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September 17 2018 4:04AM

Refused to replace 10-year-old hot water heater that burst. Note under "Excluded" that they don't cover the "Main, Holding or storage tanks." When a water heater bursts, common sense dictates that the water storage tank would need to be replaced. After reading the Exclusions, I'm actually not certain what would be covered. Total BS. Would NEVER recommend Choice. Very disappointed and feel like I was scammed. Probably because I was! INCLUDED: All components and parts, including circulating pumps, except: EXCLUDED: Access – Insulation blankets – Pressure reducing valve – Sediment build-up – Rust and corrosion – Main, Holding or storage tanks – Vents and flues – Thermal expansion tanks – Low boy and/or Squat water heaters – Solar water heaters – Solar components – Fuel, holding or storage tanks – Noise – Energy management systems – Commercial grade equipment and units exceeding 75 gallons – Drain pans and drain lines – Tankless waterheaters.

Kaye M.
August 18 2018 7:53PM

I felt bad because I cannot give ZERO Stars. Do not spend you money in companies like this one! Paid $1,750.00 when I bought a brand new house and after three years and 5 months, my house started have some issues. I called in regards to a a/c defect, and even though the company (Lennox) is responsible to replace all parts, the denied to cover the labor. They are on the market do MAKE money. Do not count on them!

Humberto E.
August 06 2018 10:58AM

I have had Choice Home Warranty coverage for about a year before I needed to use it. I opted for the optional coverage of my salt water pool, because when something on it breaks it is very expensive. I made sure to ask the salesman, very explicitly, to make sure my salt cell, and all the other parts of my salt water pool would be covered under Choice Home Warranty with the pool coverage.

He assured me that it was all covered. I asked again to make sure that when my salt cell stopped working, they would cover it. He again told me that it would. Fast forward a year. The salt cell goes out and I put in my claim. They write back and tell me that they don't cover salt water pools. WHAT? I appealed this decision and they said they couldn't and wouldn't cover the salt cell on my pool, but they would schedule a service technician to come out and see what was wrong.

It was a problem with the salt cell and sensor. Choice told me they would not cover it. I again called, this time, to cancel the coverage. See, the whole point of the Home Warranty is to cover the cost when things break, and they didn't hold up to what their salesman told me on the phone. I talked to Jasmine from Choice Home Warranty. She was not helpful at all. She told me that it didn't matter if the salesman from their company LIED to me on the phone, or that I had them recorded, stating that they would cover a salt water cell replacement.

She would not honor their word-of-mouth contract and fix my pool. I then told her I wanted to cancel the policy because they are liars and won't stand behind what their salesman verbally tell people on the phone when they sign up. I had the contact in front of me and it clearly stated that the contract was for $1,642.50, and then listed all my covered* items (though they apparently refuse to actually cover anything when it breaks).

It also listed the optional coverage that I had, including the pool coverage, but it does not state that there is additional financial cost. This, to me, appears that they have rolled the cost of the additional coverages into the price they clearly list as the contract price, since it is listed in column format with the coverage price at the top, followed by all the coverages. Jasmine tells me that I will get refunded $862.42.

I told her, "NO", you owe me $1,123.18. My contract price was $1642.50 for 42 months of coverage. That is $39.11/month. I had the contract in place for 12 months, so I should be refunded $1,173.18 minus a $50 cancellation fee. She told me that the optional coverages were about $19/month, so my calculations were wrong. I told her that the contract showed that my price was $1,642.50, and it didn't show any additional charges beyond that, but it did list my optional coverages under it.

She told me, "too bad, this is the amount that we will refund." I asked for her supervisor, and she told me that there was no one higher than her to transfer me to. I told her that I would be letting everyone I could how terribly they treat customers at Choice Home Warranty and how unhelpful and not courteous she had been. She didn't care, told me I would get my check in the mail soon and goodbye.

Choice Home Warranty is a rip-off. Don't use them. Ever. I have audio recordings of both the salesman telling me that I was covered, and Jasmine telling me that they wouldn't cover it. I am considering legal action against them for false advertising, breach of contract (the verbal one from the salesman).

Mike R.
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