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Embrace Hearing customizes hearing aids for each customer using hearing tests uploaded on their website or faxed to the company. Embrace Hearing offers three hearing aid models to choose from depending on your needs and budget. Each model comes in 2 or 3 performance levels.

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders reports that roughly 29 million adults in the U.S. could benefit from wearing hearing aids. However, of adults aged 70 and over diagnosed with hearing loss, fewer than 30 percent have ever worn hearing aids. Among adults aged 20 to 69 diagnosed with hearing loss, that number drops to 16 percent. Embrace Hearing seeks to improve the hearing of any age group with their mission statement, “To hear better is to live better and to embrace hearing is to embrace life.”

  • High performance, state-of-the-art technology
  • Custom programmed by audiologists
  • Bluetooth and Rechargeable models
  • Affordable prices
  • 45-day return policy with full refund
  • 3-year warranty
  • Smartphone streaming capabilities

  • Customer service is only available over the phone or online

Embrace Hearing Aid Models

Since 2011, Embrace Hearing’s Audiologists have been customizing hearing aids for each customer using either a hearing test they provide or Embrace’s online hearing test. Embrace Hearing offers both “Behind the Ear” and “Invisible in the canal”, Bluetooth and Rechargeable models to meet your needs and budget. All Embrace Hearing aids come with a 3 year warranty.

  • The X-Series is a receiver in canal (RIC) model with integrated Bluetooth, is suitable for mild to profound hearing loss. In addition to excellent clarity in the most challenging situations, this model can be directly paired to your smartphone (iPhone or Android) for direct, 2-way hands-free calls. It is is available in both rechargeable and battery models. Tinnitus programming is included on request. The X-Series is available in 2 performance levels: the X-520 and the top of the line X-920. All X-Series models have a 45 day trial, custom programming and a 3-year warranty. Prices start at $899/ear.

  • The C-Series is an ’invisible-in-canal’ model is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. This model fits entirely into you ear canal making it almost invisible. The hearing aid volume can be controlled by a free smartphone app or an optional remote. Tinnitus programming is included on request. The C-Series is available in 2 performance levels (C-540 and C-940). All C-Series models have a 45 day trial, custom programming and a 3-year warranty. Prices start at $899/ear.

Embrace Hearing

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Embrace Hearing premium hearing aids come standard with a variety of hearing aid features and accessories, including live program optimization which automatically adjusts hearing aids to the noise level in the current environment. Standard features and technology include:

  • Wind block
  • Directional microphones
  • Up to 20 programmable bands to increase clarity
  • Live program optimization
  • Batteries or rechargeable
  • Wax guards
  • Domes
  • Bluetooth for hands free calls
  • Tinnitus programming
  • 3 year warranty

Embrace Hearing Aid Accessories

There are no remotes required for either the X-Series or the C-Series – both are ‘controlled’ with a free SmartPhone app. With the X-Series, you get two way 100% hands free phone calls. For someone who prefers a traditional hands help remote, these can be purchased for $199. They also offer a TV Streamer for the X-Series ($299) that allows you to stream your TV’s sound directly into your hearing aids

Embrace Hearing Aids Costs and Payment Plans

As noted in our Best Hearing Aid Guide, the national average cost for a single hearing aid runs around $2,300. Embrace Hearing passes on significant savings to customers because they buy directly from a quality manufacturer then sell directly to consumers. Prices range from $899 for an entry level model to $1,249 for the the top of the line. The chart below breaks out costs by model and options, and shipping is free on all purchases. There is no sales tax added to your order.

Embrace Hearing offers two monthly payment plans, or you can pay in one lump sum at the time you place your order. 24 and 36 months with 14.9% interest. The Care Credit program lets you pay over 12 months with no interest or 24 months at 14.9 percent interest.

You have 45 days to try Embrace Hearing aids, and if they don’t work out, you can return them for a full refund. Unlike local clinics, there are no programming or re-stocking fees.

Embrace Hearing
Premium Hearing Aid Prices
Model X-550 X-950 C-540 C-940
Price $899 $1,249 $899 $1,249
3 Year Warranty Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes No No
Clarity Ok Excellent Ok Excellent
Custom Programmed Yes Yes Yes Yes

Embrace Hearing Customer Support

Embrace Hearing has dedicated customer support via a toll-free number, email, fax, or from the website using an online contact form. Help is always available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Embrace Hearing’s website has an excellent hearing aid resource library, which includes instructional videos, answers to common questions, service and repair information, a glossary and online accessory store.

