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Comprehensive Choice Home Warranty Review

If you’re considering a home warranty purchase, it’s because you are interested in a level of protection from large unexpected expenses. A service agreement from Choice Home Warranty might do just that – and can save you money in the event your home’s appliances or major systems break down from everyday wear and tear. The New Jersey-based company offers warranties for homes in most states and is one of the most popular choices for buyers.

So how does Choice Home Warranty compare to other home warranty companies? We recently published a guide to finding the best home warranties and found Choice stood out for it’s commitment to customer service.

  • Affordable pricing
  • 24 hour call center
  • Vetted technicians
  • Appliance coverage built-in

  • Coverage limitations

Critically, they guarantee their repair work to fix the issue (both parts and labor). Choice works only with authorized service professionals who are able to do the work, document their work, and communicate back to you. All technicians are licensed and insured.

Choice Home Warranty plans

A Choice Home Warranty lasts for 13 months, and can be renewed from year to year as needed. The company offers two warranty plans, with the option to cover additional items though a la carte style pricing.

The entry-level plan, called The Basic Plan, covers some but not all of the home’s major systems. The Total Plan is their most comprehensive option, covering all the critical components of your home’s major systems and appliances. Both plans are managed with the same notable commitment to customer service. For a breakdown of the coverage by plan type, see this table.

Covered in Plan Basic Plan Total Plan
HVAC Yes* Yes
Plumbing Yes Yes
Electrical Yes Yes
Appliances Yes** Yes

* Heating and Ventilation, but not Air Conditioning
** Excludes washer, dryer and refrigerator

The more comprehensive option (Total Plan) covers a home’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), including ductwork. It also covers plumbing, including the water heater (gas or electric) and garbage disposal. Moreover, Choice covers your home’s appliances, even those that are not built into the home. So refrigerators, the washer & dryer, even the microwave are covered. The home’s electrical system is covered as well. The company’s Basic Plan does not cover the A/C, refrigerator, or the washer/dryer.

Service agreements can be upgraded to include other household systems for an additional fee. So if your home has a pool or spa, there are coverage options for that. Moreover, if you live in a rural area and have a septic system or well system you can get coverage for that. Coverage begins 30 days after enrollment unless you can provide a certificate of coverage from a previous warranty provider, and then your coverage can be continuous.

Choice Home Warranty prices

The company offers seasonal sales incentives, as well as discounted pricing to customers who request a quote. So while the final price may vary from one customer to the next, the retail price of their warranty is based primarily on two factors: plan type and the size of the home.

Home Size Basic Plan Total Plan
Less than 5,000 sq. feet $420* $500*
5,000 sq. feet + $670* $750*

*Retail price on Dec. 29th, 2017. May be subject to changes or sales incentives. Contact choice for a current quote.

Choice Home Warranty coverage explained

Choice’s home warranties are affordable, despite their unusually high commitment to service. It seems the company manages its cost advantage by limiting the scope of their coverage to the most important – though typically most expensive – components of your home’s major systems or appliances. You can get a feel for what’s covered and not covered by reviewing Choice’s user agreement, which explicitly states items the company will not cover. As a good example, the company will cover leaky pipes but not clogged drains.

Coverage limitations

As mentioned, this comprehensive coverage does not include every facet of your home’s major systems. If a service professional determine’s your home’s repair should be billed to insurance, rather than to the home warranty, a warranty claim may be denied. For instance, if there is an earthquake and your pipes break, that is not a home warranty claim. Also, if the pipes burst because the home was not properly winterized and the pipes freeze, that is not a home warranty claim. Choice also mentions in their service agreement the company may elect to provide cash to customers in lieu of providing the repair service.

Choice Home Warranty Service Map

Service not available in CA, WA, or OK

Who should buy a Choice Home Warranty

There are two major buyer groups for home warranties from Choice. The first is home sellers or buyers. Because real estate is such a big investment, both parties in a home sale might be a potential home warranty buyer. Warranties are transferable if the house changes ownership.

