All the celebrity endorsements enticed me to try Carshield.

I purchase this insurance for two of my vehicles one was a 2007 Dodge Magnum and my other car was 2007 Cadillac Escalade. After having this insurance for 8 months I put in a claim for my 2007 Dodge Magnum. Which needed a repair from the transmission. Now before I got this insurance through car shield I asked e salesperson would the transmission or the motor be covered if something ever go wrong and she informed me that it would be.

So after making the claim for the transmission in my 2007 Magnum to be repaired they told me that it would not be covered under the insurance because they said it was a electrical leak that was causing my transmission to slip so therefore it's not covered because if there wasn't a electrical leak in the transmission then they will be able to repair it but since it is a leak that's making the transmission slip day I'm not covering the transmission.

All of these things that they are telling me that is not covered was not said in the conversation with the representative that I had when I was sold the silver package insurance for CarShield. They started giving me and the automobile place that I had my car serviced at the runaround. My car was at this repair shop for almost a week and a half within that week and a half.

They told me that a inspector will come out to the repair shop within 72 hours to inspect the vehicle. It took 4 days before the inspector came out to inspect my car. That's when everything went downhill. that's when they told me that the repairs that I need it for my vehicle was not covered in the insurance that I took out with car shield. That's when I started getting the runaround every single day it was always something different. So after that I got back on the phone with car shield myself and talk to carshield who sold me the insurance and they said that I had to contact American car shield who is the one who makes all the decisions with the repairs for my vehicle.

They wanted to tell me that my car was my car will not have coverage and I cannot claim any claims on my 2007 Dodge Magnum because they're saying that my car was a total loss and saying that my title was branded say that my vehicle was right before and that I had a rebuilt title saying that they got the information from Carfax.

So at that point I was just fed up with everything with carshield I went to get my vehicle from the repair shop that I had it at for a week and a half. Then I called the car lot that sold me my car and told them what carshield had told me and he pulled up my title from Carfax and told me that my car was never a total loss nor have the title been branded. So I am making this complaint and giving them no stars I had to do one star so I can write the review.

I wanted to see from all the people that car shield did wrong with taking their money not being able to repair their cars telling them this and tell them that this be covered and that would be covered but at the end of the day it's not we all should start a petition. Start a petition and Sue the crap out of this company. It's not right for them to scam people and take their money knowing that the dreams that they sell us can never be honored because it doesn't exist.

They will say it exist but at the end of the day they will find something wrong with your car to say oh this is not covered because this is happening. I wish I would have did a background check on carshield before even putting any money into this company knowing that at the end of the day they will not be able to repair my card if something was to go wrong.

I am so upset after asking them to give my money back because I feel like they should give me every penny that I put into this insurance knowing that they will not be able to cover any claims that I have with my car at the end of the day they should give me my money back. Of course they told me they don't do refunds I have to cancel the policy within 30 days to get a refund that's full of crap.

They we'll get what they get at the end of the day and I hope that someone reaches out to me and we all can come together that car shield have did wrong and Sue this company and get them off of the market for insurance because it is a scam and what they're telling us it doesn't exist in real life.

Almost $2,000 that I put into this company is down the drain and if I would had put money that $200 to the side for all of the months that I've had this insurance I would have been able to pay for my transmission myself but I can't because basically they just took my money and ran with it. This is a lesson learned. I will never in life recommend anybody to carshield.

Everyone let's come together and put these people in their place and show them that they cannot use us and get our money back plus pain and suffering because at the end of the day I had to sell my car and we'll get another car because I did not have the money to repair the transmission.

And also pay for labor all up front that was over $5,500 that I would have had to pay to get my transmission and motor mounts for my car so I had to sell it. I am very upset as you can tell so carshield you are a scam and you need to be off television and making these as for these so-called carshield insurance!!!! Everyone must come together and put this company out of business once and for all for good!!!

Kenneth & Deana R.
February 18 2020 5:12AM

Wow.... Never EVER use this company. Ignore those ads you see on TV. Those spokespeople are PAID actors, not real clients. My engine went out and the mechanic said a rod bearing broke which took out a bunch of other parts with it. Said the engine would have to be rebuilt but it was actually quicker and less expensive to put in a certified rebuilt engine with a 100,000 mile warranty.

Cost... $3500. Car Shield only wanted to pay $250 for the bearing plus the shop charge. The mechanic told them it was more than just the bearing but they maintained that only the one part would be covered because everything else would have been okay if that ONE bearing hadn't broke. They were only responsible for that ONE part. I actually just junked the car and got a used car.

Larry U.
Some City, CA
January 24 2020 10:43PM

Folks, wise up. This "outfit" and any other like it are scam artists. There are only 2 rules 'of the road' aka car ownership: You have the factory original warranty or if the vehicle is OUT of warranty then you are ON YOUR OWN. ANY insurance company looks for a way not to pay. Allstate is scum as well for homeowners. But this car stuff? Keep money in your bank account JIC ( just in case ). It's the law of the jungle, folks.

Ed L.
Chicago, IL
January 05 2020 1:09PM

I knew I needed to research this company more. After the low ratings, even with a $79 offer, I'm glad I didn't choose to go with them. The lady started a quote at $129, $89 and then $79. They will try to fast talk you and want your card or bank info. Anything to rack up a bill with them.

Me M.
Westland, MI
January 04 2020 9:01PM

This company is a total rip-off! I have been refused two claims out of two. The adjusters are rude and condescending! The contract is ambiguous at best and is written in such a way where they will wiggle out of paying your claim. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AS THEY WILL NOT HONOR YOUR CLAIM!

Tony R.
Old Bridge, NJ
December 27 2019 8:55PM

This company is a scam. We paid for it for several months. When we went to use it they refused payment of any kind. They repair shop said it should have been covered but said it happens often with Car Shield. They claim to cover something but find an excuse for not covering it. The dealership said they had several other extended warranties they would recommend but not Car Shield.

D. F.
El Campo, TX
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