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Embrace Hearing customizes hearing aids for each customer using hearing tests uploaded on their website or faxed to the company. Embrace Hearing offers three hearing aid models to choose from depending on your needs and budget.

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders reports that roughly 29 million adults in the U.S. could benefit from wearing hearing aids. However, of adults aged 70 and over diagnosed with hearing loss, fewer than 30 percent have ever worn hearing aids. Among adults aged 20 to 69 diagnosed with hearing loss, that number drops to 16 percent. Embrace Hearing seeks to improve the hearing of any age group with their mission statement, “To hear better is to live better and to embrace hearing is to embrace life.”

  • High performance, state-of-the-art technology
  • Custom programmed hearing aids
  • Affordable prices
  • Unlimited customer support
  • 45-day return policy with full refund
  • 3-year warranty

  • No rechargeable options for hearing aids

Embrace Hearing Aid Models

Embrace Hearing offers three hearing aid models:

  • Embrace Hearing’s H-300 is a receiver-in-canal (RIC) model is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. The volume and program control is on a button on the hearing aid, and a telecoil is included for automatic wireless transmission from hearing loops where available for greater sound clarity. Consumers can choose from seven colors. This model has a two-year warranty.

  • The C-650 model is a completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid and is recommended for mild to severe hearing loss. A mobile app for iPhone or Android mobile phones controls volume. The C-650 features Tinnitus Manager to significantly reduce symptoms by utilizing a volume-adjustable white noise background sound. The optional Premium Performance Package promises a high degree of sound clarity in noisy settings like restaurants, meetings and crowded rooms. This model has a three-year warranty.

  • Ideal for any level of hearing loss from mild to profound, Embrace Hearing’s H-700 is a RIC hearing aid. The volume is controlled using a button on the hearing aid, and the H-700 includes a telecoil and includes the Tinnitus Manager. Consumers can upgrade to the Speechbeam technology option, which utilizes innovative software and four additional processing channels to deliver 360-degree hearing for the highest degree of clarity in the noisiest environments. Consumers can choose from seven colors, and this model has a three-year warranty.

Embrace Hearing

H-300, C-650, H-700 Hearing Aids, Source: Embrace Hearing

Embrace Hearing premium hearing aids come standard with a variety of hearing aid features and accessories, including live program optimization which automatically adjusts hearing aids to the noise level in the current environment. Standard features and technology include:

  • Wind block
  • Directional microphones
  • Up to 20 programmable bands to increase clarity
  • Live program optimization
  • Batteries
  • Wax guards
  • Domes
  • Bluetooth compatible

Embrace Hearing Aid Accessories

Embrace Hearing sells a standard remote, Bluetooth Premium Remote and a TV volume streamer for use with its hearing aids. The TV volume streamer streams sound directly to your hearing aids so you can adjust the volume to suit you without affecting others in the room. Compatible with the H-300 and H-700 hearing aids, the TV streamer requires Embrace Hearing’s Premium Remote. The Premium Remote not only controls the hearing aids but also enables streaming from Bluetooth-compatible devices like mobile phones, tablets and more.

Embrace Hearing Aids Costs and Payment Plans

As noted in our Best Hearing Aid Guide, the average cost for a single hearing aid runs around $2,300. Embrace Hearing passes on significant savings to customers because they buy directly from a quality manufacturer then sell directly to consumers. Prices range from $699 to just under $950 per ear. The chart below breaks out costs by model and options, and shipping is free on all purchases.

Embrace Hearing offers two monthly payment plans, or you can pay in one lump sum at the time you place your order. Affirm Financing offers six-months no-interest financing or 12 to 18 monthly payments with interest rates ranging from 10 percent to 30 percent. The Care Credit program lets you pay over 12 months with no interest or 24 months at 14.9 percent interest.

You have 45 days to try Embrace Hearing aids, and if they don’t work out, you can return them for a full refund.

