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September 30 2019 10:31PM

I have had my Kirkland ( Rexton ) hearing aids for 3 years now and wear them every day. I was nervous about spending 4K or 5k for hearing aids on my first try. I paid $1700 for my first pair at Costco and have never looked back. The technicians have been excellent, always professional and always on time at two of the Costco’s I shop at. Thank you Costco for supporting seniors and others who need hearing aids. Solid 5 stars!!!

Richard R.
St George, UT
September 30 2019 10:26PM

My mom has been wearing hearing aids for over 25 years. Her last 4 sets have come from Costco. They have given her another hearing test every time she requests one. Within the last month, she purchased a new set as the old set was over 8 years old. Like cars, or any technology based product, hearing aids do not last indefinitely. The technician, at the Van Nuys,CA store was terrific. The hearing aids definitely improved her hearing even though her hearing had further deteriorated. Her hearing loss is severe to profound. I had my own hearing test today, and again the technician was great.

My hearing loss is not as severe as my mom's. The tech. said that the Kirkland brand would work as would the Phillips, but the Phillips would be more expensive. I asked to test both and found that I much preferred the Phillips. The difference to me was like a luxury versus economy car. Both will get you there, but the luxury car is much more comfortable.

Getting an appointment does require advance planning, and it does take about 2 weeks to get the hearing aids as they have to be ordered. Adjustments can be done without an appointment, but you may have a wait if all the techs working are with other customers. I would say our location and technician get 5 stars in every category.

Pamela K.
September 24 2019 1:15AM

I’ve been to the store 3 times and they never have anyone that can spend time with me. Two week wait for ear test. This tells me I won’t get quick help when I need it. Buyer beware. I spoke to sales rep but he didn’t remember me. A week earlier I was at Costco trying to try hearing aids but nobody was available to help me.

Bret B.
Pembroke Pines, FL
September 16 2019 6:09PM

What I find that is inherent in all these Audi hearing tests is.. see items below. 1). The audiogram is given in a quiet room to exclude outside noise. 2). The person wears earphones. ( the earphones must be able to reproduce a high quality of sound. 3) The audiologist then reads the chart. Orders and receives the hearing aid, and sets the program in the hearing aid response to make up for the lost frequency’s 4) you are invited in to have the hearing aid fitted. An earmold was made to fit your ear or he installed soft ear pieces installed. 4). He then will ask “how does it sound” well NOT GOOD, adjustments are mage. 5). More appointments are made for you and more adjustments, usually in his small lab where there is a kit if echo and noise. YOU HAVE TO DO THE TEST TO SEE IMPROVEMENT?. 6). NO MORE TESTS ARE DONE TO ACTUALLY MEASURE THE IMPROVEMENT MADE SO IT IS UP TO YOU TO TEST HOW WELL YOU LIKE THEM, 7.) After several months the aid is in a bureau drawer. And $2500 To $5000 is in the audiologists pocket. 8] your hearing is NEVER RETESTED...BEFORE AND AFTER. HEARING PERFORMANCE.

An ophthalmologist tests eyesight before is tested with a chart and after you put on the glasses. And the chart is now easily read. Improvements are noted. Before and after tests are not done probably because they would not show improvements! That is why hearing aid audiologists are a scam. The cost of the aid is probably $ 200, they get $2000. With the advances in electronics, a hearing test and a hearing aid programmer could be done on your IPad. Possibly your a iPad could have an APP that functions as a hearing aid, using Bluetooth WIRELESS EARPHONES. IF CHINA COMES OUT WITH THAT THE AUDIOLOGISTS WOULD BE OUT OF BUSINESS

Ben D.
San Antonio, TX
September 11 2019 5:04PM

I had a hearing test while still living in Colorado at a regular hearing clinic. The test showed moderate loss at the higher frequencies. Then came the pitch to purchase hearing aids. The cost; $6000. I decided to wait.

