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Based on our experience wearing ELEHEAR hearing aids, its rechargable devices are low-profile and comfortable enough for everyday wear. ELEHEAR offers OTC behind-the-ear hearing aids for one-third of the cost of other over-the-counter devices, and you can adjust the instrument according to your surroundings using its free app.

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With Bluetooth music streaming and in-app adjustments, ELEHEAR provides a more affordable (albeit slightly less precise) alternative to similarly designed self-fitting OTC aids. On-the-go seniors will also appreciate its impressive battery life.

ELEHEAR offers two affordable OTC hearing aids for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. A Retirement Living review team member, who has been diagnosed with mild hearing loss and is a long-time wearer of hearing aids, wore the ELEHEAR Alpha Pro for two weeks and found it discreet and comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. 

Based on our experience using the devices, ELEHEAR hearing aids are best for those who want the ability to customize settings based on their needs without paying higher prices typical of some OTC hearing aids. 


  • Extra long battery life
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Easy to program via free app


  • Speech clarity can be lacking in certain environments
  • Carrying case is large and clunky

Our Experience Using ELEHEAR Hearing Aids

During our team’s evaluation of ELEHEAR’s Alpha Pro model, we were pleasantly surprised by the device’s performance as well as the features available at this lower price point. The ear tips have a cable, which helps them sit in your ear canal and disappear. However, the wire connecting the speaker to the earpiece is thin compared to what is typically needed to create a more molded fit.

ELEHEAR Alpha Pro device and charging case. Source: Retirement Living
ELEHEAR Alpha Pro device and charging case. Source: Retirement Living

While you can easily adjust your device using the ELEHEAR app (more on that later) it also has physical volume controls on each earpiece for more discreet adjustments. Its small size helps the instrument easily hide behind most ears.

Buying an OTC hearing aid usually means sacrificing sound quality ever-so-slightly, and we found this to be true of ELEHEAR. Our review team thought that the sound quality was good, not great, because the sounds are amplified rather than organically transmitted. Unfortunately, this often translates to unclear or muffled sounds. 

It’s worth noting, however, that ELEHEAR released an app update in November 2023 while we were testing the product, and we noticed a considerable improvement in sound quality following the update. With a few more iterations, and a switch to perforated tips, we think ELEHEAR could enhance their sound significantly.

Based on our experience wearing the Alpha Pro, ELEHEAR’s strongest features are:

  1. The battery life: We expected the Alpha Pro battery to last the advertised 20 hours, but after 14 hours of full use, our hearing aids still showed 60% remaining battery. The ELEHEAR charging case is overly large, but it also has great battery life—even when charging our hearing aids daily, the case lasted the whole two weeks of our test.
  2. The free app: Programming and adjusting your hearing aids using the ELEHEAR app was very simple (see pictures below). We scored the company a 10/10 for “adjustments” because the app features were plentiful for the price point. Within the app, you can personalize your hearing experience by adjusting the volume and other settings for four listening situations.

Note: it takes about four seconds for each adjustment to occur, during which time, your hearing aid will cut out completely. Read more about adjusting ELEHEAR devices below.

All things considered, here are our ratings of the ELEHEAR Alpha Pro hearing aid:

Product Quality9
Ease of Use8
Sound Quality7
Sound Profiles6
Size and Discreteness10
Tinnitus Management7
Overall Score8.5
ELEHEAR Hearing Aids Scorecard

For Seniors? Our Verdict

ELEHEAR is best for traveling and on-the-go seniors who want an affordable solution for mild hearing loss. The extra-long battery life is not only convenient, but vital, for powering your hearing aids during power outages and vacations.

If you struggle with technology, expect a small learning curve for using the app. But it’s worth learning, as being able to personalize your settings in different environments, like in restaurants or at outdoor events, will undoubtedly improve your quality of life.

ELEHEAR Unboxing, Setup and Video Review

ELEHEAR Hearing Aid Models and Devices

ELEHEAR sells two rechargeable hearing aid devices: the Alpha and the Alpha Pro. The Alpha model offers feedback control and noise reduction that magnifies sounds by 37 decibels. 

The Alpha Pro comes with several additional hearing aid technology features, such as the ability to adjust your hearing aids via the app, Bluetooth streaming, and AI noise reduction. ELEHEAR says that the Pro rechargeable battery lasts 20 hours, but our reviews team found that it lasted much longer—an estimated 30+ hours.

Alpha– Advanced noise reduction
– Feedback control
– Clear sound
– Rechargeable battery
– 37dB gain
$399 per pair
Alpha ProAll features available with the Alpha, plus:
– AI noise reduction
– Bluetooth streaming
– App adjustments
– 20 hour battery life
$499 per pair
ELEHEAR Features and Costs


ELEHEAR hearing aids cost $399 or $499 per pair. This falls within the lower one-third of the cost of other top OTC hearing aids we’ve featured, whose costs range from $189 to $2,950 per pair. 

