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Quickly becoming a leader in hearing aid innovation, Eargo’s team of ENT surgeons and hearing professionals has developed comfortable and highly functional hearing aids. Eargo has a solid customer reputation, and after testing the devices ourselves for two weeks, we understand why. Eargo offers safe remote hearing checks, phone consultations, and online ordering—all done remotely and from the comfort of your home.

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Eargo is a technological leader in the hearing aid industry. Its devices are packed with tech advancements, and its slightly higher costs reflect that. Still, the OTC provider cuts out the middleman to keep costs low.

Eargo Hearing Aids Review

You can buy Eargo hearing aids without a prescription, but the company does not produce models for profound hearing loss. After testing Eargo devices for two weeks, Eargo hearing aids are affordable for the amount of features they come with. It’s also a durable hearing aid best suited for tech-savvy users with mild to moderate hearing loss.


  • Includes support from licensed hearing professionals
  • Payment plans as low as $70 per month
  • Pricing can be 50% less than traditional hearing aids
  • Completely rechargeable


  • No models for profound hearing loss
  • Batteries are rechargeable, but not replaceable

Our Experience Using Eargo Hearing Aids

The Retirement Living editorial team tested the Eargo 7, one of the smallest over-the-counter hearing aids on the market. After using the device for two weeks, we deemed it well-made and durable. At more than 60 hours of wearable time, its battery life is a standout feature.

To learn more about our experience using the Eargo 7, watch our YouTube review. We also scored it across 10 different metrics, which you can see below.

MetricEargo 7
Product Quality9
Ease of Use9
Sound Quality8
Sound Profiles8
Size and Discreteness10
Tinnitus Management6
Overall Score8.2
OTC Eargo 7 Hearing Aids Scorecard

Eargo Hearing Aids Features

Eargo hearing aids are designed to promote an active, comfortable, and social lifestyle with the latest in hearing aid technology. People are often embarrassed by the prospect of using hearing aids, but Eargo’s discreet design means they are barely visible. Price can also be a barrier to buying hearing aids, but Eargo hearing aids are often more affordable than prescription devices.

  • Eargo’s barely-there design fits comfortably into your ear canal and is nearly invisible, so no one knows you are wearing a hearing aid.
  • Eargo hearing aids offer four sound profiles to cover a range of mild to severe high-frequency hearing loss. We found that it takes a little bit of fine-tuning to get your hearing aid profile just right, but once you do, Eargo will remember your settings.
  • Unlike behind-the-ear devices that amplify sounds coming from behind you, Eargo hearing aids amplify sounds in front of you.

How Eargo Hearing Aids Are Designed

Eargo manufactures in-the-ear hearing aids with soft silicone instead of rigid plastic, which makes for a much more comfortable fit while being nearly invisible to others. The open fit design blends the higher frequencies amplified by the hearing aid with ambient lower sound frequencies to provide a richer hearing experience.

Eargo’s Flexi Dome fits inside the ear to help the hearing aids stay in place. Flexi Fibers or Flexi Palms are flexible silicone flanges located behind the dome. They are designed to keep the hearing aid even more secure while remaining breathable. Flexi Palms were developed more recently and feature a flatter design to better adjust to movements in the ear canal, although you can still buy Flexi Fibers.

Eargo hearing aids have four sound profiles. To switch profiles, tap on the hearing aid twice. One model even allows you to fine-tune the hearing profile.

To charge Eargo hearing aids, place them in the included case, which also functions as the device’s charger. A fully-charged case can power your hearing aids for a week.

Eargo Hearing Aid Models

Eargo offers four hearing aid models. Depending on your level of hearing loss and budget, you can select from the LINK, the Eargo 6, or the new Eargo 7. All hearing aid models come with both left and right hearing aids, a charger case, charging cord, replacement Flexi Fibers or Flexi Palms, wax guard, and a cleaning brush. The hearing aids are labeled to quickly determine which device is for the left or right ear, but they are technically interchangeable.

Eargo hearing aids come with a one- or two-year warranty.

ModelBest ForCustom Sound ProfilesPriceMonthly Cost
LINX by Eargo– Bluetooth
– Sweat and splash-resistant
– Up to 9 hours of listening time
– Low profile, in-the-ear
Eargo 6– Self-fitting, nearly invisible CIC model
– App personalization
– Water-resistant (up to 1 meter for 30 minutes)
– Up to 16 hours of listening time
– Up to 2 days of on-the-go charging
Eargo 7– Self-fitting, nearly invisible CIC model
– App personalization
– Noise reduction technology
– Water-resistant (up to 1 meter for 30 minutes)
– Up to 16 hours of listening time
– Up to 2 days of on-the-go charging
Eargo Hearing Aid Products

How to Buy Eargo Hearing Aids

You can buy hearing aids directly from the website and they ship free. Eargo can also send you a pair of hearing aids to test before you make a buying decision. While the trial hearing aids can’t correct hearing, they let customers know how Eargo models look and feel in the ear. If you have any problems ordering online or prefer to order over the phone, call the number on the website to speak to a representative.

