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Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems Review

Started in 2007, Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems has carved out a sizable space in the growing adjustable bed market by combining a highly-rated sales team and customer support with modern sleep technology. The Baltimore-based company manufactures all parts of its adjustable bed frames and mattresses in factories throughout the United States and sells its beds nationwide through local sales representatives.

Easy Rest’s sales model is more high-reach than high-pressure. The company has no retail stores, which lowers the cost of overhead substantially. Easy Rest says it passes these savings on to the customer. You will work with knowledgeable, highly-trained sleep specialists and technicians who understand the product well because they work with no other line of adjustable beds.

Adjustable beds feature motorized frames, which are divided into thirds to allow you to lift and lower your head or feet, similar to a hospital bed. They can be great for people with sleep problems, those who must sleep with their head elevated due to chronic sinus conditions or acid reflux, or those who need to sleep with their legs raised. These beds are also convenient if you like to sit up and watch TV, eat or read in bed. If you decide you prefer a flat adjustable bed, Easy Rest offers that option, and the beds always look like a modern bed you’d buy in a furniture store.

  • Multiple product options
  • Singular focus on Easy Rest products
  • Made and manufactured in America
  • Quiet Whisper Power motor
  • Highly rated sales and service
  • Warranty does not cover everything

Easy Rest Adjustable Bed Models

Easy Rest automatic bed frames come in five models, all of which can be operated by a handheld controller.

Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System Models
Adjustable Bed Model Model Features
Platinum Adjustable Bed The company’s most state-of-the-art, luxurious adjustable bed offers three programmable memory positions, one preset flat position and the ability to add massage at a variety of speeds. You can choose between memory foam or plush latex mattress toppers. This model includes the company’s proprietary Whisper Power® motors as well as a Headboard Glider™ feature and a wireless remote.
Premier Power Bed Similar to the Platinum model, this popular adjustable bed offers two programmable memory positions in addition to the preset flat position. It has a variable speed massage feature and Whisper Power lift motors. Select the firmness that fits your personal preference from three premium mattress options. This bed includes a wireless remote and a high-carbon steel frame.
Classic Electric Therapeutic Bed For those who prefer to start with a base model, the Classic electric bed adjusts into many positions, has a motor that adjusts to a 70-degree angle, a therapeutic massage motor and a wired hand control. It comes with a basic adjustable bed mattress.
Economy Electric Bed As a budget option, the Economy is designed for short-term recovery needs rather than to be the adjustable bed you would sleep on every night. The mattress is thin foam but the bed can accommodate other mattress types. The functionality is limited aside from standard lift motors and electronic hand control.

Easy Rest Adjustable Bed Pricing

Easy Rest does not offer general pricing guidance on its website. Prices for the adjustable bed, including the base and mattress, can run anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000. Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep System prices we found quoted in online reviews ran from $1,599-$7,999.

Customers may qualify for Easy Rest’s monthly financing for a term of 48 months. A third party lender manages this financing.

Easy Rest Mattresses and Motors

Easy Rest Platinum

Easy Rest Platinum, Source: Easy Rest

When looking for an adjustable bed, experts say it’s important to consider the mattress, the motor, the extra features and the warranty. Easy Rest mattresses are designed to move smoothly with the bed’s features and typically come in twin, queen or king size. There’s one model that’s split in two so couples can enjoy the same bed without disturbing one another. If you own a mattress that is designed to work with an adjustable bed, you may be able to use it on an Easy Rest base.

As for the motor, the company is the only bed maker in the U.S. licensed to use Whisper Power, a bed lift technology that allows you to change positions quietly. Many of the most popular Easy Rest models can be easily programmed to “remember” some of your favorite positions, and some have massage features with motors for your feet and back. The headboard allows the bed to lift and prop you up comfortably without hitting the wall.

Easy Rest Adjustable Bed Warranties

Easy Rest warranties vary depending on the model you choose. Motor warranties vary widely from 90 days to the life of the adjustable bed. Mattress warranties run from five to 20 years. Some beds come with one-year free service, parts, and labor.

The mattress and foundation warranties are prorated, meaning if either fails in the first few years, the warranty completely covers the entire or most of the cost of replacement. In later years, only a percentage of the original price of the bed is covered under Easy Rest’s warranty. The least-expensive economy model has no warranty but is not intended for nightly use over time. The company offers ongoing customer service.

Adjustable beds are not inexpensive, and many Easy Rest adjustable bed customers rely on the company’s financing options.