Like most OTC hearing aid companies on our list, ELEHEAR offers free shipping. Delivery usually takes between and six business days. 

ELEHEAR also sells hearing aid accessories, such as double-layer ear cap replacements (small, medium, and large sizes) and additional wireless chargers. 

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Warranty and Return Policy

LEHEAR hearing aids come with a 45-day trial period and a one-year warranty that covers manufacturer’s defects. If your hearing aids do not work properly, customer support is available via live chat, email, and phone. 

How to Buy Hearing Aids from ELEHEAR

ELEHEAR’s over-the-counter business model makes choosing and buying the right hearing aid or amplifier easy: 

1. Take a hearing test. Before buying an OTC hearing aid, we recommend taking a hearing test to determine whether you have a hearing impairment and the type of sounds you have trouble hearing. This will help narrow down your hearing aid choices. 

You can take a comprehensive professional hearing test, usually performed by an audiologist, or a quick online hearing test, available with most OTC brands. Our team took ELEhear’s online test in just three minutes.

2. Choose your hearing aid. ELEHEAR’s website clearly displays each device’s prices, features, and benefits. Simply choose your hearing instrument and proceed to the checkout process. 

While some companies employ specialists who can recommend specific products according to your needs, ELEHEAR does not—you’ll have to shop the website and choose the product yourself. For those who are comfortable with online shopping and DIY programming, ELEHEAR simplifies what could be a longer, more involved process elsewhere. But if you want one-on-one support and specialist recommendations, consider MDHearing or Eargo.

3. Get your hearing aids shipped to your door. ELEHEAR will ship your hearing aids for free, and most customers receive their devices within four to six business days. 

4. Program your instrument. ELEHEAR setup is fairly easy—simply charge it, insert it into your ear, and set the device volume to the appropriate level. If you need help setting up your hearing device, ELEHEAR representatives are available via telephone, email, and chat. 

How to Adjust ELEHEAR Devices

To adjust ELEHEAR hearing aids, you can use the app or the button on the device itself. Our reviews team found it just as easy to adjust via the free app as manually pressing a button on the back of the device.

screenshot of ELEHEAR app
Adjust your hearing aids using the free ELEHEAR app. Source: ELEHEAR

Within the app, ELEHEAR allows you to personalize your hearing experience by adjusting volume and other settings for specific listening situations: general, restaurant, outdoor, and TV. However, it takes about four seconds for the hearing aid to adjust to your requests, during which the hearing aid will cut out all sound. 

You can also adjust high, mid, and low tones more precisely according to your hearing preferences. Connecting your smartphone’s microphone to the device will act as a microphone and transmit sound directly to your ELEHEAR hearing aids.

One minor drawback for iPhone users is that ELEHER devices are not MFi (Made-for-iPhone) devices. This means that you can not use these hearing aids with your iPhone’s accessibility features—the streamlined process Apple uses to connect your devices to your smartphone, so you can stream audio (phone calls, videos, music) and adjust your settings directly from your iPhone.

The Bluetooth capabilities easily compensate for this, but should ELEHEAR transition to MFi devices in the future, we’re confident the company would become an even bigger player in the OTC hearing aid market.

ELEHEAR Complaints

ELEHEAR is a new OTC hearing aid company, so complaints about the brand are few and far between. More than 80 customers have left reviews on the ELEHEAR website at the time of publishing, and the Alpha Pro has a 4.8-star rating.

The company does not have a Trustpilot or Better Business Bureau page. 


Does ELEHEAR have a warranty?

ELEHEAR provides a 1-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. The contract covers manufacturer defects, but it does not protect against misuse, loss, or theft. If you want a warranty that covers theft or loss of a comparable product or a discount on replacement products, you should consider Eargo or Audien Hearing.

Who is ELEHEAR best for?

Hearing aids from ELEHEAR are best for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. Its products are thousands of dollars less expensive than competitors’ devices, but OTC hearing aids offer fewer advanced features. For example, we found its environmental settings lacking in programming capabilities. Therefore, these devices would suit customers who are just starting to explore hearing aids or want an affordable option for everyday listening.

Does ELEHEAR only sell hearing aids online?

While some online retailers also have brick-and-mortar clinics customers can visit, ELEHEAR devices are only available for purchase on its website.


If you think you might have hearing loss, ELEHEAR offers affordable (albeit slightly less precise) alternatives to self-fitting OTC aids. On-the-go seniors will also appreciate its impressive battery life, Bluetooth capabilities, and in-app adjustments.

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