Another potential customer group is those on a budget or on a fixed income. A home warranty can help to mitigate the risk of unexpected and expensive home repairs. Even if you aren’t on a shoestring budget, a home warranty might give you some financial peace of mind.

Choice Home Warranty Claims

In the event you need to make a repair, Choice Home Warranty contractually agrees to handle warranty claims 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choice also commits to promptly respond (within two business days), and to schedule service calls at a mutually beneficial time.

The FTC suggests warranty buyers should examine the claims process. If you have an issue, you can contact the Choice Home Warranty claims department at 1-888-531-5403. Choice will arrange for the repair technician to contact you. Alternatively, you can submit a claim online.
Choice will respond to your claim within two business days, and the technician will contact you to arrange a time for the service call. There is a $60 service call fee for each claim, regardless of the technician’s findings. You may be required to pay the technician for parts or service, and then be reimbursed by Choice Home Warranty.

What do Choice Home Warranty reviews say?

The most common home repairs mentioned in reviews are related HVAC, plumbing, and appliances. Some customers (but not all) said Choice was prompt with service calls (even same day). Choice does explicitly say in their terms of service that the technician will arrange a time within two business days.

Choice Home Warranty Feedback

Most popular words in Choice Home Warranty’s online customer feedback

Other review feedback is often related to claims disputes, where customers believe they should be reimbursed for a denied claim. Choice has clearly elected to save customers money on premiums by offering coverage with specific limits.

These policies are intended specifically for normal wear and tear claims, and for specific components of most of your home’s major systems. Conceptually, Choice Home Warranties are more like an automobile manufacturer’s powertrain warranty than a bumper-to-bumper warranty. So the lesson here is to understand what you get before you buy.

Choice Home Warranty FAQ

  • Why are some Choice Home Warranty claims denied?
    Choice Home Warranty limits claims to wear and tear, so if a system is broken for some other reason (e.g. fire), it will not be covered. Choice also expects homeowners to properly maintain their equipment in order for it to be covered. If for example, a furnace breaks and it appears the filters have never been changed, that could result in a denied claim. Similarly, if pipes freeze because they were not properly insulated, this is not normal wear and tear.

  • Do you offer both new and existing home warranties?
    Yes. Home warranties can be purchased for any home, though typically new homes have longer-term warranties that are even more comprehensive. For instance, a new home warranty may cover superficial items like cracks in the drywall.

  • What are their credentials? Are they part of any trade organizations?
    Choice is not part of the National Home Service Contract Association or accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

  • Do I need a home inspection?
    No. You do not need a home inspection order to purchase a warranty from Choice.

  • Is Choice Home Warranty available in my area?
    Possibly. Coverage is not available in all states. At this time, policies are not available in California or Washington state.

  • Why does service matter for home warranty?
    Home repairs are generally expensive, frustrating and time-sensitive, so it’s important to get the job done quickly and right the first time. When your home’s systems break down, you don’t want to be stuck waiting for a service professional to come – or to come back if the repair wasn’t done correctly.


Overall, considering the service quality, affordability and the levels of coverage, Choice Home Warrranty is a good choice for a home service agreement.

Choice Home Warranty Reviews

Recent Reviews

August 15 2020 3:08AM

Choice Home Warranty has quick responses to my service calls. However, my claims were denied twice. The first claim that I was denied on I agreed on it, but the second claim was wear and tear on a kitchen faucet handle that broke off with no name on it.

Choice denied the claim because the plumber did not know I still had the part that broke off. Choice still claim that the part is missing. Therefore, this is my last contract with Choice Home Warranty.

Akira M.
Milwaukee, WI
July 10 2020 8:29PM

My air conditioner went bad and called the technician, he found the problem and the compressor needs to be replaced. For which Choice company asked me to pay 1700+ from my pocket.

