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March 10 2020 8:47PM

IT all depends on the store. The Farragut, TN Store is awful for after sale customer service. I have had issues getting appointments, being told I am late for an appointment (I was not), and just getting general service. ask Farragut store for a package of wax cups the answer is NO. Atlanta or Florida stores will give you the moon. Needs some spare cups: Farragut NO, Atlanta puts a care package together. It is all about the store.

Paul M.
Farragut, TN
February 24 2020 7:49AM

It’s all about the associates. Treat them well. Pay them well. And, they will treat the customers with respect. Bottom line, the happy customer will spend money and return. Some of the associates have been with Costco, long before this location was even built. Twenty seven years, twelve years, etc. They are always helpful and friendly.

The Costco Hearing Aid Centers are more thorough and competent than many medical centers. They are priced lower and service the products they sell. Time for a two year update with my hearing aids. My retest was done by Devon. It took over an hour and was extremely thorough. She made adjustments to my hearing aids and explained what she was doing and why. No one could have been more conscientious or patient. Even if the prices weren’t lower, Costco would be my first choice for hearing aid examinations and products.

Ron P.
Tempe, AZ
February 12 2020 11:06PM

I was told by the ENT that I used for 15 years that it would be a waste of money to upgrade my hearing aids. The Phonak’s I currently had provided me with best hearing possible. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life not hearing half of what friends and family were saying. I made an appointment with Cosco in Cumming Ga.

My audiologist was a very knowledgable young lady named Lara. I have had a number of test at The ENT and Lara’s test was as good or better than any test I have had. She said we could improve my ability to hear and recommended ReSound behind the ear. I could no be more pleased with the results.

I can hear in crowded noisy environments. The blue tooth and streaming features allow me to clearly hear phone conversations and hear tv. She wanted to see me in two weeks after receiving my new hearing aids to be sure I was pleased. They recommend coming by for a free cleaning every 3 months. No appointment. Just drop them off. Better service and about 40 % less money than at my ENT

John S.
Dawsonville, GA
January 02 2020 4:52PM

I could not be happier with my Phillips Hearing Aid from Costco. The hearing test was very professionally done, followed by explanations and hearing aid choices without any sales person speech, upsell or pressure. It's because their staff are salaried, not commissioned. Have had the aids for several months with absolutely no problems.

The technician adjusted the two hearing aids after I got used to them, and cleaned them when there was a clog in the dome piece and tubes. Both services took less than 15 minutes and resolved my needs. I shopped at the Wheaton, MD Costco. The entire staff are pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful with my questions. The price was about 1/2 or more to comparable models at audiologists and ear doctors - and you can get help 5-6 days a week from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Stuart W.
Olney, MD
December 21 2019 7:03PM

I purchased my first (ReSound) hearing aids from a private audiologist in 2011 and they just gave out this year. After carefully checking reviews (and trying hearing aids at 2 private audiologist this year), I decided to drive 2 hours from Gainesville, FL to Costco Audiology at Millenia Mall to try their aids. They were easy to make an appointment with, answered all my questions and were on time when I arrived. Becky was my technician and she is GREAT!!!

I walked around the store with the test pair she gave me and my problems of hearing in industrial settings (like every restaurant these days!!) disappeared. I could hear hubby when facing away from me which was amazing. She suggested since I was happy with ReSound that we order the Preza model. I was happy that they came with a rechargeable case. No more buying batteries!!! They came in on time, I was happy with my fitting, they answered some follow up questions by phone so I did not have to drive 2 hours. I would not hesitate to refer any one to Becky. I am very happy she is my new friend!!

Patti G.
December 02 2019 8:09PM

I have a daughter under the age of 18 that has had hearing-aids since she was 4 years old. Costco by far is the best company we dealt with. BOTH the consumer & sales staff has to be educated in order to have a good experience.

Costco can program multiple settings for your changing environments. One setting can be for at home (quite environment) another setting can be for when you're in a noisy restaurant. Another setting can be for when you're inside a car. My daughter has one setting for outside that cancels wind noise. The thought of her riding her bike in the wind, and having no idea that a car is coming is enough to make this mom scared. Pick 2-4 environments and have them set programs for them.

When I brought my father's hearing-aids in for an adjustment at a different Costco, I was met with very hard resistance. I was the one that had to educate the sales staff. The other hearing aids that we had before Costco were never worn because they never took the time to program them for changing environments. When we asked for a classroom setting, the technician programmed for a quiet environment. Last time I check, a 1st - 6th grades are excessively noisy.

The moral of the story is to know what you need, write it down and then ask for it, making sure they know the type of sounds you're trying to cancel and the sounds you want to be captured. With her Costco hearing aids, she went from a C average student to an A-. Hearing aids are no different than having to wear glasses. Once you wake up they go in. If that isn't the case, and you find yourself not wearing them, then they are programmed wrong.

November 23 2019 8:56PM

I found the techs to be helpful calm and patient in a loud bustling atmosphere! They have these quiet little cubicles where the audio testing was done. They were clear and efficient in the instructions. There is always going to be an adjustment for any new device but I find I’m doing fine. And the bonus is I don’t have to keep on asking people to repeat themselves!

Melanie G.
Tucson, AZ
November 18 2019 6:16PM

I got hearing aids two years ago in Sarasota and they were great. I recently had to have one replace and the service was terrible. After waiting nearly one month for the new hearing aid they called to say it was ready and I should come by to pick it up. When I picked it up they didn’t have time to adjust it. I had make an appointment and wait another two weeks.

When I arrived 10 minutes early for the 1:00 appointment they said my appointment was 12:30 so I had to make another appointment 2 weeks later. It was their mistake, not mine, but they were totally inflexible and rude. I have now been without a properly working hearing aid for six weeks. Terrible customer care.

Harold A.
October 23 2019 11:37PM

I was told I needed hearing aid's at a local business in Park Rapids. That employee was on commission. Costco Re tested me and advised against it. She explained my hearing was not that bad and hearing aids would not help at this time. She explained every step of the testing and was very honest showing the results. We decided to re test in 1 year. Thank you so much Karen, you went above and beyond!!!

Phil T.
Osage, MN
October 03 2019 11:03PM

Purchased Kirkland Brand 9.0 (which is really a special version of Phonak Brio) and find them very good in fact much better than expected. With a 3 year warranty and loss/theft protection built into the purchase can not go wrong. Also a 6 montha trial period which no other manufacturer/vendor has. Granted you have to go to a Costco store that has a hearing center but the cost savings really makes it worth while.

Purchased the top of the line hearing aids Kirkland 9.0 for $1500 for the set not per aid and then added on the dryer/decontaminator for $40. Could not beat this price in fact even though my audiologist sells a similar aid he recommended that Costco was as good and better priced. Watched customer service rep work with customers while doing the paperwork and even there I think I made the right decision at least at this Costco store as the service was great.

Stoughton, WI
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