How to Buy Embrace Hearing Aids

Embrace Hearing aids are available on their website or by phone by calling 855-278-3108. To place an order, you will need a hearing test so that the Embrace Audiologists can custom program the hearing aids for your precise needs. Once you submit or complete the test, Embrace will send you a recommendation. From there, you choose the hearing aids and accessories you want on the website or speak to their hearing experts to get a recommendation or answer any questions. Embrace Hearing’s audiology team is always available to help you make the best hearing aid selection based on your preferences, budget and hearing test.

After you place an order, Embrace Hearing’s audiology team custom programs the hearing aids based on the hearing test results. Hearing aids are shipped to the consumer within 24-48 hours and received within a week. Once you receive them, the Audiologist that programmed them will contact you to help as required for as long as you own the hearing aids.

Embrace Hearing

Source: Embrace Hearing

Embrace Hearing Complaints

Embrace Hearing’s hearing aids are ranked first among 15 other brands on ConsumerAffairs. Embrace Hearing is a ConsumerAffairs Accredited Brand with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. The company earned an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau with zero complaints and became a BBB-accredited business in June 2016. Positive customer reviews most often emphasize the exceptional, friendly customer support and the quality and affordability of Embrace Hearing aids.

Embrace Hearing Q&A

  • What is the difference between Embrace Hearing’s RIC and CIC hearing aids?
    Embrace Hearing’s X-Series are behind-the-ear “RIC” or receiver-in-canal hearing aids. With this style, the body of the hearing aid is behind your ear and then a thin transparent wire goes over your ear and into your ear canal. Embrace Hearing’s C-Series are CIC — “completely-in-canal” — hearing aids fit entirely into your ear canal making them almost invisible. For more information each model is explained in our article about different types of hearing aids.

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  • Will my Embrace Hearing aids be comfortable right out of the box?
    Yes, your Embrace Hearing aids come with everything you need to use them as soon as you receive your order but the Audiologist that programmed your aids will call you to help you with any issues. All Embrace Hearing models come with an assortment of domes that fit into the ear canal to be sure you get the right fit. Over the first 8 weeks or so, the hearing aids will automatically re-program themselves adapting to you and your environment. Because of this, adjustments are rarely required but if you would like an adjustment, Embrace does them free of charge.

  • Do Embrace Hearing aids work for all levels of hearing loss?
    No one Embrace Hearing model addresses all hearing needs. However, you can find a solution among the company’s three hearing aids, whether your hearing loss is mild, moderate, severe or profound. If you have advanced or profound hearing loss, you should consider the X-Series (starting at $899/ear).

  • How does Embrace Hearing’s “Live Speech Focus” feature work?
    Embrace’s X-950 and C-940 models have a specialized software called “live speech focus”. This enables the hearing aids to work together to determine who is the dominant speaker in your immediate vicinity and the focus directly on them. This is very powerful in a group situation like a restaurant or meeting – anytime when you are with more than 1 or 2 people.

  • What if my Embrace Hearing aids need to be reprogrammed or repaired?
    Embrace Hearing provides free reprogramming services during the 3 Year warranty period. Although Embrace pays for shipping, the X-Series hearing aids can be re-programmed remotely (without you having to send them in to them). After the warranty expires, Embrace Hearing can program and repair your hearing aids for as long as you own the aids. Costs will depend on what is required. However, the company provides videos on the website so you can learn how to maintain your hearing aids yourself.


Embrace Hearing sells high quality, affordable hearing aids with several solutions for improving hearing. The hearing aid models are all built with state-of-the-art technology to offer superior performance for any level of hearing loss. Embrace Hearing ranks highly with consumers for product quality, affordability and highly responsive customer support, making the company a trusted hearing aid provider.

To learn more and start your 45-day trial, call 855-278-3108 or visit the Embrace Hearing website.

Embrace Hearing Reviews

Recent Reviews

Featured Review
June 24 2019 11:19AM

I had significant hearing loss and I needed to replace the hearing aids that I was using so I decided to try Embrace. I needed to get hearing aids that were behind-the-ear type. I selected the color that I needed, I viewed them on my iPad and I picked a color that turned out to be wrong. It didn't work at all.

They allowed me to change color and I really appreciated that. I noticed there are some sounds that I do hear better. I have three settings. I complained about how that first setting worked because I couldn't tell which way first was coming from behind me. The second tier works the same way. But I've discovered that setting 3 works for me. So, I decided not to complain about setting 1. I think Embrace Hearing works for me because I have experience with hearing aids.