Cost of Eargo Hearing Aids

Depending on the model, two Eargo hearing aids cost from $1,500 to $2,950. You could easily pay that price for just one hearing aid from other manufacturers. Eargo offers a 20% discount to veterans and active military members.

Eargo accepts payments split between two credit or debit cards or from an HSA debit card. While Eargo does not submit claims to insurance, you can order over the phone if you have Care Credit. If you are having difficulty affording the cost of hearing aids, you can apply for financing on Eargo’s website without affecting your credit score. Financing terms are for 12 to 36 months.

Eargo Hearing Aids Complaints

The Better Business Bureau gives Eargo hearing aids an “A+” rating. ConsumersAdvocate rates the company 10 out of 10 stars and places Eargo at the number one position in their hearing aid review category. Eargo earned 4 out of 5 stars from HearingTracker, and PCMag notes the comfort and sound quality in their review.

While many people are delighted with Eargo hearing aids, some customers experience product failure soon after purchase or poor customer service when seeking support. Some consumers expressed frustration with irreplaceable batteries rendering the hearing aids useless when the cells would no longer charge.

Eargo Hearing Aids Q&A

Do I need a prescription to buy Eargo hearing aids?

The Food & Drug Administration recommends you get your hearing screened by a physician before purchasing hearing aids, but you can buy from Eargo without a prescription or hearing exam. Eargo professionals will work with you or your doctor to ensure you receive suitable hearing aids. You can check your hearing online with Eargo’s clinically validated hearing check, on their website.

Can I buy replacement Eargo accessories?

Yes, the Eargo website sells replacement chargers, Flexi Fibers, Flexi Palms, and wax guards.

How do I get help from Eargo?

You can get assistance with Eargo hearing aids over the phone or via chat on the website. Licensed hearing professionals assist prospective or current customers and are qualified to address any concerns or answer questions. Eargo also has an online help center with more than 80 articles explaining how to order, use, care for, troubleshoot, or get repairs for your Eargo hearing aids.

Can I sleep wearing Eargo hearing aids?

Do not sleep with your hearing aids inserted. Eargo recommends taking the hearing aids out and charging them while you’re asleep.

What if I get Eargo hearing aids wet?

Eargo hearing aids shouldn’t get wet, so don’t forget to take them out when you shower or swim to avoid damage. Otherwise, you might void the warranty.


Not being able to hear clearly can be frustrating, and it can feel lonely when you can’t participate in conversations. Don’t suffer through hearing loss without seeking help. Eargo hearing aids are a discreet, convenient, and affordable solution for hearing enhancement.

To learn more call (888) 595-3732 or visit the Eargo website.

261 Eargo Reviews

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Featured Review

5 Stars

February 20 2024 8:27PM

I've been wearing the Eargo 7's for about 2 months. I'm 63 and they are my first hearing aids. I had no idea how bad my hearing had gotten. I absolutely love the custom zones. In addition to the normal setting, I have mine set for "Restaurant, TV and Music." I was stunned when I used the 'Music' setting to listen to a very expensive stereo system. I felt the music took me back to what it sounded like in high school. Yeah, they are expensive, but they are worth every penny.

Jay E.
Middletown, CA
We really appreciate your kind words and sharing your Eargo hearing aid experience.
5 Stars

April 03 2024 5:02PM

Eargo 7 hearing aids have had an amazingly positive impact on my life. At 76, my once acute hearing had declined dramatically. I went to the audiologist and was told I had moderate to severe hearing loss. Research verified my fear that the cost for a personally designed aid was too far over budget so I went online. I didn’t want an aid that fit over my ear and searched in-canal aids. Not very many choices but Eargo’s caught my eye due to size, color and reviews. I had a 45 day trial period but fell in love with these high tech aids the very first week. I have had my Eargo’s for a year and can’t imagine being without them. Company supports exceeds expectations. I would highly recommend this aid to acquaintances, friends and family.

Susan F.
Loris, SC
5 Stars

February 22 2024 5:36PM

Eargos Fits in ear so no interference with glasses or masks and if you're a little vain like me, most won't notice. Rechargeable too! I can custom program using the App. Settings for restaurant, meetings, normal by tapping if you want to adjust.

Burr Ridge, IL
Thank you for taking the time to share your Eargo experience. So nice to hear that you're enjoying our hearing aids!
5 Stars

February 18 2024 12:09AM

I love my Eargo 7's! I'm amazed that they help me to hear everyone at the table in a noisy restaurant, which is what frustrated me (and my family!) before I wore hearing aids. They are very comfortable, I can happily wear them all day when I need to. Battery lasts best part of a full day before needing a recharge. I wish it was possible to replace the battery, because as it stands I'm looking at buying a replacement set in about 3 years' time, but all things considered these are a miracle for the price. My family didn't even know I was wearing them at first, they are almost invisible! Also, their pre AND after-sales support is great too. Buy with confidence.