Easy Rest Service

To shop for an Easy Rest bed, you must first have a consultation with an Easy Rest Sleep Consultant. You call the company’s toll-free number to set an appointment with an Easy Rest sales representative, who will come to your house and explain the benefits of the Easy Rest models and work with you to help you understand the features and advantages of an adjustable sleep system. If you decide to purchase one of their adjustable beds, Easy Rest service technicians install the system in your home. If you choose to wait to buy a bed, the prices quoted during your consultation are guaranteed for one year.

According to online reviews from customers, the service at Easy Rest is a definite standout. Delivery technicians are full-time Easy Rest employees, so they have extensive knowledge of adjustable beds and Easy Rest products. Upon delivery, they will help to teach you how to use the bed, change positions and program memory functions. They will also leave written instructions behind.

Adjustable bed

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Easy Rest Complaints

We took a look at Easy Rest customer feedback on trusted review sites online. One consumer feedback site includes more than 1,300 verified reviews, with an overall satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Consumers frequently use terms such as “very satisfied” and are happy with the company’s sales representatives and delivery technicians. Many Easy Rest adjustable bed customer testimonials use the phrases “so comfortable,” “I sleep better” and “the bed helps me breathe easier.” Customers seem pleased with the massage feature, as well as the lift and elevation.

Easy Rest received an average 4.5 out of 5 stars with nearly 9,000 reviews on ConsumerAffairs. In addition to customers loving their adjustable beds, they frequently praised the help received from their salesperson.

A few negative complaints spoke about high interest rates when funding through Easy Rest and the mattress purchased was not as comfortable as they’d hoped. We found that some complaints were suspect because the reviewers were not, in fact, Easy Rest customers. Regardless, the company attempted to resolve every issue presented on the BBB website.

Easy Rest Difference

Source: Easy Rest

Easy Rest Q&A

  • Why is an adjustable bed a better choice than a conventional flat bed?
    Individual sleep comfort needs and preferences vary, of course, but Easy Rest points out that lying on a flat or sinking mattress puts stress and strain on your hips, back and other parts of your body, causing discomfort and less than restful sleep. You can position an adjustable bed to elevate your head, legs and feet to release stress on areas that cause pain or discomfort. Many medical professionals believe adjustable beds offer health benefits to those suffering from lower back pain, acid reflux and heartburn, arthritis, swelling and poor blood circulation, and more. An adjustable bed may also help improve your snoring.

  • How do adjustable beds work?
    An adjustable bed has a segmented steel base that allows for independent adjustments to the head and foot of the bed. You can adjust either half of the bed by 54 to 56 degrees. A wood frame fits over the bed motor, and you use a remote control to move the bed into position.

  • Does the mattress come included with an adjustable bed?
    An Easy Rest sleep specialist can set you up with an appropriate mattress to use with the adjustable bed frame. Some people have been successful using a mattress they had or purchasing one separately. However, unless a mattress is designed for an adjustable base, it will break down quickly after being bent and maneuvered. It’s best to buy the mattress with the adjustable bed to get the highest level of health benefits and the most out of your investment in a sleep system.

  • Will an adjustable bed work with my headboard and footboard?
    Yes, Easy Rest’s adjustable beds come with casters that make the bed easy to move and easy to attach to a head and footboard.

  • How do I change the sheets on an adjustable bed?
    It is easy to change the sheets on a mattress with the head and foot of the bed raised. Use the same type of bedding you would with a regular bed, put the corners in place and let the motor do the rest.

  • Can I lay flat in an adjustable bed?
    Yes, there’s a flat position that is like any other type of bed.

  • Can I return my Easy Rest adjustable bed at any point?
    No, Easy Rest does not accept returns or do trial periods for its adjustable beds due to health and sanitation laws.


Easy Rest has multiple adjustable bed and mattress options, with features to fit many needs. If you are considering an adjustable sleep system, a chat with an Easy Rest consultant is a great start. The sales reps are highly trained to understand the ins and outs of adjustable beds, and you can take time to shop with quotes honored for a full year. Consumers who choose Easy Rest may qualify for financing options that make the system more affordable over time.

Easy Rest Reviews

Recent Reviews

Featured Review
October 07 2019 10:00AM

I am 87 years of age, & a retired clinical project associate. In August I responded to a phone call soliciting my interest in an Easy Rest bed. Because I have experienced various problems from a broken ankle in 1995, with subsequent ankle replacement surgery in 2014 that still did not result in the degree of mobility & comfort I wanted, I was immediately interested.

A knowledgeable sales rep arrived at my home a day later for a personal meeting & when I continued to be receptive to the information I was given, I was hooked up by phone with his manager. The manager & I discussed payment & product options & next steps. My bed was installed two days later & I was instructed in the use of the various functions that were available. I have been using the bed regularly for two full months. I have slept soundly & restfully since then, w/the result that I have experienced less pain, less lower limb swelling, & greater mobility & stamina.