I chose different domes for my ears than what they originally sent me and that works okay. I would recommend it as far as the treatment that I've gotten. But I would be careful to recommend it to somebody that had never worn hearing aids before. I am completely satisfied with my Embrace. They're the last things I take off when I go to bed and almost the first things that I put on in the morning.

Herbert B.
Sun City, AZ
July 04 2022 12:39PM

My Embrace Hearing hearing aids are great. I had a great experience with the company. I don't have any regrets about doing it.

Loretta T.
Shreveport, LA
January 03 2022 8:17AM

I wanted something that's a little bit more clearer, and Embrace seemed to be compared to other ones. I liked their price, too. The hearing aids are comfortable. As far as the customer service, I like their politeness and how they work with you. They gave me all the information I needed to make a choice.

Jack W.
Rock Hill, SC
November 06 2021 11:00AM

The customer service people from Embrace Hearing were prompt and did what they said they were gonna do. My hearing aid makes a big difference in terms of day-to-day functioning. It's hard to be without it. The only thing with hearing aids is that if you're in a noisy, crowded room, you lose resolution, which is not a surprise.

John S.
Chapel Hill, NC
October 12 2021 2:14AM

Tim, the salesperson from Embrace Hearing, and the audiologist were both tremendous. I can hear a whole lot better with my hearing aids. My wife is more pleased with my hearing, which helps a lot, and I don't have to turn the TV volume up so loud.

Alan C.
Thomasville, GA
September 24 2021 8:44AM

We love the Embrace hearing aid. Embrace's customer service was all top-notch. We've never had any problem. Once we called up, we've gotten all our answers taken care of. Lois wears the hearing aid all the time. It fits perfect. She loves it, especially the app for her phone.

Patrick M.
Anthem, AZ
September 24 2021 6:33AM

Embrace has good service and I like their price. The hearing aids are good. I hear what I'm supposed to hear. Embrace ships fast and I could take the hearing aids back too within a fair amount of time. With Embrace, you'd save a lot of money and the product quality is good.

Herbert G.
Waxhaw, NC
September 18 2021 11:21AM

This is my second set from Embrace. I had another one before from another company but it was pretty expensive and Embrace was much cheaper and much better. When I don't have the hearing aids in, I can hardly hear anything, but when I put it in, I'm hearing everything. So, it's perfect.

I now can converse with people. I wasn't participating in conversations before because I couldn't hear without the hearing aids. It makes life better. I can adjust the volume by my own cellphone.

There's also a Bluetooth feature. You have to pair your hearing aid with your phone, and once the call comes in, it goes straight to your hearing aid. Also, my experience with the persons who I spoke with was perfect.

Michael M.
Valley Stream, NY
September 17 2021 6:30AM

Conversation has always been a problem for me if there's background noise. If there's no background noise, I could hear almost well, but I have trouble hearing my grandson because he didn't pronounce really sharply. I probably didn't hear 50% of what people were saying.

I have tried at least four different hearing aid suppliers before Embrace. Then I had an Embrace hearing aid for a while and it was alright, but it wasn't great. Finally, they stopped working. I contacted Embrace and wanted to see what it would cost to get them fixed.

They told me they had a sale on and that the newer hearing aids were more improved than what I had. So, I decided to go with the best hearing aids Embrace had and see how they worked.

My hearing aids now are by far the best that I had. I can really tell a difference. There are still times where I have to ask a couple of times what was said, but I probably hear 70% of what's being said in general.

I can hear the TV much better even with background noise. I just feel like it's too loud and it can be tinny. They're not perfect but the improvement is worth what I paid for it. I paid $2,500 for these hearing aids.

Embrace's customer service reps have followed up with me. When I call about something, they have the right person get back to me.

Even when I had the first set, they were very good about service and trying to find solutions. They can also adjust my hearing aids online somehow. I don't have to send them back.

Jay H.
Mount Arlington, NJ
September 14 2021 12:25PM

I have trouble listening to the TV and my wife would complain because I would turn the TV way up. Then I had trouble understanding some words because I'll back the TV up and watch it again, and I'm trying to figure out what they said.

Then I had another hearing test done. A lady was asking me questions, and I had to ask her a few times over and over, "What did you say? What did you say?" I could hear but I couldn't understand it.

The Embrace hearing aids helped. I don't wear them all the time. I do wear them when I'm in meetings. They're pretty good. I wish the battery life was a little bit longer.

Richard H.
Orange Park, FL
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