Graham E.
Amazing Eargo 7 review! We're so happy to hear that you are enjoying your Eargo hearing aids.
5 Stars

January 12 2024 7:30PM

I was in radio broadcasting for over 45 years. Wore headphones for most of that time. Needless to say, it took its toll on my hearing. I wanted something to help improve my hearing without looking like I was wearing bulky hearing aids. Saw Eargo 7 hearing devices. Thought I would try them out, because they were basically invisible, And were rechargeable. Buying them was best decision I've made. Totally programmable, and controllable with the smartphone app. I have had them for over 8 months now, and totally enjoy the results I have received. Plus, there are no batteries to change or buy. You should give them a try.

Duayne B.
Brookings, SD
We're so glad that you tried Eargo hearing aids and you are enjoying the results!
5 Stars

January 08 2024 4:09PM

If you have suffered hearing loss and are tired of asking people to repeat what they have said. If family members are becoming increasingly frustrated with having to repeat everything, they say, you may be a candidate for Eargo 7. I have personally used them for over a year now, and they have been terrific. As a bonus, they are nearly invisible, which is imperative for me. I did not want clunky outside the ear hearing aids, and these fit the role wonderfully. I encourage you to give them a try, the return policy is very generous, so there is no risk in the event they do not help you. Good luck! Dr. **

Michael E.
Bethlehem, PA
We're so glad to see that Eargo hearing aids have worked so well for you. Thank you for the recommendation and for helping get the word out!
5 Stars

January 06 2024 1:51AM

As a newcomer to hearing aids, I researched the new OTC varieties. I was interested in an “in the ear device” and wanted one that was “self fitting”. I read about and decided to go with the EARGO 7. These were more expensive than many other OTC devices. But they had what I wanted and they also came with hearing specialists serving as support. I have not been disappointed. At first I worried that my ear canals were too small for the devices, but my hearing support person was outstanding in offering suggestions to me, and was even able to modify the info coming into my particular devices based on my comment to her regarding high pitched sounds I was hearing. She gave suggestions and concrete methods regarding inserting the devices. After this, I have been very satisfied and comfortable with my “new” ears!

Judie M.
Ottsville, PA
We're so happy that you decided on Eargo and you are very satisfied with your choice and "new ears"!
5 Stars

January 06 2024 1:17AM

Hey there! I wanted to have a little chat with you about something pretty important that I've been consistently talking about in my Eargo product reviews. It's all about how Eargo has had a profound impact on my life and brought about some major improvements. I genuinely believe that connecting with our friends and the world around us is key to our overall well-being, and Eargo has played a huge role in helping me stay involved as an active CEO, even in my 70s. And let me tell you, as I head into retirement, I have full confidence that Eargo will keep on being effective in the new year of 2024.

Now, being a proud USC alumni with MS and PhD degrees, I always keep a close eye on the exciting advancements happening in the fields of science and management at my alma mater. During one of my regular searches, I stumbled upon a fascinating soundbite that I think you'll find interesting and useful. Dr. Janet **, an assistant professor at USC's Keck School of Medicine and a talented otolaryngologist, shared a study conducted at USC. And guess what? The study showed an incredible 24% decrease in the risk of mortality for people who use hearing aids. That's seriously amazing and really highlights how important these devices are.

On a related note, I found it super intriguing that over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids have proven to be just as effective in making a positive impact. It really goes to show how accessible and impactful these devices can be. Oh, and just in case you're interested, I've included the article link below for you to check out: **

Frank T.
Lyle, WA
5 Stars

December 13 2023 4:01AM

To start with, the most important thing first, Eargo works! I’m old, (If you consider 87 old). This is my third set of Eargos. Each set has been wonderful. Which is why when they come out with a new model, the Eargo7, I was in line to purchase.

I’m sure I will say nothing that either their ads or other reviewers have not said. But the things I want to emphasize about the devices themselves is they are small, they are easy to insert, they are easy to maintain, and most importantly, they work. The second thing, which is very close to being an essential for me, is the Customer Service. It would be impossible for me to rate their customer service more highly. I have been a customer for many years. Every encounter I have had with an Eargo representative has been a positive one. They treat you as a human being and as a valued customer. Never once have I been treated as the proverbial “little old lady”. Yes, I am without a doubt an Eargo fan for life.

Kathleen W.
Medina, MN
4 Stars

September 28 2023 10:00PM

Foundationally, seems like a great product. I am having a challenge as my tinnitus appears to be exacerbated by the use of the hearing aids. So, yes, I hear better but the next day after use the tinnitus seems worse which also makes the hearing worse. I am experimenting with use, time, volume and settings. I would like to not return them, but I need some more time to attempt to find a method wherein the use of the product does not worsen the overall hearing. Wish me luck.

I want to keep them, but if I find that I just can't use them without worsening my overall hearing I may have to return them. I will appreciate any and all suggestions to help with this situation. I know the tinnitus thing is very difficult to deal with and again, the product seems fine. All for now.

Michael A.
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