Embrace Hearing
Premium Hearing Aid Prices
Model Price
Per Ear
Model H-300 Hearing Aid $699
Model C-650 Hearing Aid $949
Model H-700 Hearing Aid $949
Add-on Technology & Products Additonal Price
Premium Performance Package (available only for Model C-650) $200
Speechbeam Technology (available only for Model H-700) $300
Standard Remote Control $99
Premium Remote with Bluetooth $289
TV Volume Streamer (requires Premium Remote) $99

Embrace Hearing Customer Support

Embrace Hearing has dedicated customer support via a toll-free number, email, fax, or from the website using an online contact form. Help is always available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Embrace Hearing’s website has an excellent hearing aid resource library, which includes instructional videos, answers to common questions, service and repair information, a glossary and online accessory store.

How to Buy Embrace Hearing Aids

Embrace Hearing sells the H-300, H-700 and C-650 hearing aids from their website or by phone by calling 888-929-9555. You will need a hearing test from a trained professional audiologist or ENT specialist before you can order, then send the test results to Embrace Hearing via fax, email or upload them on the site. From there, you choose the hearing aids and accessories you want on the website or over the phone. Embrace Hearing’s audiology team is always available to help you make the best hearing aid selection based on your preferences, budget and hearing test.

After you place an order, Embrace Hearing’s audiology team custom programs the hearing aids based on the hearing test results. Hearing aids are shipped to the consumer within 5 to 8 days.

Embrace Hearing

Source: Embrace Hearing

Embrace Hearing Complaints

Embrace Hearing’s hearing aids are ranked first among 15 other brands on ConsumerAffairs. Embrace Hearing is a ConsumerAffairs Accredited Brand with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. The company earned an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau with zero complaints and became a BBB-accredited business in June 2016. Positive customer reviews most often emphasize the exceptional, friendly customer support and the quality and affordability of Embrace Hearing aids.

Embrace Hearing Q&A

  • What is the difference between Embrace Hearing’s RIC and CIC hearing aids?
    Embrace Hearing’s H-300 and H-700 are both behind-the-ear RIC models or receiver-in-canal hearing aids. These hearing aids have a compartment with the battery worn behind the ear and a thin transparent wire connected to the receiver worn in the ear. RIC hearing aids are less visible than a traditional behind-the-ear model. CIC — completely-in-canal — hearing aids like Embrace Hearing’s C-650 are very small and have no compartment worn behind the ear. CIC models are nearly unnoticeable, but require more maintenance, as explained in our information about different types of hearing aids.

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  • Will my Embrace Hearing aids be comfortable right out of the box?
    Yes, your Embrace Hearing aids come with everything you need to use them as soon as you receive the shipment. All Embrace Hearing models use an assortment of domes that fit in the ear canal and receiver wires, so no ear molds are required for fitting. It will take some time for you to adjust to hearing all the sounds you’ve been missing, which is the case for all hearing aids. Your brain needs to relearn how to ignore background sounds like footsteps, the turning of a page and other everyday sounds.

  • Do Embrace Hearing aids work for all levels of hearing loss?
    No one Embrace Hearing model addresses all hearing needs. However, you can find a solution among the company’s three hearing aids, whether your hearing loss is mild, moderate, severe or profound. If you have advanced or profound hearing loss, you’ll need Embrace Hearing’s H-700 hearing aid.

  • How does Embrace Hearing’s Speechbeam feature work?
    The Speechbeam upgrade works by zooming in on people speaking from the sides, front and behind the hearing aid wearer. Pulling in sound from all directions produces a more natural and brighter sound in noisy environments.

  • What if my Embrace Hearing aids need to be reprogrammed or repaired?
    Embrace Hearing provides free reprogramming services during the warranty period. After the warranty expires, Embrace Hearing can program and repair your hearing aids, for $150 plus the cost of shipping and with a 48-hour turnaround. However, the company provides videos on the website so you can learn how to maintain your hearing aids yourself.


Embrace Hearing sells high quality, affordable hearing aids with several solutions for improving hearing. The three hearing aid models are all built with state-of-the-art technology to offer superior performance for any level of hearing loss. Embrace Hearing ranks highly with consumers for product quality, affordability and highly responsive customer support, making the company a trusted hearing aid provider.

To get learn more and start your 45-day trial, call 855-278-3108 or visit the Embrace Hearing website.