Their case manager service really sucks, they don't even respond on time. Cannot trust them, they are smart enough to get money from customers.

Naru N.
Marietta, GA
June 17 2020 7:15PM

My stove stopped working. The service tech came out and checked it out said it was the control panel and it had been discontinued. They would not replace the stove. Only offered $300 to get a new stove. You can’t buy a new stove for $300. Had to buy out of my own pocket and out $60 for service tech. Don’t buy a warranty from Choice. They will not replace your appliances.

Debbie B.
February 28 2020 6:20PM

This company is a minus minus minus ZERO! I had 3 claims within a week -the first being my refrigerator. Days went by and nothing. Then they sent me an email stating a technician would come by the next Tuesday. I put the claim in on the previous Wed. Fine but we weren't going to be home then so I called the technician and they told me they didn't accept the work as Choice would not pay them mileage. So I'm back on the phone with Choice as they never told me they would still be looking for a technician. So they told me about their reimbursement plan. (Don't even go there).

They told me I could get my own technician and they would reimburse me and I would have to pay them up front including the $45.00 service call fee. Never did they tell me if I use find my own technician they wouldn't pay at all!!!

Since they couldn't find their own tech for the fridge I had my tech look at our dryer too. So then our tech sent a bill to Choice for $580.32 and they agreed to pay only $131.73 and then they even deducted for the 45.00! They sent me an email stating my refund of only $86.73 !!!!

They declined the fridge b/c it was a Freon problem. Now they won't even tell me why about the dryer. Their statement to me is: it is only THEIR RATES THEY PAY!!! SO THAT'S IS A BIG DIFFERENCE WHEN YOU CHOOSE TO GO THEIR REIMBURSEMENT PLAN. ALSO if you live 30-60 miles away from a city THEY CAN'T FIND A TECHNICIAN OF THEIR OWN.

MY TECH TOLD ME CHOICE STILL OWES HIM $1,000.00. So it's a SLOW payment to a tech and from their reimbursement plan (30 days)! Not only do you have to do their work for them - they still charge you!!!! AT THIS MOMENT I'M ON HOLD FOR A SUPERVISOR FOR 45 MINUTES!!! And the music is still playing!

After a week and 1 day they finally sent out a tech yesterday for our hot water heater. Try living for a week without a fridge and hot water!!! I've talked with 5 sales reps on the phone and 1 supervisor and now not even the 2nd supervisor- (I'M STILL LISTENING TO THEIR MUSIC!) They have written ME off. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

Linda B.
Millersview, TX
January 08 2020 3:32PM

Just had Choice out to repair second refrigerator, which I pay extra for coverage, had a leak in the cooling line, when repairman person called Choice the claim was denied because leaks are not covered, when I purchased the warranty I was told all repairs are covered, if not repairable it would be replace. The repair person said this is the only company that he has dealt with that has denied a claim for this problem.

Byron B.
Chattanooga TN, TN
June 18 2019 2:40AM

If you make a claim by phone be very careful what you tell them as their goal seems to be to deny claims. The best bet is to contact them by webpage and give as little info as possible. Customer service is useless, I was transferred six times trying to get a simple response, you get the feeling they're playing you in hopes you hang up. P.S. Never got an answer to my question as I was mysteriously disconnected.

Fred S.
Clermont, FL
March 10 2019 6:41PM

Dont go to Choice Home warranty they are crooks!!!! We have had them almost 2 yrs and my microwave went out. It was going to be more to fix so they offered 175.00 for a new one we finally got 200.00 but still had to to 150.00 plus 90.00 installation out of pocket plus 60.00 for the guy to come out and say he couldnt fix it. My glass stove top busted when I turned it on and caught on fire and they said they would cover it.