The massage function of the bed has provided me w/much needed therapeutic stimulation head to toe. Not for one moment have I regretted my purchase of the bed &, on the contrary, my spirits have been elevated by the knowledge that, however much longer I may live, my time on this planet can be more comfortable, less anxious, & more productive.

Certainly, not every owner of an Easy Spirit bed will have such up-lifting & elevating (puns intended) experiences as I have had -- my fibromyalgia symptoms have been lessened & I am no longer awakening during the night with aches & pains. It is no longer necessary for me to focus so much attention on my physical condition. That in itself is worth the cost of the bed. I am grateful in this time and in this place for the improvement this bed has made in my life.

Mary B.
Raleigh, NC
September 16 2021 2:04AM

I was trying to turn the phone around. I am done with zipper and when I try to put it back zipper back up again the zipper wouldn't work so I pulled it and finally just came off. I called them and they said that they don't mess with Jefferson.

I've only had the bed for like true years or something and they don't replace the zippers but they said they'd show me a bed when they got batted damage queen size bed in mattress. I will sell it to me for $300.

That's been about seven months ago I heard a thing about any damage mattress that they have and I can't get this thing to work. It ain't it won't zip and I don't know what the hell to do so as far as customer service you're full of beans. I'd stay away from them.

Gary C.
Saint Louis, MO
July 25 2021 10:11PM

The ad stated that I won a free Easy Rest Adjustable Bed. I called the number on the mailer and they proceeded to tell me that a representative will be visiting me to measure my current bed for placement of my new free bed.

Very misleading because I don't recall entering the contest, the representative gave presentation of the beds. Then proceeded to discuss prices, after letting her know I wasn't couldn't afford to purchase the bed.

She called Executive sales and they began to attempt to pressure me into buying a bed I simply couldn't afford. I only agreed to speak with this business because the ad said I won a "FREE BED." They are a fraud to pressure you beds.

Shawanda B.
Midway, FL
June 17 2021 9:54AM

I have had the bed 7 months and my back is worse than ever. I have made calls several times to try to get a softer mattress, still paying for a bed that suppose to make me feel better. Just need someone to contact me and help me out. Suppose to be BBB supported.

Marietta B.
Stuart, FL
December 12 2020 9:16AM

They are scammers. I am still waiting for my taxes refund for more than 6 months. I have called the customer service hundreds times and always they tell me to wait. The bed is not so good as they promise I am really mad with this. If they do not contact me soon I call the police.

Alexis V.
Hialeah, FL
May 22 2020 4:13PM

I have had my dual king Platinum Easy Rest for 7 years now. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT! I have had back problems for a long time from an accident. I have 3 herniated disks. Now that I can sleep with my head slightly elevated and my feet up to take the pressure off my back, I wake up feeling so much better! I would recommend Easy Rest to anyone.

James C.
Cleburne, TX
May 14 2020 6:40PM

I have had my Easy Rest Adjustable Bed for over 3 years now. I mainly ordered it for my wife, who has a lot of back pain from 4 spinal surgeries. I only wish I had known about the adjustable bed years ago. I surely would have had one.

It has helped her to get much better rest than our old flat bed. It has also reduced her pain so much so that she was able to come off her prescription pain meds. She is much happier now too. I also love the bed for the extreme comfort. I especially love the massage. I would have to say I made a good choice investing in my Easy Rest.

James G.
Charleston, SC
May 12 2020 11:40AM

I have had my Easy Rest for a few years now and I am completely satisfied. I have had a herniated disc in my lower lumbar and was in pain all the time. The adjustable bed was recommended to me and I have not regretted my decision to buy one. The pain has subsided in my back and I am able to do more things that I like to do. I was told by the salesman to find the position which gave me the best comfort and start there. I also sleep better and have more energy during the day.

Alan B.
Amherst, NY
February 25 2020 9:32PM

I am very pleased with my Easy Rest bed. I am getting much better sleep due to relief from back pain, leg cramps and acid reflux. My wife recently had foot surgery and had to elevate her foot to reduce swelling and throbbing pain. She loves that she can do this as she recovers. She also has reflux and edema gets relief for these as well. I recommend this bed.

John G.
Allison Park, PA
December 11 2019 9:47PM

This bed has not helped my wife or myself with our health issues. Calls to headquarters are given to very curt and unsatisfying customer service people, namely Dave. They offer a thousand positions that are supposed to relieve our problems. This bed did not help us. Stay away from these people. They get rich on we old people.

Richard T.
Cape Coral, FL
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