Embrace Hearing Reviews

Recent Reviews

June 24 2019 11:19AM

I had significant hearing loss and I needed to replace the hearing aids that I was using so I decided to try Embrace. I needed to get hearing aids that were behind-the-ear type. I selected the color that I needed, I viewed them on my iPad and I picked a color that turned out to be wrong. It didn't work at all.

They allowed me to change color and I really appreciated that. I noticed there are some sounds that I do hear better. I have three settings. I complained about how that first setting worked because I couldn't tell which way first was coming from behind me. The second tier works the same way. But I've discovered that setting 3 works for me. So, I decided not to complain about setting 1. I think Embrace Hearing works for me because I have experience with hearing aids.

I chose different domes for my ears than what they originally sent me and that works okay. I would recommend it as far as the treatment that I've gotten. But I would be careful to recommend it to somebody that had never worn hearing aids before. I am completely satisfied with my Embrace. They're the last things I take off when I go to bed and almost the first things that I put on in the morning.

Herbert B.
Sun City, AZ
May 30 2019 9:32AM

I had moderate hearing loss. The price of Embrace hearing aids seemed to fit the quality of the item that I was looking for. Their people were very friendly and helpful. I got the one with the 12-channel feature and I generally hear a lot better. It’s a good balance. I know there are hearing aids out there with more channels, but I'm not sure that they would have made a difference, or I would have noticed a significant difference. I'm just very happy with what I've got. I'm hearing things I'm not used to hearing. I wear it first thing in the morning 'cause it's part of my routine, but I go exercise in the afternoon, and I take them off. And then, I can go the rest of the day without them and then I go, "Oh, hey, I forgot them." The other thing that would happen is I'm ready to step in the shower and go, "Oh, yeah, I forgot to take them out." That's basically my problem.

Rolland M.
Terre Haute, IN
May 29 2019 2:31AM

I had a perforated eardrum. I had surgery about 20 years ago and then, my hearing improved. The right ear has been a gradual loss. And then, what happened over time, after the surgery, which is common with that surgery, a bone in my ear collapsed almost completely and I had surgery last November to correct that. And I was hoping it would improve the hearing, but it did not. My doctor was quoting me for hearing aids but those were too expensive.

I started to research on the internet and on Facebook actually came across Embrace Hearing. And I just liked what I was reading about the hearing aids. And when I called Embrace, their customer service is wonderful, and I was impressed with that. And they were actually calling me to see how it's going once I received the hearing aids. I have zero complaints about any of their service. And the hearing aids are wonderful. They're very natural. The h-700 is not tinny and squealy. I'm not missing anything unlike before and I have recommended them to a couple of friends already and family members as well.

Josephine G.
Indio, CA
April 21 2019 9:09AM

I had a lot of questions for Tim, and he was excellent in answering all of the questions. I was impressed. After all my conversations with him, it made me finally decide to go with Embrace Hearing. The sound is a lot crisper. I highly recommend them.

Kirk B.
Burlington, WI
March 25 2019 9:19AM

I was told I had 30% hearing loss and I saw Embrace advertised on the internet. I read a little bit about them and decided to try one. I got the behind-the-ear type. I chose that because I didn’t like the one in the ear. It seems to work. It does most everything I want it to. I get, once in a while, a little wind sound in there, whistling in the ear. But other than that, seems to work fine. The biggest difference I noticed was when I’m watching TV, the volume was about half of what it used to be and people could hear what I was watching two rooms away and now, it’s down to normal.

Randy G.
Jefferson, WI
December 10 2018 8:04PM

I had seven-year-old hearing aids that was out-of-date technology, and I missed a lot of what was going on but with having Embrace hearing aids, it’s been better. It can pick up on a whole lot of what I was missing. And also, they were priced a little bit less than what I could get the high-end hearing aids anywhere in Little Rock, Arkansas so, I appreciated it. Everybody at Embrace was very nice and very timely in doing things. At first I had where you had full volume adjustment on each ear. When I got home, I decided that I would rather have one ear where it did the programs and then the other ear where I can lower the volume if I needed to, in case something was too loud. Since I've gotten that done, I've never changed anything. My unit has four different settings but I haven't used the other two controls.

John M.
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