Angela M.
Knoxville, TN
September 17 2018 4:04AM

Refused to replace 10-year-old hot water heater that burst. Note under "Excluded" that they don't cover the "Main, Holding or storage tanks." When a water heater bursts, common sense dictates that the water storage tank would need to be replaced. After reading the Exclusions, I'm actually not certain what would be covered. Total BS. Would NEVER recommend Choice. Very disappointed and feel like I was scammed. Probably because I was! INCLUDED: All components and parts, including circulating pumps, except: EXCLUDED: Access – Insulation blankets – Pressure reducing valve – Sediment build-up – Rust and corrosion – Main, Holding or storage tanks – Vents and flues – Thermal expansion tanks – Low boy and/or Squat water heaters – Solar water heaters – Solar components – Fuel, holding or storage tanks – Noise – Energy management systems – Commercial grade equipment and units exceeding 75 gallons – Drain pans and drain lines – Tankless waterheaters.

Kaye M.
August 18 2018 7:53PM

I felt bad because I cannot give ZERO Stars. Do not spend you money in companies like this one! Paid $1,750.00 when I bought a brand new house and after three years and 5 months, my house started have some issues. I called in regards to a a/c defect, and even though the company (Lennox) is responsible to replace all parts, the denied to cover the labor. They are on the market do MAKE money. Do not count on them!

Humberto E.
August 06 2018 10:58AM

I have had Choice Home Warranty coverage for about a year before I needed to use it. I opted for the optional coverage of my salt water pool, because when something on it breaks it is very expensive. I made sure to ask the salesman, very explicitly, to make sure my salt cell, and all the other parts of my salt water pool would be covered under Choice Home Warranty with the pool coverage.

He assured me that it was all covered. I asked again to make sure that when my salt cell stopped working, they would cover it. He again told me that it would. Fast forward a year. The salt cell goes out and I put in my claim. They write back and tell me that they don't cover salt water pools. WHAT? I appealed this decision and they said they couldn't and wouldn't cover the salt cell on my pool, but they would schedule a service technician to come out and see what was wrong.

It was a problem with the salt cell and sensor. Choice told me they would not cover it. I again called, this time, to cancel the coverage. See, the whole point of the Home Warranty is to cover the cost when things break, and they didn't hold up to what their salesman told me on the phone. I talked to Jasmine from Choice Home Warranty. She was not helpful at all. She told me that it didn't matter if the salesman from their company LIED to me on the phone, or that I had them recorded, stating that they would cover a salt water cell replacement.

She would not honor their word-of-mouth contract and fix my pool. I then told her I wanted to cancel the policy because they are liars and won't stand behind what their salesman verbally tell people on the phone when they sign up. I had the contact in front of me and it clearly stated that the contract was for $1,642.50, and then listed all my covered* items (though they apparently refuse to actually cover anything when it breaks).

It also listed the optional coverage that I had, including the pool coverage, but it does not state that there is additional financial cost. This, to me, appears that they have rolled the cost of the additional coverages into the price they clearly list as the contract price, since it is listed in column format with the coverage price at the top, followed by all the coverages. Jasmine tells me that I will get refunded $862.42.

I told her, "NO", you owe me $1,123.18. My contract price was $1642.50 for 42 months of coverage. That is $39.11/month. I had the contract in place for 12 months, so I should be refunded $1,173.18 minus a $50 cancellation fee. She told me that the optional coverages were about $19/month, so my calculations were wrong. I told her that the contract showed that my price was $1,642.50, and it didn't show any additional charges beyond that, but it did list my optional coverages under it.

She told me, "too bad, this is the amount that we will refund." I asked for her supervisor, and she told me that there was no one higher than her to transfer me to. I told her that I would be letting everyone I could how terribly they treat customers at Choice Home Warranty and how unhelpful and not courteous she had been. She didn't care, told me I would get my check in the mail soon and goodbye.

Choice Home Warranty is a rip-off. Don't use them. Ever. I have audio recordings of both the salesman telling me that I was covered, and Jasmine telling me that they wouldn't cover it. I am considering legal action against them for false advertising, breach of contract (the verbal one from the salesman).

Mike R.
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