A few months later we moved to Arizona and I thought I would see how much hearing aids would cost from Costco. Another hearing test was performed which I thought was more complete than the one I had in CO. The cost for the "top of the line" aids; $2500. The service was fantastic and I could not be happier with the aids

Jack P.
Florence, AZ
September 07 2019 11:59PM

Earlier in 2019, I researched brands / technology extensively before going to my local Costco Hearing Aid Center. Based upon my lifestyle (outdoors, music), I was interested in trying the Bernafon brand. However, the hearing aid "fitter" steered me instead to ReSound (better commission / mark-up?).

I just returned these before Costco's 6-month "trial" expired, as the sounds were not 'natural' and 'clean', only louder and tinny and irritating. I would never say that "money is no object", but honestly the difference between a medical device that works and one that irritates, I would rather spend double what I paid at Costco for a better device and a trained hearing aid "fitter". My next stop will be an audiologist at a private practice that carries Bernafon and Oticon!

Jay T.
Reno, NV
September 02 2019 11:54PM

15 months ago, I went to my local Costco for an audio evaluation and my life improved dramatically from that point on. EVERYTHING about the experience was positive; the technical staff, the procedures, the products, have all, more than met my expectations. This week, I needed some technical assistance, including new supplies to maintain the devices. A phone call, an immediate visit, and all is good. Hearing is such an important of life; thank you Costco for keeping me tuned in.

John B.
Laurel, MD
August 18 2019 10:06PM

I bought my Reston hearing aids in January, 2013. The price and free service at Costco are good, but the competence of the technician who adjusts the hearing aids is atrocious. The person who initially set up my hearing aids Margareti **, did a good job of adjusting the three different programs for my hearing aids.

However, on subsequent adjustments, the technicians, not Ms **, were either too lazy too incompetent to do even a satisfactory job. The first check the second channel had exactly the same characteristic as the first and the third channel was dead. Besides, both controls adjusted the volume rather than one volume and one channel select.

The second time I went in for a check, the situation was the same except that both controls performed channel select and no volume control.COSTCO needs to get competent people like Ms. Ilecki to do the setup and tuning of their hearing aids.

I would like to buy new hearing aids, but I cannot buy them at COSTCO because of the inferior technical support. Frank

Daily K.
Bartlett, TN
July 31 2019 6:54PM

I had been using Zounds hearing aids for about 10 years but decided to look around after a bad experience with the manager of the Zounds store I had been going to and the fact that Zounds simply hasn’t been keeping up with the latest technology like streaming, a solid app, and Made for iPhone technology. So I decided to try Costco and am so glad I did! The technician was super nice and the hearing tests were much more comprehensive than the Zounds ones. She recommended ReSound and I just love them. They are much more powerful than the last ones I had from Zounds and I hear much better with them. The MFI technology works great for streaming from my phone and the accessories are terrific. I stream from TV directly into my aids and the watching experience is far better now. Add to that the 3 year warranty covering everything, the 2 year loss and damage warranty, and the 6 month return privilege and I don’t see how you can do better. The final kicker is that the pair of aids only cost $2500 - cheaper than the last set of aids I had from Zounds! I am totally, totally thrilled with the ReSound aids and the Costco service!

Rich M.
Litchfield Park, AZ
July 31 2019 12:44AM

I had a good experience with my hearing test, fitting, and order. After about three days of wearing the hearing aids the left one stopped working. I was told that there was wax in the speaker. I was told to come in for my first service in a week, l made a 1:00 PM appointment at that time. When I showed up for my appointment I was told that they were sorry, but they doubled booked. I had to wait for two hours. I’m not satisfied with the tone which I hear, sounds like a 1960’s transistor radio. After wearing the aids for about 4 more days the left speaker stopped working again. I called the store to get an appointment, and was told that there wasn’t any available time. I was told to come in on the date which I already had an appointment set. That date is 7 days from now, hearing aids are in the dresser. Costco has a crappie service record. Like a lot of businesses, once they have your money, your second class. I’m returning the hearing aids at my next appointment. I live about 45 minutes away and don’t feel like going to the hearing center every week or two.

Dennis S.
Scottsdale, AZ
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